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    FAQ by ALee

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    Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 19:22:40 -0700
    Azure Dreams FAQ
    Version 0.4
    by Andrew Lee
    (c) Copyright 1998, Andrew Lee, all rights reserved.
    *Author's Foreword*
    This FAQ is written to assist the player in getting a good start within 
    Konami's Azure Dreams. Azure Dreams, being completely random each time 
    you enter the dungeon, with the exception of levels 1 and 2, make it 
    impossible to write any sort of walkthrough. Instead some general strategies 
    will be discussed along with some various information pertaining to the game 
    itself. There may be a few mini-spoilers within this FAQ, but they will be 
    appropiately labeled in their corresponding sections. I have not yet beat 
    the game, so some quests/info may be incorrect or unfinished. Please note 
    that this is my first attempt at a FAQ, so don't expect any fancy ASCII art 
    and please be kind with the comments.
    Any corrections/additions to this FAQ are appreciated. To submit idea/
    correction, please mail me at inverse_23@yahoo.com and I will try to include 
    the info you send me in my next revision.
    Anyone viewing this guide may redistribute, use, print, etc. as long as you 
    dont change any of the original content or claim that you wrote this whole 
    FAQ. Please give credit to me and the following contributors for getting 
    this information together. If you violate these rules, you shall face 
    unimaginable consequences. I am by no way affiliated with Konami (KCET)
    0.5 - More strategies added
    0.4 - Minor touch-ups, nothing major
    0.3 - More minor changes. Added magic system section, fusion section, 
          expanded upon familiar section, added traps section. Added more tricks
          and subjects in the miscellaneous section.
    0.2 - Revised info of items. Added how to get amusement center. Made a few
          minor changes. Added Gameshark, quest, and monsters section. More 
          tricks were added.
    0.1 - Started the FAQ. Currently incomplete.
    1. Characters
    	O The Hero
    	O Nico Southey
    	O Selfi Rode
    	O Fur Gots
    	O Patty Pan
    	O Vivian Merca
    	O Mia Myria
    	O Cherrl Child
    	O Kewne
    	O Wreath
    	O Guy
    	O Weedy
    	O Ghosh Rode
    2. Places in the Town
    	O The Blacksmith
    	O General Store
    	O The Carpenter
    	O Koppe's Restaurant
    	O Bar
    	O The Monster Store
    	O The Fortune House
    	O Clinic
    	O Temple
    3. Places you can build (mini-spoiler)
    4. Beginning Strategies
    5. Strategies for longer lasting adventures
    6. Items
    	O Swords
    	O Shields
    	O Herbs
    	O Sands
    	O Seeds
    	O Food
    	O Glasses/Loupes
    	O Crystals
    	O Wands
    	O Bells
    	O Scrolls
    7. Familiars 
    	O General familiar guidelines
    	O Magic System Information
    	O Facts/Observances about fusion
    	O Special abilities of familiars
    	O Magic Spell List
    	O Special Occurences with Familiars
    8. Tips 
    	O Money making strategies
    	O Other Tricks
    9. Quests (Spoiler)
    	O Pool Quest
    	O Jug Quest
    	O Healing Herb Quest
    	O Whats on the Top?
    10. Monsters
    11. Traps
    12. Miscellaneous info (mini-spoiler)
    	O ? marks in save game screen
    	O Impressing various girls
    	O Stand up comedy solution
    	O Dialogue trick
    13. Game Shark Codes
    	O Unlimited health
    	O Quick level up
    	O Infinite Money
    14. Stuff to do in the future
    15. Credits
    16. What happens when you beat the game (Spoiler, but you knew that :P)
    ~ 1. Characters ~
    - 1.1 The Hero -
    The hero of the game, which you name yourself, is the son of the legendary 
    monster tamer, Guy. Unfortunately, Guy has died rather early leaving the 
    hero to fill his legacy. However most of the townsfolk believe him to be a 
    brat only looking to cause trouble. It is his dream to enter the tower and 
    find untold riches that he believes will help his family live a better life. 
    And now that he has come of age, he may now enter, and he hopes that he will 
    prove himself to the rest of the village.
    - 1.2 Nico Southey -
    Friends since childhood, it is Nico's job to wake the hero up every morning.
    Nico is known to be a tomboy and she admits it herself. Nico believes that 
    Monsbaiya is very dull and boring and strives to make it a more cultural 
    spot. By helping her achieve her dream, the hero may be able to win her 
    - 1.3 Selfi Rode -
    Selfi Rode, being the sister of the arrogant Ghosh Rode, is a wealthy, 
    spoiled woman who wishes to be a sorceress. Seen frequently in the tower, 
    she teases the hero and asks him irrelevant questions. 
    - 1.4 Fur Gots -
    Fur Gots is the woman who runs the general store at Monsbaiya. Fur tends to 
    mock the hero whenever he stops by the store contemplating if his 10 gold 
    purchases are worthwhile. However, when you begin to make money and buy 
    regularly, her attitude toward the hero changes.
    - 1.5 Patty Pan -
    Patty works at Koppe's restaurant as a waitress. With a great personality, 
    she has the customers returning for more.
    - 1.6 Vivian Merca -
    A dancer that arrives in Monsbaiya after you reopen the bar. Info on getting 
    her is in the miscellaneous section.
    - 1.7 Mia Myria -
    Seen in the library, Mia keeps to herself, reading books, and is very shy 
    around others. However, you may get to know her if you visit the library 
    more often.
    - 1.8 Cherrl Child -
    A girl with a disease that gives her very little strength, she dreams to 
    walk outside and live a normal life. Can you help her find a cure for her 
    - 1.9 Kewne -
    This is the familiar that joins you at the beginning of the game. He will 
    prove very valuable as he will be stronger than most familiars at first and 
    will serve as your only familiar in the beginning.
