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There is not many good Batman games come out for consoles these days, then again, hardly anything based on super heroes is good when it comes to games, which the exception of Spiderman of course. Superman 64 was crowned the worst Nintendo 64 game, Batman Forever was crowned the Playstations worst game, so first impressions can't go wrong when you find that this Batman game, is based on the latest chapter of the film's series, Batman & Robin!

The game, could have been very enjoyable if it was thought over for a couple of more hours. The gameplay is too slow, everything is too big, everything is pitch black (I know its Gothem we are talking about, but the town looks like it has been his with an eclipse whilst the sun has been blocked.) and the loading times take too long.

The story is based on the film, Mr. Freeze wants to steal everything and freeze everything, and you need to kill him or arrest him, however your feeling. You don't have a choice, you just go after him. The three playable characters, Batman, Robin and Batgirl, all three must trail Gothem looking for where Mr. Freeze will strike next.

I just mentioned that you have to trail around Gothem City looking for where he will strike next. True! After coming out of the infamous Batman mansion, you must control your characters veichal to a certain destination, like a museum or a bank. Batman uses his Batmobile, Robin and Batgirl have to do with a motorbike. The veichals go quite fast, but are horrible to control, and are designed far too big, you will probaly be bumping in to things (and people) then spending time on the road. Gothem is a pretty big place, and before rushing off to the first level, it is fun to drive around Gothem, see what the programmers put in. It is a shame that only the levels are enterable. Anyway, the city is like a smaller version of Grand Theft Auto 3... but without the mayhem fun!

Moving on, the characters are awful to handle. You can choose in the mansion who you want to control (That is if you can actually find what you are looking for, it is far too dark! Couldn't the butler put a light on?). Batman handles far too slow, he is strong, but he runs like a zombie. Robin is incredibley weak, but is a little faster then Batman, and Batgirl is the fastest out of the three, but unfortunatley the weakest.

The mansion that Batman lives in, is huge! It may not be as fun as Lara Crofts mansion, but this has everything from the Batman base to a library training level, complete with everything except an exit. There is an exit from the training level however, it is just very hard to find due to everything cramped in, many rooms and darkness!

The music is very poor quality, as is the sound. Gone are the normal Batman onomatopoeia, intruducing crap sound effects and screeching music which was recorded from a ghost opera group in a... ghostly opera house!

As for the graphics, there are alright I supoose. The animations are good, for example Batman's cape. All the villiams, houses, cars whatever, all seem to be blocky, which is a shame really. Oh and did I mention everything was too dark?

Batman & Robin (& Batgirl) is a pretty tough game, but you might tire of the frustration of not been able to see anything and the massive slowdown. You will get bored of the games repeativeness, but it will feel rewarding if you manage to complete the game without cheats. Yes, in my opinion, cheats are crap!

Good points

- A Batman game
- Good animations on the characters
- A Whole living City to explore

Bad points

- The sound and music
- To dark
- Horrible Gameplay


Graphics - 6/10
Sound - 3/10
Music - 3/10
Gameplay - 4/10
Story - 6/10
Chaellenge - 7/10
Enjoyment - 2/10
Lifespan - 4/10
Overall - 4/10

Alternatives: You could try Batman of the Future, it offers much more fun then this monstrosity. Other games like this include Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Grand Theft Auto 3, Tomb Raider, a Castlevania game and even the first Fighting Force game. All of these are better then this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/17/02, Updated 03/17/02

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