What are the controls for this game?

  1. I do not have an instruction book since I bought the game at a pawn shop. What button does which?

    User Info: animeobsession

    animeobsession - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is straight from the manual:
    X - Begin a level
    Start - Pause
    D-Pad or Analog Stick - Move Flik
    R2 or L2 + D-Pad - Walk instead of run
    X - Jump
    Triangle - Change Seed Color
    Square - Throw Berries, Pickup/drop seeds, Handstand on/Let go of seeds
    Circle - Nothing
    R2 or L2(hold) + Square - Kick
    X (Double-tap) - Abdomen bounce on enemy
    X(Double tap while moving) - Abdomen slide
    L1(tap) - Reset cam behind flik
    L1(hold) - Use cam to look around
    R1(hold) - Locks cam in place
    X(while Flik holds a seed) - Cycle through various plants Flik can grow
    Select - Display Status Screen

    You can also use the training level.

    User Info: Shadow4eva13

    Shadow4eva13 - 8 years ago 0 0

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