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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jesterguy

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 08/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     ; /__| | | | '-'|  |'-'   | |   | | | ||  ___| | |  /||  | | ||  | |  |     
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    /__\ / __\ __\    \____/  /___\ /___/___\\____//______| \___/__\\____/__\
                             ~ C O L L E C T I O N ~
                     Written By: James Pelchar [jesterguy]
                        Email: hyper_mickey@hotmail.com      
                            Version: 1.03 (8.13.02)
    I.    Updates
    II.   Coming Soon
    III.  Introduction
    IV.   Game Basics
    V.    Walkthrough
    VI.   Item List
    VII.  Accessory List
    VIII. Characters
    IX.   Enemy List
    X.    Secrets/Side Quests
    I. Updates
    Version 1.0 - Started the walkthrough, finished laying out the basics 
                  of the guide.  Major work being done, expect updates soon
                  with lots of content to be added.
    Version 1.01 - More added to all sections, especially the walkthrough
                   area.  Added a new sub-section (Secrets/SQ) and a bunch
                   of other little things here and there.  Updates will be 
                   more frequent now, possibly once a week or so.
    Version 1.02 - Completed the first game guide, I'll go back over it
                   eventually and fix up anything that needs to be done. 
                   Getting started on the second game's guide and an update
                   will be sent in a couple weeks.  Also added some nifty
                   ASCII to the top and beginning of the second part.
    Version 1.03 - Most of the Arc I guide is complete, minus a few little
                   things, should be totally finished in the next update. 
                   Also started on the second guide, really basic stuff on
                   it for now until I get more in-depth information to add. 
    II. Coming Soon
    My section to let you know what I'm currently doing with this project, and 
    some things to expect.  I will do my best to finish all of this stuff but 
    it will take a little time, so be patient with me!  Also note that many 
    sub-sections appear to be incomplete, they will be finished off soon, its 
    a work in progress.
    In the next update:
    - Major major MAJOR work on the Arc II walkthrough.
    - Finishing up a few problem spots here and there on Arc I.
    - Finishing up the Enemy List part on Arc I.
    - A total spell check, didn't have time for it on this version.
    Future updates:
    - Lots of additions to the walkthrough, including some format work.
    - More lies about me adding things to the FAQ/Walkthrough.
    III. Introduction
    Arc the Lad was one of the earlier RPG's out for a semi-new Playstation console 
    at the time.  Unless you were a fan of imported PSX games, you may have never 
    known about Arc the Lad or either of it's two sequels.  This wasn't a good 
    thing as those outside of Japan never really got to have a taste of what a 
    wonderful series this was.  
    Luckily Working Designs came to the rescue and took on the immense challenge 
    of bringing this trio of games across the water for others to enjoy.  In true 
    Working Designs fashion, they had delay after delay, almost to the point where 
    gamers were wondering if it would ever come out.  Was the wait worth it?  
    Definatley.  The time and effort put into this project shows as we can all 
    experience this beautiful series as if they were 3 brand new games.  Not only 
    did we get the games but we also got the ever popular Omake Box full of neat 
    little goodies that give this collection that extra special touch.  Things 
    like this don't come around every day, its a piece of work that all should 
    own and play.
    This guide will cover all three games in detail.  Basic walkthrough, 
    sidequests, items, etc.  Everything to give you the most out of your Arc the 
    Lad experience!
    IV. Game Basics
    -Battle Controls-
    D-Pad:    Move Character
    Circle:   Ability Menu
    Triangle: End Turn
    Square:   Item Menu
    X:        Attack
    L1+R1:    Free Cursor
    L2+R2:    Free Cursor
    Start:    Status/Accessories Menu
    Select:   Options Menu/Book
    -Map Controls-
    D-Pad:    Select Location
    Triangle: Cancel
    Square:   Save Game
    X:        Confirm   
    - It is important to keep a well balanced party.  Having one character
      at the max level while all others are only half that at most isn't
      good.  Naturally you'll be using the stronger characters more often,
      but leveling up the ones you use less is still very important. 
      You'll find out as you go on that one person can't carry the entire
      group all the time.  Try to keep them within 5 levels of eachother so
      that the group can function as a unit, not just as individuals.
    - The character Chongara has a spell called 'Search'.  Basically it
      scans an enemy and enters its information into a monster book he has. 
      Be sure to use this spell on every new enemy you come across so that
      you can complete the book. Careful, some monsters can only be found
      once in the game so get them while you can!
    V. Walkthrough
    --Guardian Peak--
    - Items
     Energy Fruit x2
     Kaiser Glove
     Revival Tonic
     Sacred Water
    A young girl ascends a mountain with the mayor who tells her she must go up 
    to the shrine.  At the top is a fire which has been burning for thousands 
    of years and she extinguishes it.  Darkness falls and a voice is heard, 
    apparently in connection with the flame being out.  The mayor seems to have 
    bad intentions as a blizzard comes.
    Over in Arc's house, Arc wants to figure out exactly how his father had died 
    after he left home.  A little bit of the dad's history is shown and you can 
    control Arc for a little bit.  Pick up the father's weapons and armor from 
    the chest and take the Herb from one of the pots in the room.  Go into the 
    main room and get the Stone off of the oven, then talk to your mother who 
    will give you a Kaiser Glove, Revival Tonic, Energy Fruit, and Sacred Water.  
    She'll urge you not to leave, but naturally you will anyway as that'd be the 
    end of the game had you stayed.  In search of the truth about his father's 
    disappearance, Arc will head off to the Guardian Peak.
    At the bottom you'll meet Kukuru, the one who put out the flame.  Grab the 
    torch and head off like an olympian towards the top.  The Ark Ghoul appears 
    and takes you out with ease, but Arc refuses to give up just like that.  A 
    strange light engulfs you and you're given the Power of the Guardian.  You'll 
    now be into your first battle.  
    BATTLE TACTICS: Green Slimes are all over the place but they only take
      one hit to kill so its a very easy fight.  Make sure you grab the
      Energy Fruit from the chest on the right ledge.  Since this is the
      first fight and you are very weak, pay close attention to you life. 
      Dying here will cause you to start all over again and watching the
      very long intro.
    After clearing the field, Arc will relight the flame just in time to save 
    Kukuru who was about to be killed by the Ark Ghoul.  The king, after hearing 
    of your victory here, will summon you to his castle.
    --Palencia Castle--
    After entering to the king's room he'll begin to tell you about an artifact 
    called the 'Ark'.  The Minister, another shady character, will interrupt the 
    king and wants to make sure that you are indeed the one who wiped out the 
    monsters and relit the flame.  The king suggests you go along with one of 
    the battalions that just left for Colbo Plain.
    --Colbo Plain--
    As you enter you'll find one of the king's warriors cowering in fear.  His 
    name is Poco, a musician who thinks he is powerless to the monsters.  No time 
    to waste, the monsters will come and you must fight your way out.  
    BATTLE TACTICS: The Zombies may take a few hits to kill, Poco deals a
      decent amount of damage and can really help you out with this task. 
      The slimes of course are easy, as well as the Ghosts.  As for the
      Fire Elemental, your best bet is to surround it since it'll keep
      running if you come at it from behind.  Trap it and kill it, soon as
      the field is cleared you can return to the castle.
    NOTE: If you return home your mom will give you an Herb and let you
          read a letter from your father.  The letter contains some
          strategies which will help you out.
    Returning to the castle the Minister still thinks you shouldn't be trusted 
    and word comes that monsters are attacking outside.  Go out and Kukuru will 
    be waiting to lend a hand.  Have her kill off a few enemies until Poco and 
    Arc catch up, then just massacre the entire lot.  After your victory the king 
    gives you a quick rundown on the legend of the Ark and also lends you his 
    airship to get over to Millmana.
    --Capital HQ--
    Inside the Capital HQ you'll meet General Yagun, he's not very happy to see 
    you.  Expecting warriors and not children, he laughs at you and doesn't 
    believe you have the power to defeat the monsters.  So of course you must 
    prove it to him, you've got three different places to go from here: Nicarus 
    Forest, Ruvag Woods, Sembara Marsh.
    --Nicarus Forest--
    - Items
     Energy Fruit
    BATTLE TACTICS: The Forest is a good place to level up at this point.
      The enemies aren't incredibly strong and there are enough of them to
      gain you a couple levels.  Aim for the skeletons first, the others
      should go down in a hit or two.  Make sure to pick up an Energy Fruit
      from the chest before clearing the field.  If you do start running
      low on life, use an Herb since they are pretty abundant.
    --Ruvag Woods--
    - Items
     Small Bomb
    BATTLE TACTICS: I recommend you have the characters around level 11,
      this will make the battle pretty simple.  Have Kukuru go and fight
      the Warlord on the northwest part of the map, then get Arc to take
      out the Wraith at the bottom/left part.  Poco can go for the Warlord
      above him or the Wraith on his right, doesn't matter either way.  Try
      to attack the Bloodweeds last, they have a semi-powerful spell on
      them which does a good amount of damage at this level.  Make sure to
      hit the chest and get the Small Bomb out of it.
    --Sembura Marsh--
    - Items
     Sacred Water
    BATTLE TACTICS:  Focus your attacks at the enemies south of you, the
      ones above will try to surround.  The Warlords shouldn't be any
      problem, but the Mighty Fly can dodge attacks pretty easily.  Before
      killing all the enemies in the field, make sure to get the Sacred
      Water from the chest.
    After clearing both of the trials, head back to the HQ and talk to the General.  
    He thinks you could be the warriors of the legend and of course wants to kill 
    you.  Notice a pattern here?  He'll send a mysterious character to finish 
    you off in Toyoke Forest, where you are now heading.
    --Toyoke Forest--
    - Items
     Hero Crest
     Hit Scroll
    Your "guide" who is supposed to lead you through the woods disappears right 
    away.  It's up to you to make your way across the forest now.
    BATTLE TACTICS: The path you need to take is very straightforward,
      since there is only one path.  Have two characters go down and fight
      the Ninja, Wraith that comes at you and leave one to fight off the
      two Mighty Flies coming from the top.  Watch out for the Ninja, its
      got a powerful spell called 'Bomb' which can kill you if you've taken
      some damage already.  Simply follow the path taking out all enemies
      along the way using whoever you wish.
    After clearing the forest the group comes to a beautiful tree.  The Forest 
    Spirit appears and tells about Arc's father who had come here before.  She 
    gives you a Hero Crest and leaves you with even more unanswered questions 
    than before.  She does, however, give you a hint which is to go back home.  
    NOTE: Before going back, talk with the Forest Spirit again!  This is the first 
    step in obtaining the Silk Belt.  She will give you a Cure All, once you're 
    done head to the skyport and it will take you back to Touvil.
    --Palencia Castle--
    As you are coming in you'll see a man being escorted by a group of guards 
    to the prison.  His name is Tosh and is being jailed for disobeying his orders.  
    The minister is still up to his antics and tells you to leave until later, 
    the group decides to investigate why Tosh is being held.  Tosh will bust out 
    of the cell and make his way to where the guards are and meet up with the 
    BATTLE TACTICS:  The guards aren't what they seem, they are in
      actuality monsters in disguise (smart monsters huh?).  Don't equip
      anything to Tosh just yet.  Split up the party into two groups
      however you wish, try to keep it balanced though.  Have one pair take
      care of the ones to the left of the room and the other pair on the
      right.  The Ninjas should be your main focus, followed by the Ghouls. 