    - 1.10 Wreath -
    The hero's mother, stores your possesions and saves your game. Ease her 
    life by improving your house.
    - 1.11 Guy -
    The hero's father. Known to be a legendary monster tamer, he is thought to 
    have reached the top of the tower and has never returned. Everyone thinks 
    he is dead, but is that really the case?
    - 1.12 Weedy -
    The younger sister of the hero. Has a book which gives the details of every 
    monster you encounter.
    - 1.13 Ghosh Rode -
    The hero's rival, tends to brag about his possesions and looks down upon 
    you. You will meet him in the tower and around town quite often.
    ~ 2. Places in Town ~
    - 2.1 The Blacksmith -
    The blacksmith is a shop where you can sell possesions or buy weapons/items. 
    However, the only things he sells is a copper sword and a medicinal herb so 
    this shop isnt that special.
    - 2.2 General Store -
    This is the place where you can buy home improvements and gifts for other 
    people. This is a place where you can spend your money on luxuries.
    - 2.3 The Carpenter -
    A rather important place, you can talk to him to build structures. You 
    can expand your monster hut, house and buy new buildings for the town. 
    Be aware no improvement comes cheap.
    - 2.4 Koppe's Restaurant -
    Nothing special here. You can indulge in food if you like. However, repeat 
    visits will get your hero to know Patty and thus may start a relationship.
    - 2.5 Bar -
    You can get some beginners advice from the patrons. You can also spend 
    some money on drinks.
    - 2.6 Monster Store -
    You can sell your possesions here. Other than that not much to do here 
    other than get information regarding familiars from the people inside. 
    They may sell familiars in the future, but I don't know that for a fact yet.
    - 2.7 Fortune House -
    In this facility, you can get some advice on fighting and how to impress 
    the various women in this game.
    - 2.8 Clinic -
    You can buy medicinal herbs here. They are cheaper than the ones that the 
    blacksmith sells. You can also improve this place into a hospital for a 
    price however. 
    - 2.9 Temple -
    Talk to the priest here to get some beginners information. As you progress 
    through the game, he will present ideas for new city structures you can 
    build. Make him happy by paying for a new temple.
    ~ 3. Structures you can build ( Mini-Spoiler ) ~
    - 3.1 Home improvements -
    Home improvement 1 - 6000 gold, triggers more events, increases storage 
                         space, allows more luxury items to be bought.
    		     allows you to store 30 items.	
    Home improvement 2 - 60000 gold, a mansion.
                         allows storage of 60 items.
    The first home improvement is a must, however the second one is up to you.
    - 3.2 Monster Hut Expansion -
    Expansion 1 - 4000 gold, increases capacity to 9 familiars
    Expansion 2 - 6000 gold, increases capacity to 16 familiars.
    Expansion 3 - 20000 gold, increases capacity to 36 familiars.
    Expansion 4 - 60000 gold, increases capacity to 64 familiars.
    - 3.3 Temple -
    Temple upgrade - 4000 gold. Gain respect from the townspeople and get more 
    structure ideas from the priest.
    - 3.4 Hospital -
    Clinic upgrade - 4000 gold. I think this building lets you meet Cherrl.
    - 3.5 Library - 
    Library - 8000 gold. Gain respect from the townspeople. Build to meet Mia 
    Myria. Talk to Dr. Hal and it should become an option in the carpenters list.
    - 3.6 Theatre -
    Theatre - 8000 gold. Talk to Fon to build this. Fon starts a stand up 
    comedy act that you can particapate in. Gain more respect once again with t
    his building.
    - 3.7 Fountain -
    Fountain - 3000 gold. Donate money to Nico and this will be built. Nico will 
    appreciate you more if you help her build this.
    - 3.8 Racing Circuit -
    Racing Circuit - 30000 gold, talk to Silver in the furthur most NW corner 
    of Monsbaiya. Can make a lot of money here. 
    - 3.9 Bowling Alley -
    Bowling Alley - 40000 gold, not really bowling, but similar. Gain more 
    respect once again.
    - 3.10 Casino -
    Casino - 100000 gold, can make money by either playing slots or roulette. 
    Gain more respect.
    - 3.11 Amusement Center -
    Amusement Center - 30000 gold, play mini-games here. To build, talk to 
    carpenter's assistant while standing on the table. He will talk about his
    dream. Go through the tower and come back and he will ask for money to build
    - 3.12 Octopus Ball Shop -
    Octopus ball restaurant - 0 gold, must find the oil pot for this building to 
    open. Can buy octopus balls here.
    - 3.13 Gym -
    Gym - 30000 gold , talking to Barry the blacksmith twice after getting the 
    pool will allow you to build this structure.
    ~ 4. Beginning Strategies ~
    - 4.1. Some things to keep in mind -
    Note that there are only 40 floors in the tower, can you make it to the top?
    When you first start the game, you must play cautiously because you can't 
    count on finding a wind crystal to return you to town with the egg you get. 
    If you do then consider yourself lucky. 
    Make sure you make use of the skip turn feature and the face change, that way
    you can lure the enemy to a better tactical position, because at this point,
    dealing as much damage as possible is crucial.
    You may want to set your initial familiar to a AI setting of 4 or 5 because 
    you dont want the enemy to target you directly. The enemy tends to attack the
    familiar first however there are a few exceptions (the trolls with bow guns)
    Should you find an egg, bring it back to your house rather than hatch it in 
    the dungeon, should you hatch it in the dungeon, it will leave you 
    permanantly once you leave. If it is hatched in the monster hut, it will 
    accompany you until you sell it or sacrifice it.
    The orbs you find in the tower (flame orb, weak orb, restore orb) are worth a
    lot of money and are not necessary in the beginning. Its up to you however if
    you want to use it.
