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    Character Profiles by Dr. Batsu

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    Asuka 120% Burning Festival 
    Character Profile FAQ, Version 1.3
    by Batsu (batsuichimonji@aol.com)
    Introduction:  Asuka 120% is a fighting game series with a 
    predominantly female cast with versions on the Sega Saturn and
    Playstation among other gaming platforms.  This FAQ will detail the 
    characters of the game as detailed in Burning Fest Excellent and
    Final on the Playstation, and in the other games such as Burning
    Fest Limited on the Saturn. Until 120% Final on the Playstation,
    Ichiko is not a playable character; Fumimaro is still
    not a playable character, but a supporting background characters.
    Updates in Version 0.2: Corrections of several bits and pieces
    of information.
    Updates in Version 0.3:	Additions of Tetsuko's and Genichirou's
    special moves, info corrections.
    Updates in Version 1.0 (12/19/98): Corrections of move
    translations, added background character Fumimaro's profile.
    Updates in Version 1.1 (8/25/99): Updated my E-Mail address.
    Updates in Version 1.2 (6/25/00): Updated some translations,
    fixing words in Kiyoko's among other individual profiles.
    Updates in Version 1.3 (10/13/01): Fixed the following:
    Ryuko's last name corrected.
    Ichiko's moveset added.
    All movesets' romanizations corrected.
    Description/translation of each move added.
    Corrected grammatical/translation errors.
    Asuka 120% Burning Festival and its characters are (c) 1997-2001 Family Soft
    and Fill-In Cafe. This document does not claim any of the properties stated
    within as the work of the author. All rights reserved.
    This document is (c) 1997-2001 The Doctor Of Punishment, Batsu Ichimonji. 
    All rights reserved. This document may be reproduced with proper crediting,
    and as long as it is not found on any site embedding an advertisment banner
    or pop-up script within the text.
    			Asuka Honda
    Sex:			Female 
    Birthdate: 		April 15
    Zodiac: 		Aries
    Blood Type:		A	
    Height:			151 cm
    Weight:			44 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	78-52-81
    School Grade:		1st Year/Freshman
    School Class:		C
    Attendance Record:	No. 26
    Club:			Chemistry 
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	3 years
    Likes:			Yukime-Daifuku (a type of rice-based cake
    			filled with ice cream)
    Dislikes:		Eggs and sulfur
    Favorite Word(s): 	"Senri no michi mo ippo kara."
    			(Even the longest road starts with
    			 one step.)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Chemistry
    Disliked Subject(s):	Japanese language (especially classical
    			literature/ancient writing)
    Future Dream:		To become a chemist
    Charm Point:		Eyes
    School Life:		Mid-ranked schoolgirl headed for college.
    			An average girl; she wasn't much of an outstanding
    			student, but now she belongs to the chemistry club.
    			Even as an average middle school girl (Middle school
    			is three years), she could already compete with (her
    			mentor and head of the Chem Department) Ougigaya. She
    			blends easily into the normal surroundings of regular
    			girls. Represents the chemistry department the Mega 
    			Fight Tournament. She undergoes Ougigaya's intensive
    			training in order to understand the secret techniques
    			of the chemistry department.
    Private Life:		Born and raised in a very normal family. Her family
    			is nice; Her father, Daisuke, is a normal salaryman
    			who invents as a hobby. Her mother Kyoko, is a slightly
    			full-figured housewife. Her household was named "Most
    			Normal on the Block" by Musashino's "Bette Town"
    			magazine. In kindergarten and elementary school, Asuka
    			was in the same class as Karina; they are the best 
    			of best friends. She usually sleeps in pajamas.
    Fighting Techniques:	Enshin-Hasaiken -
    				This attack is Asuka's main projectile; the
    				standard "fireball" usually assigned to lead
    			Phenomenon Crash -
    				Asuka tosses a beaker filled with chemicals 
    				onto the ground, causing an explosion under
    				her opponent. This can also be performed
    				while airborne.
    			Chemical Impact -
    				Asuka rushes forward and performs a jumping
    				uppercut. On the mid and high level versions,
    				she brings the opponent down with an extra
    			Mahha (Mach) Jab -
    				Asuka performs a series of rapid punches.
    				Not unlike E. Honda (of Street Fighter)'s
    				hundred hand slap attack.
    			Enshin-Rensatsuken (Super Technique) -
    				A super-powered version of Asuka's Enshin-
    				Hasaiken technique.
    			Chou (Super) Phenomenon Crash (Super Technique) -
    				A super-powered version of Asuka's Phenomenon
    				Crash technique.
    			Ougigaya Combination -
    				A series of three punches, ending with a 
    				straightforward strike.
    			Freaker - 
    				Asuka lifts and tosses her opponent into the
    				air, leaving her opponent to fall on her back.
    			Keriage -
    				Asuka's airborne throw; same as her ground
    				throw down to the animation.
    			Karina Toyota
    Sex:			Female
    Birthdate: 		May 9
    Zodiac:			Taurus
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height:			151 cm
    Weight:			45 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	79-53-81
    School Grade:		1st Year/Freshman
    School Class:		B
    Attendance Record:	No. 22
    Club:			Biology
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	16 (at least she's honest...)
    Likes:			Frogs
    Dislikes:		Snakes
    Favorite Word(s):	"Issun no mushi nimo gofun no tamashii."
