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"see Bruce Willis blow @#$% up!"

From Neversoft Entertainment this is Apocalypse! This is a future-istic, fast-paced, shoot 'em-up, action game. In 1998 Neversoft Entertainment teamed up with Bruce Willis to make a Playstation video game. The game takes place far into the future where a false profit has brought the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to life. You play as Trey Kincaid; a scientist who as been imprisoned because he has been practicing unlicensed nuclear science but he didn't do any serious damage. And guess what? He's the only person who can stop the invasion of the Four Horsemen. He must fight his way out of the prison and stop the horsemen and a bunch of other really bad guys.

Apocalypse may be the most intense shooter ever. You are constantly bombarded by bad guys and you always seem to run out of ammo at the worst possible times. The fighting grounds are spectacular. These include a prison, sewers, a huge city, grave yards, even the White House. Of course you must fight against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These include Beast, Death, Plague, and War. Each are very difficult to beat.

Of course, you have a full arsenal of mass-destruction! You can blast away your enemies with some really bad weapons. These include a flamethrower, rip laser, homing missiles, a machine gun, rocket launcher, pulse laser, smart bombs and many more. The smart bombs release an explosion that will effect the entire area killing everything but our hero. You obtain these weapons by just running over a weapon icon. The smart bombs are just checkered octagons. You use a smart bomb by just pressing R2. Using the other weapons is slightly different from other games. You select a weapon by pressing L2 until you highlight the weapon that you want to use. To fire the weapon you press X, triangle, square, and circle. You press triangle to shoot in front of you, circle to shoot to the right of the screen, X to shoot behind you, and square to shoot to the left of the screen.

This game isn't quite a first or third person shooter. The screen zooms in and out of ridiculous views. Your character sometimes looks like an ant or a male version of the Statue of Liberty...up close. A Bruce Willis Statue of Liberty of course. Yes, Bruce Willis lent his face and his voice to Neversoft so that they could put him in a video game. They did a really good job too.

The controls aren't bad. You use the d-pad to move, R1 to jump, R2 to use a smart bomb, L2 to select a weapon, and X, triangle, circle and square to use your weapon. The controls are very easy to use and chances are, you won't forget how to use them. There is about a one out of a one-million chance that you will hit the wrong button.

The sound is top notch. The sound effects are very realistic and are very clear. The voice acting is also very good. Besides Bruce Willis as Trey Kincaid, (the hero) there are also additional voices such as the voice of singer Poe, whose song ''Control'' appears on the sound track. She plays Treys' ex-girlfriend. Among Poe, there a few artists on the sound track, such as System of a Down, and Snot, plus many more.

Will you be able to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or will you die trying? Don't ask me. Apocalypse is a very exciting and creative game. It would be cool of they made it into a movie. At first, I thought it was a movie that was made into a game. Anyway, If you happen to walk across a copy of Apocalypse, don't pass it up. Take my advice, you will probably be up all night playing until your fingers develop blisters! Go ahead and give this game a try! I dare ya! Unless you're too much of a wuss for the action and slightly course language. Go ahead and give this game a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/23/00, Updated 01/18/01

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