    Find a weapon you like and continually use red sand on it to make it 
    powerful. Be wary of rust traps as they will reduce the weapon/armors power.
    Weapons that are rust proof is the Gold Sword. Armor that are rust proof 
    are the mirror shield and diamond shield.
    Do not uncurse items in the beginning, because when something is cursed, it 
    tends to rake in a LOT of money, for example, a cursed diamond shield brings 
    in about 6700 gold. If you uncurse it, the price drops down sharply. If you 
    plan on getting far up the tower, then it may be a good idea to uncurse it.
    Following the above idea, items with undesirable effects (malicious bell, 
    scroll etc.) bring in quite a bit of money, so it may be a good idea to keep 
    these items to sell in the beginning. The malicious bell has a special use,
    see the tips section.
    The elemental equipment (Gulfwind Sword, Ice Shield) may seem effective with 
    there above average damage and defense, however use with caution, because 
    with a elemental shield, you will take more damage from the element it is 
    weak against but will protect more against the element it is stronger then. 
    So if you are fighting a terrifying U-boat and you are wearing a scorching 
    shield, then you will take a helluva lot more damage then if you were to 
    use a iron shield. The same applies to the elemental weapons so switch 
    Some familiars have abilities that can only be accessed through individual 
    commands. Be sure to check the command menu to see if they have any extra 
    abilities. (See familiar section for known abilities)
    In the beginning, the majority of the enemies are fire based, so it may be 
    wise to change the genus of your familiars to water. The only enemy in the 
    beginning that will prove a threat this way is the cyclone.
    Do not underestimate the power of rods. While having very little attack 
    power, they have tremendous effects with mixture magic. You can 30+ damage 
    by using a rod and dealing damage the enemy is weak against, and the faster 
    you kill them, the more likely you are to survive.
    Skip turns to recover your hp and your familiars hp. You can also lure 
    monsters to you this way and set yourself in a good position should the 
    terrain warrant it. Be aware that this drains the mp of the familiars but
    the drain is not too severe.
    If you choose to fight Ghosh in the tower, make sure you have a familiar 
    cast beneficial spells to give you an edge in combat.
    The troll hammer you find is used to get other troll weapons. For example
    throw the hammer at a troll with a bow gun and he will equip the hammer
    letting you get the bow gun he was using before.
    Dont use any of the stat boosting items on yourself, use them on your 
    familiars because the hero always returns to base stats every time he 
    reenters the tower.
    If you find the Mazarr seed, make sure your familiar isnt close to gaining
    a level because the stars you have when you use it aren't carried over when
    you gain a level using this item. 
    Remember that you can throw items by pressing have at the inventory screen
    to hold it and hold circle and press x to throw. Throw fruit with negative
    effects at enemies to give yourself an advantage. Throwing spare weapons
    does a lot of damage, approximately 3-5 times the power of the weapon.
    When on higher/lower terrain or any other awkward combat position, make
    sure you rotate the camera angle with L1/R1 to make sure you are aiming at
    the enemy. Another crucial strategy to remember when every hit counts.
    Throw the oleen fruit at an enemy to instanly kill it. You wont return to
    town or get experience for it but it is a way to deal with lethal threats
    When a picket steals an item, it tends to run away if you approach it. Have
    it come to your monsters by walking away from it when it gets near and let
    your familiars do the work since pickets deal very little damage.
    ~ 5. Strategies for longer lasting adventures ~
    Be conservative with item use, using scrolls, fruit, orbs as sparingly as 
    Don't hoard up on items like gold swords and spare shields if you are already
    using a gold sword and diamond/mirror shield as they just take up valuable 
    inventory space.
    Try to have take a familiar of each genus in the tower (e.g. fire, wind and
    water) and take out the appropiate familiar when meeting various enemies.
    For example, use a wind monster when fighting krakens, use a water monsters
    when fighting griffons etc.
    Don't use familiar on the earlier levels (levels 1-9) if you already have
    some decent equipment on (mirror/diamond shield and gold sword) because you 
    can handle yourself with out too many problems in the beginning and you want
    to have your familiars have as much mp as possible.
    The rarest of items can be obtained from the Barong monster who is found
    on levels 16, 26, and 36. Throw an item that is not edible at it and it will
    regurgitate another item in its place. You can get rare weapons and items
    from this beast. This is where I got the awesome trained wand.
    ~ 6. Items ~
    - 6.1 Swords -
    Copper Sword - 2 attack, better than your bare hands is all I can say.
    Iron Sword - 3 attack, better than copper
    Steel Sword - 4 attack, better than iron
    Gulfwind Sword - 5 attack, wind elemental, use against wind and water 
                     creatures, rather useless against fire creatures.
    Blizzard Sword - 5 attack, water elemental, use against fire and water 
                     creatures, useless against wind creatures.
    Fire Sword - 5 attack, fire elemental, use against fire and wind creatures, 
                 useless against water creatures
    Vital Sword - 5 attack, keeps enemies from multiplying, useful for journeys 
                  in which you want to get to a high floor.
    Gold Sword - 1 attack, has a good price and does not rust. Popular weapon to 
                 use red sands on.
    Holy Sword - 7 attack, has divine protection. Special effect unknown.
    Dark Sword - 10 attack, cursed.
    Seraphim Sword - Guy's sword, 8 attack.
    - 6.2 Shields -
    Leather Shield - 1 defense, better than nothing
    Wood Shield - 2 defense, better than leather
    Copper shield - 4 defense, decent shield
    Iron Shield - 5 defense, good shiled
    Steel Shield - 6 defense, sturdy shield
    Diamond shield - 7 defense, great shield and valuable too. Does not rust.
