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Reviewed: 04/03/00 | Updated: 04/03/00

I simply must play it again

Well, it may not have the most advanced graphics engine in the world and gameplay is relatively uncomplicated,but Armoured Core brings some seriously good mission-based Mech combat action action to your Playstation.And with this third instalment of the highly acclaimed series,changes are minor,but insignificant.Called the ''Master of Arena'' for good reason ,the second of two disks is going to be devoted entirely to the provision of one on one matches with new AC competitors.These arena matches will form the best part of the game as 15O mechs across 11 classes line up for the oppurtunity to kick your tail....or you,theirs.

Everyones competing for the designation of number 1 AC and they bring fancy names to the party.This in addition to 19 new missions,27 brand new missions and parts(bringing the total to an impressive 17O),2O 2 player stages in VS mode,ten split screen and 12 cpu battles.You can download most ACs you`ve built in either the original game or Project Phantasma to MOA and i suspect that,like in the previous games,hidden bonuses will come as REWARDS for completing missions in the story led single player mode.Master of Arena is a game you must buy!

When i the intro sequence began,i was awed by the effects and realism provided by the intro sequence especially the soundtrack which i dare to say was made for this kind of game.For your information,Master of Arena is the third sequel to the Armored Core saga.It is a real-time shoot-em-up game which roughly translates as you being in control of a completely versatile Mech that can interchange its parts resulting in better performance and can be tuned to each player`s preferences.The Mech you control will then have to fight its way up the ranks to be the Number 1 AC Mech or you can choose to play a quest mode in which you must perform and succeed in given objectives before you proceed
to the next scenario.I really felt the shock of missiles and machine gun bullet impact on my Mech`s body and the explosions are far out.

The game controls are easy to master and buttons strategically placed for optimum performance.The game also offers customization options that may actually benefit your Mech depending on your style of configuring your Mech.The interface is also easy to navigate with each clearly labelled for the ease of use by players.Also in the intense heat of combat,by tapping some button,you can perform moves which will baffle your opponents before you destroy them.Definitely new user friendly.You`ll get used to the controls in no time.It is that simple.

You must play this game this game multiple times to get all the secret item and see all scenarios.And the enemy artificial intelligence should not be taken lightly as they may totally change their fighting techniques.I felt its worth it to play the game so many times as unlike other games,it does not give me a headache and even though i may have seen all the game has to offer,I still would play it as it quite a fun game to play especially in two player mode.You`ll forget where you are and all problems you have and instead will be concentrating on one single objective of the upmost importance.Total destruction of all who oppose you.There can only be a winner and a loser.

What can i say,i find that it is one of the few games that makes full use of the Playstation awesome capabilities to its fullest.The graphics are highly detailed and textured.The colors look great and every enemy can be destroyed in different ways depending on the weapon used to destroy it.

Needless to say,it gives out really great music and if played on a home entertainment system will be even better as a boom will become a BOOM.The soundtracks change for different stages and the sounds of each weapons are unique as well as the sounds of impact of enemy weapons on your AC.You`ll actually turn your head to your left as if you believe you were in the cockpit of the AC.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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