PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File11/17/02Aether Knight131K
All 19 Sorties/Missions Completed w/ 0% failure. Human Plus Mode Enabled. Max Credits. ALL equipment/parts set to x3. and ranked #1 in ALL Arenas. BONUS! ; ALL Optional parts equipped. (Core has 99 slots available)
Save Game File04/04/04MercSkater534131K
Contains a PLUS pilot, overweight capable AC, and most original AC parts, with 2 MoA emblems and 1 original AC emblem
Save Game File11/14/02DarthLocutus131K
Contains two Arena saves, with 8 ACs based on various MSs from the Gundam universes. Designs by AltoAkuma (mostly), IrregularX, VakuA, and DarthLocutus (me).
Save Game File11/17/02Aether Knight131K
Custom Arena which contains my AC's from Armored Core, Armored Core ; Project Phantasma & Armored Core ; Master of Arena.
Save Game File11/10/01phoenix OMEGA131K
Game save was created off of Project Phantasma game save (100%), which was, in turn, created off of an original Armored Core game save (also 100%). 100% complete. All equipment bought (?). Please pay no attention to the cheesy paint job and emblem.
Save Game File11/06/01etherstyle131K
The final battle with my Armored Core "Ragnarok". Ample cash to customize it in any way to quench your whims.
Save Game File12/19/00Crinx128K
This has 15 different custom cores, overweight bonus, maxed huma plus, max credits, all missions/arena 1/arena 2 100% complete with 100% win and all parts obtained.

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