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    New Parts Guide by MRousseau

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    Armored Core: Project Phantasma New Parts Synopsis
    Oct. 25, 1999
    Ver. 1.0
    By Mike Rousseau
    This document © 1999 Mike Rousseau
    1. Introduction
    2. Revision History
    3. New Parts Synopsis
       3.1- Heads
       3.2- Cores
       3.3- Arms
       3.4- Legs
       3.5- Generators
       3.6- FCS
       3.7- Option Parts   
       3.8- Boosters
       3.9- Back Weapons
       3.10- Arm Weapons
    4. Special Thanks
    5. Copyright Info
    Welcome back to the arena, Raven. I managed to finally pick up Armored Core: 
    Project Phantasma, the add on disc to last year's sleeper hit, Armored Core. I 
    took my sweet time before I picked this up, and boy I really wish I hadn't. As a 
    diehard AC fan, I can tell you that the new parts and missions are just as good 
    as the original, even though the story still lacks a lot. My area of expertise 
    is AC parts, so here I am with this synopsis for you, the AC fan. So, without 
    further ado, let's get down to the nitty gritty and check out these fab new AC 
    Oct. 25, 1999- Ver. 1.0- Added everything
    I have to say, I am impressed. I've always loved add on discs, and now I've 
    discovered the wonders of the add on for Armored Core. The new parts are, for 
    the most part, very cool and very welcome additions to the already expansive 
    family of parts from the original.
    3.1- Heads
    Name: HD-6780
    Type: Head Unit
    Price: 82500
    Weight: 393
    Energy Drain: 723
    Armor Point: 905
    Def_Shell: 186
    Def_Energy: 448
    Computer Type: Rough
    Map Type: Area&Place Name
    Noise Canceler: Provided
    Bio Sensor: Provided
    Radar Function: Provided
    Radar Range: 7600
    Radar Type: Standard
    Comments: The new heaviest head on the block. Great energy shielding, great AP, 
    and a built in radar with a full set of options puts it high in the ranks. Not 
    for light AC's, though, because it now stands as the heaviest of the heads, 
    dwarfing the previous heavyweight by a whopping 161 weight units. Ouch.
    3.2- Cores
    Name: XXA_S0
    Type: Core Unit
    Price: 122000
    Weight: 784
    Energy Drain: 1273
    Armor Point: 2050
    Def_Shell: 600
    Def_Energy: 580
    Max Weight: 2820
    Vs-Mg-Response: 50
    Vs-Mg-Angle: 50
    Extension Slots: 17
    Comments: My new favorite core. Light, good defense, decent carrying weight, and 
    more extension slots, balanced by its low armor point. For the fast AC lover 
    (me), and the one who likes his option parts.
    3.3- Arms
    Name: AW-DC/2
    Type: Dual Cannon
    Price: 188500
    Weight: 1805
    Energy Drain: 220
    Armor Point: 892
    Def_Shell: 0
    Def_Energy: 0
    Weapon Lock: Special
    Attack Power: 3822
    Number of Ammo: 20
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 1800
    Range: 15300
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 60
    Comments: Geez! The new overkill weapon. Heavy damage, huge splash radius, great 
    range, and has almost as much armor as a regular set of arms. Geez! But, it has 
    a low ammo amount, is heavy, and takes an eternity to reload. I recommend it for 
    duels and nothing more.
    3.4- Legs
    Name: LN-2KZ-SP
    Type: Humanoid Legs
    Price: 118000
    Weight: 1820
    Energy Drain: 3034
    Armor Point: 2210
    Def_Shell: 648
    Def_Energy: 820
    Max Weight: 4420
    Speed: 383
    Stability: 3025
    Jump Function: Provided
    Comments: My new set of staple legs. Great carrying load for such a fast pair of 
    legs, you can carry some heavy firepower and still run circles around your 
    enemy. Armor suffers on these "chicken legs", but I use them extensively, 
    because you don't need armor if nothing can hit you :)
    3.5- Generators
    Name: GBX-TL
    Type: Pulse Generator
    Price: 38000
    Weight: 1582
    Energy Output: 9055
    Maximum Charge: 50000
    Charge Redzone: 22000
    Comments: Would be good, but it's too heavy. I would pass and stick with the 
    GBG-XR special from the first game, or the other PP engine.