    			(lit. "There are five parts of a soul in
    			 one insect"; there is greatness found in
    			 even the smallest of living things.)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Biology
    Disliked Subject(s):	Chemistry
    Future Dream:		To become a scholar of biology
    Charm Point:		The "hold" of her hair
    School Life:		Went to a different middle school than Asuka, but
    			during kindergarten and elementary school they were
    			always in the same class. Because she is isolated in
    			a school where students seem to stand at a slant, 
    			Karina stood out.
    Private Life:		Karina's family of three consists of herself and her
    			two parents: her father, an international pilot, and 
    			her mother, a former stewardess that now manages a
    			boutique. Her father is tough, but cool and popular.
    			The nature of his job often keeps him away from home.
    			Her mother is a self-confident combination of wit and
    			beauty.  Karina is shocked at how her mother can keep
    			such a tight hold on her father through all his time
    			away and bring the family together.  Both her parents
    			don't have enough time at home; since elementary
    			school, Karina has been doing much caretaking at the
    			house.  She admits her one and only best friend is
    			her pet frog named Kero-pyon.
    			Ever since the summer of her first year of middle
    			school, when Karina incubated and then hatched him,
    			Karina has been walking around taking Kero-pyon with
    			her.  Kero-pyon is the only one who eases her mind.
    Fighting Techniques:	Kero-kero Heat Press -
    				Kero-pyon makes a fiery leap into Karina's
    				opponent at her beckoning. (This is the
    				same as the Kero-kero Attack, just perfor=
    				med with the "strong" attack button).
    			Kero-kero Attack - 
    				Kero-pyon takes a fiery charge into Karina's
    				opponent at her beckoning.
    			Bio-Impact -
    				Karina rushes forward and drives a rising
    				knee into her opponent. On attacks other
    				than the one performed with the "weak"
    				attack button, Karina follows up with a
    				backwards somersault kick.
    			Somersault Shoot -
    				Karina jumps up, and as the name says,
    				performs a somersault kick.
    			Kero-pyon Set Up -
    				Kero-pyon literally ignites himself and
    				keeps a fiery aura until he is used in
    				a follow-up attack.
    			Kero-kero Mega Heat (Super Technique) -
    				At Karina's beckoning, Kero-pyon performs
    				the Kero-kero Attack, then rockets Karina's
    				opponent skyward with a vertical charge.
    			Kero-Kero Angler (Super Technique) -
    				At Karina's beckoning, Kero-pyon and a
    				legion of frogs charge forward on her
    				opponent as a small crest of water
    				follows them.
    			Middle Combo -
    				Karina's standard throw technique; she
    				holds the opponent close, knees her twice,
    				then lets her fall onto her back.
    			Kumi Ookubo
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		September 7
    Zodiac:  		Virgo
    Blood Type:		AB	
    Height:			158 cm
    Weight:			42 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	80-50-81
    School Grade:		1st Year/Freshman
    School Class:		A
    Attendance Record:	No. 3
    Club:			New Gymnastics			
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	She has a crush...
    Likes:			Cats
    Dislikes:		Scary things
    Favorite Word(s):	"Kandou" (deep emotion)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Home economics
    Disliked Subject(s):	Nothing in particular
    Future Dream:		To have a lot of children
    Charm Point:		Forelocks 
    School Life:		Quiet except in club activities; doesn't stand out.
    			She almost never boasts.  She met Asuka at the Ryouran
    			entrance exam; Ever since Mega Fight, they've become 
    			good friends.  The threesome of Kumi, Asuka, and 
    			Karina plan to become close-knit friends.
    Private Life:		She has a crush, she loves homemaking and cute things,
    			she hates scary things; she's extraordinarily
    			feminine.  She believes she wants to get married, have
    			children, and make a happy home; She's very household-
    			oriented; the epitome of the gentle Japanese female.
    			She lives in a middle-class household.  In taking the
    			exam, she didn't meet the requirements to enter 
    			Ryouran; instead, she went to a public school, since
    			it was easier on her family's finances (so she 
    Fighting Techniques:	Stick Shot - 
    				Kumi throws a gymnast's club at the opponent.
    			Ribbon Cutter -
    				Kumi lashes her opponent with her ribbon
    				as she gives a performance.
    			Spinning Swan Kick -
    				Kumi jumps backward and performs a 
    				midair somersault, kicking her opponent
    				on the way down.
    			Ribbon Slicer (Super Technique) -
    				Kumi begins with a Ribbon Cutter, then
    				ends with a Spinning Swan Kick.
    			Needle Shot (Super Technique) - 
    				Kumi throws three clubs at her opponent:
    				one high, one in the middle, and one low,
    			Tamaki Shindou (Shindo)
    Sex: 			Female									 
    Birthdate: 		April 14
    Zodiac:			Aries 			
    Blood Type:		O	
    Height:			167 cm
    Weight:			47 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	82-54-83
    School Grade:		3rd Year/Senior
    School Class:		A
    Attendance Record:	No. 17
    Club:			Tennis
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	"No Comment"
    Likes:			Music and Tennis
    Dislikes:		Dirty things and loud things
    Favorite Word(s):	"Yasashisa to kibishisa" (Kindness and Harshness)
    Favorite Subject(s):	English
    Disliked Subject(s):	Nothing in particular
    Future Dream:		Teacher
    Charm Point:		Hair
    School Life:		Personally, she's been targeted as a wild girl to all
    			the students at a first glance; she's a hard working
    			senior. She's also loved by her fellow seniors, and 
    			she frequently advises them.  She's extaordinarily
    			good at spotting trouble. She's popular among the
    			juniors as a "big sister". Her popularity is half
    			and half with the "Takarazuka-like" Torami.