      Ghouls can paralyze you and do some pretty good damage as you're
      lying there unable to move.  Clear the room and Tosh will run out.
    - Items
     Romancing Stone 1
    Entering the village the group sees smoke and fears that the whole place has 
    been burned down.  The suspicions are correct as Arc finds out his house is 
    in ashes.  A messenger drops off a letter from Yoshua (Arc's Father).  Poco 
    and Kukuru will give you not-so-subtle hints that you should search the area.  
    Go up into what's left of the house and search the back right corner to pick 
    up the Romancing Stone.  Exit the village and talk to the king.
    --Ancient Monolith/Illusion World---
    - Items
     Romancing Stone 3
     Wild Lion Drum
    The group enters the area where the monolith is located and reads the 
    inscription on the stone.  A voice is heard and they are sent to a mysterious 
    place called Illusion World.  Welcome to the first boss.
    BATTLE TACTICS: Get the Illusion Flames out of the way first, tackling
      the boss itself will be much easier without them interfering.  Poco
      can be used mainly as a support character, his Healing Harp and
      Battle Drum come in handy.  Have him heal (using magic or Herbs) and
      attack whenever the party is in good shape.  Use your items (Stone,
      etc.) or basic attacks against the Illusion Lord, spells do next to
      nothing against him.  Do it all correctly and killing him should be
      no problem.
    After beating him Gogen appears and tells you about the stones, Guardians, 
    and the Ark.  He also gives you Romancing Stone 3.  The party goes back to 
    Palencia and Poco receives the Wild Lion Drum from the king and you're given 
    the 'Silver Noah', the king's airship.  Also, coming back here later on will 
    let you a view a quite humorous exchange between the characters.  Running 
    low on Stones?  If you come back after that scene, you can find 3 Stones on 
    and next to the monolith.  These will be replenished every time you exit and 
    come back so there is an unlimited supply.
    --Chongara's Shop--
    Right as you walk off the airship you're greeted by Chongara, a very jolly 
    individual with some severe English problems.  He will tell you to meet him 
    at his place, the party follows.  There, he informs you about various things 
    including a place called the Forgotten Ruins which has many floors of monsters 
    and treasure.  It's too dangerous for him to go alone so he asks you to retrieve 
    an item from the 5th floor for him.  The guide for the Forbidden Ruins will 
    only cover 5 floors for now, the rest is covered in the Secrets/Side Quest 
    part of this guide.
    --Forbidden Ruins--
    - Items 
     Atrophy Ball
     Big Bomb
     Paralysis Apple
     Revival Tonic
     Skill Bracelet
     Small Bomb
     Speed Satchel
     Summon Pot
    For this part of the game you will only need to go through five floors to 
    obtain the Summon Pot, the item Chongara requested you bring to him.  For 
    a complete list of the floors along with the enemies and items found on each 
    level, see the Secrets/Sidequests area of this guide.
    - Floor 1: Warlord
      There are a few Warlords running around here, very easy to kill, no
      big deal.  Grab the Revival Tonic, Herb from the chests.
    - Floor 2: Werewolf
      The Werewolf's attacks are mid-powerful, watch out for them though
      since they can jump over walls.  Get the Big Bomb, Speed Satchel from
      the chests.
    - Floor 3: Voodoo Man, Werewolf
      The Voodoo Man is the one you need to worry about here, but at this
      level it still isn't powerful.  You've fought the Werewolf before so
      you know what to expect from it.  Take the Skill Bracelet from the
      chest before leaving.
    - Floor 4: Voodoo Man, Demi Monk
      If you rely on your magic a lot the Demi Monk can be a nuisance.  It
      can block the use your stuff, making you rely on basic attacks to
      kill enemies.  Pick up the Stone, Atrophy Ball from the chest.
    - Floor 5: Demi Monk, Blood Knight
      The Demi Monks will use their spells on you here a lot, so much of
      the time you'll be doing basic attacks.  Also the monsters basically
      rush you before you can get to anywhere strategic.  Keep the good
      fighters up front and have some support characters behind to heal you
      if needed.  Get the Paralysis Apple, Small Bomb, Summon Pot and make
      your way up the steps and onto the world map.
    --Chongara's Shop--
    Chongara will take the Summon Pot and begin to tell a story.  It's about how 
    he went into the ruins and was surrounded by monsters.  Yoshua (Arc's father) 
    slices the monsters in half with a single blow, and to repay his debt Chongara 
    must help out Arc when he finally comes across him in the future.  Chongara 
    will tell you where to find the Light Guardian and also helps you battle on 
    the way there.
    --Azenda Highland--
    - Items
     King's Image
     Light Stone
     Magic Leaf
     Palo Nut
     Power Nut
     Reco's Grass
     Revival Tonic
    I recommend you have your characters in the level 19-20ish range, it is 
    beatable at a lower level but this will make it a less harder task.  You may 
    notice that some of the chests in this area are seemingly out of reach, this 
    is where Chongara comes in.  Use his spell 'Mofly', which creates a little 
    creature that can make floor tiles using magic.  This will help you in reaching 
    those distant chests you couldn't normally reach.  For the bottom right chest, 
    go as close the edge as possible and make a tile below where you are standing, 
    then one to the right of it.  You can use someone to hop over and throw a 
    rock at the chest.  The top right chest can be obtained by hopping over the 
    cliffs, no tiles needed.  Use a rock to break the bottom left one and just 
    use up the tiles for getting the top left.  The chest's contents are as 
    -Location-         -Item-
    Bottom Left        Power Nut
    Bottom Right       Revival Tonic
    Middle Right       Palo Nut
    Top Left           Reco's Grass
    Top Right          Magic Leaf
    BATTLE TACTICS: Poco again is very useful as a support character, his
      Battle Drum is a huge help in taking out the enemies quicker.  Also
      using the Healing Harp comes in handy when you've got your attackers
      up front who can't lose a turn trying to heal themselves.  Chongara
      should stay in the back as he isn't very powerful.  The best attacks
      to use against the Giant Bats are (Arc) Burn Gound and (Gogen)
      Explosion.  To take out the Stone Golem and Stone Jackal easily, just
      use either an item or a spell to Paralyze them then attack.  Keep
      your health up and you should be fine.
    After clearing the room the party will go in and meet the Light Guardian.  
    It'll give you two items to help along your journey: the Light Stone and the 
    King's Image (which Chongara promptly takes).  Now that you've recieved the 
    Light Stone, head back and talk with the Forest Spirit, she will give you 
    a Cure-All and you are now one step closer to the Silk Belt.  Now you are 
    ready to visit the next area.
    --Amaidar Temple--
    - Items
     Shift Flute
     Short Sword
     Prayer Beads
    Upon coming to the Greyshinne, Chongara will give you a brief history of the 
    monks inside the temple and the powerful martial arts skills they possess.  
    The Archmonk knows you are coming and has the idea that Arc and Co. are coming 
    to steal sacred books from atop the mountain.  He summons his most powerful 
    warrior, Iga, to stop you from entering the temple and stealing the books.  
    Arc and Iga will have a one on one match, if Arc wins then Iga must listen 
    to what you've got to say.
    BATTLE TACTICS: Your first move should be to go two blocks forward,
      this will let you have the first attack as Iga won't be able to reach 
      you from that position.  Basically you just need to get behind Iga
      and hit him so there will be no chance for a counter attack.  Use
      Total Healing if you are coming close to death and just repeat all
      that.  It should only take about 4-5 rounds if you are in the level
      24 range.  You get a Short Sword for winning the battle.
    Gogen tells Iga that they aren't there to steal anything from the monks and 
    that the leader has the wrong impression of them.  He will take you to the 
    Archmonk and Kukuru will reveal him to be a monster in disguse (wonder where 
    these guys keep getting the costumes...).  It will fly out of the room and 
    onto the training grounds where you will do battle again, this time with Iga 
    in the group.
    BATTLE TACTICS: The way your party is split is really uneven.  Arc and
      Tosh can handle the three monks on the left themselves, use Iga on
      the right side to assist Kukuru and the rest.  Save the Amaidar Monk
      for last so you won't have to worry about the little ones bothering
      you.  Make sure to have Poco or someone with a healing ability to
      keep watch over the group since you'll undoubtedly need some life
      through the battle.  When the big guy is singled out, just have the
      whole party gang up on him, using Kukuru for healing since her spell
      can cover a good amount of space.  You will get Prayer Beads for
      killing the Monk.
    After clearing the grounds, Poco will pick up a Shift Flute which will give 
    him another spell to use.  Its now time to go find the Earth Guardian.
    --Mt. Amaidar--
    - Items
     Romancing Stone 2
     Throw Scroll
    The mountain is littered with enemies so this fight will take a good amount 
    of time.  Its a good place to get any characters who are weak some more levels 
    and you'll gain a ton of items as well.
    BATTLE TACTICS: You should first take out the three Wild Himo-ji right
      next to where you start, after killing 2/3 all of the other monsters
      will start coming down at you.  Fire spells like Gogen's 'Explosion'
      work very well against the monsters here and will make this a quicker
      battle.  If you turn Himo-ji, just use Kukuru's 'Refresh' spell to
      snap you out of it.  Make sure to have a full time healer (such as
      Poco) since the enemies will come all at once and lots of damage will
      be done.  Its a really straightforward fight but it takes a very long
      time to complete.  Just as long as you watch the party's health
      you'll be fine.
    After finally finishing off the monsters, Iga realizes that the sacred books 
    have been stolen.  The Earth Guardian appears and lectures you about how 
    humans have taken for granted the powers which have been bestowed upon them.  
    It all ends up with him entrusting you with the Earth Orb.  The group goes 
    back to the temple and Iga says good bye to his fellow monks and takes off 
    with you.  Before continuing on with the story, take a minute to get these 
    three important things:
    1. Go back to the Forest Spirit, you get a Cure-All and a Throw Scroll.
    2. Go to Chongara's Shop, you'll meet Odon and he will come along.
    3. Go to Arc's home and pick up Romancing Stone 2 from the mailbox.
    Now that Mt. Amaidar is completed, you can return to the temple whenever you 
    wish to do some additional training.  These are either a series of battles 
    in which you can get a bunch of levels for your party, or a quiz game that 
    can get you a couple of nice items.  See the Secrets/Sidequests area for more 
    info on the Amaidar Proving Grounds.
    --Tournament Arena--
    - Items
     Book of Cravis
     Magic Sprig
     Power Apple
     Reco's Grass
     Revival Tonic
     Toy Ring
     Tragedy Glasses
     Wind Stone
    Before entering a contestant into the tournament, get the Herb from the gong 
    on the upper right of the screen.  You can enter anyone from your party in, 
    but I suggest Poco.  In fact, ENTER POCO IN THE TOURNAMENT!!  Really all you 
    have to do is defeat five enemies and you'll win the grand prize: the Wind 
    Orb.  Second place gets some nice luggage but you'll want to get the Orb.  
    Pick Poco and talk to the official and the tournament begins.  After a short 
    introduction by the ultra-cool Roctoll, the fights start.  Also, you can save 
    after each battle if you'd like, probably won't need to since all your stats 
    are refilled after each victory.
