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    FAQ/Walkthrough by INoble

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    Alone In The Dark 4: The New Nightmare
    (Revised) Final Version. Submitted by Iain Noble (iain.noble@ntlworld.com)
    With thanks to Hezda (hezda@hotmail.com) the author of the other
    walkthrough posted here for sharing his information with me and pointing
    out some fairly glaring errors in my own work.
    Also to 'Darkworks' who has posted several very useful replies on the
    GameFAQs message board for this game.
    Prima have produced an official strategy guide for this game.
    Alone in the Dark 4: Official Strategy Guide
    Prima Development
    Paperback (1 October, 2000)
    Prima Games; ISBN: 0761533389
    A couple of UK Playstation magazines have also published walkthroughs for the
    Station Solutions June 20001 has the first part of a very useful guide complete
    with maps.
    The July issue completes the guide.
    Solutions for Playstation and PS2 June 2001 has a full walkthrough with lots of
    Introduction & General Ramblings
    Edward Carnby Scenario
    Aline Cedrac Scenario
    'Darkworks' Messages
    Introduction & General Ramblings
    I am all for the free exchange of information. I will be flattered if
    anyone considers this walkthrough good enough to post elsewhere. Some
    form of acknowledgment would be appreciated.
    This step by step walkthrough, if followed slavishly, will significantly
    reduce the time taken to complete the game, it will spoil the sense of
    achievement and satisfaction that comes from solving puzzles on your own
    and finally, it will remove the thrill of exploring the unknown, not
    knowing what will leap out of the shadows next (but then you knew all
    this anyway.)
    This is to try to stop people posting stupid messages like:
    "That walkthrough should never had been posted on this site or any other site
    for that matter. Why? Because that is what gives this game a bad name.
    No wonder it dosent last long :( Sorry if it sounds like im moaning, im not, as
    I really like this game :) But this game was designed to be solved all by
    yourself, hence why it is so short.
    I know people want to find out the ending as quick as posible, I havent yet,
    due to exams. But I read the messages and it seems that you are all trying to
    encourage people to use the walkthroughs. Please, please if someone asks for
    help, dont tell them to refer to walkthrough.As it is tempting to read the
    whole thing, and spoil the story.
    Thanx for reading. :) Sorry if its hard to understand.
    (Insert any grammatical corrections, you feel suitable)"
    Please note that I have played this game, written the walkthrough,
    traded it in at my local video games store and moved onto other things.
    Whilst my memory and enthusiasm last, I will be happy to try to answer
    any questions you may have. However I reserve the right to lose my
    memory or enthusiasm over time and to ignore any messages I don't feel
    like answering.
    As usual read the manual for an introduction to the game and the
    characters and for details of the control system.
    My 'route' is the result of a lot of wandering around and general
    exploring. As with the various Resident Evil games I am sure there is an
    ideal path that visits the required areas in the best order and the
    minimum number of times. Some enemies seem to reappear if you go back to
    an area or after certain trigger events.
    I understand that a 'speed walkthrough' is being written. Look out for it at
    When saving in a room the game has a habit of saving the state of the
    game before you collect the items in that room. On several occasions I
    left a room thinking I had the keys etc. that I had picked up before I
    saved only to find they were missing from my inventory when I tried to
    use them.
    There are many files, books and other documents to examine in the game.
    Although they go into your inventory after you read them for the first
    time, they remain in their original locations. This can become
    tiresome if you need to recheck an area only to find yourself reading
    a diary for the umpteenth time.
    I found the music added nothing to the atmosphere of the game and
    quickly became very irritating and distracting. I would advise turning
    it off from the Options screen. I would advise playing the game in a
    darkened room for maximum visibility and impact.
    There are limited charms of saving, first aid kits and ammunition. Use
    all of these wisely. Use your torch in the gloom and search each area
    thoroughly as it is easy to miss important items. Anything vital will
    usually 'shine' in the light of your torch, so use the free view control
    (left stick) to move the torch around an area.
    You can choose to play as either Edward Carnby or Aline Cedrac at the
    start of a new game. Edward's scenario tends to emphasize combat and is
    probably the shortest and easiest. At least he starts off with some
    firepower! Aline's scenario is more taken up with puzzle solving and
    will take longer. She begins with very little in the way of weapons. As
    I started with Carnby, by the time I played as Aline many of the
    locations were familiar from the first scenario so I have not described
    them in such detail.
    Every video game seems to have one particular area or problem that generates
    most questions. This game appears to have two. The library and the winged
    creature you need to defeat there as Edward, plus the stone circle puzzle that
    you have to solve as Edward. I have tried to include as much information about
    these as possible.
    1. As Edward Carnby.
    Go right after landing in the woods. Note the blood on the steps and go
    into the building to find a mangled man. After leaving the building you
    hear shots and a scream. Return to find the man gone and a key left
    behind. Use this to open the gate at the end of the path.
    You should be able to get from the start to the sewers without firing a
    First enemies
    Collect the magnesium bullets from the wall and then go left through the
    arch and through the gate to collect some more ammo. In the next area
    collect a first aid kit from the fountain.
    Run up the long flight of steps and if possible simply avoid the dogs
    and go on up the steps. Along to the end and past the nasty 'thing' and
    down some more steps. If you get through the gate quickly enough it
    cannot follow.
    Use the wheel to drain the water and once again try to run around the
    monster and down the steps into the sewers.
