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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OrionMinionX

    Version: 0.35 | Updated: 06/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               ##&#&%&@&                              #%                 %%&&###
               @#&&&%%@%                             #&                 !@%%%%&@
               @&&%%%&@#                             @@                  @%&&%%#
               @%%%%%%&@                            &%@                 !#%%%%%@%
              #@%%%%%%%@&                           @!#                 @%%%%%&&@
              @%%%%%%%%@@       !%&#&%%&&##        #%%&  %&###!        %@%%#%%%%@
             %@%%%%%%%%&@     &@@@@#@@@@@@#@@@#!   @%&@@@#&%&#@#  %#@@@@%%%%%%%%#%
          @%&&#@@@#! #&&%&%&%%######@####@@#%@@@@@@%&@#&#####@@@@@&&&&@@#&&&#####&&
         %@&&&@#     %@&&&&&&&%%#######@@@@#@@@@@@@@&@@@#%&&&&&@@@&&&&@@@#&&&#####%
        &@%&&@@       #&&#&&####&%%&&@@@@@@@@@!    %@@@         &&&&&&&! &@&#&####&
        @@&&#@!        @&%&&%##&@@#&&&&&#@@&        ##                    &@@&&&&##
       %@&&&@#         #&&&&&&@   %#@@###%                                  @@@#&&&
       @%%%@@           #&%%&&#@                                               !%%%
      %@%%&@            #%&&&&&@!                 [Type] FAQ/Walkthrough
      #%%%@&             #&%&&&&@               [Author] OrionMinionX
     &#%#@&              &&%&&&&&#             [Contact] The0pethAffinity@aol.com
     @!&@@                #%%&#&@@             [Release] January 7th, 1998
    %@%@&                 &@@#%@%             [Platform] Sony PlayStation
    &#@                                        [Version] 0.35
                                               [Updated] June 26th, 2003
                                              Copyright 2003 OrionMinionX
                                               -ASCII Art By: Atom Edge
     Legal Disclaimer
      Alundra, is Copyright Working Designs 1998. This guide is Copyright 2003
      OrionMinionX. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
      except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
      otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
      this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
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      for ANY type of profitable purposes either. All trademarks and copyrights
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      This FAQ, and all versions and updates can ONLY be found at the following
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                     |             TABLE OF CONTENTS            |
                     |                                          |
                     |                                          |
                     |  1. Introduction & Version History       |
                     |  2. Background                           |
                     |  3. Characters                           |
                     |  4. Complete Walkthrough                 |
                     |  5. Side-Quests                          |
                     |  6. Beastiary                            |
                     |  7. Item List                            |
                     |  8. Weapons List                         |
                     |  9. Armor List                           |
                     |  10. Accessory List                      |
                     |  11. Magic List                          |
                     |  12. Guilded Falcon List                 |
                     |  13. Life Vessel List                    |
                     |  14. Secrets/Codes                       |
                     |  15. Contact Information                 |
                     |  16. Credits                             |
                     |  17. Closing                             |
                           1. Introduction & Revision History
      Hello, and welcome to my completely unofficial Alundra FAQ/Walkthrough for
      the PlayStation gaming system. I bought this game the day I started writing
      this FAQ and it has really shaped up to be a great game, to say the least.
      Before I tell you why I am writing this FAQ, let me explain to you the
      backround information of Alundra.
      Alundra was first released by SCEI April 4th, 1997, in Japan. It was a great
      success and really grabbed many followers along with it. Soon enough, a
      company by the name of Working Designs, ported the game to North America.
      Though it came out with a hefty price tag, Alundra drew nothing but success.
      It was designed by Matrix Software, the company that also brought you Dual
      Hearts, for the PlayStation2.
      The graphics were something that looked similiar to that of Chrono Trigger,
      which really added to the overall old-school RPG feel of the game. It
      also has a nature of Zelda, in that of the actions, movements, and overall
      gameplay of the game. Added anime sequences give it a bit of a flare, as
      well. This game really takes intellect to master. There are various puzzles
      scattered throughout that can be very lengthy and tedious. I actually
      believe this gave it a bit more variation to the game and took it to a new
      level. The story is pretty good. As always, there is not just a serious
      level of dialogue, but a comedic one as well. Coming from Working Designs,
      the music is well conducted and offers a wide variety of enjoyment.
      I really wrote this FAQ for a number of reasons. The first, was to help
      you in your journey through Alundra, and maybe make you comprehend it a bit
      more for any veterans. The second, was to test my FAQing skills on an RPG
      level. I've already got some FAQs posted, but not for my favorite genre.
      And the third, is to boost the hearts of the people on the message boards.
      Many of them are still looking for a solid FAQ for the game and I'm here to
      supply them with one. So, all in all, I really hope you enjoy my FAQ and the
      game as well. I wish you the best of luck.
     Revision History
      This section is a helpful reference guide to the status and progression of
      this FAQ. It explains what I have done to improve this hopefully, great
      FAQ. I decided to put this section at the top of my FAQ to make it easier
      on you, the reader, to see what I have fixed a bit quicker and more
      Version 0.10  -  April 19th, 2003 -  Began FAQ
      Version 0.20  -  April 21st, 2003 -  Finsihed much of the FAQ and did some
                                           odds and ends. It's turning out great.
      Version 0.30  -  April 26th, 2003 -  Mainly did as much walkthrough as you
                                           can see so far. I plan to be about
                                           halfway through in a week or so.
      Version 0.30  -  June 18th, 2003  -  I had to take a break due to circumsta-
                                           nces beyond my control. I worked on the
                                           FAQ a little bit in the credits section
                                           and plan to work up to Version 0.50 in
                                           the next couple days.
      Version 0.35  -  June 26th, 2003  -  Worked more on the walkthrough section.
                                           I also touched up on a couple of odds
                                           and ends. It's turning out great and I
                                           hope to update soon.
                                     2. Background
      [Excerpt from the official Alundra instruction booklet. Copyright Working
      Designs, 1998.]