    Name: GBX-XL
    Type: Pulse Generator
    Price: 139000
    Weight: 975
    Energy Output: 8500
    Maximum Charge: 52000
    Charge Redzone: 3300
    Comments: The modified GBG-XR. Beats it out in every aspect, save it is double 
    the weight. Excellent for medium and heavy AC's, but light AC's should stick 
    with the GBG-XR from the original game.
    3.6- FCS
    Name: F8MB-18X
    Type: FCS
    Price: 108000
    Weight: 21
    Energy Drain: 65
    Maximum Lock: 6
    Lock Type: Wide & Shallow
    Comments: I can see this is as a good compliment for the Finger Gun or the new 
    small missile launcher, but not much else. Pass.
    Name: RATOR
    Type: FCS
    Price: 129000
    Weight: 18
    Energy Drain: 75
    Maximum Lock: 2
    Lock Type: Narrow & Deep
    Comments: Perfect for firing off two missiles into an unsuspecting enemy from a 
    long distance. Balances Wide & Shallow hand weapons well.
    3.7- Option Parts
    Name: SP-DEhf
    Type: Energy Reduce
    Price: 245000
    Slot Spend: 5
    Effect: Reduces energy weapon consumption by half.
    Comments: Oh baby, here we go! All you Karasawa fans stand up and take notice, 
    your new friend has arrived. Takes many slots, but it's worth it. Energy weapons 
    just got a whole lot cooler.
    3.8- Boosters
    Name: B-HP25
    Type: Boost Unit
    Price: 52500
    Weight: 186
    Energy Drain: 35
    Boost Power: 8500
    Charge Drain: 2520
    Comments: Sleek. Stylish. Light. Efficient. Slow. Don't know what else to say, 
    except it's a booster that can't boost.
    3.9- Back Weapons
    Name: WM-AT
    Type: Large Missile
    Price: 256800
    Weight: 910
    Energy Drain: 382
    Radar Function: None
    Weapon Lock: Standard
    Attack Power: 9830 (!)
    Number of Ammo: 10
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 3510
    Range: 20000
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 35
    Comments: If they hadn't balanced this weapon like they did, I could see a 
    serious problem. Ridiculously high attack power and excellent range. Beware when 
    firing, the projectile is slow, barely visible, and drops a little, so the best 
    time to fire is from overhead. Also, you don't want to be anywhere near this 
    thing when it connects, seriously :)
    Name: WM-T0100
    Type: Small Missile
    Price: 86200
    Weight: 725
    Energy Drain: 290
    Radar Function: None
    Weapon Lock: Standard
    Attack Power: 230
    Number of Ammo: 120
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 150
    Range: 9000
    Maximum Lock: 6
    Reload Time: 5
    Comments. Lots of ammo and it's fast. On the downside, its attack power is 
    pathetic and the ammo costs more than a normal missile. Fires fairly straight 
    with few deviations.
    Name: WM-SMSS24
    Type: Missile
    Price: 118300
    Weight: 655
    Energy Drain: 308
    Radar Function: None
    Weapon Lock: Standard
    Attack Power: 1630
    Number of Ammo: 40
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 420
    Range: 9000
    Maximum Lock: 4
    Reload Time: 10
    Comments: A novel idea. This new missile launcher is a mortar type, firing high 
    into the sky and coming down on the target from above. Great for getting around 
    obstacles, and it's hard to dodge. Useless in a closed area, though, but it does 
    look extremely cool.
    Name: M118-TD
    Type: Magazine
    Price: 96300
    Weight: 455
    Energy Drain: 0
    Comments: This thing is a gift from high above. Not a weapon, exactly, but an 
    equippable magazine that gives all your equipped weapons a 50% ammo increase. 
    Great for those extended long hauls, I recommend one on every AC. Masochists can 
    double up with two magazines and a Karasawa and paint the town red.