    			(Note: Takarazuka is a play revue that features girls
    			 as "otokoyaku", girls in the dress and manner of
    Private Life:		She lives a prosperous, household-oriented life.
    Fighting Techniques:	Hyakuretsu Serve -
    				Tamaki serves a fiery tennis ball toward
    				her opponent.
    			Robu (Lob)-Otoshi -
    				Tamaki sends her opponent upward with an
    				underhanded swing of her racket. On stronger
    				attacks, Tamaki adds a backhanded swat to
    				her opponent while she and her opponent
    				are both still airborne.
    			Kougeki V (Victory) - 
    				Tamaki rushes toward her opponent, swinging
    				her racket upward at her opponent from the
    				front. A pink-lighted "V" shows in the wake
    				of her motions.
    			Jougeki V (Victory) - 
    				Same as Kougeki V, only Tamaki ends up 
    				behind her opponent after the "V" strike.
    				This attack only occurs in Asuka 120% Burning
    				Fest Final, as that is the only game in the
    				series with three attack buttons.
    			Geigeki V (Victory) - 
    				Same as Jougeki V, only yielding more hits.
    			Dynamite Serve (Super Technique) -
    				A super-charged version of the Hyakuretsu
    				Serve technique.
    			Victory Dance (Super Technique) - 
    				New for Burning Fest. Final, Tamaki 
    				performs two Geigeki Vs in succession (front
    				to back, back to front), then finishes it
    				off with a Robu-Otoshi-like upward racket
    			Volley Quick -
    				Tamaki's throw technique; she sends the
    				opponent airborne, than slaps her with
    				her racket as if she were a tennis ball.
    			Torami Houjou (Hojo)
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate:		July 22 			
    Zodiac: 		Cancer
    Blood Type: 		A	
    Height:			172 cm
    Weight:			58 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	86-60-83
    School Grade:		3rd Year/Senior
    School Class:		A
    Attendance Record:	No. 18
    Club:			Karate
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	6 years
    Likes:			Fighting games
    Dislikes:		Weak things
    Favorite Word(s):	"Hibi tanren." ("Train each day.")
    Favorite Subject(s):	Physical Education
    Disliked Subject(s):	Math
    Future Dream:		To be the first Japanese female to participate
    			in karate ring battles
    Charm Point:		The best kick in Japan
    School Life:		To herself and to others, expresses a strict and
    			stoic personality.  However, she's good at spotting
    			trouble amongst the juniors, and for that she's 
    			loved by them. She has much tournament experience, and
    			she prides herself on her matchless strength in the
    			high school girl's karate world.
    Private Life:		She lives a life based on following the rules,
    			taken from karate training.
    Fighting Techniques:	Haou-ken -
    				Torami punches forward as a lightning wall
    				projectile moves toward her opponent.
    			Souryuu-ken -
    				Torami delivers two standing uppercut
    			Tobishitsu-kakato-otoshi -
    				Torami jumps forward with a kick, then
    				brings her heel down on her opponent.
    			Shinkuu-Tobisokutou -
    				While airborne, Torami dives down with
    				a kick.
    			Rairyuu-Haou-ken (Super Technique) -
    				Supercharged version of the Haou-ken.
    			Rairyuu-Shougeki-Ha (Super Technique) -
    				Torami punches the ground, and a wave of
    				lightning energy slides toward her opponent.
    			Rairyuu-Hougeki-kyaku (Super Technique) -
    				A supercharged version of Torami's Shinkuu-
    				Tobisokutou. New for Burning Fest. Final.
    			Sokkan-kudaki - 
    				Torami's basic throw; she holds her opponent
    				by the shoulder and slams her down to the
    			Senkanbu -
    				An aerial Sokkan-kudaki.
    			Ryuuko Yamazaki
    Sex:			Female							 
    Birthdate: 		August 9
    Zodiac: 		Leo
    Blood Type: 		A	
    Height:			168 cm
    Weight:			48 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	79-55-83
    School Grade:		2nd Year/Junior
    School Class:		B
    Attendance Record:	No. 31
    Club:			Volleyball
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	"No Comment"
    Likes:			Japanese-style meals
    Dislikes:		Lies
    Favorite Word(s):	"Shi shite shikabane hirou mono nashi."
    			(After death, you won't find a corpse.)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Lunch break
    Disliked Subject(s):	All of them
    Future Dream:		To get in the industry and conquer the World Cup
    Charm Point:		Firmness
    School Life:		Compared to the way her body moves, her studying is
    			poor.  She has many friends and is loved by her peers.
    			The way she uses her whole body to spring into a serve
    			motivates the volleyball club to participate in inter-
    			school activities.  She lost to Tamaki Shindou in last
    			year's Mega Fight, and ever since the fires of getting
    			even burn inside her. 
    Private Life:		She has many friends; every fun day passes as she
    			pours all her enthusiasm into club activities.  For
    			a year, she has devoted herself into practicing to
    			strike down her target: Tamaki Shindou.
    Fighting Techniques:	Tatsumaki Receive - 
    				Ryuuko slides on the ground and clips her
    				opponent's knees, as if she were diving
    				to catch a volleyball.
    			Inazuma Serve - 
    				Ryuuko serves a volleyball at her opponent,
    				which electrifies her opponent upon contact.
