"Improved since the original Grand Theft Auto"


Grand Theft Auto 2 is the sequal to the Greatest Hits game Grand Theft Auto. In this game, basically you start as a nobody and do missions for gangs and increase your respect. Grand Theft Auto is back with three new levels, over 120 new cars, and a whole lot more.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is much better than its prequal Grand Theft Auto. See, in Grand Theft Auto, you just answered pay phones for jobs and no one really hated or loved you. In this game, you have gangs you have to work for. Working for one gang increases your respect for them. But, it will also decrease your respect for another gang. And to successfully beat the level, you have to complete all of the gangs missions. So it is very challenging. Its also a lot of fun. The missions will crack you up. There are missions such as blowing up a pizza place because they messed up an order. Overall the gameplay has improved from the prequel by harder gameplay and (a lot) more gameplay.

Controls 7/10

The controls in this game are just like the controls in Grand Theft Auto London, if you ever played that. They are also like the PlayStation 2 versions of Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City. The controls are simple, X is accelerate, Triangle is enter or exit a car, and Square is break and reverse. See? Simple. Lets move on.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics have improved over the previous Grand Theft Autos. There is a lot more detail, and a lot more effort has been done. Although it still has the two dimensional top down view, its not graphics that make a game. A top down view is like looking to the ground from a helicopter. But at least now you can tell which way a person is facing, there is a lot more detail on the cars and buildings which makes them look cooler, and stuff like that.

Sound Effects and Music 8/10

Now, the first thing I noticed about the music in this game made me mad. Unlike the previous Grand Theft Autos, this game does not have the CD player feature, which was if you put the disc into a CD player you could hear the music in the game. This game doesnt do it. But, I think that is because there is a lot, I mean a lot more music than Grand Theft Auto. Like, twice or even more times the songs. Now thats a big plus. And like the prequals, this game has great sound quality and speed. Oh yeah, one more thing, there is a special button and when you press it on foot it makes you burps or fart. Even burps and farts have good quality! So improved since the original though im still mad they didnt put the soundtrack on CD. Oh well.

Expansion Packs

No, unlike the original Grand Theft Auto, there are no expansion packs for this game. However, Grand Theft Auto London 1969 was an expansion pack designed to be played until this game came out... So it was kinda like an expansion pack for this. I guess. Maybe. I dont know!

Buy or Rent?

Your choice. Its a great game and I personally recommend it. It is availible in the Grand Theft Auto collectors pack, which I also highly recommend, along with Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto London 1969 for a small price of twenty bucks new. Whatever you decide to do, if you buy it, good luck with it.


Best Grand Theft Auto game on the PlayStation. My recommendation is buy unless you hate action games, are under the age of thirteen, dont like cussing in games, and... well thats about it. Buy it for every other case. If you like it you might want to try Grand Theft Auto if you haven't. Good luck if you play it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/04

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