    Name: WC-SPGUN
    Type: Slug Gun
    Price: 89500
    Weight: 912
    Energy Drain: 10
    Radar Function: None
    Weapon Lock: Special
    Attack Power: 208
    Number of Ammo: 50
    Ammo Type: Energy
    Ammo Price: 0
    Range: 9200
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 8
    Comments: I wasn't a huge fan of the original slug gun, so I'm reluctant to like 
    this one. It is energy based, however, and if all 7 shots connect it could do 
    some nice damage. Better than the original, with a highly reduced reload, and it 
    looks cooler to boot.
    Name: WC-IR24
    Type: Laser Cannon
    Price: 159500
    Weight: 528
    Energy Drain: 806
    Radar Function: None
    Weapon Lock: Narrow & Deep
    Attack Power: 3025
    Number of Ammo: 20
    Ammo Type: Energy
    Ammo Price: 0
    Range: 15000
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 40
    Comments: In almost all aspects, an energy version of the infamous WC-GN230 
    Grenade Launcher from the original. Weighs loads less, costs nil to fire, and 
    carries more ammo with a slightly reduced power. Caterpillar and 4-leggers out 
    there, get one today!
    Name: RZ-Fw2
    Type: Radar 
    Price: 82100
    Weight: 352
    Energy Drain: 826
    Radar Function: Provided
    Radar Range: 21300
    Radar Type: Octagon
    Comments: Excellent forward range. Best overall range, but it drains much 
    3.10- Arm Weapons
    Name: WG-RFM118
    Type: Rifle
    Price: 95000
    Weight: 512
    Energy Drain: 10
    Weapon Lock: Wide & Shallow
    Attack Power: 340
    Number of Ammo: 200
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 45
    Range: 11000
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 5
    Comments: A good solid weapon, but the wide & shallow lock detracts from its 
    overall useability. Counter this with a narrow & deep and a magazine for a long 
    range hand weapon that'll get you through many missions.
    Name: WG-XF-PPk
    Type: Laser Rifle
    Price: 132000
    Weight: 893
    Energy Drain: 395
    Weapon Lock: Special
    Attack Power: 1120
    Number of Ammo: 100
    Ammo Type: Energy
    Ammo Price: 0
    Range: 14000
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 10
    Comments: This is basically a toned-down Karasawa rifle. I prefer it because 
    it's lighter and carries more shots, plus the range is better. Attack power is 
    still in the 4 digits, making it a solid choice for most missions.
    Name: WG-HG1
    Type: Hand Gun
    Price: 72000
    Weight: 283
    Energy Drain: 52
    Weapon Lock: Wide & Shallow
    Attack Power: 280
    Number of Ammo: 100
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 56
    Range: 6300
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 8
    Comments: If you can't hit anything, then this might be the gun for you. On the 
    whole, handguns are useless, and I would only recommend them to people who can't 
    hit anything. 
    Name: WG-PB26
    Type: Grenade Launcher
    Price: 113000
    Weight: 681
    Energy Drain: 34
    Weapon Lock: Wide & Shallow
    Attack Power: 2200
    Number of Ammo: 15
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 1015
    Range: 9000
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 10
    Comments: A compact version of the WC-GN230. Little ammo, costs too much, and 
    it's wide & shallow. There are much more reliable hand weapons out there...
    Name: WA-FINGER
    Type: Machine Gun
    Price: 275000
    Weight: 150
    Energy Drain: 120
    Weapon Lock: Special 
    Attack Power: 250
    Number of Ammo: 3000
    Ammo Type: Solid
    Ammo Price: 8
    Range: 3700
    Maximum Lock: 1
    Reload Time: 1
    Comments: What a marvelous invention. Shaped like a hand, this lightweight gun 
    fires out 5 shots every time you hit the fire button, each doing 250. Range is 
    god awful, but get close enough and you can make swiss cheese out of anything. I 
    recommend you give it a try, especially if you're having problems with the last 
    To From Software, for cranking out another fantastic game
    To ASCii, for bringing it stateside
    To all the fans, who supported AC and made sure we got what we wanted
    This document © 1999 Mike Rousseau. If you'd like to post it on your site/ftp, 
    e-mail me at evilmike@powersurfr.com and request it. This document is not to be 
    reproduced or distributed without my written consent, period. 

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