      Alundra is gifted with the ability to walk between the worlds of the
      conscious and the unconscious. Not knowing if this is a curse of a blessing,
      Alundra has tried to help people tame their monstrous nightmares, but he is
      crippled by a lack of knowledge of how to use his skill effectively.
      However, this time the dream is more personal. Every time that Alundra
      awakens in his dream, he sees the same images over and over again. In his
      dreams, he sees a man shrouded in a cloak. This guardian, Lars, implores
      him to journey to the village of Inoa. Lars has repeatedly told Alundra of
      the evil Id that once ravaged this world so many years ago. Lars urges
      Alundra to go to Inoa for the hopes and dreams of all lies in his hand
      alone. Lars has foreseen the very place in which this evil awaken. It is a
      lake located north of the village of Inoa.
      Plagued by these visions, and haunted by the words of Lars, Alundra boldly
      decided to boards a that will soon set sail for the village of Inoa.
             Thus, begins Alundra's greatest adventure...
                                    3. Characters
      This is a list of most of the significant characters in the world of
      Alundra. Note: Some of these characters can contain small spoilers, so
      please read at your own will.
      [These descriptions are from the official Alundra instruction booklet.
      Copyright Working Designs, 1998.]
      Gifted with the ability to dreamwalk, Alundra is  able to enter into
      people's dreams and actually change the outcome. In one of his own dreams,
      Alundra was instructed to journey to the village of Inoa. Is he ready for
      the nightmare that awaits him there?
      Meia is also of the tribe of Elna. However, she feels that Alundra uses his
      power quite carelessly, without regard for the consequences. Trusting no one
      fully but herself, Meia appears headstrong and distant, but harbors a
      heartbeating secret...
      Jess is the local swordsmith in Inoa. He's a very caring person who sees a
      lot of his deceased son in Alundra. His father therly nature moves him to
      help Alundra making many custom weapons and items for his quest.
      Septimus has been researching dreams and nightmares for the past three
      years, ever since he came to Inoa. He hopes that one day his research can
      be used to save these people from the raging Id.
      Sybill has the ability to dream only when she's awake. Her dreams seem to
      eerily portend future events with uncanny accuracy. Needless to say, she
      creeps a lot of villagers out.
      As one of the oldest residents of Inoa, Yustel has watched the village's
      decent into darkness with a sense of helplessness. For a small fee, she
      uses her crystal ball to give advise to anyone wise enough to inquire of
      Giles became extremely religious when he lost both of his parents in a
      freak gardening accident. He now works very closly with Chancellor Ronan
      in the Sanctuary, and lives with his long-suffering sister, Kisha.
      As the only priest in the village, Ronan tries to impact his teachings to
      the local villagers. Since the King has ordered the destruction of thier
      idols, Ronan is concerned that the villagers will abandon the gods.
      This leader of the rare white monkeys lives in the woods just northwest
      of the village of Inoa. He is currently trying to put the villagers on the
      list of endangered species.
      This wise man lives south of Inoa village in a little hut on the coast. He
      is very stubborn and despises intrusions on his privacy. The townspeople
      seem to think he knows more than what he's telling them.
      He is the wise man in Alundra's dream who commands him to go to Inoa
      village. He is one of the guardians that confines Melzas so many years ago.
      Malzas' right-hand thug is ready to do anything that his master commands.
      This philosophical agent of darkness  hopes that one day Melzas will reward
      him by allowing him to rule the world.
      Legend tells of an alien that came from beyond the stars in order to feed
      off of the people's spiritual energy. However, seven guardians confined
      him and sealed him away in the lake north of Inoa. Many have come to believe
      this one to be Melzas.
                                4. Complete Walkthrough
      NOTE: This FAQ may contain spoilers. I will try my real hard to cut them
            down the best of my ability. Enjoy!
                                   =-= The Klark =-=
    Items: None                                            Diffuclty: |*---------|
                                                              Length: |*---------|
    Key items: None
      You begin your journey on a small ship known as the Klark, that is heading
      towards the village of Inoa. I highly recommend getting affiliated with the
      controls and the menus as well. Alundra starts out with nothing but a Small
      Dagger, one of which, is unusable for this area.
      When you're ready, head up the staircase located to your right. You can
      talk to the people on the boat if you'd like. Go forward and down the stairs
      to your left and up the door. Talk to the man inside, his name is Merrick.
      After a short bit of dialogue, he'll leave and head upstairs. Follow him up
      and nag him again, this time he will tell you to go to your quarters and
      have a nice rest. Exit through the bottom of the room and follow the boat
      up to the two doors on opposite sides. Take the one on the left.
      Inside here are two men, speak with them for a bit of info. To the right,
      you will notice some off-colored crates. These are throwable, so just walk
      up to them and press the Square button to lift one. To throw, simply tap it
      again. Some of these boxes carry Life Drops which are used to cure
      Alundra's health. The bigger ones cure more while the smaller ones cure a
      bit less. Also note the small hole to the right. You can now exit, and
      enter the door to the right to your cabin.
      Once inside, you'll be taken to your bed to sleep. You'll begin to have
      dream where Lars will talk to you about himself, and, what looks to be Inoa.
      He talks about a beast lying in the lake to the north as well. Soon after,
      Melzas will appear and discuss humanity and how humans are worthless. He
      seems to want the name of this "Releaser," quite badly. Soon enough, you
      will of awoken...
      OH-NO! The ship is in a frenzy! It's tossing and turning about and you can
      hear thunder in the backround. Enter the southwst corner of your room and
      throw the boxes out of the way to get through the hole. Nothing really to do
      here, so leave only to notice a violent storm is ripping apart the ship.
      Merrick will begin telling everyone to hurry up and keep steady. Then
      suddenly the ship splits in two and the screen fades out.