    -Enemy-          -Prize-
    Blood Knight     Revival Tonic
    Boogie Man       Power Nut
    Black Knight     Magic Sprig
    Mad Monk         Reco's Grass
    Assassin         Power Apple
    BATTLE TACTICS: The only attack you really need to use for these fights
      is the Lion Drum.  This deals heavy damage against the enemy and
      you'll attain victory in only two hits.  For the last couple fights
      you can use Battle Drum to boost your Offense so that a victory is
      guarenteed.  Defeating all the enemies will get you the Wind Orb and
      since Poco was used, you get the Toy Ring accessory.
    After winning the grand prize, the group will begin to leave as Roctoll 
    appears again.  He congratulates you on the triumph but reveals his little 
    secret.  He's been killing the winners of the tournament so that he can retain 
    the Wind Orb for himself.  Roctoll snaps his fingers and you are ambushed 
    by Boogie Men and Roctoll shows his true form.
    BATTLE TACTICS: The Boogie Men have a pretty decent amount of HP,
      luckily the basic attacks from Iga, Arc, and Tosh all do a lot of
      damage.  Tosh will take more damage than anyone most likely since the
      Boogie Men will all do Wind Slash attacks that affect him more than
      anyone else.  Be sure to have Poco or Kukuru looking out for him if
      his health runs low.  Gogen's 'Explosion' magic works wonders against
      the Blood Fiend.  All in all its not to hard of a battle.
    Once you complete the fight, Gogen takes the Wind Orb and begins to examine 
    it.  Accidently dropping it, the Orb will crack open and the Wind Guardian 
    who's been trapped in there for 600 years comes out and thanks you.  The group 
    gets its usual lecture on the folly of human ways and he presents you with 
    the Wind Stone and the Tragedy Glasses.  Now that you've met the next Guardian, 
    head back to Toyoke Forest and get the Cure-All, then come back to the Arena.  
    Talk with the official while standing behind him 10 times, he will give you 
    the Book of Cravis.  The Niedel Tournament Arena will be opened up for you 
    as an optional venture, see the Secrets/Sidequests area for more info.
    Right here is a good place to start doing some of the sidequests.  Your levels 
    should be in the low 30's at least, this is enough to get you through the 
    Amaidar Temple trials, and halfway or more through the Forbidden Ruins.  Doing 
    these two will gain you some quick levels (especially the Temple) and if more 
    are needed, fight in the Niedel Tournament and build up your characters.  Not 
    only will you go on to the next area a lot more powerful, but you'll have 
    picked up some VERY helpful Accessories along the way.  When ready you should 
    head for the skyport where Gogen does his little magic trick and its off to 
    --Saryu Village--
    - Items
     Elder's Charm
    Upon exiting the Silver Noah, a local tribesman greets you and takes you to 
    a cliff area overlooking the humble village.  He gives you a brief history 
    on the miners and how they sacrificed the landscape for their own personal 
    wealth.  They destroyed what used to be a lush paradise and turned it into 
    a sandy wasteland.  All of a sudden some beams fly from the sky and nuke the 
    entire village, leaving it all in a pile of rubble.  The whole group rushes 
    off to see if the elder or any others remain.  Entering the village the party 
    sees the creatures resposible for the actions and say they've done it to get 
    the Water Shrine key to their leader, Kasadoll.  Arc and the rest exact their 
    revenge for the terrible act they just committed.
    BATTLE TACTICS: If you spent some time doing the sidequests, these
      battles here should be a cakewalk.  The Blood Skeletons and Maneaters
      are just like the relatives you fought back at Nicarus Forest. 
      Gogen's spells should have some pretty good levels on it, his spell
      'Explosion' works well and can absolutly destroy anything in its 
      path. The Insane Minotaur, who looks more fierce than he is, can be
      taken down by normal attacks, or to speed things up you can use 
      Poco's Wild Lion Drum.
    Once killing the enemies surrounding the village, the tribesman rushes to 
    his dying elder's side.  The Saryu elder offers you some words of encouragment 
    with his last breath and hands you the Elder's Charm accessory.  He then passes 
    away in the arms of the Saryu tribesman as sadness falls upon the group.  Arc 
    and the rest head off to see who ordered this killing.
    --Water Shrine--
    - Items
     Atrophy Horn
     Water Stone
    Coming just in time to see the perpatrator, Arc yells out to the man about 
    to enter the Shrine.  Kasadoll takes credit for the attack and laughs off 
    all of Arc's threats.  He runs off leaving you to fend off some rather large 
    BATTLE TACTICS: The Fleshrippers will be the first to come right at you
      which makes them pretty easy targets to surround.  By now (if you did
      some sidequest work, or leveled up a lot elsewhere) your group should
      be in the low 40's or high 30's and dealing large amounts of damage. 
      You can easily get by here just doing normal attacks or using any
      powerful spells can take them out in one hit.  Unless you've got an
      extremely weak character you won't even need healing magic or items. 
      After killing the Brainpicker, Poco will find an Atrophy Horn in the
    When the group squashes the insects, they run up to where Kasadoll is with 
    a few of his troops and then yells at him again.  Tired of being annoyed all 
    the time, he takes matters into his own hands (finally) and battles you 
    himself....with the help of 12 other enemies of course.  Did you really think 
    he'd start fighting for himself now?
    BATTLE TACTICS: Kasadoll aka the Fire Golem will stay up on his little
      platform the entire fight so you won't even need to worry about him
      until the end.  The spells used by the enemies are pretty pitiful
      with the weak Wind Slash spells they throw at you over and over
      again.  In fact, every monster you face here can be demolished with
      little or no effort.  Simply use things like 'Explosion' to take down
      a couple of them at a time and it'll go a lot faster.  The Fire Golem
      is a joke, just hit him 3-4 times using basic attacks (or once with
      the Lion Drum) and he falls faster than....a thing that falls fast.
    The party now has a meeting with the Water Guardian, you get the usual song 
    and dance.  Before leaving though, it'll give you the Water Stone and present 
    Chongara with a brand new summon: Fu-jin.  Also it asks you if you could 
    possibly help it out a little by killing even 10 monsters on the continent.  
    This is part of the Water Guardian Quest that you can read more about in the 
    Secrets/Sidequests part of this guide.  If you haven't done it before, now 
    is a good time to work on your sidequests.  You can get most of the characters 
    up really fast by doing the Niedel Tournament, those Ninja Lords will give 
    you a lot of experience and give you a quick boost.  Once you've finished 
    (and getting your Cure-All at Toyoke Forest), head off to Palencia Castle 
    --Palencia Castle--
    - Items
     Fire Stone
    Arc thanks Chopin for all his services along the way and says his goodbyes.  
    The group is met at the gates by two guards who are about to get Andel when 
    Iga and Tosh, in a most stealthy manner, take them out from behind.  The group 
    enters the warehouse and into an elevator via a door left open by a couple 
    of scientists.  At the bottom inside a labratory is the Fire Guardian being 
    held captive and stripped of its powers.  The head scientist sips a vile of 
    liquid and changes into a Wyvern.
    BATTLE TACTICS: By now all of your characters should be in the 50-60
      range, meaning that this isn't exactly a tough battle.  Just get Arc,
      Tosh, or Iga to head up and take out the Wyvern and any enemies along
      the way.  Gogen can take out a few with his spells if you don't feel
      like wasting your time on them with the main attackers.  You'll get a
      Hawk Statue for killing the Wyvern and after clearing the field, the
      party is off again.
    The Fire Guardian is understandably upset with humans and won't even help 
    you.  A somewhat moving speech is givin and its faith is restored, he offers 
    you a new summon, "Rai-Jin", and the Fire Stone.  With his last ounce of life, 
    the scientist pulls a switch which sets in motion a self-destruct sequence.  
    The group runs off to the elevator but a small pack of mosters appears behind 
    them.  Arc and Kukuru stay behind to fend off the creatures as the others 
    go ahead.
    BATTLE TACTICS: Another easy battle.  Arc can use his Burn Ground as a
      first attack to take out two of the Skeletons.  After that he can go
      ahead and kill the Soul Stealer (who leaves a Monolith Crest).  Just
      have Kukuru clean up the remains of the Skeletons since they'll do a
      good amount of damage if they hit her.  After beating the monsters
      here, two Fate Dragons will appear on the elevator ride up.  Have
      Kukuru use her Divine Judgement and Arc can either basic attack or
      use a spell.  The attacks from the Dragons are surprisingly weak,
      despite their fearsome appearence.  You'll get a Power Wrist and
      Warrior Charm for killing them.
    Your party rushes towards the exit where they are met by a somewhat amused 
    Andel.  He's left the king to die inside the throne room and runs out giggling 
    like a schoolgirl.  Arc rushes to his side where some awful truths about the 
    kings past is revealed.  The building starts to crumble and the king dies 
    as Arc holds him, and is urged to leave by the rest of the group.  The entire 
    palace is in ruins and a news report comes on in the city.  They believe the 
    person responsible for all this mess is Arc and crew, and Andel has created 
    a military state, is building "Palencia Tower".  Also you just miss the local 
    weather.  Once on the world map, visit the Forest Spirit and then go back 
    to Amaidar Temple to complete the second quiz.  You can recieve a Rune Ring 
    for this, see the Secrets/Sidequests section for more details.
    - Items
     Silk Belt
    Now that everyone on the continent is on the look-out for you, you can't just 
    walk in like normal anymore.  Instead Chongara comes up with a.....brilliant 
    plan and has the group dress up as Hemo-ji.  With some fast talking by "Don 
    Gava Hemochan", the group is allowed to enter Seirya.  Head over to Touvil 
    where Arc and Kukuru will head up to the top of Guardian Peak.  At the top 
    they have a touching moment (funny, didn't seem to notice eachother through 
    the whole game until now) and extinguish the flame.  The Ark Ghoul comes out 
    and says it will await you at the Ark.  On the way down, the duo is met by 
    a pretty big group of enemies.
    BATTLE TACTICS: You easily have the advantage in this fight since you
      have the entire field surrounded.  Tosh can take out most of the
      enemies on the bottom on his own while leaving the few stragglers to
      the rest of the pary.  Have Arc go ahead and wipe out all of the Arch
      Knights around the top and Kukuru can worry about the Dragonfly that
      loops around towards the top.  Really Arc and Tosh can clear the
      field by themselves, but its all up to you.
    With the flame extinguished and the party back on the map, head out for your 
    final visit to Toyoke Forest.  The Forest Spirit gives you a special prize 
    this time, the Silk Belt.  Though it really won't have much use now that the 
    party is already either maxed out or close to it, its still an excellent item.  
    When you are done, head back into Seirya.
    --Sabatico Falls--
    BATTLE TACTICS: Right as you enter the field you are in a fight.  Up
      the creek is some Arch Fiends and Ark Ghouls.  Like the previous
      fight, just use the strongest attacks, even basic attacks can do a
      lot of damage.  The faster characters will be doing most of the
      fighting while the support ones will catch up later and offer
      assistance.  Any attack will do, just watch your health since they
      can do a lot of damage.
    The group finds the waterfall and Gogen magically opens the door by putting 
    the stones into a pattern that resembles the Magic: the Gathering deckmaster 
    symbol.  They all enter and find the ark.  A voice tells you that you must 
    first show your purity by defeating your inner self, you are taken away to 
    the Illusion World where you begin the final battle.