    Earth Shield - 5 defense, wind elemental, weak against fire creatures, good 
                  against water 
    Scorching Shield - 5 defense, fire elemental, weak against water creatures, 
                       good against wind
    Ice Shield - 5 defense, water elemental, weak against wind creatures, good 
                 against fire
    Live Shield - 5 defense, it sometimes returns a fraction of the damage you 
                  receive to the enemy.
    Mirror Shield - 3 defense, reflects any magic cast upon you to the caster, 
                    may be effective in the future where enemies cast more 
                    brutal spells. It also does not rust so building up this
                    shield may be a good idea.
    - 6.3 Herbs -
    Medical herb - restores about 35 hp, good in emergencies
    Antidote herb - cures poison, poison eventually wears off but it is best 
                    cured early lest you must recover about 20+ hp
    Anti-Chaos herb - cures confusion, not that great if you are confused 
                      since you can skip turns until it wears off but should your
                      familiar get confused, it may be useful because familiar 
                      can do a tremendous amount of damage unto you
    Wake-Up herb - a must when your familiars fall asleep during a battle, 
                   especially in the higher tower levels where the enemies 
                   deal more damage.
    Roeam Herb - Cures blindness, not that effective but should be used on 
                 familiars since they may stray from the hero or attack him.
    Hazak herb - Restores weakened attack. Necessary in the deeper levels where
                 enemies can sap your strength. Lowered strength means an extra
                 hit or two to defeat and that can mean the differance between
                 success and failure.
    Cure-all herb - cures any condition
    Toxic herb - poisons eater
    - 6.4 Sand -
    Red Sand - permanantly increases the power of a weapon by 1. Hoard these up 
               if you plan on sticking on a single weapon.
    Blue Sand - permanantly increases the defense of a shield by 1. Hoard these 
                up if you have a powerful shield or a shield with special effects.
    White Sand - increases the number of charges of an orb. Useful for increasing the value of an 
    - 6.5 Seeds -
    Hazak Seed - Permanantly increases attacking strength by 1. Use on familiars.
    Shomuro Seed - Permanantly increases defensive strength by 1. Use on 
    Mazarr Seed - Permanantly increases the users level by 1. Use on familiars.
    Mahell Seed - Temporarily give a character double attacks. Indispensable.
    Light Seed - Change familiar's element to fire.
    Sea Seed - Change familiar's element to water.
    Wind Seed - Change familiar's element to wind.
    Lar Seed - Lowers the eaters level.
    Tovar Seed - Eating this seed brings good luck.
    - 6.6 Food -
    Pita fruit - restores 50 mp to a familiar. Always have some of these.
    Big Pita fruit - restores 100 mp to a familiar. Try to have these in long 
                     tower adventures
    Leva fruit - prevents a familiars race from changing in fusion. See familiar
    	     section for use.
    Tumna fruit - turns the eater into a frog. Throw at enemies.
    Laev fruit - causes the familiar to consume more mp. Not sure of any 
                 beneficial use
    Leolam fruit - causes the familiar not to lose any mp for the tower level 
                   you are on.
    Limit fruit - temporarily raises the chance to cause critical damage
    Oleen fruit - sacrifices familiar and causes you to return to town. 
                  Cannot use on kewne. Throw at enemy to kill them, but you get
                  no experience
    - 6.7 Glasses/Loupes -
    Star Glasses - reveals the entire map, items on that level and the elevator 
                   to the next floor.
    Truth Glasses - Identifies an item. Tells what kind of egg you received. 
                    Unidentified items are in green. Use to prevent equipping 
                    cursed items
    Trap Loupe - Shows the location of all the traps on the level. Use to disarm 
                 traps to gain the hero experience
    Treasure Loupe - Shows the location of all the items on the level. Use to get
                     the items and head straight for the exit to save time.
    Exit Loupe - Use to find the exit. Not the greatest of items
    Monster Loupe - Use to find out the location of all the monsters on a level. 
    - 6.8 Crystals -
    Wind Crystal - Returns you to town with all the treasure you find in the 
                   tower. Try to have one as much as possible
    Fire Crystal - Summons a salamander that deals a lot of damage then leaves
    Water Crystal - Restores the status, hp and mp of a familiar
    - 6.9 Wands -
    *All wands increase the power of mixture magic*
    Wooden wand - no special effect
    Money wand - sometimes changes the enemy into money
    Life wand - restore some hp with each hit. Useful in big fights.
    Paralyze wand - sometimes stops the enemy. I seem to have good luck with this.
    Scarlet wand - fire element
    Water wand - water element
    Gulf wand - wind element
    Seal wand - sometimes seals enemy abilities
    Trained wand - the only wand that can be tempered with red sand.
    - 6.10 Bells -
    Holy bell - Chases a monster out of the room
    Malicious bell - raises the level of enemy monsters. Sell it. Has special
    Familiar bell - returns a lost familiar to you. Good to have.
    - 6.11 Scrolls -
    Holy scroll - makes a shield that protects you from attacks
    Malicious scroll - causes the reader to become confused, sell
    Trap scroll - causes all the traps to be invisible, sell
    Alchemic Scroll - Turns all of the items on the current floor to gold coins
    ~ 7. Familiars ~
    - 7.1 General Familiar Guidelines -
    Familiars are an important part of Azure Dreams and your success depends on 
    their abilities. Since they do not decrease in level each time they reenter 
    the tower, it is in your best interest to build up you familiars as much as 
    possible. Here are some guidelines to familiars:
    Familiar eggs are a rare find and IMO you should never sell them. 
    If you have no use of them, fuse them with another creature making 
    that creature stronger.
    Having 2 familiars at once is a good combo, however it reduces the amount 
    of experience you get. I think you find the collar to have two familiars at 
    once around the 10th-12th floor. Have one familiar cast support magic while 
    the other attacks the enemy.
