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    Catfish FAQ by CMitchell

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/15/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Faq for Bass Landing, PSX
    The Unofficial:  Bass Landing Catfish Faq
    1: Versions
    2: Info on Cats
    3: Places to locate cats
    4: Lures and tackle
    5: Anything Left Over
     1. Versions
        1.0  First Version!
     2. Info on Catfish
    	Catfish are very hard to find fish in Bass Landing. They are pretty rare. If 
    you know the type of cover they prefer, locating cats will become much easier. Only
    3 lakes hold catfish, Lunker, Mirror, and Alpine. Lunker seems to be the best to fish
    on for cats, but they are locatable in all three. 
    	When setting the game up for Catfish, I suggest the following options:
    	Pressure : None
            Time of Year: Between 4-end and 8-mid
    	Weather(y): Cloudy to Cloudy>Rain to Cloudy/Rain
    	Weather(t): ditto
    	Water Temp: 60º to 72º
    	Time: 17:00 to 17:30
    	Elapse: None
     	I have only used warm water to catch the cats, and I'm not sure if any other
    water temps can be used as effectively. 
     3. Catfish's favorite places!
    	Catfish are usually found in water between 15 and 5 feet, but can go deeper.
    I have never caught a cat shallower that 5 feet. 
    	Good Places:
    	Tree Overhangings
    	Fish Nurseries
    	Inside and Outside of breakwaters and dikes
    	Shallow weeds
    	Bridge pilings
    	Rip-rap (rocky shoreline)
    	Any quick drop-off
    	In Mirror lake, check the backwaters past the bridge. I caught two cats there
    in one outing. Also check the fish nurseries. These are fences out in the water. Get 
    to these and cast parrellel to them. Tetrapods are these triangular things. Cast around 
    	In Lunker Lake, Cast around the islands, especially the one with the beach-front 
    property. This is prime cat territory. Cast around the rocks also.
    	I have not yet caught catfish in Alpine lake. Sorry :(
     4. Lures and Tackle
    	Lures used for cats in this game is pretty simple.  My favorite rig consists of:
    	Medium to Heavy Bait Rod
    	Bait Reel
    	Line in pound range of 10 - 16
    	The Vibration Lure!
    	Now, I have caught the most cats on the vibration lure, and found in is the best 
    for open water fishing.  But also the pork-rind jigs work well. These can catch carp 
    sometimes, too.  Also spinnerbaits can work if let to fall. My retrieve of the Ratl'trap 
    (vibration) is to let it fall all the way to the bottom, then pull up with the rod, and 
    let it sink.  Then real in the slack and pull it up again.  The lure should never go 
    more than a couple feet off the ground.  The fish take it on the drop.  Sometimes the 
    fish spits the bait out before you can get the hook set.  This is OK, because it means a 
    big'un us following your bait! If you get a bite like this, let the fish take it a 
    second before you strike again.
    	When fighting the fish, you usually use strong line. I prefer 14 pound with a 
    realistic Ratl'trap.  Even though the line is like rope, big cats can still break your 
    line!  Play them carefully, at drag 3 and keep steady pressure. Cats usually don't give 
    up quick, and fights can last awhile.
    	Other rigs I have caught cats with:
        Rig One-
    	Medium-Light to Medium-Heavy spinning rod
    	Spinning reel
    	6-8 pound line
    	Suspending or floating minnow plug
    	Reel it past a structure and let it sit for a second, then rip it.
        Rig Two-
    	Medium-Heavy Bait Rod
    	Bait Reel
    	12 pound test line
    	1/2oz Pork-rind jig for fishing over 15 ft deep
    	Work this slowly over bottom and hop through rip-rap
        Rig Three, Deep water and Winter-
    	Ultra Heavy Bait Rod
    	Bait Reel
    	16 pound test
    	Metal Jig in realistic colors
    	Let it sink to bottom and jig in big sweeps over the bottom. Good near bridge 
      2. Anything Left Over
    	I consider myself good at catching the rough fish in Bass Landing. I have never 
    got past stage one in a tournament!  But I prefer those bottom-dwelling beasts. My 
    personal record cat is a 40 incher at 15 pounds on a Ratl'trap and 14 pound test. Start 
    out with lighter line until you find your best rig.  The cats get more weary as the test 
    goes up!  Let cats run if the want to, but keep them from getting tangled in sticks.  
    Carp can be taken frequently on these rigs, too. 
    Along with snake heads, which love that Ratl'trap!
    	Mail me your biggest cats and any news tips for me to put in my faq, with all 
    credit going straight to you.  If I get enough interest, I'll also make a carp faq!
    	Copyright Colin Mitchell  2000

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