    Follow the sewers around until a 'tremor' on your controller warns you
    of approaching danger. The 'gator' will attack you in the large open
    area as you try to head for the exit in the top right. It is probably
    best to take it out as you move very slowly though the water and it will
    always drag you underwater back to the centre of the area. Pick up the
    charm of saving before venturing through the door.
    Then up a ladder, along a corridor and up some steps into the morgue.
    Search this area thoroughly to find triple barreled shotgun, phosphorus
    cartridges, magnesium bullets, first aid kit. Examine the coffin, get a
    nasty surprise and a key. Use the key to open the door to the manor
    The Mansion
    Enter the lobby and get a message from Aline. Beware as after your chat
    with Aline, the lights will dim and another nasty thing will attack you.
    You have no real choice again but to finish it off. Use the shotgun for
    preference as a single well aimed shot will kill it, the revolver takes
    a lot more shots to do the job.
    Go up the stairs and turn right to find the furniture blocking the door
    to the room where Aline is trapped. Stand to the right of the chest of
    drawers and walk towards it whilst pressing X to shift it out of the
    way. She will also give you a hint about moving the statue in the lobby
    below to see what is written on the back. Chat to Aline and then help
    her up into the roof and out of your sight again. Examine the room to
    find acrobat statue, dictaphone, photo and 'A' diary.
    Go through the mirror door and down the stairs to the basement. Peek
    through the spy hole in the sealed door and pick up the charm of saving
    Back in the lobby the door opposite the stairs is now open. Check the
    small table for a charm of saving and notice the clock (for later.) Go
    through door and encounter Edenshaw the indian. He will give you a charm
    of saving and clues about the library.
    General Exploration
    Go right, hear the scream, shots etc. and switch on the lights. Don't go
    any further in this direction for now as danger lurks in the form of
    zombies. Hard nuts to kill requiring 3 blasts from your shotgun. Instead
    go left back along the corridor and pick up the bullets from the chest
    of drawers. Then take the door next to the staircase and follow them up
    to the attic to find the grenade launcher and to have another chat with
    Aline who mentions a trapdoor.
    Now back down the stairs and take the door to the left at the bottom.
    Dispose of the zombies and pick up the first aid kit and bullets at the
    end of the corridor. Retrace your steps and open the door at the
    beginning of the corridor. Beware of spiders but you can avoid them if
    you move quickly. One revolver round takes care of them. Examine the
    display case with the ship, the photo and take the wolf mask, the
    cartridges and the bullets.
    Now go all the way back along the main corridor to the east end and open
    the one unlocked door. Waste the 2 zombies you find there and go through
    the first open door (the other is locked for now.) In the next room pick
    up the crow bar, Richard Morton's will (more stuff about the library)
    Beware the monsters that appear at one point. Read the copy of Science
    magazine, unlock the door to the lobby, pick up the first aid kit,
    cartridges, flask, fill the flask at the amphora and examine the 'O'
    diary and the picture of the stone circle.
    Now it is back to the room with the display case and use the filled
    flask on the balance in the display case. This will open one of the 4
    portraits in the lobby (the one with the Arctic explorer and the ship.)
    Beware of zombies as you return to the lobby and pick up the first floor
    east key from behind the picture.
    This door is at the end of the zombie corridor to the east of the main
    corridor outside the lobby. Beware of monsters that spring out at you.
    Pick up the first aid kit and yet another key (first floor west.) Use
    the wolf mask on the owl statue. The statue opens to reveal a steel key
    (2nd floor east.) Back into the main corridor and along to the west until
    you reach the stairs and the locked door at the top. Use the first floor
    west key here.
    As you go through the door you will get another message from Aline with
    some more Morton family history. Go right and through the first open
    door. As you approach the bed you are thrown back by the large tentacles
    that emerge. Shoot the lamp over the bed causing a fire that fries the
    monster. Pick up the rocket launcher, bullets, first aid kit and charm
    of saving.
    Back in the corridor the next set of double doors will lead you back
    into the lobby balcony. To the far left of the corridor (beware monsters
    as they keep springing out at you in this area) you will find a room
    with a raised area reached by a couple of sets of stairs. Pick up the
    first aid kit in here and also read the 'A' diary.
    Make your way back to the lobby and look at the portrait furthest to
    your right on the balcony. Note that it says the person resembles the
    statue in the lobby below? Go down to the lobby and move the statue so
    that it is front of the mirror. You will see the letters H M on the
    back. Enter the code letters H and M on the two dials (H for Harold and
    M for Morton) and the portrait will open just like the previous one. Go
    back to collect the small rusty key which reads '3rd floor west' when
    you examine it. Beware a monster attacks when you get the key. Go up to
    the attic and use the key on the locked door at the far end.
    The Attic
    Beware monsters, some strange sort of armour plated thing with a long
    tongue. They are scared of the light so you can keep them at a distance
    with your torch. Search the area for a lighter and some cartridges. Go
    through the door at the far end of this section of the attic, along the
    corridor and through the next door. Use the crowbar on the hollow
    sounding section of the floor to unearth 2 keys (2nd floor office and
    3rd floor east.)
    Go though the next door and watch the cut scene showing the spiders
    scuttling over the beams. Search for the bullets and the cartridges. Note
    the blood on the floor and use the 'free look' (L1 and R1) to locate and
    shoot the spiders on the beams with your revolver. Find the candle and
    use the lighter on it to reveal a draft from the partition. Use the
    crowbar on the partition to open up the next area.