                                 =-= Inoa Village =-=
    Items: None                                            Diffuclty: |*---------|
                                                              Length: |-*--------|
    Key Items: None
      When the screen comes back you will be on the shore of a beach. A man, by
      the name of Jess comes to your rescue and takes you to his home. Once
      inside, he will talk about the book next to your bed. This is where you can
      save your game progress, a quite useful tool. You will also learn that Jess
      is an avid swordsmith here in Inoa. There is nothing in his house so just
      leave and begin exploration on the grand village of Inoa.
      When you leave Jess's place, a strange woman by the name of Sybill will
      approach you and say that you are from her dreams, and that you have come
      to save the people of Inoa. To make it easier, head all the way south and
      we will start exploring from the southeast and work our way westward. So
      just jump all the way down and we shall begin.
      To the southwest is a house which is locked. Look around for bushes that
      can be chopped down. They sometimes hold Gilder (the currency in Alundra),
      which is used to buy items. Follow the path going east and enter each house.
      There are no items really, except for a few things found in some bongos.
      When you get to the far west head north and up to the house.
      Inside here you'll take a listen in a conversation. They said that their
      grandfather is dying, and they need the help of Septimus who is holding the
      Amulet of Nava which should protect him. So exit, and take the stairs to the
      left that lead to the house. This is where we shall find him.
      Once in, go straight up and to the right to talk to him. He says he dosen't
      know what to do so leave. But as you do, he stops you and looks at your
      forehead. He says the one with the mark is blessed and cursed. Since he
      cannot heal Wendell, he wants you to venture to Tarn. So lets head there.
                            =-= Pathway to Tarn Manor =-=
    Items: o Herb                                          Diffuclty: |-*--------|
           o 10 Gilder x2                                     Length: |*---------|
    Key Items: None
      Head straight up out of Inoa and enter the passage. You'll be taken to a
      more energetic scene. Head straight north all the way until you are on some
      stone wall. Enter to the left and grab the chest for a Herb. Leave and head
      to the right to enter another passage.
      In this area, you can fight Slimes. Watch out, as they shoot projectiles at
      you. Look around chopping down all bushes you find, to get the chests con-
      taining a Herb, 10 Gilder, and 10 Gilder. Now go back to the first area out
      of Inoa and take the path on the far right. Continue you it to Tarn Manor,
      and enter. You will then be jumped by some Murgg's but they do little damage
      so ignore it. You are now welcome to Tarn Manor.
                                  =-= Tarn Manor =-=
    Items: o Strength Tonic                                Diffuclty: |-*--------|
           o Herb x5                                          Length: |-*--------|
           o Key
           o 30 Gilder
    Key Items: Guilded Falcon, Book of Elna, Life Vessel
      Once you enter the Manor, you'll be greeted by Melzas. He locks the doors
      and above you drops four Murggs. They are quite easy and will serve no
      problem. Enter the larger door up the middle for more Murggs. Once all are
      defeated, a chest will drop containing a Strength Tonic. Now exit.
      Take the staircase to the right this time and grab the Herbs at the end of
      the corridor. Now head back to the big doors and take the small door on the
      left, instead. If you're low on health, break the crates for some Life
      Drops. Look to the left to see a mechanism. Slash it and it will open the
      bookcase to reveal a hidden passge, enter on in.
      Follow the path and fight the two Slimes to open the grated door on the
      right. When you continue on, watch the falling rocks, as they will drop
      right on you, causing some damage. So just run right through with the
      Triangle button. The next area contains two levers in the water. Nail the
      one on the left first and then the one on the right. Getting them mixed up
      will only get you stuck. A bridge will drop leading you to a new area.
      In here, there is two spikes that do more damage than the boulders. Grab the
      chest to get another Herb. Head down, fighting the Slimes and watching out
      for the dropping spikes to get to some barrels to the right and a switch in
      the middle. Pick up a barrel and throw it so it lands right on top of the
      switch, thus keeping the door open on the left. So just keep following the
      Use the same tactics that you did in the last room; dodge spikes, kill the
      Slimes, etc. This time there is four barrels and four switches. Take each
      barrel, one at a time, and throw it on each switch to keep the door on the
      right opened. Watch out! The two chests have hidden spikes above them so
      don't just open them up. Inside each is a Herb and a Gilded Falcon. Now,
      head up the stairs.
      In here kill the Slime and hit the lever. The door to the south will rise
      and add more to the path. Kill the other Slime and continue. This area has a
      different colored lever. Hit is once to open the second door, and enter. Go
      to the top and watch for the spike. Grab the chest for another Herb. Now,
      the spike has a mind of its own and comes back and forth. You must go
      quickly to the small niche to the right, and let it pass by. Now hit that
      lever two more times to open the third door.
      This area can be tricky. You'll notice four spikes and four objects that are
      in constant motion. Your objective is to step on every switch in the room.
      After you are through doing it, the middle platform will fall so jump on it
      and grab the chest for a Key. Go to the upper left corner and up the ladder.
      This room bares a chest that contains a Life Vessel. This will add a new
      set of life to your meter, a great find, indeed.
      Go down and you will be back at the beginning. Head to the stairs located
      to the upper left of the room and follow the corridor inside, killing
      Murgg's on the way. Use the Key on the door at the end. Inside grab the Book
      of Elna, the Herb, and 30 Gilder as well. Begin to leave when suddenly
      that blasted Melzas approaches you.
      Now leave this wretched place and go back to Inoa with the sacred Book of
      Elna. Congratulations for finishing your first dungeon!
                                 =-= Inoa Village =-=
    Items: None                                            Diffuclty: |*---------|
                                                              Length: |*---------|
    Key Items:
      When you get back here, head straight for Wendell's house. Inside, you'll
      give the book to Septimus. He will then persuade you to enter Wendell's
      dream. After a grabbing of the wrist, and concentration you are transported
      to Wendell's Dream.
                               =-= Wendell's Dream =-=
    Items: o Herb                                          Diffuclty: |-*--------|
                                                              Length: |-*--------|
    Key Items: Gilded Falcon
      Whew! What a haul. You are now inside Wendell's Dream. Pretty nasty huh?
