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    Enemy Guide by yoda2323

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    Hello! My username is yoda2323, and as of now this is the only guide for Bug's Life for the N64. This is an enemy guide, which will tell you about the enemies of the game and the levels where you can find them.

    I am making up the names of the enemies.

    Version History

    • Version 1.0 (3/6/2011) - All enemies and bosses complete with basic information, like health, location, strategy, etc.
    • Version 1.1 (3/28/2011)- Fixed Hopper's description and a few of the locations of the enemies. Changed the guide to a formatted FAQ.


    The Red Berry is the default berry, and it's the berry you start the level with. Red berries don't work on some enemies. Red berries deal 1 damage.

    The Blueberry is the next berry. Blueberries deal 2 damage.

    The Homing Berry is the next berry. It's green and homes in on enemies. It also deals 2 damage.

    The Super Berry is purple and also homes in on enemies. It deals 3 damage.

    The Gold Berry doesn't home in on enemies and acts just like the red and blue berries. It deals 4 damage.

    Below is the format for an enemy entry.

    • Appearance: What the enemy looks like.
    • Health: How much health the enemy has. Each color berry deals a different amount of damage to the enemy. A jump or ground pound, if it works, kills the enemy instantly.
    • Defense: The berries/attacks that don't work against that enemy. This section won't appear if anything works against the enemy.
    • Strategy: How to defeat the enemy and/or how the enemy works. This section will be left blank if the enemy is very easy.
    • Notes: Additional notes on the enemy.
    • Location: The levels where this enemy can be found.

    And now I present... the enemies! Listed in alphabetical order.


    • Appearance: A black ant.
    • Health: 2
    • Notes: The ants in the Training level have 1 health.
    • Location: Training, Anthill, Tunnels, Riverbed Canyon(?), City Square(?), Clover Forest, The Tree, Battle Arena, Anthill Part Two


    • Appearance: A yellow and black bee.
    • Health: 4
    • Strategy: Flies around. When it gets above you it positions its stinger below it and falls toward the ground.
    • Location: Anthill, Riverbed Canyon, Clover Forest, The Tree, Antihill Part Two, Riverbed Flight

    Canyon Bug

    • Appearance: A yellow round walking bug with a long nose.
    • Health: 2
    • Strategy: It walks around randomly.
    • Location: Cliffside, Riverbed Canyon, Birdnest, Riverbed Flight


    • Appearance: A green-blue dragonfly.
    • Health: 2
    • Location: Cliffside, Riverbed Canyon(?), Riverbed Flight


    • Appearance: A large tan-colored worm.
    • Health: 8
    • Defense: Red Berry, Flik's harvesting machine
    • Strategy: Pops up out of the ground when you get close. If you see the hole in the ground don't get too close and be careful around him.
    • Location: Anthill, Tunnels, Riverbed Canyon, Clover Forest, The Tree(?), Riverbed Flight


    • Appearance: A dark-greenish grasshopper. Looks just like they do in the movie.
    • Health: 6
    • Defense: Red Berry, Flik's harvesting machine, jump, ground pound
    • Strategy: Depending on what level you are in, it can suddenly appear (like in the Tunnels), so be ready.
    • Location: Tunnels, Anthill Part Two, Canyon Showdown


    • Appearance: A fat flying brown flying bug with large red eyes.
    • Health: 8
    • Strategy: Because he has so much health, I recommend getting a more powerful berry.
    • Location: Riverbed Canyon, City Entrance, City Square


    • Appearance: An orange flying bug with a very long nose.
    • Health: 2
    • Strategy: Flies around and walks on the ground.
    • Location: Anthill, Council Chamber, Cliffside, Riverbed Canyon, Clover Forest, The Tree, Anthill Part Two


    • Appearance: A red bug that walks around slowly.
    • Health: 6
    • Defense: Red Berry, Jump, Ground Pound, Flik's harvesting machine
    • Strategy: Walks around slowly but when you approach it walks faster.
    • Location: City Square

    Rolly Polie

    • Appearance: A large bulky blue bug with a hard purple shell.
    • Health: 8
    • Defense: Red Berry, Flik's harvesting machine, Jump
    • Strategy: It's very large so you'll have to beat it with berries or jump over it. You can also defeat it by ground pounding it.
    • Location: Anthill, Riverbed Canyon, Clover Forest


    • Appearance: A walking yellow bug with a yellow shell and spotted underbelly.
    • Health: 3
    • Defense: Red Berry, Jump, Ground Pound, Flik's harvesting machine
    • Strategy: All it does is walk around, so just stay back and fire berries at it.
    • Location: City Entrance


    • Appearance: A large spider with very long legs.
    • Health: 4
    • Strategy: It can shoot webs at you.
    • Location: Riverbed Canyon, City Entrance, City Square


    • Appearance: An orange centipede-like creature with a red head that comes out of the wall. There is a brown hole on the wall where he lives.
    • Health: 8
    • Defense: Red berry, Flik's harvesting machine, jump, ground pound
    • Strategy: If you see the brown spot on the wall be careful.
    • Location: Tunnels, Riverbed Canyon


    • Appearance: A very small pale worm with a relatively large head.
    • Health: 1
    • Strategy: It's very small and can appear suddenly so maneuver carefully.
    • Location: Tunnels


    Every 3rd level is a boss. Their health can be seen at the top of the screen. Because the game tells you how much health they have left, I won't say what the health is in this guide. Sometime in the future I might go into more detail on the actual level.

    Below is the format for a boss entry.

    • Level #: The level where you fight the enemy.
    • Strategy: The best way to beat the boss.

    And now I present...the bosses! Listed in order of appearance.


    • Level 3: Council Chamber
    • Strategy: Quickly get the blue berry by jumping on the seed to the left so you can hurt him. Be careful about the Dragonflies around. If you go to the back of the level Thumper can't reach you and you can collect the grain and get the purple tokens to work your way up to the gold berry.


    • Level 6: Birdnest
    • Strategy: First you have get to the top. You can make berry shooters from the seeds to hurt the bird. When the bird gets close fire berries at it.


    • Level 9: Bug Bar
    • Strategy: The battle takes place in a rolling can. First get the blue berry in the back. Be sure to actually look where you are going (i.e. have the camera at Flik's back) so you can see where the rolling objects are in the can, because you can lose health really quickly.


    • Level 12: Battle Arena
    • Strategy: Red berries don't work, so you have to get at least 1 purple token to create a berry plant using a seed. This battle is tricky because the ants are constantly throwing red berries at you, and if you get one you will have to make another plant to get the blue/green/purple/gold berry, depending on how many purple tokens you have.


    • Level 15: Canyon Showdown
    • Strategy: Deplete a bit of his health to move on to the next area. At the end of the level is a bird, so once you get there deplete the rest of his health and then the bird will take care of the rest.

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    Credits and Contact Info

    Thanks goes to the creators of Bug's Life for making a surprisingly great game.

    If you have any questions, comments, or things to add to or correct about the guide, feel free to email me at yodafaqs@yahoo.com