    			Quick Driver -
    				Ryuuko opens with an overhead attack, then
    				jumps up, carrying her opponent on her
    				shoulders, bringing her down for a classic
    				Argentine rack backbreaker.
    			Hyper Tackle (Super Technique) -
    				Ryuuko slams her shoulder into her opponent
    			Yamazaki Buster (Super Technique) -
    				New for Burning Fest. Final, Ryuuko slams
    				her opponent onto her back with a kneeling
    				powerbomb, then tosses her opponent up for
    				a Quick Driver.
    			Megumi Suzuki
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		October 27
    Zodiac:			Scorpio 			
    Blood Type:		B	
    Height:			148 cm
    Weight:			43 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	79-51-80
    School Grade:		2nd Year/Junior
    School Class:		B
    Attendance Record:	No. 11
    Club:			Cheerleading
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	She has a boyfriend
    Likes:			Iidabashi's Pumpkin Cake
    Dislikes:		Bugs
    Favorite Word(s):	"Kahou wa nete mate.."
    			(Lit. "Good luck sleeps and waits",
    			 Good things come to those who wait.)
    Favorite Subject(s):	History (...and the teacher)
    Disliked Subject(s):	English
    Future Dream:		Idol singer
    Charm Point:		Double tooth
    School Life:		She makes it a routine habit to sleep in class
    			and thus she keeps her grades to herself.
    			Megumi has many friends; she's a popular person
    			who doesn't hold back and listens to requests
    			from other schools.
    Private Life:		A normal girl who's small in stature, yet complex.
    			She loves sweet things; she's always eating
    			cakes in lots of places; she knows anything
    			that's involved with cakes.  Even if a new
    			cake comes out, she knows its sweetness, and
    			rumors start flying.
    Fighting Techniques:	Pon-Pon (Pom-Pom) Attack -
    				Megumi throws her pom-poms at the opponent,
    				and they return back to her in a boomerang-
    				like fashion.
    			Pon-Pon Upper -
    				Megumi, with pom-poms in hand, performs
    				a rising uppercut technique.
    			Megumi Kerikeri Punch - 
    				Megumi kicks at her opponent twice, then
    				slides forward with a pom-pom assisted
    			Fumifumi-Nokkari - 
    				Megumi jumps and does an airborne flipping
    				roll; afterward she can follow up with a
    				diving multi-hit kick or an air throw.
    			Megumi Kerikeri Dance (Super Technique) -
    				Megumi performs a multi-hit rush combo then
    				ends with a Pom-Pom Upper.
    			Dekkai Pon-Pon Attack (Super Technique) -
    				As the name says, Megumi throws a giant
    				Pom-Pom Attack at her opponent.
    			Ebisori Punch (In The Air) -
    				Megumi's air throw technique. Same as
    				her ground throw, which is animated in a 
    				similar manner as Asuka's "Freaker"/
    				"Keriage" throw.
    			Ko Puresu (Press) -
    				An aerial attack in which Megumi drops
    				her rear end on her opponent.  
    			Kiyoko Mitarai
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		August 16
    Zodiac:			Leo 			
    Blood Type:		O	
    Height:			157 cm
    Weight:			47 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	80-57-82
    School Grade:		2nd Year/Junior
    School Class:		A
    Attendance Record:	No. 26
    Club:			Softball
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	4 years
    Likes:			Moving her body
    Dislikes:		Weak boys
    Favorite Word(s):	"Ikkyuu jukon"
    			("Intimacy with one ball")
    Favorite Subject(s):	Modern History
    Disliked Subject(s):	Art
    Future Dream:		To become a female pro baseball player,
    			and play as an All-Star
    Charm Point:		Striking sense
    School Life:		She's cheerful, and she gets respect from the fact that
    			her one-track mind tendencies are reflected in the 
    			seniors; a serious girl with a good eye for spotting
    			trouble among the juniors.
    Private Life:		She usually spends everyday healthy.  She takes a blow
    			to her ego whenever her name "Mitarai" is misread as 
    			"O-tearai" (Lit. washing one's hands, but it also a 
    			term to refer to "toilet/bathroom"). 
    			Kiyoko gets a little angry and wants to do anything 
    			and everything she can to someone when she hears that. 
    			She also isn't fond of the name "Wild Girl Kyon-Kyon".
    			(Kyonkyon is the nickname of a famous recording artist
    			 in Japan, Kyoko Koizumi. I guess it's because of
    			 her name being Kiyoko, and it sounds like "Kyoko" 
    			that she's called such a thing.)
    Fighting Techniques:	Dai-League-Softball Hachi-Gou (Number 8) -
    				Kiyoko makes an underhand toss with a 
    				charged-up softball, that bounces against
    				the ground before hitting the opponent.
    			Tsuutenkaku-dahou -
    				Kiyoko swings her bat at her opponent
    				with one hand, scoring several hits as
    				she kicks up a wall of energetic dust.
    				This move was added in Burning Fest.
    			Gettsuu (Get Two) Striker -
    				Kiyoko rushes in with a backhand swipe
    				of her mitt, then jumps and dives down
    				tagging her opponent with the energy-
    				charged mitt for several hits. This
    				can also be done in the air (in which
    				case she just does the second half of
    				this move).
    			Illusion Out (Super Technique) -
    				Supercharged version of the Gettsuu
    				Striker. The difference is of course,
    				Kiyoko's speed, and the fact that instead
    				of tagging her opponent with the mitt, she
    				kicks at her opponent's head.
