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"Not bad, but not ground-breaking either."

-Visuals 7/10-

While the visuals of Batman and Robin are dark and well detailed, the biggest problem that you’ll find with them is the fact that they are very bleak, and they can be a little too dim to see on certain T.V. sets. You’ll find that the colors match just right, and the detail for the characters are there, but you’ll notice without too much effort that the character detail is a bit on the fuzzy side. You’ll also find that as you travel across the city and beat up enemies, they seem to look the same after encountering them about thirty times. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but after seeing the same moves performed on the same enemies several times in a row, you’ll find yourself lulling into a type of visual boredom.

-Audio 7/10-

A pretty decent action soundtrack greets your ears with the a-typical music that you’d come to expect from a game that supports a side-scrolling fighting game of this type. Rock-ish type music will fill your ears, and your stereo speakers, which is a plus, but it all melds together after a while to create a lot of background noise that you’ll definitely notice. Sound effects include your basic array of thuds, grunts, swishing capes and punches being thrown, while some of the heavier sound effects sound slightly tinny to the ear, and don’t quite utilize what a stereo system is capable of.

-Control 5/10-

Possibly the worst feature of the game, the control here is very slow to respond, even through the analog sticks. Combinations come out in a slow manner, in which you’ll probably end up pressing an attack button several times to get three or four hits up against a target, with the slow response time, you’ll find that the hits are usually intercepted, and then blocked all the way through. Definitely a thumb-buster to say the least, the control here could have used a lot of tweaking, especially when you’re faced with enemies coming at you from different directions all at once.

-Game Play 7/10-

The basic premise of the game is to make it from one end of the city to the other, and take out the bad guys that work for such villains as Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. You’ll find that the computer controlled A.I. is exceptionally brutal when it comes to this, and you will have to learn what there is to learn is a relatively short amount of time. With the learning factor of the game being set so high, most gamers will probably find a lot of different complaints about the game, especially the way that the computer has a way of sneaking up and throwing in some cheap shots on you.

Something that is relatively disappointing, is the fact that there isn’t a two player option here, so that means that once you’ve made it all the way through the game, and pretty much found everything that the game has to offer, there isn’t a real reason to play it again. This is probably the biggest gripe that any gamer will find, in which action games of this type usually do well to pit you and a buddy in the middle of combat, whether with co-operating, or against each other. Big downfall here.

-Overall 7/10-

Batman and Robin is your basic beat-em up with a lot of technical problems starting with the dark visuals to the melding soundtrack, following into the slow and sloppy control set-up and then falling into a mediocre game play. With no two player option, most gamers who have friends will find themselves lulled away into a type of boredom that comes about with one player action games: loneliness. Weekend warriors would do well to rent this game just for the license, but every other action game fan would do well to stay away and save their money.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/20/01, Updated 01/20/01

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