    If you are lucky enough to get a dragon, they are extremely useful in that
    they only eat metal. Unlike fruit, metal is common and thus keeping them 
    sustained in long tower runs is easy to accomplish.
    Familiars gain about 3 mp when they are given anything (herbs, seeds, etc.)
    - 7.2 Magic System Info -
    Every spell in the game belongs to a 'spell family' because it can be one of
    three spells. You can get a different spell within a family by changing the
    familiar's element.  For example:
    if you have a fire element familiar with Sled, then you change it 
    to wind element, it will have NoaSled. If you change it to water, it will 
    have NeaSled.
    This is an example of a spell family. Now, there are three types of spell 
    families: fire, wind and water. 
    Sled is a fire spell family, you can tell by its 'N' prefixes.
    Wind spell families have 'L' prefixes, for example on a wind familiar
    you can have LoDown, on a water familiar LeDown, and on a fire familiar
    Finally, water spell families have 'D' prefixes. On a water familiar you
    can have DeRock, on a wind familiar DeoRock, and on a fire familiar
    Now, the trick is this: A spell will only increase in level
    when its spell family element and the element of its familiar match. 
    So, for example, Sled will advance, since it's a fire spell family spell on a
    fire familiar. However, NeaSled will not advance, since it's a fire spell
    family spell on a water familiar. Similarly, LoSleep, Brid and DeForth
    will advance, while LeDown, NoaBrid and DeaWall will not. Simple, isn't
    *Special Thanks to John Evans*
    - 7.3 Facts/observances about fusion -
    Fusion is a technique that involves using two familiars at once. Using fusion
    you can endow the familiar that results from the fusion with new spells and
    abilities. The resulting race does affect the outcome and this is where the 
    use of the leva fruit comes in. Since the resulting familiar of the fusion
    will be the one of higher experience, you can use the leva fruit on the 
    weaker familiar to have the fusion result in the weaker familiars form. The
    resulting familiar makes a big differance, for example:
    Consider fusing a Manoeva and Noise. If the end product is a Manoeva, it 
    will gain the DeoForth spell. However, if it's a Noise, it will gain LoSleep.
    Familiars also gain abilities in fusion. For example, gained abilities could
    include sleep proof, unbrainwashable and a few others. These abilities seem
    to be gained from the appropiate families (sleep-proof from dreamin). 
    Abilities that I have seen gained:
    Sleep-Proof from dreamin
    Kewne is unbrainwashable
    Quickness from Picket
    Magic Attack increase from Clown (spell gains two levels for every exp. level)
    Magic consumption decrease from cyclone
    Double Attack (use hazak herb to get the other half) from arachnid
    Double Defense (use hazak herb to get the other half) from a block
    Poison Proof from a Nyeul
    I also gained a breath attack that gains levels by fusing a baloon and a 
    dreamin (not sure if those were the two but my baloon right now has a breath
    attack). The Breath attack is firebased.
    Anymore observances, mail them to me. Help is appreciated.
    - 7.4 Special abilities of Familiars -
    Some familiars have special abilites that are accesible only through 
    individual commands, be sure to take a look at your familiars command list
    to see if it has any such abilities. 
    A small list of familiar abilities:
    U-Boat - Float/sink (what the enemy tends to do)
    	 Scout (15 mp, has the same effect as the star glasses)
    Baloon - Fly to next level (? mp, takes you to next tower level)
    Garuda - Abduct (? mp, grabs whatevers in front of it and warps it away)
    Blume - Brainwash (? mp, brainwashes an enemy to fight other nearby enemies)
    Dreamin - Hypnosis (? mp, makes the enemy sleep)
    Noise - Seal magic (? mp, seals enemy magic)
    Manoeva - Transform (? mp, turns into whatevers in front of it. If its an 
              item, you cannot pick it up. If its an enemy, it fights in that 
    Cyclone - Cure Anorexia (? mp, cures anorexia)
    Volcano - Create Rock (? mp, use to create tactical position)
    If you have any other abilities and mp values, please send them in.
    - 7.5 Magic list -
    The first spell effect is the mixture magic effect and the second one is
    the direct effect. The effect of mixture magic unless otherwise noted just
    hits the monster that you hit with your weapon:
    LoDown:   Thunder Wave, Level Down
    LeDown:   Snow Wave, Defense Down
    LaDown:   Heat Wave, Attack Down
    LoSleep:  Earth Shaker (damage enemies near you), Sleep Attack
    LeSleep:  ?
    LaSleep:  ?
    DeoForth: Wind Cutter, Healing
    DeForth:  Blizzard Sword, Healing
    DeaForth: Flame Sword, Healing
    DeoRock:  Gaia Shoot (hits enemies in a straight line), Tornado Obstacle
    DeRock:   Snow Shoot (hits up to three enemies around you), Ice Obstacle
    DeaRock:  Fire Shoot (hits enemies in a straight line), Fire Obstacle
    DeoWall:  ?
    DeWall:   Aqua Blade (hits, then causes ice shower), Water Protection
    DeaWall:  ?
    NoaBrid:  Wind Cutter, Thunder Attack
    NeaBrid:  ?
    Brid:     Flame Sword, Fire Attack
    NoaSled:  ?
    NeaSled:  ?
    Sled:     Flame Sword, Fire Attack
    - 7.6 Special Occurences for Familiars -
    When some familiars reach the 20th level of experience, their form changes,
    here are some changes that I have observed/had submitted to me
    When a clown reaches the 20th level it transforms into Death.
    When a nyeul reaches the 20th level it transforms into Battnel
    When an arachne reaches the 20th level it transforms into an Ashra.
    When an flame reaches the 20th level it becomes an Ifrit.