    			Needle Spike (In the air)
    				Kiyoko's air throw; she grabs her opponent,
    				then flips in mid air, bringing her opponent
    				down under her foot.
    			Cathy Wild
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		February 20
    Zodiac: 		Pisces
    Blood Type:		O	
    Height:			176 cm
    Weight:			56 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	89-60-87
    School Grade:		3rd Year/Senior
    School Class:		C
    Attendance Record:	No. 8
    Club:			Pro-Wrestling Fan Club
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	She has a fiance
    Likes:			Karaoke
    Dislikes:		Sitting/squatting Japanese style
    Favorite Word(s):	"Icchi-ba~~~n!" (Number One!)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Japanese language
    Disliked Subject(s):	History
    Future Dream:		To be "ruling champion" of the WWWA 
    			(presumably a women's wrestling association)
    Charm Point:		Bust (...)
    School Life:		Exchange student from a Florida "sister" school.  She
    			has come to Japan during her 3rd year of high school,
    			and just for one year.  Early since her arrival to
    			Japan, she has used her natural cheeriness to become
    			familiar with the surroundings. When an English lesson
    			in each class turns up, she goes around showing that
    			she can speak her native language.
    Private Life:		Cathy can speak Japanese after learning it from a 
    			Japanese school in America.  Is the reason why she 
    			can skillfully speak Kansai-ben (dialect spoken in
    			Osaka) the teacher's fault?  Her fiance, having that
    			"Southern hospitality", will soon marry her.
    Fighting Techniques:	Dash Knee -
    				Cathy dashes forward and drives a rising
    				knee into her opponent. On stronger attack
    				buttons, Cathy will follow up with a sidekick
    				that sends her opponent into the wall. 
    			Cathy Lariat -
    				Cathy strikes with an outstretched left arm.
    				On stronger attack buttons, Cathy repeats the
    				strike once.
    			Shoulder Crash -
    				Cathy catches an airborne or standing opponent
    				with a leap, then grabs her opponent by the 
    				waist, holding her upside down as she drives
    				her opponent's shoulder into an outstretched
    			Powerbomb -
    				From a standing legscissors (head between her
    				legs), Cathy lifts her opponent while holding
    				her opponent's waist, then slams her opponent
    				onto her back. New for Burning Fest. Final.
    			Triple Head Butt -
    				Cathy holds her opponent in place, and leans
    				back, driving her head into her opponent three
    			Northern Lights Bomb -
    				Cathy lifts her opponent up for a bodyslam,
    				but instead falls to the side and drops the
    				opponent on her head.
    			Frankensteiner - 
    				While airborne, Cathy locks both her legs
    				around her opponents head and heck, then
    				falls backwards and flips her opponent over,
    				bringing her to the ground.
    			Itekomashi Special (Super Technique) -
    				Cathy takes hold of her opponent, then 
    				performs the Triple Head Butt. Afterward,
    				she leaps up and performs the Shoulder
    				Crash on her opponent, followed by a 
    				Powerbomb. Finally, she tosses her 
    				opponent behind her.
    			Buchikomashi Crash (Super Technique) -
    				Cathy begins with a Northern Lights Bomb,
    				retains the hold on her opponent, leaps
    				and drops her with a Powerbomb. Then she
    				tosses her opponent across the screen with
    				one hand. New for Burning Fest. Final.
    			Nana Owada
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		October 17
    Zodiac: 		Libra
    Blood Type:		O	
    Height:			152 cm
    Weight:			42 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	78-51-80
    School Grade:		2nd Year/Junior
    School Class:		A
    Attendance Record:	No. 2
    Club:			Dance (classical) society
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	She has a fiance
    Likes:			Tradition
    Dislikes:		Western culture
    Favorite Word(s):	"Kachou Fuugetsu" 
    			(Birds and flowers, wind and moon)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Classical literature
    Disliked Subject(s):	English
    Future Dream:		Succeed her mother and grandmother and become
    			leader of the Owada style
    Charm Point:		Black hair
    School Life:		She has become fairly disinterested with being raised
    			in an affluent family with traditions in dance. She
    			doesn't dislike socializing, but because she is so 
    			formal she keeps a distance from others.  She is
    			well-liked by the senior citizens, and people like 
    			Genichirou Shindou (Ryouran's principal) often join
    			her for tea.
    Private Life:		Eldest daughter of Natori Owada, head of the family
    			line; was raised under a strict household, then went
    			under her grandmother's special talent education
    			of being a traditional Japanese woman. Her parents
    			arranged her marriage, and then drank tea
    			(a ceremonial green tea) together. The relationship
    			hasn't been bad.
    Fighting Techniques:	Fuugessen -
    				Nana throws a fan at her opponent at speeds
    				varying depending on the attack button used.
    			Ushiwaka no Mai -
    				While performing one of her family's 
    				traditional dances, Nana makes swipes with
    				her fans.
    			Resshu-Ha -
    				A black "cloud" of energy comes out of
    				Nana's backhand swipe, and reflects/
    				neutralizes projectiles. If done with
    				stronger attack buttons, it knocks her
    				opponent into the wall.
    			Ouka-Rengeki -
    				A rapid palm attack, not unlike E.Honda
    				(of Street Fighter)'s Hundred Hand Slap.
    				Butousouenjin Ichi(Super Technique)
    			Butousouenjin Ichi (Super Technique) -
    				Nana attacks with a spear, which electrifies
    				the opponent upon contact.
    			Butousouenjin Ni (Super Technique) - 
    				Instead of the back slash Nana performs in
    				Butousouenjin Ichi, Nana spins the spear
    				in her hand.