    BATTLE TACTICS: There should be no surprises in this battle since you
      are fighting yourself.  You know all the attacks and what they can do
      to you.  The main thing you must do is get Chongara to search each of
      them before they are killed, its not easy since Dark Tosh, Dark Arc,
      and Dark Iga will come right out and hit the party causing you to
      counter.  Equip a pair of Hyper Boots on Chongara to make it faster
      and give yourself some breathing room.  The easiest way to have
      Chongara complete this is to use Gogen's Sleep spell on the enemies,
      they'll be knocked out for the entire fight.  Your spells work just
      like they were hitting any other enemy, so pick whichever you want. 
      Have Kukuru or Poco keep an eye on the HP levels and heal when needed
      since the spells are powerful.  For the most part this is an easy
      battle if the entire group is around max level.
    The voice will congatulate you on the victory and is very pleased with all 
    of you.  Each Guardian comes and offers you words of wisdom and encouragement 
    to rid the world of darkness for good.  Its a very happy moment with much 
    praise being sung in your name.  A final save is created for you.  After the 
    celebration, the group heads outside and is met by Andel, along with a minion 
    of soldiers.  They steal the Ark and run off with it.  A quake occurs near 
    Touvil and Kukuru is seperated from the rest of the group.  A giant tower 
    shoots up from the crack in the surface.  Later on, the rest of the group 
    board the Silver Noah and come up where Kukuru is standing.  A very sad moment 
    as the group says goodbye and she is left to protect the seal.  
    To be continued...
    VI. Item List
    -Name-                 -Effect-
    Atrophy Ball           Decreases Offense/Defense
    Attack Tonic           Temp Offense increases
    Big Bomb               Big explosion
    Bitter Leaf            Temp Defense increase
    Blindness Grass        Causes Blindness
    Cure-All               Recovers Statuses
    Energy Fruit           Recovers 60 HP
    Hard Nettle            Cures Silence
    Herb                   Recovers 20 HP
    Life Nut               Max HP +2
    Magic Leaf             + Magic ability
    Magic Sprig            Max MP +2
    Neba Neba              Temp Agility decrease
    Nettle                 Cures Stone
    Palo Nut               + Agility
    Paralysis Apple        Causes Paralysis
    Poison Berry           Poisons foes
    Power Apple            Gain a level
    Power Nut              + Offense
    Reco's Grass           Increases Defense ability
    Revival Tonic          Resurrects dead
    Rue's Satchel          Cures Paralysis
    Sacred Water           Cures Poison
    Sleep Ball             Causes Sleep
    Small Bomb             Small explosion
    Speed Satchel          Temp Agility increase
    Stone                  Causes damage when thrown
    Summon Pot             Summons Guardians (Chongara)
    VII. Accessories List
    Accessories are items you can equip on your characters to boost their various 
    stats, add different abilities, etc.  There is a rather large collection of 
    things to look for.  The accessories screen is set up like this:
              [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
              [9] [10][11] etc...
    Each number represents a different item, the following list will correspond 
    to the way it is set up on screen.
    [01]Fire Charm            Fire Attribute Protection
    [02]Ice Charm             Water Attribute Protection
    [03]Anti Hemo-ji          Prevents Hemo-ji Condition
    [04]Healing Charm         + HP Recovery
    [05]Silk Belt             Doubles battle EXP
    [06]Magic Card            + 10% Magic Ability
    [07]Insomnia Card         Sleep Protection
    [08]Power Gauntlet        + 30% Defense (Chongara)
    [09]Kaiser Glove          Level 1 Throw Ability
    [10]Phantom Gauntlet      + 50% Offense
    [11]Sunglasses            Darkness Protection
    [12]Hit Scroll            + Attack Hit Success
    [13]Throw Scroll          Changes Throw Ability
    [14]Deity Fist            + Strength Against Certain Foes
    [15]Violet Necklace       100% Hit Success
    [16]Necklace              HP Boost on Level Gain
    [17]Prayer Beads          + 30% Magic Ability (Gogen Only)
    [18]Senior Bandana        + Attack hit success
    [19]Whirlwind Bandana     + 10% Agility
    [20]Hyper Boots           + 30% Agility
    [21]Jump Boots            Level 1 Jump ability
    [22]Counter Bracelet      Counterattack Level 1
    [23]Junk Bracelet         Grab Level 1 ability
    [24]Skill Bracelet        Grab becomes Throw Back
    [25]Goddess Amulet        - 50% MP consumption
    [26]Power Wrist           + 30% Offense
    [27]Diel's Fang           + Counterattack Damage (Iga Only)
    [28]Monster Fang          CAUTION - Unknown Effect
    [29]Sea Breeze Harmony    Heals all friends each turn (Kukuru)
    [30]Shell                 Makes foes leave items
    [31]Unicorn Horn          + Monster treasure rate
    [32]Tragedy Glasses       CAUTION - Unknown Effect
    [33]Mirror                Stone Protection
    [34]Rune Ring             CAUTION - Unknown Effect (Arc)
    [35]Phantom Ring          + 50% Magic Ability
    [36]Magic Ring            + 30% Magic Ability
    [37]Toy Ring              Shift Flute Hits Entire Map (Poco)
    [38]Antidote Ring         Poison Protection
    [39]Phantom Shield        + 50% Defense Ability
    [40]Warrior Charm         + 30% Defense Ability
    [41]Elder's Charm         + 10% Defense Rate
    [42]Great Cane            + 70% Offense (Gogen)
    [43]Hell Scope            + Shingan-Ho Range (Iga)
    [44]King's Image          Get EXP of the Guardians (Chongara)
    [45]Hawk Statue           Silence Protection
    [46]Fiend Statue          + Dodge Ability
    [47]Short Sword           + 10% Offensive Ability
    [48]Phantom Sword         + Attack Range
    [49]Raila's Hairpin       Recovers Full HP (Kukuru)
    [50]Confusion Amulet      + Hit Ratio
    [51]Armor Stone           + 10% Defensive Ability
    [52]Romancing Stone 1     Unknown Properties (1 of 4)
    [53]Romancing Stone 2     Unknown Properties (2 of 4)
    [54]Romancing Stone 3     Unknown Properties (3 of 4)
    [55]Romancing Stone 4     Unknown Properties (4 of 4)
    [56]Sun Hat               Recovers HP Each Turn
    [57]Book of Flower        Increase Hit ratio (Tosh)
    [58]Book of Corvis        Global status protection
    [59]Music Book            + 30% Magic ability (Poco)
    [60]Monolith Crest        Paralyze Protection
    [61]Yukari's Crest        + Paralyze to Ouka raibaku zen (Tosh)
    [62]Flay's Crest          + Strength against certain foes
    [63]Hero Crest            Recovers MP every turn (Arc)
    [64] -Empty-              -Empty-
    VIII. Characters
    Arc, if you couldn't figure it out, is the protagonist in the Arc the Lad 
    series.  As most main characters are, he is well balanced in his Abilities 
    as well as in straight combat.  Not only does he have powerful attack spells, 
    but also has a very good healing spell.  Just and all around useful guy.  
    Another good thing is he can equip the Hero Crest accessory, meaning he can 
    infinatly use his healing and offensive spells if the other party memebers 
    run low on MP. 
    - Abilities
    Burn Ground        Destructive lava attack          Lvl.2
    Gale Flash         Outer space attack               Lvl.21
    Meteor Shower      Deadly meteor shower             Lvl.10
    Slow Enemy         Reduce enemy Agility             Lvl.6
    Total Healing      Heals and restores HP            Lvl.17
    Chongara is a greedy treasure hunter with some serious sharing and speaking 
    issues.  He pretty much takes care of the comic relief for the game as he 
    is always saying something goofy.  His basic attack is somewhat powerful but 
    his summons are really what makes him useful.  They really aren't offensive, 
    but more for additional little features (like the Monster Book and creating 
    tiles on the floor), though they can be vital to your victory.
    - Abilities
    Choko              Summon Choko                     N/A
    Fu-jin             Summon wind genie                N/A
     ~ Wind            Summon storm genie               N/A
    Kelack             Summon healing Kelack            N/A
     ~ Heal            Recover party HP                 N/A
    Mofly              Summon floor-making Mofly        N/A
     ~ Make Floor      Make floors to cross gaps        N/A
    Odon               Summon Odon                      N/A
     ~ Transfer        Shapeshift into enemy            N/A
    Search             Search monster stats             N/A
    What appears to be a frail old man is really well...a frail old man.  He's 
    not totally useless though, his big strong point is the powerful spells he 
    posesses.  Basically Gogen is a support character and is better suited in 
    being near the back of the fight.  His spells do have good range on them making 
    it easier for him to do damage without any being done to him.
    Diamond Dust       Destructive snowstorm            Lvl.
    Dream Knock        Put enemies to sleep             Lvl.
    Explosion          Engulf enemies in flame          Lvl.
    Flame Wall         Create fire wall                 Lvl.
    Teleport           Telepoert select area            Lvl.
    Thunderstorm       Destructive thunderstorm         Lvl.21
    Wind Slash         Destructive windstorm            Lvl.
    Iga is a former monk from the Amaidar Temple who joined after learning of 
    his master's true being.  A very powerful martial artist both physically and 
    mentally, he can be a real asset when it counts.  His attack power is excellent, 
    even basic attacks can do a big amount of damage to any enemy.  His defense 
    is also pretty good which means he can absorb a lot of hits without you needing 
    to worry about healing after every turn.
    Kishinryu-eiha     Cast shadow-self at enemy        Lvl.29
    Messho-reppa       Break weaker enemies             Lvl.30
    Ryusei-baku        Engulf foes in a tornado         Lvl.27
    Senpu-gekishu      Attack enemies all around        Lvl.25
    Shingan-Ho         Mark enemies for death           N/A
    Taima-kodan        Laser bomb marked enemies        N/A
    Kukuru's main strength is her very long range.  Her spells are mainly support 
    spells, so she can easily get to other party memebers in need quickly and 
    heal them.  She's also a pretty powerful fighter but lacks in the defensive 
    area.  Kukuru is alright to have on the front line but keeping her in the 
    second string would be a wise decision.
    - Abilities
    Antidote           Cure Poison                      Lvl.
    Cure               Recover HP                       Lvl.
    Divide             Steal foe's HP and give to party Lvl.26
    Divine Judgement   Laser-wielding angel...          Lvl.
    Refresh            Recover conditions               Lvl.
    Resurrect          Returns characters to life
    Silencer           Steal foe's magic casting        Lvl.
    Poco is pretty strong when it comes to straight fighting but is just a little 
    better in the Abilities area.  His spells are mainly for support such as 
    healing, and boosting stats for the current fight.  These can greatly increase 
    the odds of your victory as it'll bring more power to the party as a whole.  
    He can get right in and fight hand-to-hand, just keep him behind the main 
    - Abilities
    Battle Drum        Increase party offense          Lvl.
    Cheer Trumpet      Attack foes by using spooks     N/A
    Healing Harp       Recovers HP                     Lvl.
    Lion Drum          Cause wave motion explosion     N/A
    Shift Flute        Align all to same direction...  N/A
    Slow Bass          Reduce enemy Agility            Lvl.
    Speed Ocarina      Increase party Agility          Lvl.
    Tosh is a pure offensive fighter.  His attacks and Abilities are very powerful 
    and can deal some major damage.  He is especially useful in tight situations 
    where a lot of brute force is needed.  Definatley one to keep on the front 
    line as he can take and deal a lot.  Since he will be fighting out there and 
    getting delt a lot of damage, its best to keep watch over him and make sure 
    to keep a support character nearby to heal his wounds.  
    - Abilities
    Jubakuzen          Paralysis Curse slash           Lvl.