    Beware monsters! Locate the first aid kit and go through the door into
    the bedroom. Cut scene of an old lady who strongly reminded me of the
    grandmother from 'Ello 'Ello. She directs you to burn the library. As a
    librarian I find the anti-library prejudice that runs through this game
    most objectionable! :-)
    Exit the bedroom and use the gilded key on the next locked door. Go down
    the long spiral staircase and on your way unlock the door to the 2nd
    floor. At the bottom flick the light switch and go through the door.
    Beware monsters (2 big zombies.) Unlock the door there and go along the
    1st floor corridor to the stairs to the second floor.
    Locate the office (room with stairs and desk area) and use the small key
    on the desk drawer. Collect the torn photo (examine the back to see the
    number 2518) and collect the 1st floor library key.
    The Library
    Now go down the long flight of spiral stairs to the first floor (beware
    the zombies are back!) Use the ornate key on the large locked door and
    enter the library. Now this is what I call a library! After the cut
    scene you will get another call from Aline. Now go to the desk and read
    Jeremy Morton's diary and then go to the lectern and read the Morton
    biography. Go all the way to the right and up the stairs (pick up a box
    of rockets on the way.) Once you reach the next level of the library
    look for a control panel with 4 dials and tell tale scuff marks on the
    floor from a hidden panel.
    Enter the code 3926 which you get from adding the numbers on the two
    halves of the torn photograph - 2518 + 1408 = 3926
    [The other half is in the 2nd floor east room (at the end of the corridor
    with the bust of Richard Morton.) Beware monsters. Another large key (to
    the other library door) charm of saving, second half of the photo with
    the number 1408 plus a scroll, 'O' diary and bullets.]
    Inside switch on the light and check for a pyramid of statuettes with
    one missing. Place the acrobat statue in the final place to open up a
    wall panel with a set of switches numbered 1-0. Enter the code 1692 on
    the control panel to open another portrait (you get this number from the
    tower room using the telescope - see below)
    Get the Bison statue inside here. Pick up the telescope. Also check the
    shelves for Jeremy Morton's 'riddle' which reads in 'mirror writing' THE
    This would give (moving from left to right along the 4 portraits in the lobby)
    Richard Morton 1852
    Archibald Morton 1874
    Jeremy Morton 1899
    Howard Morton 1931
    To get the code for the control panel go to the very top of the library
    (nasty flying thing which you will meet later.) Go up the ladder and
    along the ledge to the left (beware monster!) Up the next ladder into a
    turret room. Pick up the charm of saving. Put the telescope on the
    bracket and look at the fort (use X to increase the magnification.) At
    the highest magnification you will see the date 1692 carved over a
    window. Cut scene of Obed Morton? in the fort and message from Aline in
    which she reveals (shock horror) that she maybe Morton's daughter.
    Back in the library you need to locate the 4 books mentioned in Richard
    Morton's will and push them into place in the order given in the diagram
    Light/Dark/Dark/Light The two 'light' books are on the top floor - one
    at the very end of the walkway and the other further back behind a
    pillar. The other 2 are on the bottom floor, one at the bottom of the
    steps and one behind the ancient statue. The order is that given in the
    diagram in the will. Once the last book is in place the final portrait
    opens and the nasty flying creature (gargoyle?) comes back for real. It
    is very difficult to kill and uses lightning attacks. The best way to
    fight it is to stand in one place and try to hit/stun him when he is
    charging up for another lightning bolt. You will use up most of your
    stock of ammo defeating him/her/it.
    See the 'Darkwing' messages for a potential bug here.
    Back to the Lobby
    Return to the lobby balcony to retrieve the metal plate (examine this
    for the signs that will open the combination padlock on the cemetery
    gate) a plasma cannon and an 'anonymous' key.
    Now the blank name plates at the base of each portrait will be replaced by 4
    number wheels. From left to right set them to the birth dates of the
    featured people:
    1852 - 1874 - 1899 - 1931 (press X at the end of each setting and you will get
    the 'good' sound if they are correct.)
    This opens the clock in the lobby below from which you get the large,
    ornate mansion key.
    Use this on the final locked set of double doors in the lobby.
    Outside the Mansion
    Go to the right after leaving the Mansion and find a garden shed with 3
    first aid kits and a gas cartridge for the plasma cannon.
    There is nothing else along this path, so retrace your steps and unlock
    the gate with the bronze key.
    Beware monsters!
    Now you need to go back to where you started the game and then carry on
    along the path to the gate with the combination lock.
    Beware of monsters and zombies along the way.
    Examine the engraved metal plate to find the code for the combination
    lock and go through. Examine the corpse impaled on the gate to find
    first aid kits and another gas cartridge.
    The Moors.
    Cross the bridge and get another message from Aline. Kill the creatures
    and feel a tremor as the bridge collapses behind you. Find a severed
    head. Go up the stairs to your left and go to the large stone stele at
    the top of the screen. Identify it as the North stele. Now following
    Aline's messages go to North, South East, West, South West, East, North
    East. Aline will tell you that the gate can be opened tonight and so you
    need to chant the ritual incantation right now. Go to the East stele
    and then consult the dictaphone to find out the order for the words in
    the spell. These change each time you play the game.
    This message from one of the Darkworks developers may make this section
    a little clearer?
    "When you first enter the circle of stones, the game will display some
    on-screen text to give you some hints (supposedly these are Carnby's
    thoughts). There should be 3 successive on-screen texts. After that, you
    can go to any stele and press [ACTION] (Cross button). This is the first
    part of the puzzle when you have to orient yourself in the circle of
    stone. Go either to the East, North or West stele and validate the
    correct option. Then call Aline with the radio and she tells you to go
    to the North Stele. Press [ACTION] on the North stele. A close up of the
    stele should appear. Return to the game and call Aline once again. She
    will tell you to go to the South East stele, etc. Repeat this operation
    until you have examined all the steles. If you leave the circle of
    stones, the puzzle is reinitialized."