      Well anyways, let's begin. Follow the path all the way up to see Wendell
      getting surrounded by Slimes. Hit the lever and the slab will move. Continue
      on hitting the levers and continuing the pathways. Grab the Herb in the one
      of the chests and proceed. Head left, then down, then left, and down once
      more, to the path that was blocked at the beginning. Follow it to the next
      lever and move the slab. Grab the Gilded Falcon in the other chest and
      take the path upwards into the field.
      Alundra will peer around only to have a swarm of Slimes hoard him. Kill them
      all for a switch to fall. A small puzzle will come about I made a map to
      show which direction to take.
                       |   <------------------<                 <---------------
                       |   |   ============   |  =============  |   ============
                       |   |              |   |  |           |  |   |
                       |   |              |   |  |           |  |   |
                       |   |   ============   |  =============  |   ============
                       |   |                  <-----------------<
      ==================   |   =================================================
                           |   |
      ===============      |   |
                    |      |   |
                    |      |   |
      ===============      |   |
      <--------------------<   |
      Follow the arrows I marked and you will come to your destination: Wendell.
      He will ask you to help him, as you are about to take on the Slimes, they
      fuse together to make a Mega Slime, your first Boss Battle!
    Boss Battle: Gelatinoid                               Difficulty: |--*-------|
    Items: None
    Attacks: Diffuse
    Strategy: You basically want to keep your distance, and attack when you have
              an open shot. He takes up a good amount of room, so you need to hit
              and run for a bit. After about fifteen hits or so, he will fuse into
              four medium sized Slimes. These are actually easier because they
              have less life, and don't chase you when you hit one. After you take
              on all of these each one will fuse into four seperate smaller Slimes
              the ones you see on paths. These take five hits to defeat and don't
              pose a threat at all. Within about five minutes you will defeat the
      When you win, you will be transported out of Wendell, and back to his room
      in Inoa. He will thank you greatly and then you'll leave with Septimus to
      learn more about your skill. Giles will then take you to the Sanctuary to
      have a seeing with Chancellor Ronan. Choose to pray with him. And then just
      leave, as there is nothing else to be done here.
      Now head back to Jess's place and save. All that hard work earned you one.
      Head over to Septimus's house and talk with him. He has great news that
      Wendell isn't the only one afflicted with cursed dreams. Many other folks
      around Inoa have them, such as, Sybill. When you're done talking walk down
      only to get an astonishing surprise...
                                =-= The Explosion =-=
    Items: None                                            Diffuclty: |*---------|
                                                              Length: |*---------|
    Key Items: Gilded Falcon
      Oh no! An earthquake has made it's mark somewhere. Go outside and talk to
      Septimus and some locals. You'll learn that a man by the name of Olen
      has been injured and taken to the Mayor's house. But before we go there,
      head to the path right above Septimus.
      In this area, go to the house in the upper left corner. Grab the chest for
      a Gilded Falcon. Now you can head back to Inoa and to the Mayor's house,
      which is located right above the fountain to the right of Septimus.
      When you get inside, head to the room where everyone is gathered and talk
      with them. Attempt to leave, only to have Septimus creep up on you. You
      soon find out that it might have been the Murrg's fault for the explosion
      at the Mines, and that the only way to find out is to enter another person's
                               =-= Olen's Nightmare =-=
    Items: None                                            Diffuclty: |*---------|
                                                              Length: |*---------|
    Key Items: Gilded Falcon
      When you get inside Olen's head you'll notice that you are in the Coal Mine.
      Talk with each miner and Olen as well. When done, enter the passage to the
      right. Talk to Zane and have him start up the machine. When it starts up,
      talk with him again to get a pattern in which to his the switches: left,
      left, right and left. Now go back and talk to Olen. It seems that the
      Mining Bomb he had that blows away the debris, let a hold open for the
      Mergg's to come in and hurt the miners. If you kill all four Mergg's as
      quickly as possible, a chest will drop containing another Gilded Falcon.
      You'll soon leave the nightmare because it seems Olen is very injured. A
      rather sad cutscene will come about of Olen's death. They then persuade
      you to leave the house, so do so. Head back to Jess's place.
      In here, Jess will talk to you and give some backround info on idols and
      ancient times. He will take the Mining Bomb and put it on the table. When
      he leaves, disobey him and take it. You have an unlimited supply, so don't
      worry. Now head out of Inoa and go to the Mines to the west.
                                  =-= Inoa Mines =-=
    Items: o Herb x4                                       Diffuclty: |-*--------|
           o 30 Gilder x2                                     Length: |---*------|
           o Key x2
    Key Items: Gilded Falcon, Life Vessel
      Welcome to Inoa Mines, the place that started this mess up. When you enter,
      talk to Jess, and the rest of them. You get a funny little comment out of
      Jess's mouth as well. Use the newly acquired Mining Bombs on the rubble in
      front of the burning mine. Now enter the Inoa Coal Mines.
      When you enter, you'll be greeted with a array of rocks dropping down to
      create a barrigade to the left. Enter the door on the right. Remember this
      area? That's right, this is where Zane showed you how to start up the
      engine. Unfortunately, the door is locked and you must now search for it.
      Head back to the barricaded entrance, clear it, and enter.
      Pretty straightforward part here. Keep following and ignore the lever for
      it's rusted up. The tracks lead to a rock blocking you off so your only
      entranceway is up. On your way up, however, you will come across some
      Turtles. They can turn into rocks which makes them invulnerable to sword
      attacks. You can just wait until they go to regular form, or just use the
      bombs on them, your choice, really. To the left is a blockade. Blow it up
      to reveal a stairway.
      Slimes in this area and some crates for if you need a bit of healing. Follow
      around and wade through the water to see a small cutscene with some Murgg's
      circling Lyman. Destroy them, and talk to Lyman, who seems to be dying. He
      will give you the Engine Room Key and tell you that Zane and Jaylen are
      still alive and need to be saved. Before heading back to the Engine Room,
      snag the treasures in the four chests to recieve two Herbs and two bars of
      thirty Gilder. Now you may treck all the way back to the Engine Room.