    			Shinobu Kawasaki
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		April 4
    Zodiac: 		Aries
    Blood Type:		B	
    Height:			149 cm
    Weight:			48 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	75-51-79
    School Grade:		2nd Year/Junior
    School Class:		F
    Attendance Record:	No. 9
    Club:			Leader of a gang at Touyou Harimadana Institute
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	She won't tell
    Likes:			People that can feel "guts"
    Dislikes:		People that can't feel "guts"
    Favorite Word(s):	"Shippuu Dotou"
    			(Angry Waves of a Hurricane)
    Favorite Subject(s):	O-bentou (lunch)
    Disliked Subject(s):	Arithmetic
    Future Dream:		To unify Japan
    Charm Point:		The power in her punch to bring a certain kill with
    			one attack
    School Life:		One year ago, it was "Obliteration! The Hot-Blooded
    			Fighting Gang! The 100 Round, Burning Battle Of
    			Certain Victory!"  Shinobu took well-known strong
    			people from the metropolitan area's schools and city
    			dojos as opponents and kept racking up the wins, but
    			after 99 people had gone down, she finally tired out.
    			At the Ryouran Girl's Institute, her opponent was 
    			Tamaki Shindou. After that encounter, she knew of the
    			Mega Fight Tournament; she lost to her opponent, who 
    			she knew  was the overall winner of said tournament.
    			This year, she will enter the Mega Fight and fight
    			last year's winner to prove that she is the 
    Private Life:		Her family's private life is a mystery.  She's a 
    			loner; when a new challenge arises, she takes
    			it and disappears.
    Fighting Techniques:	Banchou Bazooka - 
    				Shinobu punches (standing uppercut, hook
    			 	punch, or straight punch) and a violet 
    				sparkling projectile sphere shoots
    				toward her opponent. 
    			Banchou Dynamite -
    				Shinobu delivers a standing uppercut.
    				On weak attack, it is similar to Batsu
    				Ichimonji (of Rival Schools/Shiritsu
    				Justice Gakuen)'s Guts Upper. On stronger
    				attacks, Shinobu follows up with another
    				uppercut on the opposite hand. On strongest
    				attack, Shinobu performs a jumping uppercut
    				after the initial strike.
    			Banchou Tornado - 
    				Shinobu performs a jump kick, then 
    				up to three more in succession. Similar
    				to Sean (of Street Fighter III)'s Tornado
    				Kick or Dan (of Street Fighter Zero/Alpha)'s
    				Dankuukyaku attacks. Can also be performed
    				in the air.
    			Banchou Striker - 
    				Shinobu performs a diving kick while in
    				the air. New For Burning Fest. Final.
    			Hissatsu Megaton Bazooka (Super Technique) -
    				A super-charged Banchou Bazooka technique.
    				As Shinobu punches, three giant sized
    				spherical projectiles are thrown into the 
    			Hissatsu Megaton Dynamite  (Super Technique) -
    				A supercharged Banchou Dynamite. Shinobu ends
    				with the jumping variation of this attack.
    			Banchou Himitsu Punch - 
    				Shinobu performs a straight punch. This 
    				attack leads off chain combos.
    			Bukkomi Tokkou Kick (In Air) -
    				Same as the Banchou Striker.
    			Tetsuko Ougigaya
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate: 		July 2
    Zodiac: 		Cancer
    Blood Type:		O	
    Height:			158 cm
    Weight:			47 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	81-59-81
    School Grade:		3rd Year/Senior
    School Class:		--
    Attendance Record:	--
    Club:			Chemistry
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	3 years
    Likes:			Reading (she likes books on philosophy)
    Dislikes:		People that follow the newest fads
    Favorite Word(s):	"Doryoku ni masaru sainou nashi."
    			(No talent for surpassing hard work)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Classical Literature
    Disliked Subject(s):	Math
    Future Dream:		It goes without saying...
    Charm Point:		Shape of her mouth
    School Life:		Head of the chemistry club.  Surprisingly, a whole lot
    			of students love her charisma; she's aware that 
    			Tamaki, Torami and other merited students line up to 
    			her.  She isn't really concerned with any of those
    			circumstances however; many people follow her, just 
    			to say they followed her.
    Private Life:		Upon going back home from school, she's always reading
    			books on philosophy; she loves to read about relative
    			thoughts especially.  The rest of her private life 
    			leaves nothing to be known; she's a person shrouded in
    			much mystery.
    Fighting Techniques:	Ougigaya Combination -
    				A series of punches ending with a straight 
    				punch. Same as Asuka's technique, but faster.
    			Mach Jab -
    				A series of rapid fire punches. Same as 
    				Asuka's technique, but faster.
    			Enshin-Hasaiken -
    				Standard fiery projectile; like all of
    				Tetsuko's moves, this one is faster than
    				what Asuka delivers.
    			Phenomenon Crash -
    				Same as Asuka's technique; Tetsuko leaps
    				and drops three exploding beakers down at
    				her opponent.
    			Impact Charge -
    				The one move that differentiates Tetsuko from
    				her apprentice Asuka; she rushes in with one
    				palm outstretched for one hit, then follows
    				up with a multi-hit standing uppercut.
    			Chou Phenomenon Crash (Super Technique) -
    				Super charged version of the Phenomenon Crash.
    				Tetsuko throws about six beakers instead of 
    			Enshin-Rensatsuken (Super Technique) -
    				Super charged version of the Enshin-Hasaiken.