    When a block reaches the 20th level it becomes a Metal.
    When a griffon reaches the 20th level it becomes a Grineut.
    - 7.7 Reader familiar suggestions -
    From isman (siisman@indosat.net.id):
    - The must-have eggs are BLOCK, CLOWN, and ARACHNE.  
      BLOCK has Hard talent, while CLOWN has Magic Increased and ARACHNE has
      Strength Increased.  
      The key is to gain enough experience for BLOCK to grow into METAL in 
      level 20, in fact, all three can grow into an advance form.   
      I tried to combine a METAL with a grown level 20 ARACHNE (I forgot
      its name) to be a Hard and Strength Increased METAL. Then I give it a 
      Sea Seed, blessing him with water genus. After a treatment of a
      cure-all herb, or simply return to town and come back to the tower,
      it'd be in its full power, and ready for some serious monster 
      butt-kicking. Level 31-experienced, it could wreak havoc among the
      monsters in 35 floor-up. The only thing that can do some damage to
      it is a GOLEM. But if it's attained level 32, or you've given it some
      Shomuro Seed, it'd be no prob. Even a MAXIMUM could only give 1 damage
      and vanishes in a single swipe.  
      In theory, I could simply combine a BLOCK with an ARACHNE to a BLOCK
      with both talents, then grow it into a deadly METAL, but I already
      have a level-20 grown ARACHNE and if I fuse my baby BLOCK it'd be 
      I also fused my other METAL with a CLOWN and got myself a tough-hided
      wind magic user, its both lores are doubled in level! Great to have
      to accompany me to level 35. But after that its abilities became
      pretty useless. 
      Another pretty good combination for top-most levels if you're not
      tired enough already and want to contribute some bashing, is to have
      a fire METAL fighter and any water increased-magic user.
    From Claudius Santiago (cjs832@hotmail.com)
      level   level
      1       2 or more
      You will get a VERY STRONG clown with high magic. 
      Strike with a sword and he will back it up with magic that hurts like
      45 damage on the first level.
      (ex. Hero attacks once, Clown backs it up with a Fire Brid or something 
      which can equal massive damage)  
    From Marty Czosnyka (mczosnyka@hotmail.com)
    - Once you get to the higher floors monsters can kill you in 2 to 3 hits
      no matter how strong you are.  take a monster like the kraken, Which is by
      far one of the best, and fuse it with a cyclone, to lower the amount of mp
      it sucks up.  Aslo throw in a Nyeul so that it's poison proof.  And Finish
      it off with an Aracnid.  Those double it's attacking power.  at Level 25 It
      will have 100 attack points and 50 defense points making it the biggest
      threat to all enemies. 
    ~ 8. Tips and Tricks ~
    - 8.1 Ways to make money -
    There are many ways to make money in Azure Dreams. The only thing you can 
    do to make money in the beginning of the game is to travel into the tower 
    and try to return alive with all your loot. For one thing, selling is VERY 
    important as it yields great sums of money and enemies do not drop gold.
    During your early adventures, be sure to hoard up any useless sounding items 
    (the kind that seem like they have a negative effect with the exception of 
    fruit) as they are strangely worth a lot of money. Orbs are also worth a lot 
    of money and have little use in the beginning of the game. Cursed items are 
    also worth a fortune so make sure you dont uncurse them.
    Once you get enough money to buy a race track, 30000 to be exact, 
    you can make a LOT of money here. The way to make money here is to look at 
    all the odds and ignore any of the 1-x ones because any of the 1-x involve 
    you in the bet. So just pay attention to 2-3, 2-4 and 3-4 odds. If they are 
    about 20+ odds, bet on it. Once you are in the race, pay attention to the 
    numbers you bet on (i.e if you bet on 2-3, pay attention to racer 2 and 3). 
    The way this race works is that 2 cpu racers are fast and one is slow. If 
    the two racers you bet on are the fast ones, prepare to rake in a lot of 
    cash. As long as you dont finish 1st or 2nd (which isnt hard to do if you 
    try to lose) and the ones you bet on are the fast racers, you win. I dont 
    suggest betting on the 1-x ones because its hard to tell which cpu racer 
    will end up 2nd place. You can make up to 49000 gold if this is successful.
    With the casino, a way to make money is to save at your house first, then go
    to the roulette table and keep making max bets on the blue section (6x). If
    you fail, just reset and try again. 
    Its easy to get three sevens on the slot machine, just practice and you can
    get 60000 gold almost every time.
    - 8.2 Other tricks -
    There are special uses for the pita fruit, medicinal herb, malicious bell 
    and scroll.
    With the pita fruit, if you use it on a familiar while its at its maximum, 
    its maximum mp will go up by 1. This is good because you always get a pita
    fruit from the hero's mom everytime you return from the tower.
    The same things applies with medical herbs, but only to the ones you find
    in the tower. Use when your familiars are at max hp to increase their hp by
    The malicious bell though sounding like an item that you would want to sell,
    has a unique use. If your familiar is confused, use it and your familiar will
    gain a level. Though all the enemies will gain a level, the tradeoff is worth
    it. To make your familiar confused, use the malicious scroll. It also works
    if your familiar becomes brainwashed.
    ~ 9. Quests (Spoiler) ~
    - 9.1 Pool Quest -
    The pool quest is the quest you can recieve at the beginning of the game. The
    water medal is found on level 25. You must defeat a picket monster to 
    retrieve it.
    - 9.2 Oil Jug Quest -
    To recieve this quest, after you reach level 5, go to the windmills and talk
    to the man nearby. He should say that he broke something and he needs the 
    oil pot to fix it. It is found lying around somewhere on level 15.
    - 9.3 Healing Herb Quest -
    When you build the hospital, you will soon meet the girl, Cherrl Child. She 
    has an illness that can only be cured by the healing herb. The herb is found
    somewhere in level 28.