    Koei-zen           Tiger shadow slash              Lvl.25
    Ouka-raibaku-zen   Cherry blossom thunder slash    Lvl.28
    Shinkuzen          Vacuum slash 2 squares forward  Lvl.
    IX. Enemy List
    Item drops correspond to the locations.  Example:
    -Name-            -Location-                -Item Drop-
    Evil Bonze        Palencia C., N. Forest    Jump Boots, Sleep Ball
    Ghost             Colbo P., Palencia C.     Sacred Water, Power Apple
    Evil Bonze will drop the Jump Boots when battling it at Palencia Castle, it 
    drops the Sleep Ball when fought at Nicarus Forest.  The same goes for the 
    Ghost, it drops Sacred Water at Colbo Plain, Power Apple at Palencia Castle.  
    Also, if there is a number in parentheses such as "(15)", this means it can 
    be found on the 15th floor of the Forbidden Ruins, just a space-saver for 
    some of the ones I can't fit the entire thing on.
    -Name-           -Location-                -Item Drop-
    Amaidar Monk     Amaidar Temple            Prayer Beads
    Arch Fiend       Forbidden Ruins (30)      Cure-All
    Arch Knight      Forbidden Ruins ( )       Energy Fruit
    Ark Ghoul        Forbidden Ruins (47)      Poison Berry
    Assassin         Arena                     Big Bomb
    Black Knight     Arena                     Cure-All
    Blood Fiend      Arena, (20)               Neba Neba
    Blood Knight     Forbidden Ruins (5,6,23)  Energy Fruit
    Blood Skeleton   Saryu Village             Bitter Leaf
    Blood Slime      Amaidar Proving Grounds   Cure-All
    Bloodweed        R. Woods, Toyoko F., (16) Neba Neba
    Boogie Man       Mt. Amaidar, (8)          AntidoteRing/Herb/E.Fruit
    Brainpicker      Water Shrine              Antidote Ring
    Choko            Forbidden Ruins (50)      Neba Neba
    Dark Arc         Illusion World            Revival Tonic
    Dark Chongara    Illusion World            Neba Neba
    Dark Gogen       Illusion World            Cure-All
    Dark Iga         Illusion World            ---
    Dark Kukuru      Illusion World            Energy Fruit
    Dark Monk        Water Shrine              Bitter Leaf
    Dark Poco        Illusion World            ---
    Dark Tosh        Illusion World            Energy Fruit
    Demi Monk        Forbidden Ruins (4,5,23)  Nettle
    Doll Master      Palencia Castle, (27,28)  Paralysis Apple/Fiend Statue
    Dragonfly        Ishima Rocks              Sleep Ball
    Dream Cloud      Forbidden Ruins (10)      Herb
    Evil Bonze       Palencia C.,N.Forest,(13) Jump Boots, Sleep Ball
    Fate Dragon      Forbidden Ruins (48)      Bitter Leaf
    Fire Elemental   Colbo Plain, (9)          Stone
    Fire Golem       Water Shrine              Hawk Statue
    Fleshpicker      Forbidden Ruins (49)      Herb
    Fleshripper      Water Shrine              Energy Fruit
    Funeral Pyre     Amaidar Proving Grounds   Small Bomb
    Ghost            Colbo P.,Palencia C.,(11) Sacred Water, Power Apple
    Ghoul            Palencia Castle, (19,20)  Rue's Satchel
    Giant Bat        Azenda Highland, (24,25)  Speed Satchel
    Great Serpent    ???                       Neba Neba
    Green Slime      Colbo P., Palencia C.,(8) Herb, Palo Nut
    Gutwrencher      Forbidden Ruins (49)      Sleep Ball 
    Hellhound        Forbidden Ruins (50)      Stone
    Iga              Amaidar Temple            Short Sword
    Illusion Flame   Illusion World            Herb
    Illusion Lord    Illusion World            Armor Stone
    Insane Minotaur  Saryu Village, (46)       Atrophy Ball
    Mad Monk         Forbidden Ruins (9)       Poison Berry
    Mad Puppeteer    Amaidar Proving Grounds   Rue's Satchel
    Maneater         Saryu Village             Blindness Grass
    Medusa Lizard    Raiden Ruins              Nettle
    Mighty Fly       S. Marsh, T.Forest, (18)  Small Bomb, Revival Tonic
    Necromancer      Water Shrine              Cure-All
    Ninja            Toyoke F., P.Castle, (21) Hit Scroll, Senior Bandana
    Ninja Lord       Arena, (46,47)            Cure-All
    Novice Monk      Amaidar Temple            Attack Tonic
    Poison Cloud     Forbidden Ruins (6,7,29)  Atrophy Ball
    Shadow Skeleton  Forbidden Ruins ( )       Sacred Water
    Skeleton         Nicarus Forest, (14,15)   Bitter Leaf
    Soul Flame       Forbidden Ruins (45,46)   Hard Nettle
    Soul Reaper      Forbidden Ruins (7,28,29) Attack Tonic
    Soul Stealer     Forbidden Ruins (48)      Rue's Satchel
    Stone Golem      Azenda Highland, (10)     Deity Fist, Small Bomb
    Stone Jackal     Azenda Highland, (25,26)  Atrophy Ball/CounterBracelet
    Vampire Bat      Training Grounds,W.Shrine Speed Satchel
    Voodoo Man       Forbidden Ruins (3,4,21)  Hard Nettle
    Warlord          R.Woods,S.Marsh, (17,18)  Attack Tonic
    Water Slime      Mt. Amaidar, (26,27)      Power Jelly/Palo Nut
    Werewolf         Forbidden Ruins (2,3)     Speed Satchel
    Wicked Monk      Ishima Rocks              Blindness Grass
    Wild Himo-ji     Mt. Amaidar               P.Jelly/JunkBracelet/B.Bomb
    Witch Doctor     Palencia C.,N.Forest,(12) Magic Card, Hard Nettle
    Wizard           Forbidden Ruins (50)      Poison Berry
    Wraith           R. Woods, T. Forest (15)  Blindness Grass
    Wyvern           Forbidden Ruins (  )      Attack Tonic
    Zombie           Colbo Plain, (11)         Poison Berry
    X. Secrets/Side Quests
    As you progress through the game there are some items that normally wouldn't 
    pick up had you just gone straight through.  That is where this section comes 
    in handy, it will guide you through the "extra" parts of the game where you 
    can pick up some things that may help you greatly on your journey...
    - Contents:
     A. Romancing Stones
     B. Silk Belt
     C. Forbidden Ruins 
     D. Amaidar Proving Grounds
     E. Niedel Tournament
     F. Water Guardian Quest
     G. Chongara's Monster Book
                          A. Romancing Stones
    The Romancing Stones are four accessories that are found in the first Arc 
    game and if missed, cannot be found until Arc III.  Also, the order you gain 
    them is a little odd, you'll get the third one before the second, why they 
    did it that way is beyond me.  Equipping all four of them on a character will 
    allow them to use spells and they cost no MP at all.  Here are the times and 
    locations to get them:
    1. Go to Touvil (your home) after your house is burnt down and walk
       around its remains.  In the back right corner of the house, press X
       until you pick up the stone.
    2. Head back to Touvil once Iga joins you and check the mailbox.
    3. After Gogen joins the party it will be in your inventory.
    4. 50th floor of Forbidden Ruins, chest next to the throne.
                            B. Silk Belt
    This is undoubtedly the most hidden accessory in the game, missing it is very 
    easy if you don't know what you are doing.  The steps must be performed at 
    the right time and missing even one will not allow you to get the Silk Belt.  
    Make it a habit of heading straight to the Forest Spirit after every Guardian 
    you meet.  These steps begin after you have met the Forest Spirit, you will 
    need to go back and visit it at these times:
    1. Right after you talk to the Forest Spirit the first time, go back
       and talk to it again.  Do it before Gogen joins the group.
    2. Head back once you recieve the Light Orb, go before meeting Iga.
    3. Once you obtain the Earth Orb, go before heading to Niedel.
    4. Talk to her again after obtaining the Wind Stone.
    5. After meeting the Water Guardian, head back.
    6. After meeting the Fire Guardian, visit again.
    7. Head back for the final time after extinguishing the flame cion.
    In addition, each time you visit the Forest Spirit (following the above steps), 
    you'll earn an item to help you out in the game.  Remember that you can go 
    back to it whenever you want to pick up a free Cure-All, its time consuming 
    but you can net a ton of them if you want.
    1. Cure-All                 5. Cure-All
    2. Cure-All                 6. Cure-All
    3. Cure-All, Throw Scroll   7. Silk Belt
    4. Cure-All
                            C. Forbidden Ruins
    This is the one of the most daunting tasks you'll ever try to complete in 
    the game.  The Ruins are 50 floors long.  Only attempt this mission if your 
    characters are extremely high leveled as you'll need all the help you can 
    get.  Going through it with the characters around level 55 will be pretty 
    easy, won't even need to heal much.  The items listed here are the ones you 
    can find in the chests along the way.  Most of them, such as the accessories, 
    are only available once, but others like the regular items will regenerate 
    every time you enter the room.
