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"Still the best AC game"

Wow, I would have thought this game would have easily had its 30 review max...I guess not. Any way, I have played AC since AC1 on PS1, and I have played up to Armored Core 2: Another Age for PS2, But this game is still the best in my opinion.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game has it all. While its name suggests what its mainly about (Master ofArena)it also has missions and a really good arena plot. In this game you have to earn your access into the Arena by securing a Sponsor to support you threw your arena expenses. And to do that you need to beat missions, And at times your sponsor will take away your arena access to make you do missions for them. Its a real interesting concept that I would like to see again in the AC series. Of course, The main reason why Armored Core is Armored Core is cause of the AC construction. In Armored Core 1 you had some options on customizing your AC's, In Project Phantasma you had some more, But in Master of Arena you have TONS of parts to chose from. Your AC combos can be limitless. Also with this Armored Core game, You have another excellent option of the Arena MK, Or Arena Maker. With this option you can make other AC's, Assign them AI, And throw them in an arena and battle against your own creation. Its one of the many Master of Arena options I wish to see in future AC games.

Graphics: 9/10
While i have played the PS2 Armored Core games, this game has extraordinary graphics. Its missiles flight graphics are all great, Its AC's are all extraordinary, All of the games tons of weapons are all done with great detail. A great deal of time was put towards making this game as lovely as it is, and it really paid off. This is easily one of the best graphics on the PS1 that i have seen. Its FMV's are all great, Although they are limited. This game has the best graphics i have seen on the PS1.

Control: 8/10
This games controls, Along with the other 2 prior AC games, Is difficult to learn if this is your first AC game. But if you have gotten used to the controls in the other games you will have them down already. Once you learn them you wont forget them. If you know the controls then you would know that they are perfect for an AC. One hand to control its movement (And in Master of Arena you can really move fast), The other hand to control the weapons and the booster, And one finger on each hand to control the strafing and the up/down view. Analog control is one of the many things wanted in AC, and finally in Armored Core 2: Another Age they introduced it and its not that great. To sensitive. So no analog control is actually a good thing since that would really confuse those who would be playing Master of Arena for the first time.

Overall: 10/10
I have to give Master of Arena a 10 out of 10. It simply still the best AC game around, a definite must have for any fan. It has the most parts of all the AC games, It has fast combat styles, Fast weapons, Powerful weapons, and like said so many times but can't be stressed enough, Tons of parts to choose from. So even if you have a PS2 and the new Armored Core games, This one is worth your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/01, Updated 03/03/02

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