    ~ 10. Monsters ~
    Here is a list of monsters and a description of what kind of threat they are.
    Currently incomplete. Most of the threats assume that its your first 
    Will redo it later. 
    ~ 11. Traps ~
    Azure dreams has many traps within the tower to hinder your the hero's 
    progress to the top. Here is a list of them and the effects they cause:
    - 11.1 Traps List -
    Slam Trap - Spiked ball lands on victim. Deals damage
    Bomb Trap - Explodes in a cross shape inflicting damage to anyone caught in 
                the blast and destroying any items caught in the blast.
    Seal Trap - Seals a familiar's magic
    Rust Trap - Lowers the effect of weapons and armor. Opposite effect of red 
                and blue sand. Some weapons/armor are immune.
    Frog Trap - Turns victim into a frog for a short while.
    Warp Trap - Warps victim somewhere on the map, very dangerous!
    Poison Trap - Poisons the victim
    Crack Trap - Causes the terrain to change in elevation for a short while.
    Upheaval trap - Same effect as the crack trap
    Bump Trap - wakes up sleeping monsters
    Reversal Trap - Turns the screen upside down which makes viewing awkward
    Chaos Trap - Confuses the victim.
    Monster Den - Throws a whole mess of monsters in the room, deadly in the
                  higher levels.
    ~ 12. Miscellaneous (Mini-Spoiler) ~
    - 12.1 Those faces in the save game screen -
    From what I know, those faces are the hearts of the girls you won. They may 
    affect your ending, then again, they may not.
    - 12.2 Impressing various girls -
    - Nico Southey
      What you choose to say to her doesn't matter, until she tries to 
      collect funds to build a fountain. Since her dream is to make the 
      village more cultural, you'll need to support it. Cash only at first,
      but it won't hurt to choose just the positive answers to her 
      After the fountain is built, she'll be seeing Ghosh a lot.   
      If you build theater or return Water Medal to pool owner, she'd
      say something about the places being cultural, but it won't matter,
      If at this point you've rescued Selfi from a Pulunpa and met her
      at the fountain. She'll get jealous. 
      Spending a couple of days in the dungeon, you'll find a musician 
      playing beside the fountain. Talk to him, and Ghosh and Nico will 
      come. Ghosh will force the musician to leave, and you'll have to help
      him. Just say that the music is beautiful and voila, Nico's heart
      is almost yours.   
      Just visit her everyday in her house, and her face will be on the
      save slot in no time.  
    - Selfi Rode
      In the beginning, just like Nico, your answers won't affect her
      feelings. But keep talking to her in town, or sometimes on the 2nd 
      floor of the tower. Until one day you find her caught by a Pulunpa. 
      Help her and be modest about it. When you meet her near the fountain 
      she'll give you a Pulunpa egg. Ghosh and Nico will come and ask you 
      about it. Just be frank, and the Rodes will then leave you with Nico. 
      From this on, just keep talking to her and choose any answer. After
      several days, you'll find yourself in the opposite situation, she'll
      help you from a U-Boat menace. Then back in town, she'll say that
      she has no idea why she rescued you. You'll have to control your ego
      for now. But the day after that, she'll ask you again and just fire
      away! She'll strangely be delighted when you accuse her of falling in
      love with you and will ignore your last reply.
    - Fur
      She reminds me of Ranma 1/2's Nabiki. This tomboy only appreciates
      money... and a person who doesn't. You've gotta to be that person.
      Keep visiting her store and ignore her teasing and many times
      heartless remarks. But when she asks you whether you come to see her, 
      answer yes. Don't forget to talk to her again after you've
      done shopping/selling, she'll say something different. 
      When you manage to find your way to 15th floor, you'll find the urn 
      for the farmer who asked your help. Give the item, and return the next
      day to receive an octopus dumpling sample from his kid's stand. 
      With the sample in your inventory, go talk to Fur. Give it to her when
      she asks for it. Spend the next several days flirting with her, and
      one day you'll find her in an uneasy mood after a visit from Ghosh. 
      She'll say some nasty things about your father and you've to draw some
      line here. Ask her to apologize and she'll yell back. But after you
      exit her store, she'll feel bad. Return the next day and say that you 
      forgive her. After that, just spend more days talking.
    - Patty Pan
      Don't worry, even if you've done wrong several times to her (running
      off without paying, doesn't bring enough money). You could still 
      catch her heart. Just pay what you owe, then try everything on the
      menu. Or you could try Shining Prawn for a couple of times. 
      And one day, you'll find her alone in the restaurant. Show some
      enthusiasm when she says that she can cook for you. Just choose to
      complement her cooking and that her dad is a great person.  
      When the restaurant opens again, agree to her statement that the other
      day was their secret. Then the next time she'd brush Ghosh aside by 
      serving you her own cooking. Be gentle and complement her. 
    - Mia Myria
      The easiest of all. After you build a library, she'd be there.
      After several accidental bumps-into, she'll finally talk to you.
      Be polite or lie to her (depends on your perception). Several times
      like that and you'll find her mad at Ghosh for being rude. Pretend 
      you don't hear her cursing. Repeat the visiting procedure and she'll
      begin dreaming about you. 
      Until one day when you notice (you won't miss her) that she's stalking
      you, just come to the library and exit until you catch her red-handed.
      Tell her you don't like what she was doing and she'll run crying. 
      The strange thing is, the next day she doesn't appear in the
      library, but the day after that she acts like nothing ever happens.
    - Cherrl Child
      A rather tricky one because there's a branch and I haven't tried the
      other one. After visiting her several times, she'd ask you to bring 
      her outside. While walking, she'd blush when you say that both of you
      look like lovers. 