    A blue light appears on the central plinth, go over and collect the
    stone stele and the bull statue.
    Descend the stairs and continue left along the path. Aline will arrange
    to meet you as she needs the stone stele. Go down the stairs ahead and
    through the caves to reach the shore. Beware giant scorpion!
    The Shore
    Go to your left and up a ladder to get a box of rockets. Then back down
    again and on through the caves and up some stairs to enter the swamp.
    The Swamp
    Zombies! Keep left until you see the crashed plane. Inside pick up 3
    first aid kits, pliers, blue lens, charm of saving and box of rockets.
    Chat to the pilot but get ready for a quick exit as you only have 15
    seconds before it sinks into the swamp. Note that you cannot save the
    Go back through the swamp until you come to an archway. Giant scorpion!
    Combine the blue lens with the torch so that you can see the blood
    trail. Follow this until you get to a fence. Meet up with Aline. Get
    Obed Morton's seal. Examine the large rock nearby to see a symbol in
    Now go down the ramp to the chapel (you have heard its bells for some
    time.) Use the pliers on the chains on the door. Giant scorpion!
    The Chapel
    Inside pick up a first aid kit and a box of rockets. Use the torch plus
    lens on the door to see another symbol in blood. Examine the pad next
    the door and the sacrifice ritual book nearby. Press the symbols on the
    pad that you have seen revealed by the torch - top row right - middle
    row centre - bottom row right (I got this one by trial and error as I
    did not spot it anywhere.)
    The altar moves back and you can go down into the secret laboratory.
    The Laboratory
    Use the seal to operate the turnstile. Examine the other switch to see
    that you need Alan Morton's seal to operate it.
    Cut scene with nasty noises off. Proceed along the passageway until you
    come to an iron door and enter the lab.
    Notice several switches in the lab, empty cabinets, power generator,
    tubes of human remains, lab bench and locked door (everything you would
    expect in your average mad scientist's workplace.)
    Eventually you stumble on Alan Morton doing a little research. He
    escapes and locks you in the lab without any power.
    Chat to Aline and discover that she has a map of the lab and can guide
    you to the switches required to overload the power supply and open the
    locked door.
    Follow her directions to find the switches (killing any zombies that
    leap out at you along the way.)
    After you have found all 3 switches the door opens and you can leave the
    Aline tells you about the trapdoor she has opened to the greenhouse from
    the manor cellar.
    Underground Passageway
    Go down a lot of stairs and along a long passageway and up a whole heap
    of stairs. Ominous noises, spiders and assorted monsters along the way.
    Run as much as possible to avoid them.
    Open the first door at the top of the final flight of stairs and operate
    the tape recorder to listen to Obed Morton and Lamb exchanging
    pleasantries. Then go through the other door to find yourself back in
    the manor cellar.
    The Manor Cellar
    Edenshaw appears in his usual mysterious way and warns you that Alan is
    about to perform the ritual. Go up the ladder and through the trapdoor
    (which is now unlocked) into the greenhouse. Now everyone knows that no
    greenhouse in a survival horror game is just going to have a nice
    selection of pot plants, and this is no exception.
    Several nasty creatures that you can keep at bay with your torch whilst
    you shoot them. Explore to find some bullets and then climb the ladder
    to get to a gangway above the greenhouse. Push the statue along the
    gangway and then through the gap in the railings so that it falls to the
    floor below and smashes.
    Examine the wreckage to find Alan Morton's seal and a bear statue.
    Now it is ALL THE WAY BACK to the turnstile at the start of the secret
    Use the AM seal on the switch and pass through to a large cavern.
    Meet up with Aline and let her decipher the inscription on the stone
    tablets in the cavern. Then head along the passageway, over the bridge
    and through the door at the end. You will see a trapdoor in an alcove in
    the wall shortly afterwards. Open it to reveal all sorts of goodies.
    Lightning gun, first aid kits, battery charger and charms of saving.
    Now go through the door on the other side where you will see Alan
    opening the gate. He will knock Edenshaw over before opening the gate
    and pulling Edward through with him.
    The World of Darkness
    Carnby starts on a ledge above an abyss in a landscape heavily
    influenced by H.R. Giger and Alien. As usual Aline chimes in and then
    you can go through the door ahead. The lightning gun should be your
    weapon of choice here, not least because you can refill the battery
    charger used to reload it from the blue crystals dotted around the
    This area is a real pain as the monsters just keep on coming so keep
    moving and only stop and fight when absolutely necessary. I can't help
    feeling that the developers ran out of time or inspiration here, and
    instead of including some more novel problems or enemies, they just
    decided to rack up the monster count.
    It is very easy to become disoriented in this area as there are few
    distinguishing features and you have to run around to avoid the
    monsters. I would be very grateful to anyone who can come up with a
    clearer description of how to get through here.
    Go down the passageway taking out any 'dogs' as required. In the next
    cavern keep to the left and try to avoid the re-spawning monsters. You
    should look out for a small entrance and duck inside. Beware as a giant
    scorpion thing is waiting for you and once again they just keep on
    In the large passageway head around to your left and keep going until
    you get to a small exit. Watch out for more 'dogs' and go through the
    cave on the other side of the room. In the next area avoid the monsters
    and go right to find a rope which you can climb.
    Alan will appear and cut the rope letting Carnby drop to a ledge below.
