PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File12/29/01Huskies7774131K
All Murgg in the Inoa Coal Mine Dungeon have been defeated.
Save Game File05/05/02Huskies7774131K
Bergus' nightmare and the confrontation with Ronan have both been completed. You now have the Silver Armor and the Holy Sword.
Save Game File01/13/02Huskies7774131K
Bonaire's Dream Dungeon has been completed, you now have the Iron Flail.
Save Game File05/03/02Huskies7774131K
Both the Murgg Woods and the Mt. Torla dungeon have been completed. You now have the Charm Boots, level 2 Fire Book, Agate Crest, Garnet Crest and Emerald Crest.
Save Game File04/16/02Huskies7774131K
Elene's Dream and Giles final transformation have both been completed. You now have the Steel Flail and Ancient Armor.
Save Game File11/18/12ThatGuy4913131K
File 1: 100% at endgame; File 2: before starting the final dungeon; File 3: beginning of game with 50 HP and weapons
Save Game File03/02/02Huskies7774131K
Giles Nightmare Dungeon has been completed.
Save Game File01/23/02Huskies7774131K
Kline's Nightmare has been completed. You now have the Hunter's Bow.
Save Game File03/05/02Huskies7774131K
Meia's Dream has been completed.
Save Game File05/07/02Huskies7774131K
Nava's Island has been completed. You are ready to place the crests on the altars. You now have the level 2 Wind book and the Diamond Crest.
Save Game File04/08/02Huskies7774131K
Nirude Castle has been completed. You now have the level 2 Earth Magic book, Aqua Cape and the Topaz Crest.
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
Saved in Iona, drop down well to get to last dungeon
Save Game File04/07/02Huskies7774131K
Start at the base of Nirude Castle by taking the 2 o'clock teleport arch.
Save Game File01/23/02Huskies7774131K
The Despair Desert Dungeon has been completed. You now have the Sword and Long Boots.
Save Game File03/10/02Huskies7774131K
The Fire Manor has been completed. You now have the fire wand and the level 2 water book.
Save Game File01/06/01Huskies7774131K
The first crest has been obtained.
Save Game File02/18/02Huskies7774131K
The Lizard Statue dungeon has been completed. You now have the second crest (sapphire) and the Fire Scroll.
Save Game File03/05/02Huskies7774131K
The Magyscar Cave has been completed. You now have the Wind Scroll and the Secret Pass.
Save Game File04/16/02Huskies7774131K
The Whirlpool has been completed. You now have the Fiend Blade, Jess Diary, Small Key and Broken Armor.
Save Game File03/22/02Huskies7774131K
You now have the Ice Wand, Nava's Charm, Sluice Key and the Teleport Arches are activated.
Save Game File03/25/02Huskies7774131K
You now have the Legendary Sword and are ready to enter the Water Mill cave.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/22/10Bizarro_Raven1K
40 Life Vessels, 40 Gilded Falcons, Most Items and Equipment (Casino Games Complete!)
Save Game File01/08/17gabriel_kruze16K
Complete PSVita/PSP save. 50 life vessels, 50 gilded falcons, legendary sword, spirit wand, nava`s charm, earth/water/fire/wind books.
Save Game File09/28/13stuffgamer11K
Magyscar completed, roulette casino game beaten.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

Save Game File04/11/08Sunz984131K
PAL UK save, Perfect game, All items/equipment, 50 falcons, 50 life vessels, all magic crests, 9999 gilder. Saved in Inoa, jump in the well to face the last boss in the last dungeon.

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