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"In my opinion, as bad as the first, just for different reasons"

Grand Theft Auto was a huge letdown. While everybody was saying how great it was, and how they couldn't stop playing it, a few people were able to look past the controversy and see what a very poor game was beneath. Did the producers try and tackle the issues raised in the first game? Apparently not.

Graphics- 2
Little better than the original. Again they have used the 3D levels, with huge multi story buildings, and again they have loaded them with 2D sprites. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. They have improved the human sprites slightly, and if you are careful you can almost tell which direction you are facing. They have a nice little extra though - It is now possible to send a person flying up into the sky by causing an explosion really close to them.

The cars look a little bit better as well, but only with sharper images. And for some reason, again the scenery never seems to move at a different speed, no matter how fast you travel.

There is a new problem though, that counters any graphical improvements; the camera now occasionally moves around, closer, or further away from your car. This is annoying and really frustrating. And again, it is possible to outrun the camera in some faster cars or bikes.

Sounds- 2
Again, little better than the original. There are still the cool little radio tunes, but again they are a few minutes repeated over and over. The sound effects are pure tripe, and the sounds the cars make are hardly worth listening to.

They are, however, sharper than before. Also, they have added in some other noises to stop you getting bored of the same sound effects over and over.

Controls- 3
Same as before, basically. They still have the stupid accelerate to walk thing going on.

Gameplay- 0.5
Sorry. The gameplay is worse than the original. There are less levels to play in, more stupidly high amounts of money to be grabbed, and a few poorly made mini games thrown in which all have either racing, or killing people for a minute or so which is what the real game is anyway. With a new system meaning you work for one of three gangs, more often than not you find yourself in the middle of a gun fight for trying to earn $100 by blowing up a van.

Also, they now have people in the streets who try to mug you or steal your car. This is a nice touch, but do you think the police try to stop them? No. And if you fight back or try to get your car back, you get chased. But now there is an insanely easy way to escape. Drive to the top of a flight of steps, and the cops amazingly forget about you.

There are a few more weapons in this game, although nothing really special. The machine gun is still pretty much the only one you'll use beside the rocket launcher.

Story- 1
They have a story now, although not a very good one. Basically, the streets are now run by criminals for some reason, and the cops have lost most control and are now desperately trying to get it back. That's about it.

Replayivity- 1
You will play it, get bored, slam in some cheats, get bored, and get rid of it.

Overall- 1
With more weapons replacing the levels, and terrible mini games replacing the length of the game, this one is as bad as the first, but for different reasons.

Buy or rent- Neither
Rent it if you really liked the first one. Buy it if you really want to subject yourself to it.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/18/04

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