    -Flr--Enemies-                  -Items-
      1  Warlord                    Revival Tonic, Herb
      2  Werewolf                   Big Bomb, Speed Satchel
      3  Voodoo Man, Werewolf       Skill Bracelet
      4  Voodoo Man, Demi Monk      Stone, Atrophy Ball, Insomnia Card
      5  Blood Knight, Demi Monk    Paralysis Apple, Summon Pot, Small Bomb
      6  Blood Knight,PoisonCloud   Bitter Leaf, Energy Fruit, Power   Gauntlet
      7  PoisonCloud, Soul Reaper   Rue's Satchel, Blindness Grass, Hell Scope
      8  Boogie Man, Green Slime    Sunglasses, Revival Tonic  
      9  Fire Elemental, Mad Monk   Nettle, Fire Charm
     10  Dream Cloud, Stone Golem   Attack Tonic, Fire Charm
     11  Ghost, Zombie              Flay's Crest, Power Nut, Cure-All
     12  Ghost, Witch Doctor        Ice Charm, Stone, Neba Neba
     13  Evil Bonze, Witch Doctor   Revival Tonic, Magic Ring, Sleep Ball
     14  Evil Bonze, Skeleton       Unicorn Horn, Sleep Ball, Speed Satchel
     15  Wraith, Skeleton           Speed Satchel, Sleep Ball, Power Wrist
     16  Wraith, Bloodweed          Sacred Water, Power Jelly, Anti Hemo-ji
     17  Warlord, Bloodweed         Power Jelly, Healing Charm
     18  Warlord, Mighty Fly        Mirror, Blindness Grass
     19  Ghoul, Mighty Fly          Energy Fruit, Sea Breeze Harmony
     20  Ghoul, Blood Fiend         Neba Neba, Violet Necklace, Herb, Blind.G.
     21  Voodoo Man, Ninja          Cure-All, Music Book
     22  Voodoo Man, Demi Monk      Hyper Boots, Sacred Water
     23  Blood Knight, Demi Monk    Yukari's Crest, Attack Tonic
     24  Blood Knight, Giant Bat    Bitter Leaf, Power Apple
     25  Stone Jackal, Giant Bat    Power Wrist, Herb
     26  Stone Jackal, Water Slime  Fire Charm, Sacred Water
     27  Doll Master, Water Slime   Life Nut, Nettle, Poison Berry, Rue's Satchel
     28  Doll Master, Soul Reaper   Phantom Gauntlet
     29  Poison Cloud, Soul Reaper  Sunglasses, Hard Nettle
     30  Arch Fiend                 Atrophy Ball, Anti Hemo-ji, Speed Sat., Stone
     31  Boogie Man, Mad Monk       Energy Fruit, Insomnia Card
     32  Black Knight, Mad Monk     Power Apple, Small Bomb
     33  Black Knight, W. Hemo-ji   Hawk Statue, Attack Tonic
     34  Blood Skeleton, W.Hemo-ji  Stone, (2)Power Jelly, (2)Herb, Neba Neba,
                                    Energy Fruit, Hit Scroll
     35  Blood Skeleton, Hellhound  Diety Fist, Rue's Satchel, Small Bomb
     36  Assassin, Hellhound        Power Jelly, Mirror, Herb, Small Bomb, E.Fruit
     37  Assassin, Vampire Bat      Shell
     38  Maneater, Vampire Bat      Neba Neba, Magic Ring
     39  Wyvern                     Stone, Herb, Antidote Ring
     40  Dark Monk, Necromancer     Sleep Ball, Sacred Water, Book of Flower
     41  Dark Monk, Arch Knight     Sleep Ball, Neba Neba, Phantom Shield,
                                    Sacred Water, Herb
     42  Shadow Skeleton, A.Knight  Herb, Phantom Sword, Sacred Water
     43  Shadow Skeleton, B.Slime   (2)Herb, Great Cane
     44  Mad Puppeteer, B. Slime    Sun Hat
     45  M.Puppet.,S.Golem,S.Flame  Phantom Ring
     46  Ninja L.,S.Flame,Insane M. Necklace
     47  Ninja Lord, Ark Ghoul      Diel's Fang
     48  Fate Dragon, Soul Stealer  Raila's Hairpin
     49  Fleshpicker, Gutwrencher   ---
     50  Choko, Wizard, Hellhound   Romancing Stone 4, Sleep Ball, Speed Satchel,
                                    Rue's Satchel, (2)Energy Fruit, (2)S. 
                        D. Amaidar Proving Grounds
    There are two parts to the Proving grounds, one is to train your body and 
    soul, the other for your mind.  Body and soul is a series of 10 battles you 
    must survive (don't have to do them all at once), and mind is a set of two 
    quizes about general Arc the Lad knowledge from the game.  The quiz answers 
    are first, then the battle list.
                                 - Quiz 1 -
    1 - Q: How many characters are there in your party?
        A: Seven
    2 - Q: Who joined the quest right after Poco?
        A: Kukuru
    3 - Q: What is Tosh's strongest special ability?
        A: Ouka raibaku zen
    4 - Q: What is the minister's name in Palencia castle?
        A: Andel
    5 - Q: What is the Guardian you met in Millmana?
        A: None
    6 - Q: Name of the royal airship given to you by the King of Seriya.
        A: Silver Noah
    7 - Q: Which instrument DOESN'T Poco play?
        A: Autoharp
    8 - Q: What is the name of Arc's special ability that draws...?
        A: Gale Flash
    9 - Q: Where is it said you will meet friends who will share...?
        A: Gate to Palencia Castle
    For completing the first quiz game you get the Accessory 'Monolith Crest'.  
    Hopefully that wasn't to hard on you, had you payed attention through the 
    game it should have been pretty easy.  There is also a second quiz game to 
    complete after meeting the Fire Guardian, the questions and answers are as 
                                 - Quiz 2 -
    1 - Q: Who is wanted by the castle guard for unspecified crimes...?
        A: Tosh
    2 - Q: General Yagun has a pet.  What is it?
        A: Monkey
    3 - Q: What is Arc's full name?
        A: Arc Ricolne
    4 - Q: What was the name of the monster that held Gogen?
        A: Illusion Lord
    5 - Q: Where is Hemo-ji's native habitat?
        A: Amaidar Mountain
    6 - Q: What is the name of Arc's fater?
        A: Yoshua
    7 - Q: What is Arc's mother's name?
        A: Polta
    8 - Q: What is the name of Kukuru's clan?
        A: Sacred White Clan
    9 - Q: What is Poco's choice in comfortable adventure-wear?
        A: Spandex
    10 - Q: Who is the flight attendant on Silver Noah and a friend of Bach?
         A: Chopin
    11 - Q: In what country did you discover spies?
         A: Millmana
    12 - Q: What symbol do you find on the save data screen?
         A: Title logo
    13 - Q: What is the name of the Guardian Force at Chongara's shop?
         A: Odon
    14 - Q: The sequel to Arc the Lad...
         A: is packed-in!
    15 - Q: How many people are there on the staff that made Arc the Lad?
         A: Too many.
    16 - Q: In a military office in the capital city, a dungeon with...?
         A: is being built
    17 - Q: What lies at the very bottom of the Forbidden Ruins?
         A: It's a secret
    18 - Q: How many people can you see when the door of the temple is open?
         A: 21
    19 - Q: Which item did Chongara find at the Ancient Monolith?
         A: Great item
    20 - Q: Choko is...
         A: cute
    For correctly answering this pretty big set of questions, you are presented 
    with a Rune Ring from the monks.  Congratulations!
                                  - Battles -
    1.  Green Slime      x16     
    2.  Fire Elemental   x16      
    3.  Doll Master      x16     NOTE: In the 6th battle you'll face a pack
    4.  Giant Bat        x16      of 16 Wild Hemo-ji.  After beating all of
    5.  Water Slime      x16      them, there will be a little cut-scene
    6.  Wild Hemo-ji     x16      with Chongara.  A pure Hemo-ji will come
    7.  Vampire Bat      x16      out and after a short exchange, Chongara
    8.  Soul Flame       x16      gets a new summon: Hemo-ji.
    9.  Mad Puppeteer    x16
    10. Blood Slime      x16
    11. Funeral Pyre     x16
    After completing the eleven trials, the monks will present you with a special 
    artifact, the Monster Fang.  Once you've beaten these trials you cannot do 
    them again.
                          E. Niedel Tournament
    When you visit Niedel for the first time, you have to fight in the tournament.  
    Choosing Poco would have gotten you a Toy Ring in addition to the Wind Orb 
    if you won the championship.  Now the tournament is opened again and entering 
    can get you some really useful items, it just takes forever to do.  To earn 
    the items you must complete a certain amount of battles, you'll realize just 
    how long this is going to take if you try for the 1,000 battle mark.  You 
    can only select one prize for each mark you complete, but after winning 1,000 
    matches you'll get to keep every item offered to you throughout the tournament.  
    The amounts of fights and items offered are as follows:
    - 10 Battles                 - 20 Battles
     1. Power Apple               1. Power Nut
     2. Big Bomb                  2. Palo Nut
     3. Atrophy Ball              3. Life Nut
     4. Revival Tonic             4. Magic Sprig
    - 40 Battles                 - 80 Battles
     1. Ice Charm                 1. Insomnia Card
     2. Fire Charm                2. Anti Hemo-ji
     3. Magical Card              3. Mirror
     4. Whirlwind Bandanna        4. Sunglasses
    - 120 Battles                - 160 Battles
     1. Diel's Fang               1. Power Wrist
                                  2. Hyper Boots
                                  3. Healing Charm
                                  4. Shell
    - 200 Battles                - 1,000 Battles
     1. Phantom Gauntlet          1. All of the above 
                                  2. Violet Necklace
                                  3. Unicorn Horn
                        F. Water Guardian Quest
    After reaching the continent of Zariban you will meet the Water Guardian.  
    Before leaving it mentions something about helping it kill at least 10 enemies 
    to help it out.  There are a few extra accessories and items you can get here 
    for killing a certain amount of enemies around the continent.  Either go to 
    Ishima Rocks, Raiden Ruins, or Salyan Desert and defeat the monsters.  When 
    you killed as many as you wish, head back and talk with the Guardian and it'll 
    present you with a gift based on the amount defeated.  Note that every time 
    you visit the Guardian your total resets.
    EXAMPLE: Killing 10 monsters gets you a Big Bomb.  In order to get the
      Goddess Amulet, you'd still have to kill 30 more enemies, not 20.
    -Kills-     -Prize-
      10        Big Bomb
      20        Big Bomb
      30        Goddess Amulet
      ??        Stone
      ??        Power Apple
      ??        Confusion Amulet
      ??        Cheer Trumpet
    I'm not exactly sure how the numbers for the last four work.  Just go to a 
    small place with a bunch of enemies (like the Raiden Ruins) and fight about 
    6-8 battles then go and talk with the Water Guardian, it won't take long for 
    it to hand over the Cheer Trumpet and Confusion Amulet.  Before talking with 
    it, save the game and if you don't get the desired prize, reset and keep 
    fighting and coming back until you do.
                       G. Chongara's Monster Book
    One of Chongara's spells is called 'Search'.  This will enable you to see 
    the monster's stats, attacks, and what item it has.  Whenever used on a monster 
    it will also fill out an entry in Chongara's Monster Book.  You can see the 
    ones you've collected so far by pressing Select in battle and going into the 
    book at the bottom of the list.  Check the Monster List part of my guide to 
    see where these enemies can be found.  If you complete the entire book, once 
    you've completed the game you can load up your save and go to Niedel.  You'll 
    now have the option to enter into the "Black Tournament" where you will fight 
    the dark versions of yourself.
    0.  Arc             
    1.  Kukuru          11. Ninja            21. Stone Jackal
    2.  Tosh            12. Witch Doctor     22. Mighty Fly
    3.  Poco            13. Warlord          23. Werewolf
    4.  Gogen           14. Evil Bonze       24. Blood Skeleton
    5.  Iga             15. Giant Bat        25. Shadow Skeleton
    6.  Chongara        16. Doll Master      26. Wraith
    7.  Skeleton        17. Soul Reaper      27. Ghoul
    8.  Ghost           18. Fire Elemental   28. Water Slime
    9.  Zombie          19. Bloodweed        29. Blood Slime
    10. Green Slime     20. Dream Cloud      30. Assassin
    31. Ninja Lord      41. Hellhound        51. Soul Flame
    32. Voodoo Man      42. Soul Stealer     52. Funeral Pyre
    33. Boogie Man      43. Vampire Bat      53. Wild Hemo-ji
    34. Necromancer     44. Blood Knight     54. Blood Fiend
    35. Wizard          45. Black Knight     55. Arch Fiend
    36. Demi Monk       46. Arch Knight      56. Stone Golem
    37. Mad Monk        47. Poison Cloud     57. Wyvern
    38. Dark Monk       48. Medusa Lizard    58. Insane Minotaur
    39. Wicked Monk     49. Dragonfly        59. Ark Ghoul
    40. Mad Puppeteer   50. Maneater         60. Fire Golem
    61. Fate Dragon     71. Fu-jin
    62. Great Serpent   72. Rai-jin
    63. Novice Monk     73. Odon 
    64. Amaidar Monk    74. Hemo-ji
    65. Brainpicker     75. Dark Arc
    66. Fleshripper     76. Dark Kukuru
    67. Gutwrencher     77. Dark Tosh
    68. Fleshpicker     78. Dark Poco
    69. Kelack          79. Dark Gogen
    70. Mofly           80. Dark Iga
                        81. Dark Chongara
                           22222222222   22222222222
                            222222222     222222222
                            222222222     222222222
          ____              222222222__   222222222 ___                 ___
         /   /              |       ^  |  222222222 \  /                \  |
        /   |               | /| |\ || |  222222222 | |                  | |
       /  . | --,--.  ,---. |/2| |2\|| |__222,222.2 | |     ,----,' ,---,| |
      / , | | \ ,-. \/  ,. \222| |222|  _ \ / ._. \ | |    /  ,   |/  ,  ' |
     ; /__| | | | '-'|  |'-'222| |222| | | ||  ___| | |  /||  | | ||  | |  |
     | ___  | | |    |  \/ |222| |222| | | ||  \/ \ | |_/ ||  |/  ||  |/   |
    /__\ / __\ __\    \____/22/___\2/___/___\\____//______| \___/__\\____/__\
                            222222222     222222222
                            222222222     222222222 
                            222222222     222222222
                           22222222222   22222222222
                     Written By: James Pelchar [jesterguy]
                        Email: hyper_mickey@hotmail.com      
    I.    Game Basics
    II.   Walkthrough
    III.  Item List
    IV.   Equipment List
    V.    Characters
    VI.   Enemy List
    VII.  Secrets/Sidequests
    VIII. Legal
    IX.   Credits
    NOTE: All information included in this guide is based on Arc II with a
          converted save from Arc I.  