    			Ichiko Furutachi
    Sex:			Female				 
    Birthdate:		December 12 			
    Zodiac: 		Sagittarius
    Blood Type:		B
    Height:			150 cm
    Weight:			44 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	78-52-79
    School Grade:		2nd Year/Junior
    School Class:		A
    Attendance Record:	No. 24
    Club:			Broadcasting
    Years w/o A Boyfriend:	3 years
    Likes:			Sports TV programs
    Dislikes:		Cockroaches
    Favorite Word(s):	"Pen wa tsurugi yori tsuyoshi."
    			(The pen is mightier than the sword.)
    Favorite Subject(s):	Math (especially probability and statistics)
    Disliked Subject(s):	World History
    Future Dream:		To become an announcer for sports TV programs
    			(especially pro wrestling)
    Charm Point:		The way she talks		
    School Life:		She has many fans of her unique "Furutachi" accent,
    			and because when she hears her own voice she becomes
    			a fan herself, she feels that she wants to put more
    			heat into her announcing.
    Private Life:		Her private life is that of a normal girl; however,
    			she places her interests on outside things
    			facing her rather than herself.
    Fighting Techniques:	Nekkyou! Powerful Shoot -
    				Ichiko swings her microphone upward, and a
    				ground wave of energy shoots toward her
    			Totsugeki! Interview Attack -
    				Ichiko dives toward her opponent, shouting
    				"Douzo!" ("Go ahead!") with her microphone
    				held out, as if rushing to get that one
    				comment out of her opponent.
    			Kyouretsu! Hassle Reporter -
    				Ichiko performs a "rising uppercut" attack
    				with her microphone in hand.
    			Kyoufu! Pineapple Bomber (Super Technique) -
    				A classic "ranbu" attack. Ichiko punches a
    				few times at her opponent, then delivers a
    				Kyouretsu! Hassle Reporter to finish off.
    				When her opponent comes crashing down, she
    				poses for the camera.
    			Mubou! Panic Reporter (Super Technique) -
    				Ichiko tosses a microphone at her opponent
    				then crouches down, covering her ears as
    				it explodes in a manner not unlike the
    				Phenomenon Crash.
    			Fumimaro Yamashina
    Sex:			Male		 
    Birthdate: 		January 28
    Zodiac: 		Aquarius
    Blood Type:		A	
    Height:			173 cm
    Weight:			58 kg
    Occupation: 		Head of teaching (Kyoutou) at Ryouran		
    Club:			None
    Likes:			High-class things
    Dislikes:		Inferior, vulgar things
    Favorite Word(s):	"Yoraba taiju no kage"
    			(If you want to get ahead, hide behind someone big.
    			(--lit.  If you approach,  use a large tree's 
    School Life:		Ryouran Girl's Institute's high-class head of 
    			teaching. A snob and a brown-noser. Secretly, he's 
    			trying to take Genichirou's place as principal. He
    			calls himself "Dandy" but it appears that he's dis-
    			liked by the students. It's rumored that he was able
    			to become head of teaching because of his ability to
    			bring together and absorb the principal's good and
    Private Life:		He plans to do the activities he's been hiding from
    			others; sneaky. He's PETTY and reeks of STINGINESS. 
    Fighting Techniques:	--	
    			Genichirou Shindou (Shindo)
    Sex:			Male
    Birthdate:		January 1
    Zodiac: 		Capricorn
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height:			175 cm
    Weight:			72 kg
    Occupation:		Principal of the Ryouran Girl's Institute
    Club:			None
    Likes:			Traditional culture
    Dislikes:		Nothing in particular
    Desk Motto:		"Fumitake ryoudou."
    			(A cultured warrior goes both ways.)
    School Life:		Genichirou believes that a person that needs today's
    			Japan should believe in a good wife and wise mother,
    			daily, and nightly education for better upbringing.
    			He also believes a healthy body must bear great know-
    			ledge; not just studying, but also physical exercise
    			will add strength to it.  The real truth is that the
    			many graduates of the Ryouran girl's school go on to
    			do various activities.  He is respected by the 
    			students and viewed as a father figure.
    Private Life:		As Tamaki's father and educator, looks over and 
    			protects his daughter at school.
    Fighting Techniques:	Kenkon-itteki -
    				Genichirou throws out a red cloud of energy
    				similar to Nana's Resshu-Ha, but without the
    				pushing-away properties. 
    			Shitsujitsu-Gouken -
    				Genichirou performs a jumping uppercut in
    				which he spins at the apex of his jump.
    			Shippuu-Dotou -
    				Genichirou dashes through his opponent with
    				a multi-hit straightforward punch. On strong
    				attack buttons instead of punching through, 
    				he brings his punching hand upward and then
    				causes an explosion under said arm.
    			Garyuu-Tensei (Super Technique) -
    				Genichirou throws a screen-height blue 
    				"cutting" projectile at his opponent. Similar
    				to the technique used by Zankuurou Minazuki in
    				Samurai Spirits/Showdown 3 and IV.
    			Taizan-Meidou (Super Technique) -
    				Genichirou punches forward, then if it 
    				connects, he follows up with a Shitsujitsu-
    				Gouken that sends his opponent into the sky.
    Move Name Translations
    Enshin-Hasaiken:  Centrifugal Crushing Fist
    Enshin-Rensatsuken: Centrifugal Repeated Kill Fist
    Keriage: Kick Up
    Kero-Kero (Attack name) = "Kero" is an onomatopoeic word that means the
    sound that frogs make (in English, it's commonly said as "ribbit"). 
