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"A grand day at the park turned into a rampage"

Some gamers like to flock to what is casual in the market, well…most do. If there was not the role of the consumer being consumed by the heavy marketing propaganda flowing through the steady releases of sports and racing games, than this would be a very different world. A world without yearly Madden games, no Gran Turismo, and definitely no licensed games. Suctioning gamers in left and right, grand theft auto has made a game that just about everyone can enjoy. Whether you are a gamer or not, you will think Grand Theft Auto is cool. If you did not know, I’ll let you in on a little secret, Rockstar (north) is a branching game company who is the designer of some of the best games ever made. Some of these games are: Body Harvest, Wild Metal, Wild Metal Country, GTA, Space Station Silicon Valley, and the best game they have made out of these, Grand Theft Auto 2!

Simulating the more modern of all cities, GTA2 throws you into the gutter at the begging, you are a no name new guy, who must work his way up in a city without limits. This is a city of opportunity, mistrust, hate crimes, violence, gangs, and a whole bunch of auto theft. However most of the previously mentioned chaotic events surround the your actions within the game. The many cars you can jack, and the people you can eliminate from the troubled city in which the game is based. Many of broken hearts broken souls, and broken arms have been sucked into the beastly city.

The inferior city members are just tumbling pixels flooding the screen, they are obsessed with the primary achievement of killing, and all seem to be out to get you. The surrounding building of the city are fleeting into the deep sky clouding you throughout the game. The streets are well laid out, and all the cars in which you do your crime-based deeds all look grand in the respectable manner in which these gangs choose their theme cars. The only trouble I found through the graphics were spotted, and never caused me a lot of grief through the game-Sometimes it is impossible to tell who you are shooting, I kept killing peds that I thought were the opposing gangs. I then felt bad for the peds, so I went and killed all of the gang I could find. Maximum rage induced.

Somewhere in the transition from the first GTA, the series grew up, into a living, waking city where traffic is constant, and the remarks of fellow citizens never gets old. Now the engine noises are next to perfect, along with the booming horns, and the place in which the cars reside, the actual city itself. My favorite things about the game that seemed so surreal were the guns, and their life like sounds, and the convincing radio shows, and multiple songs. It never seems like songs repeat, it is all consistent, and varied enough to keep you entertained as well. Everything seems so convincing so spot on that every time I play it I get lost in a gaze and start driving around just for the fun of driving, it is good to know company still retain pride in filling their games with fun filled games inside of games, that you wouldn’t really expect to be happening, but they always do pop up in R* games, particularly Rockstar North ones.

Sticking out like a sore thumb to angry soccer moms every where, their worse nightmares have come to life. Little Johnny can now take an evolving role in a gang, filling out the orders of his crime lord (his boss), until he him-self establishes himself as the only 10 year old ever to be the head of an ambitious drug dealing, violent gang on socially inept misfits, that will then carry out his every wish. Johnny sure does have to do a lot of work before fulfilling this Italian dream though, he must kill police against his own will, run over people, vandalize, go on rampages, and deliver/pick up drugs, weapons and many other fun tools.

Finding every one of the secrets R* has skillfully jammed into their mind-blowing city which was crafted by possibly the best game developers ever, marks their triumphant return to the world of theft, gore, and violence. Within R* future I believe they will become a household name and will inspire us all within our daily life’s, I mean come on, we are already buying toy models for their games, the next step is global domination.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/28/04

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