    I. Game Basics
    -Battle Controls-
    D-Pad:    Move Character
    Circle:   Abilities
    Triangle: End Turn
    Square:   Main Menu
    X:        Attack
    L1+R1:    Free Cursor 
    Start:    Pause
    Select:   Options Menu
    -Map Controls-
    D-Pad:    Move Character
    Square:   Main Menu
    X:        Confirm/Run   
    L1/R1:    Run
    L2/R2:    Change Character
    - When you start up Arc II there will be a 'convert' option that you
      can select.  If you beat the game and saved when prompted after the
      final battle, you can load up that file onto here before starting
      your new game.
    - Always check the monster bounty pictures when you go into a new
      Hunter's Guild!  Nuff' said.
    II. Walkthrough
    You view a field littered with bodies, a few soldiers stand around and have 
    obviously been the ones behind this killing spree.  The leader of the men 
    and a few other troopers are attempting to steal a giant statue of the Fire 
    Guardian as the villagers attempt to resist.  The guns are raised and a boy 
    named Elc runs in front to try and stop the imminent slaughter.  The villagers 
    are all killed, Elc's own father and grandfather are massacred right before 
    his eyes.  In a blind rage, Elc takes out most of the soldiers with a powerful 
    fire spell.  More arrive and overwhelm the boy, the Silver Noah is called 
    and lifts the statue from the village.  Elc is taken along as well.  He suddenly 
    wakes up, this isn't the first time this dream has occured.  Head to the door 
    and Lynx will tell you to get to the Hunter's Guild immediatly.
    Sitting on the counter is a journal, this is how you save the game in Arc 
    II.  Save if you wish, or get some very basic tips from Denim to your left.  
    Before leaving, check the pictures on the wall for bounties!  Talk to the 
    man at the counter and he gives you a job to complete.  Someone at the skyport 
    is causing trouble, you'll get paid 2,000G for finishing the job.  When you 
    are ready, exit the guild.
                                    Aldia Skyport
    - Items
     Gale Bandana
    There is a crazed man holding a girl hostage inside, also he's demanding for 
    the skyport to be shutdown.  Apparently this request ties in with some VIPs 
    flying in sometime soon.  Elc bursts through a window behind the man and the 
    girl runs off as the criminal is distracted.  When the battle begins, hit 
    the guy twice and he'll teleport towards the door and run off to the airship.  
    Before chasing him down, talk with the hostage and she'll give you a Gale 
    Bandana.  Enter the ship and head off to find this character.
    The first door to your right has a girl and her fearsome looking pet named 
    Paundit.  After a short exchange you should head to the end of the hall and 
    up onto the deck where the fleeing suspect has ran.  The guy you are chasing 
    is named Alfred, he'll release a bunch of Giant Bats for you to tangle with 
    first.  The girl (Lieza) and her pet come and heal you and assist in the fight.  
    Basic attacks are all thats needed here, you won't even have to heal.  Once 
    you've taken down all the bats, and gianed a few levels in the process, head 
    for Alfred.  Attacking him close range is the best, the attacks you take from 
    2 steps out will only deal minimum damage.  Just gang up on him with all three 
    and he'll go down within a couple turns.
    Alfred starts to reveal details about a group called "The Cabal", but is shot 
    before he can say any more.  A load of mobsters appear and demand that the 
    Lieza be handed over.  Elc has a quick flashback and while the mobsters are 
    off-guard, he slices one open.  Paundit does the same and the trio makes their 
    escape.  A mobster with an itch trigger finger shoots Lieza, but not fatally.  
    When you get onto the world map, head west and across the bridge to Indigos.
    Luckily you've got a friend named Shu that lives here, he lends you his 
    apartment while he goes off to do something.  You can take a nap on the couch 
    and save if needed.  Go into the Hunter's Guild and speak with the man at 
    the counter, then to the only other guy standing in the room.  He'll direct 
    you to the tavern.  Head to the tavern as a somewhat angry man exits.  Talk 
    to the barkeeper and he tells you the man that just passed was the doctor 
    and was headed to Ruin Town.
    Arriving at Ruin Town you'll see Dr. Lado being approached by an angry monster 
    trying to take revenge for a previous incident.  Elc rushes in and you must 
    defeat the beast.  It really should take only 2 hits or so, assuming that 
    it doesn't dodge any of the attacks.  If necessary, use an Herb to keep you 
    alive but you most likely won't need to do that.  The Doctor hears you out 
    and runs back to Indigos to cure Lieza.  Now feeling better, Lieza gives a 
    brief history of the events that transpired moments before meeting with you 
    on the airship.  Your group then decides to turn in for the night and Elc 
    has his usual haunting dream.  
    At this point it's a good idea to head back over into Ruin Town and do some 
    leveling up.  You can easily reach around level 10 just fighting the monsters 
    outside.  Also if you go into the Abandoned Building, you can defeat the wanted 
    monster 'Golza' upstairs for a bounty (if you checked the posters back 
    Prodias).  You can even get a Scimitar weapon from the Robber enemies outside, 
    just keep fighting and one will drop eventually.  When you've leveled, go 
    back to Indigos and to the Hunter's Guild.  Take on the job that the man tells 
    you to and the group is taken to a little alleyway.  When the monsters come 
    up from behind you just kill a few until the police come and start battling 
    with them.  A voice from a door calls you and leads you back to the safety 
    of the tavern.  Her name is Shante, and she offers to give you information 
    for a mere 150G.  Go back to Shu's apartment and he'll join the party, get 
    some rest and save.  If you need money, do some Hunter's Guild jobs, the 
    solutions can be found in the Secrets/Sidequests part of this guide.
    Once it's night out, go to the tavern where you'll be met not by Shante, but 
    a very odd monster wanting you to join him.  A few robbers will come up on 
    you as well, a very easy battle, just do basic attacks and you'll easily win.  
    The scene will switch over to Arc, Tosh, and Poco ariving at a secret lab 
    in Romalia.  After learing about a mind control device about to be used, you 
    can have some fun absolutely destroying the monsters in the room.  When you 
    are finished, have Elc and the rest head to Prodias.
    - Items
    Elc shows everyone around his apartment and you can name the dog, get some 
    sleep.  Head out into the town to gather some information about current events.  
    You can go into the Smith Shop down the road from the apartment to raise the 
    levels on your weapons.  After you're done in town, go to Hien Port to meet 
    Lynx and get a Ticket for the statue ceremony.  Go over to the Ceremony 
    Pavilion and the speech will begin.  It is interrupted by the Silver Noah 
    and Gogen uses his magic to destroy the statue.  Enraged, Elc gets his airship 
    to chase down the Silver Noah and take his revenge.  The small airship goes 
    down and crashes on some strage island...
                                  Yudo Village
    - Items
     Doggie Treat
     Revenge Bandanna
     Senior Bandanna
     Small Sword
    You'll meet the scientist who saved you, a very grumpy man.  Go upstairs and 
    Save on the table if you need to and head into the village.  There is a house 
    with a dog fenced in outside, talk to the girl outside and she'll give you 
    a doggie treat if you did the guild job before in Indigos.  Go inside that 
    house and grab the Small Sword from the chest.  Walk left of the chest and 
    there'll be a secret passage that leads to a chest containing a Senior 
    Bandanna.  Go out and there is a hut directly left of this one, a semi-hidden 
    enterance is at the back of the house, this leads you to a chest with a Revenge 
    Bandanna in it.  If you need any items visit the lady sitting down on the 
    carpet and finish up in town.  Go downstairs into the Doctor's lab and into 
    the back room.  A person will run in informing you all that Lia is in trouble.  
    It's off to the Sealed Ruins!
                                  Sealed Ruins
    - Items
     Magic Apple
     Reco's Grass
     Recover Fruit
    -Flr-  -Enemies-               -Items-
      1                            Defender
      4    -None-                  -None-
      5                            Dagger+0, Reco's Grass
      6                            Recover Fruit
      7                            Magic Apple, Cure-All
      8                            Full Power Fruit, Revival Dust
    On the 3rd floor you will find Lia in quite a bit of trouble.  There is a 
    robot sticking out of the wall that kills all of the enemies in one shot, 
    saving the girl.  The Doctor will thank you for bringing back Lia safely and 
    apologizes for being so mean during your visit.  He offers to fix your airship 
    in exchange for bringing back the robot in the Ruins.  If you go back and 
    sleep right now you can view a little memory from Elc in his playground days.  
    Head into the ruins and when you reach the 3rd floor the robot speaks to you, 
    saying you must find it's Power unit (1/20?) for him to get out.  So keep 
    going down until you reach the bottom floor where you'll be ambushed by some 
    semi-tough monsters.  Also, you can get 2 good weapons in here from the enemies: 
    EarthLong Sword, _______.
    It's really a good idea to take them out one by one, if you gang up on them 
    like that then you'll recieve a lot less damage as opposed to each person 
    going after their own.  Lieza can be used as a healer with her spells, Herbs 
    you own and the other two should go for the attacks.  After beating the enemies 
    you'll get the Power Unit and it goes into Diekbeck blasts himself out and 
    promptly collapses.  Back in town, sleep and you'll see a long scene with 
    Lieza and Elc on the beach.  As the two head back to the home, the mobsters 
    have come into the lab threatening the doctor.  This is a really easy fight, 
    just kill them all however you wish and the next morning your airship will 
    be ready.  Head out to the skyport and the doctor tells you to come back later 
    and pick up Diek to assist you.
    - Items
    Before continuing on with the story, take some time to kill off a few Wanted 
    Monsters.  Make sure you've read the posters inside the Hunter's Guilds before 
    doing this though.  Hold off on doing the new job available at the Guild in 
    1. Boosee - You can find him at the Wastelands.
    2. Leland - Located in the first part of Ruin Town.
    3. Aju    - Down in the sewers at Aldia.
    Go into Shu's apartment and the two will turn in for the night.  A shady figure 
    appears in the room and it turns out to be Shante, she tells you to meet her 
    tomorrow morning at the tavern.  When you wake up, go over to the bed and 
    you'll find a Slasher.  Over at the tavern Shante is waiting and tells you 
    to come back tomorrow.  As you enter Shu's place, the Cabal appears with the 
    wanted monster 'Slasher' and attacks you.  Slasher is pretty powerful, but 
    nothing unbeatable.  Try to kill off the other enemies first to get you some 
    extra money and experience, then focus on Slasher.  Watch your health on the 
    ones hit by the big guy.  After killing them all, Slasher jumps out the window.  