      At the Engine Room, unlock the door and use the combonation told to you by
      Zane before in Olen's Nightmare. If you forgot, it is; left, left, right and
      left. Hit the levers in that order to start the engine up. Exit and enter
      the minecart just near the entrance. When the ride ends, enter the door the
      Power Junction room. Evade or just kill the Turtles and make your way up.
      Once to the top, more boulders will fall to block you from the lever.
      Leave now and head through the door on the right. More Slimes to kill and
      crates in the back for health. Blow away the rocks to the right and proceed
      This room can be very dangerous. It has many poles and boulders drop like
      mad, so watch out. Don't bother following the left path unless you are very
      low on health. If not, just take the right path straight up. A tip is to
      watch the shadows best you can, and charge up your running. Right when he
      falls, hold the direction you'd like to go. Once on the other side, leap
      across over the boulders and exit to the left.
      Hit the lever here, then backtrack once again to the mine cart. Follow the
      tracks to the left and down to switch another lever. Hop back into the
      cart and continue your journey through the mines.
      After running over some Slimes, your ride will come to another hault. Jump
      to the left and kill the Turtles and Slimes. Again, crates are there if you
      are low on health. Hit the lever to the right and enter the now open path
      in front of where you stopped.
      In this room, there are more Merggs. Go straight down and to the left to
      find Jaylens body. Examine it to find a Key. Kill the Mergg's and leave the
      area and jump into the mine cart.
      Head back to the room that was locked before with the lever, and switch it
      back to its original state. Take the cart yet again, to the first area.
      Go to the rusty old lever and you'll notice that you hit it your first ride
      down the mine, thus, making it looser. Hit the lever in the niche to be
      taken through another boulder and into a new area of the mines.
      Use the key on the doors just to the left of where the cart stopped, and
      jump on the cart with minerals in it. This will allow you to grab the chest
      on the upper level which contains a Herb. Also grab the other chest that
      also has an Herb in it (who leaves Herbs in a chest?? :D). Now take that
      blue/purple platform by the entrance. In here, you can save your progress
      which is HIGHLY recommended, and heal up as well.
      Now head down to the stairs that are right next to poles that you jump on.
      Follow the poles to the lever. Hit it, and a slab will to the left. Now head
      to the top left cart and push it. What you need to try to do is while you
      push it from the left side, cut straight across, and stand in front of it
      on the tracks. This will cause it to stop. Then you must jump quickly from
      the cart to the ledge on the left. Once on top, jump the boulder to the
      other one on the right. Push it to make it land on the boulder that blocks
      the cart. Now push it only to follow it where it goes. Ignore it for now
      and take the cart that is to the lower right. Jump in to destroy the two
      boulders that blocks its path. Now go back to the cart that you pushed
      previously, and jump across the slab and through the passage on the left.
      Kill the four Turtles in here and take out the rubble to the right to reveal
      a hole. In here jump straight across to the right and grab the Key in the
      chest. Also check the body, it is a pruned up Zane. Kill the Slimes and go
      back to the room with all the carts.
      Go to the far right and unlock the grated door. Hit the lever and take the
      cart you used to clear the rocks in your way. Boulders will look like they
      are going to hit you, but don't worry, they won't.
      Once in this new area, go down and to the left where another barrage of
      boulders will fall. Seeing as you can't go that way, we must find another
      path. Go to the crates on the right an destory them. Follow the boards
      around and jump across to the other side. Kill off the Slimes and jump down
      to where the Turtles are. Kill them using bombs and go up and to the right
      where you will see a small step. Jump on this and circle around. You must
      jump to the far left and grab the chest which contains a Gilded Falcon.
      Once you obtain it, follow the tracks to the upper left passage.
      In here go to the left and jump the planking to the chest which contains
      an Herb. Jump across now, and into the mine cart to the right. This will
      then take you through the previous area and to the upper right portion,
      instead. Go up the stairs to the right and follow around to your next
      This new area contains yet another engine with two levers. To fire that
      puppy up, hit the bottom lever three times and the one above once. What?
      it didn't work. Walk back up the stairs and jump on the engine a couple
      times, that ought to get it going. Then jump off to the elevator below.
      Don't worry, you're almost done here. Use the sparkling water to heal any
      health you have lost and cross the bridge to the south. In here you will
      notice a HUGE ape-like creature by the name of Zazan, he is one of Melzas's
      main henchmen, and is quite dangerous as well. When he is through talking,
      he will spin out of the room leaving you a blockade behind you. Your only
      way out is south. Were you will fight four Merggs.
    Boss Battle: Mergg x4                                 Difficulty: |*---------|
    Attacks: Slash, Jump-Slash
    Strategy: I know what you're probably thinking. This isn't a boss battle! I
              am completely aware of that. I have to put this here seeing as boss
              battle music plays and at the end the same message appears like the
              time you beat the Gelatinoid. But just attack each one two times
              with your sword and they will drop.
      When you win, a chest will fall containing your second Life Vessel. Congra-
      tulations! Now just head south, and you will finally leave this blasted
      Another drop will occur sealing the way you exited, away. So head to
      the passage on the left. Follow the path upwards to see a funny Mergg scene
      and overlook a gigantic tree. When that is done with, head back down the
      ladder and enter the passage on the far right. Hit the lever only to find
      out that it's jammed. Now head back to the exit of the mines. Begin to head
      south only to see Kline, Jess, and Meade. They will inform you that there
      may be a hidden passage between the Mergg Woods and the Coal Mines and that
      we must find it.
      After the conversing, head south. Follow through and go east at the
      intersection and over the bridge. Follow the signs back to Inoa. If you'd
      like to stray from your adventure for now and get a Gilded Falcon, read
      below. If not, skip this section to the next header.
      Exit through the back of Inoa. Follow the white sand all the way to the
      east and to the next area. From here, continue going east but start south
      at the intersection. Head to where there is a chest above on a elevated
      ledge, and go inbetween the trees on the left. Follow southwest to the
      small stone path off to the far left. Enter in here and grab the chest
      for another Gilded Falcon. To continue now, take the way you did to get
      here, and make it back to Inoa Village, where your adventure continues.
