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"Still'em and Kill'em!!!"

It’s almost the exact same thing as the Dreamcast version besides the graphics and some new weapons. It’s a game that needs some improvements. It’s a fun game to play and to mess around with but is still missing some thing. The sounds and music is very detailed. The graphics need some work. The game is very fun to steal other cars but this game needs more to it. There are enough missions to mess around with and some of them are very complicated but others can get pretty easy pretty easy. The city is pretty detailed with all of the places to go and find it will keep you very busy. One of the other things that I don’t like about this game is the save feature on it. You have to find the specific area in each part of town and finding them can sometimes seem almost impossible to find them. You can spend forever and not find them but other times it’s really easy to find them. I guess this game all depends on what kind of person you are and if it appeals to you. For one person this could be a great game to have some major fun but others may think it’s a poor excuse for a game, but I like it.


Pretty simple except you have to press a button to go backward or forward and move the d-pad in the direction you want to go. This type of control can get very tricky to learn and can take forever to learn and when your running from cops this is mostly what gets you caught. Everything is pretty simple once you learn it and the controlling of the cars is very easy to and sort of sensitive at times while taking corners. All of the buttons assigned to other parts of the game are put on the playstation’s controller well. The gameplay is basically simple once you learn it. A dual shock controller is a must for this game and makes it a lot more manageable.


The sounds and music in this game are detailed and sound very good. The music that was chosen goes with the game. There are all of the sounds in the game plus many more but here are a few- police sirens, gunshots, people yelling, and etc. But most of the people’s voices and the screams are all repeats and are the exact same like all the time. All of the sounds and music are good choices for the game that actual go with the game. The music goes really good and sets the mood in the game and pulls you into the game.


The graphics in this game are pretty good. It has just a few errors. Your person you play as looks like a blob and totally lacks in detail you can barely make out that he is a person. There is only one city you get to play in but it is very large and shows a great deal of detail. The cars are detailed very well and are designed to look great the look really nice and also have some neat designs on them. It’s just that this game needs another city to go to but with the size of it one city isn’t too bad to play in. The city is very large and is filled with people but it needs a little more detail like any other city would have with things like fire hydrants or telephone booths more often to make the game more exciting.


This game should take some time to beat and trying to find every thing in the city should take some time. But the game may get boring before then. There’s enough missions too keep you busy and exploring the entire town will take some time. Messing around with the guns and everything there is too collect it should keep you busy but it gets boring pretty fast.


At times the game may seem really easy but hey there’s quite a few hard missions too complete. While playing this game you just don’t have to watch out for cops but also other gang members from other parts of the very large city. There’s enough things too watch out for in this game and it can get really challenging at times especially when your running from cops and your in the part of town with the gang that is your greatest rival.


I suggest you rent this title first. It may not be what you think. This game needs some work but it’s still not a bad game to try. It’s a 7 point overall title. But if you find it cheap like all the other Playstation games I don’t think this game would be a total disappointment.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/07/00, Updated 08/14/02

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