    Return to the bar once again and Shante will lead you to Gallarno's when you're 
    ready.  There are 2 Hunter's Guild jobs available over at Prodias that you 
    should do.
                                  Gallarno's House
    - Items
     Gauze Wrap+1
     Long Sword
     Power Unit 00
     Power Unit 01
     Power Unit 02
     Power Unit 03
     Power Unit 04
    Shante will talk to the guards and get you inside, a few rooms later you'll 
    be attacked by Necromancers, Robbers, and a Blood Fiend.  Really these 
    monsters aren't to hard, just like any other battle.  Once you've killed them 
    you'll need to find a key to the door above.  You can go right or left looking 
    for it.
    - Door 1: x2 Necromancer, x1 Robber.
    - Door 2: x1 Necromancer, x2 Blood Fiend.
    - Down:   Gauze Wrap+1
    - Door 1: x2 Necromancer, x1 Blood Fiend.
    - Door 2: x1 Necromancer, x2 Robber. (KEY)
    - Down:   Long Sword
    When you return Shante is missing, open the door with your key.  You'll meet 
    Slasher inside again and it's revealed that it's actually Ginie, Arc's 
    childhood friend.  Ginie and 4 Hobgoblins attack you.  Don't let the size 
    fool you, the Hobgoblins are pretty tough and deal a lot of damage.  Be sure 
    to watch your life because there is a very good chance you'll be close to 
    death with someone in this fight.  Basic attacks work fine on them all but 
    magic can be used if needed.  After Ginie is dead, Gallarno makes an appearance 
    and tells you that Shante has been working for him.  Shu makes a grand 
    enterance as well.  Gallarno turns into a monster and his thugs do too.  Your 
    party is now in full force, the people from the previous fight are not 
    auto-healed for this one so they may have some damage on them still.  Same 
    as before, kill all of the enemies in the room.  "Gallarno" disappears and 
    the police burst in arresting the enemies.  The scene will switch over to 
    your Arc 1 party.
    Arc and company have a little strategic meeting about the various facilities 
    that are taking kids and turning them into monsters.  Basically they are 
    splitting up and going to different ones.  The Silver Noah takes off and you 
    are back with your Arc II party.  Now is a good time to work on some Hunter's 
    Guild jobs.  One at Indigos (3AM Piano at the Bar) will earn you a Rapier 
    if you talk to the barkeeper with Shante after beating the robbers, then to 
    the little boy.  If you finish all of the jobs with Dex's place you can go 
    back in the now Vacant House and fight the wanted monster Tianus.  You can 
    steal a very good sword from it, the Meow Sword.  Also if you head back to 
    the Sealed Ruins you can fight Menan there who will give you Scale Legs for 
    defeating him.  While on Yados Island, visit the doctor who will give you 
    your new party member, Diek.  In addition you'll get Power Unit 00, 01, 02, 
    03, 04.  When you are ready, hop in the airship and head to the new place 
    on the map.
                                  Salba Desert
    There really isn't much to do here in the desert, basically it's a pathway 
    to where you are really trying to go:  the Lost Forest.  You'll fight through 
    three screens of enemies and end up at a small little shack before the forest 
    entrance.  Sleep and save if needed, the chest is basically an item shop where 
    you can pick up anything you're in need of.  Right now you can go back to 
    the desert as opposed to heading to the forest and you'll find the wanted 
    monster 'Hoysler' on that third part.  Kill him and then make your way to 
    the forest.
    III. Item List
    -Item Name-         -Effect-              -Equip-
    Antidote Nut
    Chaos Herb          Recover HP            Heal HP Each Turn
    Cheer Nettle                              Cause Counterattack
    Cure-All            Normalize Status      Increase Status Protect
    Fire Curse
    Full Power Fruit    Increase Ability      Dodge
    Herb                Recover HP            ---
    Magic Apple         Recover MP            Heals on Use
    Rage Protect Dust   Stat Change           ---
    Reco's Grass        Increase Defense      ---
    Recover Fruit       Recover HP            ---
    Revival Dust        Revive                Increase Offense Ability
    Ruby                Increase Ability      ---
    Stone               Damage Target
    Strengthen Fruit    Recover HP            ---
    IV. Equipment List
    Coming Soon!
    V. Characters
    Coming Soon!
    VI. Enemy List
    -Enemy-            -Location-              -Item Drop-
    Doll Master                                Paralysis Apple
    Dream Cloud        Indigos                 Herb
    Elemental          Ruin Town               Nuru-Nuru/Gladius
    Fighter            Ruin Town               Herb
    Ghoul                                      Rue's Medicine
    Giant Bat          Ruin Town               Herb
    Green Slime        Sewers                  
    Hobgoblin          Gallarno's House        Rage Protect Dust
    Kobold                                     Herb
    Mighty Fly                                 Herb
    Mummy              Sealed Ruins            Nuru-Nuru
    Necromancer        Gallarno's House        Magic Apple
    Phantasm           Back Alley              Herb/Fire Curse
    Robber             Ruin Town               Cheer Nettle/Scimitar
    Roc                Wastelands              Short Pole
    Skeleton           Ruin Town               Cheer Nettle
    Stone Golem
    Vampire Bat        Sealed Ruins            Herb
    Wind Devil         Wastelands              Magic Apple
    Witch Doctor       
    Zombie                                     Antidote Nut
    VII. Secrets/Sidequests
    A. Hunter's Guild
                                  A. Hunter's Guild
    The Hunter's Guild is a place where you can take on some little sidequest-ish 
    tasks and complete them for money, merits.  Also located in each guild are 
    wanted posters which I advise you to look at whenever you visit a new one.  
    These wanted monsters, if found and killed, can earn you even more money which 
    is really helpful.  The following are wanted monsters, their location and 
    rewards.  After that is a list of the tasks and all of the information on 
    Name: Leland         Name: Boosee         Name: Balzack
    Loc.: Ruin Town      Loc.: Wastelands     Loc.: West Aldia
    Rew.: 990G           Rew.: 1,350G         Rew.: 1,775G
    Name: Menan          Name: Tianes         Name: Aju
    Loc.: Yagos Ruins    Loc.: ?              Loc.: Sewer
    Rew.: 1,125G         Rew.: 2,025G         Rew.: 270G
    Name: Shamus         Name: Slasher        Name: Hoysler
    Loc.: Sewer          Loc.: Aldia          Loc.: Salba Desert
    Rew.: 450G           Rew.: 1,500G         Rew.: 1,125G
    Name: Arc            Name: Docsun
    Loc.: ?              Loc.: 
    Rew.: 1,000,000G     Rew.: 
      400G  --  2 Merits
    The town's sewer has been blocked for some reason and the repairmen are afraid 
    to go down.  On the northwest part of town there is a boy standing above a 
    manhole cover, step on it and you'll hear a noise.  Open it up, then you'll 
    find that 10 green slimes are blocking the path.  Defeat all of them to 
    complete the task and go get your bounty.
      600G  --  2 Merits
    Go to Ruin Town and into the Abandoned House, inside you'll see an Elemental 
    that will skurry away.  Head upstairs and talk to the little ghost child in 
    the upper right.  The Elemental comes back and a skeleton fuses with it, 
    creating Baldol.  Defeat all of the enemies that come up and the boy will 
    thank you for saving the skeleton's spirit and leave.  Collect your bounty 
    at the Hunter's Guild.
      1,000G  --  4 Merits
    The local jewelry store wishes you to protect the place overnight since there 
    has been a string of robberies.  Docsun (a wanted monster) will come in with 
    4 Stone Golems and start looting the place.  It doesn't matter if they take 
    the jewels from the case, just don't let them leave through that hole they 
    made!  Just keep a few at the top of the room so they don't escape and kill 
    off all of them.  You can steal a Ruby from Docsun if you want.  Defeat them 
    all to complete the task, the police will show up later and do the cleanup 
    detail.  Collect your bounty.
      800G  --  3 Merits
    Meet Barns in front of the tavern and he'll show you a picture of your dog.  
    A few steps left is a sewer, this is where the dog is at.  Head down and you'll 
    find a Ghoul who is about to make the dog his snack.  Save the mutt by killing 
    the 4 Zombies and the Ghoul.  Talk to the little boy outside the tavern and 
    he'll give you a note from Barns as well as 4 doggie treats.  Collect your 
      1,000G  --  3 Merits
    Talk with the barkeeper in Prodias and he'll send you off to the tavern in 
    Indigos.  Pick up the delivery from there and when you walk out you'll be 
    ambushed by some Fighters, Mighty Flies.  Defeat them all and deliver the 
    stuff to the barkeeper.  Collect your bounty.
      800G  --  2 Merits
    Meet the grandfather inside the tavern, he is standing right near the door.  
    He'll show you a picture of his grandson.  There are a lot of look alikes 
    around the town so you must pick the correct one and bring him back.  The 
    real boy is located in Elc's apartment complex, bring him back to complete 
    the job.  Collect your bounty.
      3,000G  --  5 Merits
    Talk to the barkeeper in town and he tells you about people hearing a piano 
    during the night.  It turns out to be a child playing and coincidently there 
    are robbers there that night.  Kill the Barbarians and Demi Monk.  If you 
    talk to the barkeeper the next day with Shante, then to the little boy, he'll 
    give you a Rapier.  Collect your bounty.
      2,000G  --  4 Merits
    Go up to what used to be Gallarno's house and meet Mr. Dex.  All you have 
    to do is clear all of the rooms out that have monsters in them to complete 
    the task.  Sounds easy but it takes a pretty long time to do.  There are 6 
    rooms total to clear.  After you've finished go back to Dex.  Collect your 
      2,000G  --  4 Merits
    Return to Dex's house and he'll have another mop-up operation for you.  Some 
    thieves are trying to take his valuables and needs you to stop them.  Go to 
    each of the 4 rooms and clear out the monsters to complete the job.  Another 
    easy but time consuming mission.  Collect your bounty.
      4,000G  --  4 Merits
    Once again Dex needs you to protect his place.  The robbers from the previous 
    mission are back causing trouble.  This one is considerably shorter than the 
    other 2 since you've only got one room of enemies to kill.  The leader will 
    send her 2 henchmen and all of the others after you.  Defeat them all and 
    you're finished here.  Collect your bounty.
    VIII. Legal
    This FAQ is (c) Copyright 2002 to James Pelchar aka 'jesterguy'.  This is for 
    personal use only, you may not put this on your site or use it to make a profit.  
    If you do wish to use this FAQ, contact me at my mail and I will consider 
    it.  Do not distribute this document, or alter it in any way shape or form.  
    It can be printed out for personal private use only.  You can NOT use this 
    document without my permission.  Period.  
    Please contact me if you found this FAQ on a site other than GameFAQs.com
    IX. Credits
    I'd like to thank:
    The People - For reading my FAQ, I hope its helpful, comments and
      things to add are always welcomed. 
    Working Designs - Though you are becoming more and more well known for
      your delays as you are for the games themselves, you never cease to
      impress me.  The time you put in shows and is appreciated greatly. 
      Thanks for giving us wonderful games.
    CJayC - For putting this FAQ up, and making an excellent site.

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