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Reviewed: 03/16/00 | Updated: 03/16/00

Almost the same as Grand Theft Auto 1

Grand Theft Auto 2 is nearly the same as Grand Theft Auto 2. The graphics didn't improve much and play controls are the almost the same.Grand Theft Auto 2 is still a great game but there was not enough change. A nice addition is that there are now gangs. Three of them in each level. They added on to police by adding swat cars, the FBI, and the army. Also they increased the maximum wanted level from 4 to 6.

Graphics- The Graphics in this game may not be that great but it suits this game. I would rather a above view rather then a first person look. The cars were not improved much. The colours of the cars look terrible. The buildings and the roads remained the same which is good. The people on the streets don't look to bad. The mix of colours could have been lighter 7/10

Controls- The controls are good once you get adjusted to them. It is easy to drive cars and easy to walk. You can now jump but jumping dosn't help much. The cars are a lot slower then in last game but it helps to control better. It's fun to go over ramps and jumps and easier to get in and out of cars. 9/10

Lastibility- This game has lots of cars and weapons to keep you playing for a while. Collecting the 25 GTA2 icons in each level is kind of hard. It takes a long time to find them all. There are 20 kill frenzies in each level. Some of them are hard and some are easy. The first level is extremly simple to beat. All you have to do is go west, get the tank, and destroy everything. It just takes a couple of minutes to get the 1 million points. The 2nd and 3rd levels are a little bit more harder and it requires more points to beat. It takes a while to get all the GTA2 icons, Kill frenzies, and finish 22 jobs. 9/10

Sound- This game has great sound. The radios have a great mix of music and it is very funny. The cars sound great and the sound of the car when it is on fire is almost real. The gunshots sound great too. The speech in this game is well heard and easy to make out. There are lots of different things people say. The atmosphere of the music perfectly suits this game 10/10

Rent or Buy- This game only fits certain people. Rent first buy second.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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