    Go into the cave nearby and examine the body inside. Read the journal
    and collect the Photoelectric Pulsar and the Metal Flask.
    Leave the same way you came in and climb down the rope on the left. Go
    up the stairs (monsters, monsters, monsters) and see Alan again when you
    reach the top. Pursue him. After many more monsters and several passages
    and caverns Carnby and Aline corner Alan. Then a 'mutated' Obed appears
    and shoves him into a HUGE cavern.
    After viewing the cut scene, go into the small cave in front of you.
    Follow the passageway and climb another rope. Ignore the cave entrance
    at the top and go straight on and through the cave at the other side of
    the bridge. Another passageway and another entrance on the other side.
    Now you are in a large cavern full of lava (beware monster!) and go
    around to your left. Continue left until you get to the exit. Then walk
    over the bridge and you will get a message about Lamb and the imminent
    arrival of a helicopter.
    Go forwards and go to the top of the staircase. Then through the cave at
    the top, go left, up the passageway and over the rock at the end. Drop
    down, turn left and run forwards. Follow the cave around, climb up onto
    a ledge at the end and drop down again. Run forwards and at the junction
    go left and through the cave at the end.
    Another large cavern. Message from Aline encouraging you. As you move
    forward a large column falls down. Climb onto it and run across to the
    other side. Turn right and fill the metal flask with water from the pool.
    Turn around and run directly forwards. When you get to the large stone
    disk turn right and go through the cave. You should be in a small cave
    full of mummies with an altar and a large stone door.
    Go right and climb down the rope. Walk forwards to see a stone head on a
    pile of rocks. As you get near it Alan Morton in 'mutated' form will
    attack you.
    Before you fight him you need to find the weapon you will use to kill
    him. It is a spear which is in a small passageway in the sw corner. You
    can't get it as Alan blocks your path and throws you out of the
    passageway. Now hit him with everything left in your arsenal. You won't
    be able to kill him but if you keep hitting him and running away,
    eventually he will drop to the ground. As soon as he does this run and
    grab the spear. Carnby is changed into an indian warrior and kills Alan
    with the spear. Then he changes back again.
    Now run to the pile of rocks and collect the stone head. Go up to the
    altar and place the stone head there. Aline appears with another head.
    The door behind you opens. Go through and Edenshaw tells you to leave.
    Carnby and Aline run out of the caves. End sequence.
    2. As Aline Cedrac
    The Manor
    Aline lands on the roof of the manor armed with ..... well armed with her
    trusty torch! Edward contacts her and tells her to hide. Go through the
    lighted window and meet old Mrs. Morton. She gives you a key and then
    asks you to check out the corner of the room. A 'snake' emerges from the
    rug. As you are armed only with your torch, flash it in the creature's
    face until it vanishes. Pick up charm of saving on the table and first
    aid kit in the corner by the bed.
    As soon as you leave the room run over to the door on the other side to
    switch on the light to make the monsters disappear. The door is locked
    (it is the 3rd floor east) and you need to find the key. Go back to the
    junction and take the left turn and go through the door on your right.
    Ignore any creatures as you have nothing with which to fight them. In
    the room with 2 doors find a charm of saving and go through the door on
    the right again. Go up the corridor and through the door at the end. In
    the next room there are more monsters, try to keep them at bay with your
    torch whilst you look for the key on the table to your left.
    Now retrace your steps and unlock the door and go down the spiral
    staircase. Halfway down pause at the door and eavesdrop on the
    conversation. Then continue to the bottom of the stairs and enter the
    only unlocked door in the lobby. In the museum turn off the lights to
    see the hidden revolver in the base of the statue. Use the key given to
    you by Mrs. Morton to unlock the base. Be ready for a quick exit through
    the other door as a monster appears.
    Catch a glimpse of Obed Morton and pursue him until you find him at the
    dead end of the corridor by the staircase. He will drug you.
    You wake up on a bed in a darkened room. Switch on the light and chat
    with Edward. Search the room to find an allen key, some first aid kits
    and a charm of saving. Go through the mirror door and down the steps
    collecting the shotgun at the bottom. Continue on until you reach a
    sealed door with a peephole. Collect the first aid kit on your way. Peer
    through to see Obed talking to Lamb and then being punched out by a
    'mystery man' (Alan Morton of course.)
    Back to the bedroom (ominous noises and monsters appearing) where Edward
    will join you. After your chat he will help you through the trapdoor
    into the attic room above.
    De Certo materializes in the mirror and makes a deal to reveal Aline's
    past if she returns his mirror stolen by Edenshaw.
    Leave the room and make your way back to corridor outside Mrs. Morton's
    bedroom. The handle breaks off the door as you close it. Go down the
    stairs again but this time when you try the door on the first landing
    you 'teleport' through in a blue light.
    Enter the study immediately on your left and pick up the mirror then go
    up the stairs to collect the grenade launcher off the desk. Leave the
    room and go along to the end of the corridor. Cut scene of blood flowing
    out from under a door and nasty creatures appearing on the ceiling.
    Go right and run to avoid the creepy crawlies. Go through the second
    door on your left. Look around for a charm of saving and some bullets.
    Then go round the side of the bed into the washroom. De Certo will appear
    in the mirror and talk to you. Go through the mirror and he will ask you
    to give him the other mirror you picked up. If you say Yes, he kills
    you, game over. If you say No, you smash the mirror and kill him. I will
    leave you to work out the best answer! You will get a bison statue and a
    call from Carnby. As you go back through the bedroom you encounter
    Edenshaw and you have another chat with Carnby.