    Hyakuretsu Serve: 100-times Violent Serve
    Geigeki V: Ambush Attack Victory
    Yougeki V: Ambush (Intercepting) Attack Victory
    Kougeki V: Attack Victory
    Robu-Otoshi: Lob Drop
    Dai League Softball Hachi-Gou: Big League Softball No. 8
    Gettsuu Striker: Double Play Striker ("Gettsuu" = "Get Two", which means a
    		 double play in Japanese)
    Tsuutenkakudahou: Passing Through The Towers of Heaven Batting Form
    Shin Tsuuteknakudahou: True Passing Through The Towers of Heaven Battle Form
    Itekomashi Special: Going For It Special
    Buchikamashi Crash: Face Strike (Sumo) / Hard Punch Crash
    Ponpon Attack: Pom-Pom Attack
    Kerikeri Punch: Kick-Kick Punch
    Ponpon Upper: Pom-Pom Upper(cut)
    Fumifumi-Nokkari: Stomp-Stomp Hop-On 
    Dekkai Ponpon Attack: Giant Pom-Pom Attack
    Ebisori Punch: Shrimp/Prawn's Curve Punch
    Kopuresu: Little Press
    Tatsumaki Recieve: Whirlwind Recieve
    Inazuma Serve: Flash Of Lightning Serve
    Fuugessen: Wind Moon Fan
    Resshu-Ha: Split Attack Rending
    Ushiwaka no Mai: Ushiwaka (surname)'s Dance (the name Ushiwaka means "cow
    Ouka-Rengeki: Cherry Blossom Repetitive Attack
    Butousouenjin Ichi: Dancing Sword Blue Flame Position One
    Butousouenjin Ni: Dancing Sword Blue Flame Position Two
    Haouken: Ruling Leadership Fist
    Souryuuken: Twin Dragon Fist
    Tobishitsu Kakato Otoshi: Flying Knee Heel Drop
    Shinkuu Tobisokutou: Vacuum Flying Foot Blade
    Rairyuu Haouken: Thunder Dragon Ruling Leadership Fist
    Rairyuu Shougeki Ha: Thunder Dragon Shockwave
    Rairyuu Hougekikyaku: Thunder Dragon Bombarding Kick
    Sokkan-kudaki: Close-range Smash
    Banchou Bazooka: Gang Leader Bazooka
    Banchou Dynamite: Gang Leader Dynamite
    Banchou Tornado: Gang Leader Tornado
    Banchou Striker: Gang Leader Striker
    Bukkomi Tokkou Kick: Inside Thrusting Special Aggression Kick
    Hissatsu Megaton Bazooka: Certain Kill Megaton Bazooka
    Hissatsu Megaton Dynamite: Certain Kill Megaton Dynamite
    Nekkyou! Powerful Shoot:  Wild Enthusiasm! Powerful Shoot
    Totsugeki! Interview Attack: Assault! Interview Attack
    Kyouretsu! Hassle Reporter: Intense! Hassle Reporter
    Kyoufu! Pineapple Bomber: Terror! Pineapple Bomber
    Mubou! Panic Reporter: Reckless! Panic Reporter
    Kenkon-Itteki: The Cast-Off Of Heaven and Earth
    Shippuu-Dotou: The Surging Waves of a Hurricane
    Shitsujitsu-Gouken: Sincerity, Fortitude and Vigor
    Garyuu-Tensei = Brush Stroke Dragon Point Clearing
    Taizan-Meidou - Great Trouble
    End Notes: This didn't take as long as the Rival Schools FAQ did, having
    remembered lot of those kanji I looked up from translating that. Well,
    hope you all enjoy, I might add Fumimaro in a future version if enough
    people want to know about him. See you around next FAQ!! ---- Batsu
    Version 0.2: Well, now having played the game (and surprisingly, through
    its simplicity it's pretty good!) I needed to make a few adjustments. 
    More to come! --Batsu
    Version 0.3: Just got Tetsuko and Genichirou... and they kick butt!
    ...but man, 20 hours of game play. Those who have the game remember to
    save it every time you play it! Whew. Well, catch you later. I'll
    probably add Fumimaro in the next version.
    Version 1.0: Added Fumimaro... that guy's kinda weird, isn't he? 
    Heh. Well... hope you all enjoyed it... if any new translations need
    to be made, I'll make them sooner or later. This is Ichimonji Batsu
    the Hot-Blooded Transfer Student signing off!
    Version 1.1: Updated my E-Mail address. I've gotten a chance to play
    Asuka 120% Final, and for the PS users, it's pretty good. Adding the
    coolest things about the Saturn version (Limited), and even letting you
    use Ichiko! She's cool since she's the "Dan" of the game. But nothing 
    really new as far as characters are concerned.
    Version 1.2: Dang, it's been a while since I've done one of these updates.
    Needed to fix some shaky, shaky translations, and some other tidbits I found
    out about the characters (Kiyoko especially). What possessed me to put in
    another update? Well, there's a page out there with an older version of my
    FAQ being used (at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Bridge/7475/index.html),
    and I thought "Whoa... that FAQ needs some work!" Enjoy!  
    Version 1.3: Seeing that my FAQ has been used in yet other places, I have
    decided to make even more corrections and descriptions to make this FAQ
    more complete. This may very well be the last update until I find something
    even more glaring to correct.

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