                              =-= A Werewolf in Inoa =-=
    Items: None                                           Diffuculty: |*---------|
                                                              Length: |*---------|
    Key Items: Flowers
      When you finally get to Inoa, the first thing you should do is go to Jess's
      house. When you get there, a woman by the name of Sierra will give you a
      message saying that Sybill would like to see you. So head down, and to the
      right where a little garden is well tended to and enter the house.
      Inside, talk with Sybill. She explains that she can forsee the future in
      terrifying ways. She then asks you to take here hands. Accept, and you'll
      be taken into very strange dream featuring Kline, looking as if he is
      running away from something. Suddenly, you witness him turning into a
      When the nightmare is over, Sybill will explain that what you just saw will
      come true. When the dialogue is over, head to Jess's. Don't worry, Sierra
      will let you through this time around. Once inside Jess's, he'll approach
      you asking you to take a bouquet of flowers, and pay your respect to a
      deceased Olen. Head upstairs and save your data. You've come a very long
      Now leave Inoa and head north to the Sanctuary. Go behind it, and set the
      bouquet in front of the grave to the upper right. It now seems as if some
      kind of entity is talking to you. Head right of Olen's tombstone to notice
      a strange blue portal of some kind. Walk up to enter...
                                =-= The Afterlife =-=
    Items: o Herb x4                                      Difficulty: |--*-------|
           o Strength Tonic                                   Length: |----*-----|
    Key Items: Gilded Falcon, Magic Seed, Earth Scroll, Life Vessel, Ruby Crest
      Ooooh! Dark and spooky, just the way I like it. Head down and straight to
      the right. If you want, you can slash the dead grass inside to reveal some
      skeleton remains. Anywho, enter the door and examine the inscription. Soon
      enough, a ghastly figure will appear telling you to pay your respects to the
      deceased. You have to respect them in order, and there are a total of five
      to do so with. So leave and head down to the five inscriptions below you.
      I will describe what to do in further detail below:
        Green            Blue           White            Red            Brown
       -------         -------         -------         -------         -------
      |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
      |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
      |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
       -------         -------         -------         -------         -------
      Green says: "Brown respects my teachings more than is required."
      Blue says: " I never listen to the teachings of Saint Green."
      White says: "My teachings surpass all other teachings."
      Red says: "My teachings aren't as great as brother Blue's."
      Brown says: "Red's teachings are the foundation of Green's."
      What you need to do is figure out the best teachers in order. I'll help you
      figure it out in-depth below.
      As you've checked the tombs, you can see that White's teaching is best, so
      hit that first.
      You then know that Blue doesen't listen to Green's which means he's also
      superior to Red as well and Brown so hit Blue next.
      Since Red's is the basis of Green's then it makes the teachings of Red sur-
      pass Green's. Red is next.
      Green is less superior to Red so hit that next.
      Brown dosen't have a teaching really so hit Brown last.
      After you hit all teachers in order, you'll hear a ring signifying you did
      it correctly. Return back to the tomb in the room you were in before and
      talk to the ghastly figure once again. When he asks you if you'd payed
      your respects yet, choose "yes." And head back to the five ghosts.
      When you make it, they will open the door for your hard work. Enter now,
      deeper into the dungeon. Head straight down slashing the plants if you'd
      like to, and walk to the two inscriptions at the bottom. Both them have
      quite eerir messages saying "Here lies Alundra." Soon enough you'll have to
      fight some monsters you heaven't faced thus far. Use bombs, the drums, and
      your sword to make easy waste of them. Head up and step on the lightened
      area. A small bridge will connect both sides so you can grab the chests that
      contain two Herbs.
      Now enter down to the passage below the chests. In here the first thing you
      will notice is a statue. Ignore it for now and take the path heading right.
      Read the plaque situated right next to the statue (the one on your left).
      I urge you to remember the poem; "Left is Left, Right is Right. That truth
      lifts one through darkest night." Now drop down in the rather large hole
      straight down from the inscription.
      In this new area, head to the barrel you see right below you. Throw it into
      the water below, but make sure NOT to hit any enemies. Now jump in with it
      and hack away at the enemies. Now take the barrel you threw before and carry
      it to the small nook between the chest and the other barrel. Make sure you
      throw it so it is not in the nook but right above it. Now go to the barrel
      on the left and pick it up. Throw it to where you can jump from the area it
      was in to the barrel itself. If you don't quite understand, I made out
      a layout below. The 1 represent the first barrel you threw, the 2 is the
      barrel in the bottom left, and the C is the chest.
                          | Box #2 Box #1
                          |   2------1------
                          |   |  ___  ___  |
                          |===|==| |  | |==|==
                          |   2  | |  | |  C |
                          |      | |  | |    |
      What you want to do is throw barrel 1 right above the two peninsula's. Then
      go to the left and pick up barrel 2 and throw it straight up so that you can
      jump from the piece of land that barrel two was previously on, to box 2, to
      box 1, and then to the chest. When you finally get it, open the chest for a
      measly Herb (hey, you're looking for an in-depth FAQ aren't you!? =D). Now
      head to the direct right of the chest and up the staircase.
      In here is a chest containing an Herb and a portal. Take that portal to a
      small enery triangles and a save book. Use them wisely, and exit. Now head
      down to the door on the far right of the room. Hm...It seems it just leads
      to a deadend. Guess we'll need to find out how to open right? Leave and go
      towards the portal again, but head left. A large spike will crush the small
      hole underneath to make it bigger. Don't drop down the hole, instead, jump
      the small ledge above it. Go over to the plaques on the right side and read
      them if you'd like. Then fall down the hole right below them.