    Go through the door on the right into the lobby and down the stairs and
    through the double doors at the back into the corridor. On your way
    examine the mirror in the lobby to see that one of the decorations is
    missing and watch out for various nasty creatures that attack you. Go
    right and along to the end of the corridor and through the door to
    Aline's right into Obed Morton's office. Make your way round the room to
    a large mirror which you notice is cracked when you examine it (hint,
    hint.) Shoot the mirror (I think it takes 3 shots) until it smashes.
    Retrieve the journal from behind the mirror and a reminder to contact
    Lucy Morton again. Once you leave the office you are 'transported' to
    her bedroom where she gives you a glass prism.
    Go back to the study where you picked up the grenade launcher and the
    mirror, use the glass prism on the projector, then use your torch on
    the projector plus prism to receive an engraved cube.
    Examine this to see the code 1991. Note this for later use.
    Now go back the main staircase and go through the door at the bottom and
    then through the door on the right to enter the library. Turn on the
    light and read the two documents to your left (on the desk) and your
    right (on the lectern.) Go over to the second bookcase to your left and
    activate the switch on it. You will see 4 books with number dials in
    their spines. Enter the code number 1991 you obtained earlier to open
    the secret door. Inside take the Abkanis tablets, first aid kits and
    charm of saving. Now would be a good time to use the charm! Pull the
    lever on the wall to raise a plinth in the centre of the library. Inside
    is a nasty creature which breaks out and attacks you.
    First encounter with the 'shadow demon.'
    This 'boss' is very reminiscent of Nemesis in Resident Evil (and just as
    tough!) When he is trying to attack you, he is invulnerable so try to
    dodge the attack, run away and then hit him with your most powerful
    weapons. It will take about 30 shotgun bullets or 5/6 grenades. Once he
    is 'dead,' check the plinth to find a half medallion and yet another hint
    to visit Old Mrs. Morton. Before you do, go up through the library
    visiting the secret alcove to pick up some bullets and the turret room
    outside to collect some grenades.
    Once you leave the library you are back in Lucy Morton's bedroom again
    and she will give you the other half of the medallion. Combine the two
    pieces and then go back to the lobby and use the complete medallion on
    the mirror to open the door into the manor cellar. Ominous FMV of the
    shadow demon rising from the 'dead.'
    Manor Cellar
    Once in the cellar head to the right where the crates are stored. Climb
    the ladder and open the trapdoor with the allen key. Once in the
    greenhouse have another talk with Edenshaw and explore to find some more
    grenades. Leave the greenhouse and prepare to meet the 'shadow demon'
    yet again.
    Just keep running until you get through the door at the end of the path
    leading into the cemetery.
    The Cemetery
    Keep running as the shadow demon is still chasing you! Go through the
    door at the end and be ready to take out 3 'dogs' that attack you. Turn
    to the right and go down path. As you follow the path our old friend
    pops up again. Keep running along the path until you pass a large crypt.
    The Morton Crypt
    Enter Jeremy Morton's crypt to collect a box of rockets and the
    launcher. Walk up to the crypt to find a charm of saving and the metal
    cover. Leave Jeremy's tomb and go to the far side of the crypt. You will
    see a metallic rail with 'diodes' on. If you combine the metallic cover
    with the torch to narrow the beam you can use it to spell the letter M
    on the wall. The other walkthrough file here has an excellent diagram on
    how to do this, but basically start at the bottom left and trace out the
    letter. This will open Richard Morton's tomb (far left) and inside you
    will find a corpse and a document. Now enter the cave on your left and
    follow it around to the end, climb over the outcrop.
    Follow the forest path keeping to the right. When you come to a small
    wooden gate go through to reach the fort.
    The Fort
    Run over the bridge and then walk to the right side of the gate. Because
    the gate is locked you need to climb up the rampart on the right. At the
    top go around the ledge and go down to the main gate and unlock it. Go
    down the stairs and through a small tunnel. Climb up onto the small
    ledge to the left and go over the wall. Drop down the other side and go
    up the stairs into the next room. Go left and up the stairs to enter the
    cell at the end of the path. Encounter Obed Morton.
    After chatting to him pick up the Black Metallic Card and the Charm of
    Saving. Leave the cell and go through the passage in the other side of
    the room and through the door on your left at the bottom. All the way to
    the bottom of the stairs and turn left. At the other side get the Wire
    Cutters, Blueprints, Tripod Support and the Journal and go up the stairs
    behind you. Go around the platform (beware monsters!) and collect the
    Mould next to the chest. Leave and climb back over the wall and go into
    the cave on the other side. Go to the locked chest and use the Wire
    Cutters to open it. Collect the Large Ornate Rusty Key and the Steel
    Ingot. Go to the top of the fort and the door you saw when you climbed
    the rampart earlier. Open it with the key and enter the lab. Go left and
    collect the Weapon Butt, Orange Accelerator and the Weapon Barrel. Go to
    the machine behind you and put the Mould into it. Then use the Ingot to
    make the Perforator Barrel. Split the Tripod Support to get a Metallic
    Half Ring, Carry on round the lab and examine the cupboard to get the
    Glass Lens inside. Go out onto the battlements and use the Glass Lens in
    the telescope and look through it.
