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    Starting Guide by ShadowX

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    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 10:51:23 EDT
    Other Life Azure Dreams
    by Konami, KCET
    'The beastly city of "Monsbire" and the "Demon Tower" that soars 
            A 15-year-old youth becomes the treasure hunter and sets out for
                    the Demon Tower to find the Demon's Egg for his mother 
    and baby sister."
    Starter guide by ShadowX
    The game is set in a desert.
    The town, Monsbire, is located next to the Demon Tower, beside a lake.
    This ensures the town is able to live well in the desert with its water
    The game start menu has 3 selections:
            Load/continue game
            Start a new game
    Controls within the game is described as you use them. As you press a
    button in the tower, your
    monster servant will describe the use of it.
    As you start a new game, a angel appears. He speaks, telling you about 
    Next choose a name for yourself.
    The game starts with your birth. The whole intro takes you through your 
    until 15-years-old. You get whack awake by your sisters. Next, goto the 
    room and speak with the long-eyebrow-old-man. He tells you about the 
    and leaves.
    Your mother gives you a apple that refills MP. Then you set off for the 
    Explore if you would, but you cannot buy anything as you're broke.
    Go North and enter the tower. A monster will come and greet you. He'll 
    you as the first 
    monster servant.
    With in the first stage, there are many things to collect. The map is
    default and its the
    training level. All other levels will be different from each other. Each
    time you climb the
    tower, you'll enter a new map, making things less boring if you die too
    many times.
    Each time you die, you end up back home, moneyless and level goes back 
    the original level
    you entered the tower with. And some monsters disappear.
    As you press the buttons, your servant will lists its uses. Go around 
    collect the different
    loot, like a sword, shield, egg, orb, etc... The egg is used by 
    it in the inventory
    and use it. Press Circle multiple times to warm the egg. When it reached
    100%, it hatches.
    Once on the second level, you're on your own.
    Hints for battle.
    *       Use AI level 4 or 5 for fast killing of monsters.
    *       Use AI 3 if you feel like gaining level, as 4 or 5 takes up more 
    MP. And
            your monster
            sleeps when its MP is zero.
    *       Feeling low on HP? Walk around in a room, not too many steps or 
            you'll attract
            monsters. Every 6-7 steps will refill 1 HP.
    *       Use items often. You only have limited space, and each monster, 
            and armor takes
            up one slot.
    *       To get out, find the crystal of Wind. It looks like Nakoruru's 
            crystal. It takes
            you back with your items, exp and alive.
    *       When you get a few monsters, try to morph them together. Some 
    can, some
            Try to save before morphing to see results. Sometimes, the 
    results are worse 
            than before. A good starter is the first monster, with a 
    rider(the one you
            saw the
            main character riding). 
    Any other problems can consult me at shadowx1@hotmail.com

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