      In here, you'll use the "Left is left, right is right message." Make the
      lever on the left point left and the one on the right point right. When all
      is completed, jump on the center platform. Once you rise to the top, jump
      off immediately, for the platform will fall back down. Use the statue to
      replenish your health (which shouldn't need to be), and you'll notice a
      small boulder that drops to your right. Head over to where that stone
      fell and jump from the platform to the orange switch. Hit it, and a small
      scene will show an explosion leaving a open pathway. Hurry and jump across
      the platform on the left. Read the plaque on the right. "The sun is born in
      the east and gives its life in the west. Yet the shadow that is born below
      glares up at the heavens in defiance of its end." Now head on back to the
      area with the Save Portal. Right when you go past the hole, you'll notice
      below you the path that was opened by hitting the switch. In this room,
      you'll notice four blue orbs set up in a North, East, South, West type of
      manner. Now using the plaque from before, we can conclude that the order is:
      1st - East
      2nd - West
      3rd - South
      4th - North
      A spirit appears on the left side. It'll will open the deadend from before
      so lets head over there. Kill all the monsters in here to open the blockade
      on the top right corner. Head down them to a new area. On the left side
      you will notice two spikes. They will fall widening two more holes. Sneak
      around the one to the south and go to the door with a chest on the other
      side. All you need to do is step on the little crevices on the outside of
      the door. The chest contains a key which is used on the door above the hole
      to the north so use it.
      In this new area is three levers. Hit the one on the far left and far right
      to reveal two passages. Enter the one on the left first. In here use the
      huge stone block and push it into the little crevise to the left. Then jump
      onto the platform. It'll begin to move. If a spike hits you on the way to
      your destination you'll fall into a area with Slimes. In the top left corner
      is a chest containing a Gilded Falcon. All you must do is move the stone to
      the south and throw it to the left. You need to get from the peninsula to
      the south to the one on the west. Once on the west one, throw the stone up
      towards the Gilded Falcon and jump to it. If you didn't get hit by the
      spikes you'll be at a barrel. Grab it and jump on the platform again.
      Keep on it until you get to the spike on the right then throw the barrel to
      the right side. Jump off, and grab the barrel again. Take it to the statue
      to the north. Talk to the statue to make platforms with arrows appear. Now
      leave this area and head back to the area with the two holes.
      Head just below the bottom hole to see two rows of platforms. Walk onto the
      one on the left first. It takes you to a platform that will begin moving
      the moment you get to it. Have it take you to the opening in the wall on the
      right. Read the sign: "One step forwars, two steps back is the rule of a
      world turned black. Once with success, advance again. With persistence you
      shall win." A message will then come up saying that a door has opened. Fall
      into the blackness if you'd like a Strength Tonic. If not, follow the next
      Take the platform to the open area where it started. Take the passage on the
      right side. In here, just hit the orbs one by one saving the center piece
      for last. When all are hit, blockades will release so enter the door on the
      right. Kill all three Slimes to release the doors. Head through the door you
      just came from. Do the orbs again and exit through the left again. Strangely
      enough, you'll end up in the room with the Slimes. Kill the three pests
      again and head through the passage to the right. Instead of the orbs, you'll
      see a long fleet of stairs. Ascend them to a room where Lars will begin to
      speak with you...
    Boss Battle: Ancient Guardian                         Difficulty: |--*-------|
    Attacks: Stone Barrage, Mighty Stone Barrage,
    Strategy: Oh no! A large figure comes from above, it's the Ancient Guardian!
              The real strategy for this is to keep your distance and attack when
              you see the chance. His first attack will be a barrage of rocks that
              will fall from above. Watch out for this attack, it could get
              deadly. When you see him begin to shake, this is the best time to
              attack as it will stop the attack. After about 3-4 hits the Guardian
              will lift his hands in the air and slam them down, creating an even
              larger barrage. The key is to look at the shadows. This will ensure
              proper placement, and you'll know where they'll hit. However, he has
              another one that encircles himself, and gets larger. I usually get
              into a corner when this happens. After more hits, the passage to the
              right will be released. After about 20-30 hits, the Guardian will
      Now head into the room on the right. Lars will speak with you again. Three
      chests will fall upon you. They contain a Life Vessel, a Magic Seed, and a
      Earth Scroll. He will also entrust in you his Ruby Crest. Your destiny now
      is to find the other six Crests hidden among the land. As he leaves, a
      platform appears. Use this to go back to the entrance. Go up the stairs and
      through the now unlocked door. A stone will arise blocking the passage
      forever. Your next destination is Inoa, so lets head on over.
                                  =-= The Sickness =-=
    Items: None                                            Difficulty: |*--------|
                                                               Length: |*--------|
    Key Items: None
      When you return to Inoa, talk to the townsmen. It seems that Bonaire and
      Nadia have both taken very ill. Head to Nadia's home which is located right
      below Yustel's (the fortune teller's) house. Once inside, you'll notice that
      the table is broken and the place seems oddly misplaced. Head upstairs and
      talk to Rumi, Kisha, Myra, and Septimus. Begin to walk away when a loud
      crash echoes inside. Fein will come rushing in with news that someone's
      house has been destroyed. All will mourn at Nadia, but she decides that
      Bonaire must be here, so lets go get him.
      Head to the home to the left of Nadia's. Inside is some townspeople and
      Bonaire. Talk to Meade and he will tell you that Bonaire keeps calling out
      the name "Sara." Talk to Bonaire now, he'll show prove of the Sara ordeal.
      Lutas enters saying that you MUST get Bonaire back to the conscious state.
      Talk to Bonaire again, and answer "Yes" to the message. You are now taken
      to Bonaire's state of mind...
                               =-= Bonaire's Dream =-=
    Items: o Key x3                                        Difficulty: |*--------|
                                                               Length: |*--------|
    Key Items: Life Vessel, Gilded Falcon
      Welcome to Bonaire's dream. Once inside Bonaire will be shown looking for
      Sara. Out of nowhere, Sara appears to the left. Let's just hope this isn't
      the kind of dream it seems to be...
      Walk up the stairs to a flashing dragon orb. These will control the blocks
      that are in his dream. Slash at it, to make the blue box change into a
      different matter. Walk through it and head up the stairs to the red box.