    As you walk along the battlement they will crumble and drop you into the
    sewers. Go through the sewers and climb out on the other side. Through
    the door, up the ladder and get the Golden, Red, and Silver Metallic
    Cards. Unlock the door and up the stairs back into the lab. Exit the lab
    and go down to the bottom, over the wall and into the room next to
    Obed's cell. Go down the small passageway until you reach a door with 4
    card slots and symbols on. Read Jeremy Morton's journal and on the last
    page you will see the colours for each symbol on the door. Put the cards
    into the correct slots to unlock the door.
    Go through the door and turn left (Plasma Cannon, Charm of Saving.)
    Carry on and find the Metallic Half Ring on the crate. Up the spiral
    staircase and get a message from Carnby about the stone circle. At the
    top collect the diagram from the machine and then call Carnby again. He
    gives you the numbers from the stele as Aline calls them out. Transfer
    the numbers into a date and input them into the machine. The date is
    '10-31-2001' The planets will realign and show you that tonight is when
    the gate can be opened. Chat to Carnby again and then go downstairs
    (Large Bronze key, Alan Morton's Seal, Small Padlock Key and Snake
    Abkanis Statue.)
    Go to the back of the room and use the Bronze key to open the door. You
    are back outside. Look at the totem at the end of the cliff. Call Carnby
    and he tells you about the Stone disk he has found. You need this so go
    back to where you started in the forest and talk to Carnby. He gives you
    the disk. Return to the totem and use the disk to get an abkanis energy
    stone and a fish statue.
    Now you need to assemble the Peforator (combine the 2 metallic half
    rings to get the metallic ring, combine the tripod support with the
    barrel, the orange accelerator with the butt, the photoelectric pulsar
    without the barrel with the orange accelerator with the barrel, the
    metallic ring with the abkanis energy stone, the photoelectric pulsar
    with orange accelerator with tripod support with perforator barrel, and
    then finally the perforator without the abkanis energy stone with the
    metallic ring with abkanis energy stone. You should now be the proud
    owner of a complete perforator with energy stone.)
    Make your way to the lab and climb up the ladder next to the machine.
    Switch on the lights and go up the 2nd ladder on your left. Go along the
    platform and go up the 3rd ladder on the other side. You are now on the
    roof of the fort. Go to the door on the floor and use the padlock key to
    open it. Go down the ladder and activate the switch on the gantry to
    open the hatch for the electric conductor. Go down the ladder behind you
    and down into the main room below. Use the switch to turn on the
    conductor and a timer will start. You need to go all the way down to the
    basement (where you got the wire cutters) and use the perforator on the
    stand to blast a hole in the wall. All this before the timer runs out.
    BUT just as you use the switch your old enemy the shadow demon returns
    and you have to kill him before you can go down the ladder.
    Weapons are no good. You have to make him jump at you through the
    electric current. Wait until the charge is about to go down the pylon
    and then run away from the demon. 2/3 jolts should finish him off. Wait
    until the timer runs out and then start it up again. Now you can blast
    your escape hole into the Abkanis ruins.
    Abkanis Antechamber
    As you walk forward pick up the Photoelectric Pulsar. Turn right and go
    down the path and climb down the ladder to the river. Go along the bank,
    around the edge of the cliff cross the bridge and through the cave on
    the other side. You should be at the edge of a huge drop. Go down the
    stairs to your left and go into the cave at the bottom. Descend the next
    set of stairs and go along the passage until you meet Carnby. Follow him
    and read the stone tablets. When you have finished translating leave the
    cave, cross the large bridge and through the cave on the other side.
    About halfway up the passage is a trapdoor concealing lots of goodies -
    first aid kits, battery charger, lightning gun and charms of saving. Go
    through the opening and witness the opening of the gate and Carnby being
    sucked through. After talking to Edenshaw go through the gate yourself.
    The World of Darkness
    Go right and down the stairs, cross the bridge and then descend a 2nd
    set of stairs. Speak to Carnby and then collect the luminescent crystal
    and go into the cave ahead. You are in a big cavern with lots of
    stalactites and another long drop. Go along the ledge and into the cave
    on the other side. Go left and try to avoid all the creatures and climb
    up onto the ledge at the end. Jump down and continue around the cave
    climbing over the small ledge round the corner. Go left and through the
    entrance on the other side.  You will see the Abkanis Fortress. Go down
    the stairs and then climb the ladder to reach the fortress.
    Abkanis Fortress
    Beware monsters! Go up the stairs to the courtyard. Go up the larger
    staircase to the right and go into the shrine at the top. Go forwards
    and around to the right and go into the cave at the end.
    Walk towards the circular table in the middle of the area and see the 7
    buttons. Press each button in turn to swivel the entrance to reveal a
    stone seal. Collect all 6 seals each of which represents an animal. Once
    you have all of them exit the shrine and go down the stairs into the
    courtyard. Go right at the bottom climb up the ladder at the edge of the
    little building. When you are on the roof climb through the skylight.
    Collect the Indian Skin Flask. If you turn around you will see 6 stone
    steles. You need to put the seals into the steles. They are arranged in
    the correct order in your inventory looking from left to right. Now go
    down the small corridor opposite the ladder and find the Stone Pyramid
    and Charm of saving. Now leave the building and go back to the Abkanis
    Shrine. Go up the steps and around the ledge until you find a large
    statue with a funny looking base. Use the Stone Pyramid on the plinth
    and it will change into a Stone Head. The 'god of gods' will speak to
    you and then you can leave, go down the stairs and leave the fortress
    using the ladder on the right.
    World of Darkness
    Now go down the stairs and into the cave at the bottom. In the lava room
    go to the right. Go through the cave at the end into a large passage. Go
    to the end and out the other side and over the bridge. Beware monster!