      After acquiring the Healing Herb, you give it to the doctor and 
      given two choices : to tell Cherrl about it or don't. 
      I choose not to since the doctor also agrees that Cherrl should
      recover on her own will. 
      After she recovers, she'll want to be a nurse. Support her and then
      visit her in the hospital often. One day, she'll overhear from your 
      conversation with the doctor that it was you who got the herb. 
      She'll then exclaims that she'd try hard to recover anyway, not 
      wanting someone so precious to her gone through the trouble for
      I don't know who wrote these lines, but the choices are :
      - sorry 
      - sorry
      - curry
      Which really tickled my ill-humoured nature. 
      Okay, after several visits, you'll have captured her heart also. 
    - Vivian Merca
      On the 28th-30th floor, you'll find a torn blue cape. Bring it to the
      bar and an automatic sequence will follow. The bar will then be
      closed for the following days. After you talk the owner of her senses,
      she'll reopen the bar and Vivian will be there, ready to dance
      Sometimes if she is not seen at the bar she may be at the casino.  
      If you've built a theater, just keep going in and out of the bar and
      talk to her until she says that she's being interviewed for the
      Return the day after tomorrow to the theater and you'll find her with
      her fellow dancers performing their show. She doesn't look good,
      though, but keep answering to her that you watch her in play. 
      I hope you've done a successful stand-up act, cause that's what you
      need. Vivian will get worse and refuse to join her comrades. 
      You'll then ask her to walk outside. You'll find Ghosh outside, saying
      something that brings you idea. Ask Vivian to go to the bar, saying
      that the madame will love having her dance there. She'll do great,
      and realizing her fault. 
      After that her dance gets better day and day until she finally gets
      the role.   
    *Related occurences*
    - Next door lives Aunt who will try to be a matchmaker. If you've won
      a girl's heart or two, one will be chosen randomly to stop her from
    - Those girls too will appear in the pool in an order of some kind,
      wearing their swiwsuits (duh!).   
    - 12.3 Stand up comedy solution -
    The answers are in the following order:
    O X O O X O O O X X O X O
    - 12.4 Dialogue trick -
    When talking with people that have a portrait, holding traingle will give you
    a better picture of them.
    ~ 13. Game Shark Codes ~
    - 13.1 Game Shark Codes for Azure Dreams -
    Infinite Money
    Infinite Health in Battle
    Quick Level Up
    ~ 14. Stuff to do in the future ~
    Some things to research for the later versions of this FAQ:
    Damage algorithms
    Experience tables
    mp values of abilities
    familiar abilities
    create monster list
    sale prices of items
    ~ 15. Credits ~
    Any help is appreciated with this FAQ. E-mail me with 
    corrections/additions and I will post your name/url/email here. If your name
    is not on this list and you sent some info, it is probably because someone
    sent that information first. But thank you for all the support this FAQ has
    - 15.1 List of Contributors -
    Sam Maxted (canaries@wlink.net) for suggesting game shark codes
    Ryan Bancroft (richard@lida.net) for telling me the mirror shield never 
    Seeker (trcar@frognet.net) for the info to impress Patty.
    Esper Knight (epoch@texas.net) for the info that Diamond Shield never rusts.
    Kurririn for the info on building an amusement center.
    Aerritek (aerritek@hotmail.com) for the location of the healing herb
    Aaron Jensen (Zorland@my-dejanews.com) for info regarding Vivian Merca, use
    of hazak herb, use of tumna fruit, ways to impress Fur Gots, and price of 
    Joe Cheok (lpcheok@WSUHUB.UC.TWSU.EDU) for the use of malicious bell and 
    scroll as well as the special use of pita fruit and medical herb. Also
    submitted info of the nyeul's transformation at level 20, stats
    of the hikewne, and mp values gained from giving a familiar items
    other than pita fruit.
    Stainless Steel Rat (ratinox@peorth.gweep.net) for info on throwing items 
    and throwing spare weapons.
    John D. Evans (jevans@MIT.EDU) for an immense amount of information regarding
    fusion, familiars, spells and suggestions.
    jv quezon (jvq@webtv.net) for the stand up comedy solution
    Jason Artman (jason@nseng.com) for the mazarr seed strategy.
    Carlson (carlsona@dakota.net) for the things you get at the end of the game.
    Matt Hadreas (chopsooee@usa.net) for the Arachne transformation.
    Jason Collier (collierj@cadvision.com) for many familiar transformations.
    isman (siisman@indosat.net.id) for revising the impressing the various
    girls section in depth and some familiar strategies.
    NutMageX (NutMageX@aol.com) for revising Vivian and telling me to put
    the seraphim sword on the item list.
    (JKolb6313@aol.com) for suggesting some late game strategies.
    (DJPower79@aol.com) for the suggestion of throwing the troll hammer at trolls
    to get other troll weapons.
    Michael Lai (mikeyl@mbox2.singnet.com.sg) for suggesting to use items
    sparingly in long tower runs.
    Marty Czosnyka (mczosnyka@hotmail.com) for telling me that the blacksmith
    suggests a gym, special monster on floors 16,26,36.
    And to everyone else who contributed but does not have their name here.
    ~ 16. What happens when you beat the game ~
    When you have reached level 40 and finished your work on that floor, you may
    still progress with the game. You receive the following things.
    All the ? marks are filled in
    You get the Seraphim Sword (Guy's Sword) Power of 8, not rust-proof.
    You get the Ultimate Egg, hatch it to get the most powerful monster
    in the game, the hikewne. The hikewne gains about 2 to 3 points to each 
    attribute when it gains a level as opposed to other monsters 1 point a level
    It gains mp whenver it gains a level. When its AI is set to 3, its mixture
    magic will kill any monster in one hit.

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