      However, it's solid, so drop to the transparent box on the right and head
      to the warp plate to the south. Kill the Slimes,and take the warp plate.
      This will take you to a Save Room. Do what you see fit, and push the rock to
      the right. A ladder will lead you go back to the area you jumped from. Head
      back to the blue transparent box left of the solid red one. Enter into the
      box to find yourself in a narrow dungeon.
      Head south a litte to see some rather large, moving spikes encircling
      another spike. Just follow one spike and walk through the transparent blue
      box. Head directly north and go onto the platform.
      You will now be taken to a small patch that has two Slimes. Slash down the
      bushes for gold and kill the Slimes. Push the third rock on the left down
      to let loose a ladder just to the left. Now walk across the bridge to the
      right. At the end, you'll notice another dragon orb. Slash it, to make all
      red boxes transparent. Now head back to the main area with rocks. Drop down
      and jump to the right and snag the Key in the chest. Jump down to the area
      with a single rock occupying it. Push it, to reveal another ladder above.
      Head back down to the Save Room, if you wish, or head to the red transparent
      box to the right.
      You'll be taken to another area of the previous dungeon. Slash the bushes,
      and head to the left, and past the red box. Ignore the dragon orb and take
      the other red box on the right. Head to the tiny room in the upper-right
      corner. In here is four Slimes. Kill them and a chest will fall. Open it for
      another Key. Now head back to the dragon orb and slash it. Head on back to
      the warp plate above the orb.
      You'll be taken back to the area with the bushes and Slimes. After you
      destroy them, take the ladder next to the rock on the left. Ascend the
      ladders heading up, whilst watching out for the horizontal spikes. Once at
      the top, unlock the door, and enter.
      Inside, Bonaire and Sara will be shown talking with each other. Sara then
      summons Bonaire to enter the passage to the south. Can you say whipped?
      Anywho, jump on the colored pillar and exit.
      You notice now that the large stone has moved. Move to the far right and
      jump across. You should land on a small area above a switch. Toss a Bomb
      down to where the switch is to trigger it. A platform will appear, so let's
      enter it.
      In this new area, you'll notice a warp plate and a door. Forget about the
      warp plate, and unlock the door. As you proceed, a chest to the right will
      come into view, also ignore that and hit the dragon orb on the left that is
      at the top. The blue box is now solid. Jump onto the box via staircase and
      get the chest containing another Key. Head back to the dragon orbs and hit
      the one on the right. Take the door now, and grab the chest for a Life
      Vessel. Take the blue box to be transported to where Sara and Bonaire were.
      Grab the chest for a Gilded Falcon and proceed through the passage they both
      took. Walk down the wooden staircase and you'll notice Bonaire walk slowly
      across towards Sara. She then a teleports to you and summons a large
      bouncing spike and a couple Zombies, as well. Watch the spike while killing
      the Zombies, and follow them northward.
      You are now in a chamber where Sara will summon a creature to eat Bonaire.
      It seems that Bonaire is her love slave and when she is tired of you she
      proceeds to eat you! She then transforms into a gargoyle-type beast and
    Boss Battle: Demon Sara                               Difficulty: |--*-------|
    Attacks: Plasma Shift, Rush, Clone Ring
    Strategy: Pretty easy to say the least. At first she will turn into three
              plasma-type ovals that will go in different directions. These are
              a piece of cake to dodge, and shouldn't pose a threat. She will also
              rush away when you come close making it hard to attack, however it
              is in small strides. After about four hits, she will then make
              duplicates of herself that will begin to encircle you. You must hit
              Sara to make it them cease. Use Herbs when necessary, and keep
              your distance. An easy, but tough to pull off manuever would be to
              use a Bomb on Sara. She will die automatically. However, this is
              kind of tough to pull of so it's not recommended. After about 15
              hits she will scream in agony.
      After she dies, talk to Bonaire. Sara will appear once more with some funny
      dialogue. Soon enough, you'll be taken to Bonaire's bedside. You find out
      that Nadia has passed away. The screen then fades away...
    -----------------------[More to come in future updates]-----------------------
                               15. Contact Information
      My contact information is below.
    -----> The0pethAffinity@aol.com
      Please, E-Mail me here if you have opinions, suggestions, information, or
      anything else that could be of some value to my FAQ. All spam, threats, and
      other intolerable mail will be deleted. So please, be polite.
                                     16. Credits
      This is my list of people and/or companies that have helped me or encouraged
      me to write this FAQ. I thank everyone here.
    -----> www.gamefaqs.com for hosting my FAQ/Walkthrough.
    -----> CJayC for running my favorite website, GameFAQS.
    -----> Working Designs for sending this game to North America.
    -----> TwistidSoul for giving me some tips here and there and helping with
           some layout issues.
    -----> SinirothX for being one of the coolest FAQ writers out there, and a
           very good friend as well. I thank you man.
    -----> Dingo Jellybean for inspiring me to write FAQs in general.
    -----> Dallas & AstroBlue for putting together the awesome FAQ Resource Page.
           It helped me a lot with the layout in my FAQ.
    -----> Brian Sulpher for numerous tips.
    -----> Atom Edge for not only doing the awesome ASCII, but for being a great
           friend of mine, and looking at all my work.
    -----> MeowthNum1 for taking the time to also be a friend and giving me
           numerous tips for this FAQ. Thank you very much buddy.
    -----> HLaPierre for his amazingly large FAQ for the game. Helped me a lot
           for the locations of some of the Guilded Falcons and other various
    -----> CWall for numerous tips/help on my FAQ/
    -----> Matrix Software for designing the game.
    -----> Myself for writing it.
    -----> And of course, all of the fans of the game. I hope you all love the
           game and my FAQ was found to be useful.
                                    17. Conclusion
      It's been a long and tedious haul, but a rewarding one, nonetheless. If
      you've got anything to say or any comments or contributions, please contact
      me when you can. I hope you liked the FAQ and got a lot out of it, and the
      game itself, as well. Thank you for reading and as always, have fun gaming!
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