    Use the Flask on the Pool to your right. Go around to the left and climb
    the wall at the end. Beware 3 'dogs!' Go along the passage and climb the
    steps at the end. Go around the ledge and up the stairs. At the top you
    will see Alan making his escape. Go back the way you came until you get
    to the bridge Alan was on. Go down the rope and go forwards to corner
    Alan. A 'mutated' Obed drops down and knocks Alan into the abyss. Climb
    down and collect the Eagle statue and then contact Carnby. Go through
    the small opening behind you and drop down the hole. You are in an
    embalming chamber. Go round the cave and talk to Johnson. He asks you to
    finish the ritual. Go through the opening into a sewer. Jump into the
    water and go right. Climb out the other side and go through another
    small opening. Talk to Johnson again. Now drop off the ledge and run for
    the cave entrance ahead. You are back in the big cave except this time
    one of the stalactites has dropped down to create a bridge. Go across to
    meet Obed, the final boss.
    Use the Photoelectric Pulsar and wait for Obed to get close to you. Then
    shoot him which pushes him backwards. Keep doing this until he is
    defeated and smashes the bridge dropping the monsters and himself into
    the pit.
    Now go towards the large stone disk on your left and go through the cave
    in front of it. You will be in a room filled with indian mummies. Go to
    the altar at the back and use the stone head on the plinth. Carnby comes
    in with the 3rd head and the door opens behind you. Edenshaw tells you
    to leave. Carnby and Aline run out of the cave. End sequence.
    I found these messages posted on the GameFAQs AITD4 message board from
    one of the developers at Darkworks interesting and informative, so I
    thought I would 'preserve' them here.
    [In reply to a comment about the lack of replay value]
    Well, I must confess that we never really bother about the replay value
    of AITD:TNN.
    In our opinion, an adventure-action game is pretty much like a movie or
    a book. It is mainly meant to tell the player a story. Of course, if you
    start all over again, you get the same story.
    We felt like adding replay value would be to add a bonus character with
    another scenario. You would not believe how time consuming it would be
    to implement such a bonus scenario and how many assets (graphics,
    voices, animations, ...) we would have to produce. Beside, there is no
    room left on the cds.
    Our main goals were: - most of the players finish the game (and are
    addicted enough to do so) - most of the players play both characters
    Someone mentionned on the board that a B scenario had been implemented
    in RE2, but on the other hand you must admit that playing with Claire is
    not to different from playing with Leon.
    We created two different storylines, one for each character, and most
    players agree that playing Carnby or Aline are two totally different
    I think that many of you finished the game at least with one character.
    Some people argue that the game is too short. It is longer than RE or
    Silent Hill, actually. But I think that it undoubtedly means that they
    were not bored. So we take it as a compliment.
    Nevertheless, it is very interesting to read your comments as we are now
    drawing the concepts for our next projects.
    [In reply to a question about different costumes for Edward and Aline]
    We have considered the possibility of including bonus outfits for both
    characters that would become available when you finish the game.
    Unfortunately, the way we handle the character ressources is different
    from what Capcom does in Resident Evil. Basically, all ressources for
    the hero character are loaded into the main psx memory each time the
    players enters a level. This means that the graphic ressources,
    including the outfit of the characters, are encapsuled in the level
    Capcom uses a different technique: the graphic ressources for the hero
    character are loaded only once into the main memory, at the very
    beginning of the game (before the intro cgi movie actually). This allows
    them to include bonus outfits or even bonus characters.
    [In reply to the 'FAQ' - Why can't I kill the monster in the library?']
    We have noticed that this problem of "immortal Triceraptor" (the monster
    in the library) may occur when you save inside the secret room of the
    library (on the 1st floor) when the triceraptor has already appeared.
    The best solution would be to reload your last saved game before you
    entered the library (or at least before the apparition of the
    [In reply to the other 'FAQ' - How do I solve the puzzle of the stone
    We can give you some details:
    When you first enter the circle of stones, the game will display some
    on-screen text to give you some hints (supposedly these are Carnby's
    thoughts).  There should be 3 successive on-screen texts.
    After that, you can go to any stele and press [ACTION] (Cross button).
    This is the first part of the puzzle when you have to orient yourself in
    the circle of stone. Go either to the Est, North or West stele and
    validate the correct option.
    Then call Aline with the radio and she tells you to go to the North
    Press [ACTION] on the North stele. A close up of the stele should
    appear. Return to the game and call Aline once again. She will tell you
    to go to the South East stele, etc Repeat this operation until you have
    examined all the steles.
    If you leave the circle of stones, the puzzle is reinitialized.
    [In reply to comments that AITD4 is just another RE clone]
    Actually, Alone in the Dark, definitely the father of the
    survival-horror genre, was released by Infogrames in 1992, on PC.
    It featured flatshaded non textured real-time 3D characters, monsters
    and objects on fixed backgrounds.
    The backgrounds were not CGI renderings as in most fixed backgrounds
    games but 2D paintings.
    This game was created by Frédéric Raynal and set up, in the first room
    (the attic), most of the gameplay of survival-horror: - a monster behind
    the window which suddenly crosses it - pushing crates and furnitures - a
    zombie crawling through a trapdoor - etc
    Before that, Delphine Software had released in the late 80's a game
    called 'Cruise for a corpse', featuring a flatshaded non textured
    real-time 2D character on painted 2D backgrounds, which obviously
    inspired Frédéric Raynal.
    After the released of Alone in the Dark, Frédéric Raynal left Infogrames
    and teamed with Delphine Software to create Adeline Software.

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