Review by KillerCrono599

Reviewed: 07/26/05

The best game I almost never got to play.

I was looking hard for Action RPG's on the PSX that I've never seen before, much less played, when I stumbled upon this. From watching the intro video, my feelings were pretty much waiving, but after taking the time to play it... Incredible doesn't begin to describe how the transition from beginning to end took place as I kept playing.

Story - 10/10

This takes place in a village called Inoa after you (Alundra) have an uneventful trip. As you get used to the townspeople, you learn more about yourself and what you can do. As you get further along in the game, more mishaps and strange events occur in the village that make you want to see the town to the very end.

It is a rather dark story, regardless of the seemingly peaceful atmosphere. It's definitely worth watching...

Sound/Music - 8/10

From the peaceful village music, to the dramatic overworld music, and from the sounds of combat, nothing sounds out of place. As you go along, you may even hum a tune. In some rare places, sounds can be... a bit loud, otherwise they come together perfectly.

Controls - 9/10

Once you get used to the perspective, the controls will fit like a glove, as you can pretty much see everything and move accordingly.

Graphics - 8/10

Even with the age of this game, the graphics come off pretty polished. From the bushes to the houses and even the dungeons, nothing looks quite out of the ordinary. I'd say they look SNES'ish, but that's never a bad thing.

Gameplay - 9/10

Alundra uses a 2-button system similar to the GB Link's Awakening. One item selects the weapon of your choice while the other selects the secondary item of your choice. As you get more items, you can essentially travel farther in the overworld than you could previously.

However, it's a mixed bag, it's one of the hardest puzzle games I've ever tried, as well as one of the better Action-Rpg's I've picked up as well. The puzzles will definitely tease your mind as you try to figure out how to do them. They start out rather simple, but progress so much, that without a guild of some sort, you may even spend a good hour or more trying to figure it out. Action-Rpg wise, it plays like a Zelda clone, and a good one at that, although there are some differences...

It plays in the same down view Zelda does, but, it has platforms like you would in any platformer. Adding that Alundra can jump, this can create some unique gameplay elements in both the action and puzzles given to you. If you haven't played such a game, it takes a bit getting used to.

Buy or Rent?

For the price of $20 and what it has to offer? If you’re looking for a long challenging Action RPG, then look no further. Heck, even that that price, it would be a waste not to buy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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