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"Batman, forever in the garbage can....."

Acclaim, who has done many good games for the PSX, really took a dive with this title: Batman Forever. You may have read a review of mine on ''The Crow:City of Angels'' Now granted, this game cannot possibly be as horrid as the Crow... or can it..... lets look at the different aspects (if you want to call it that) of this game.

Controls: The controls (or lack of) have many Crowesque features to it. In fact the thing you have the most control over is the selection of Batman or Robin in the selection screen. Other than that, forget it its pointless. Both of our defenders of justice took a course in kung-fu with their instructor an amputee. Random punches and kicks are par the course in this thriller. However, the only saving grace is the completely random times that you throw your Bat-a-rang. When that happens you actually do some hit combos and kill enemies. The problem is you can hit your Bat-a-rang button 50 times and pray that maybe just once you can throw it. After performing this sequence over and over, you'll wish you had used this cd as a cat frisbee or broken it in pieces and snuck it in your church's communion bowl.

Gameplay: Obviously, with the controls in disarray, gameplay naturally suffers. As Batman or Robin you scroll this 2D universe in hopes of ridding Gotham City of criminals. And scroll and scroll.... Gotham City seems to have no end. This game reminds me of a very bad version of Double Dragon. Also, the enemies can take unbelievable amounts of punishment. The amount of damage it takes to kill a simple enemy would get you thrown in prison in about 67 countries. Other than this simple mission, and the occasional boss, there is no other aspect of gameplay involved. The first five minutes of this masterpiece spoils the rest of the game as quite frankly you do nothing different throughout.

Graphics: As if these weren't bad enough, the graphics look like they were ported from the Atari 2600. Everything looks blocked and choppy and our fearless superheroes look like they spent they spent a week in a morgue. The only thing that stands out are the little powerups that look like Batman symbols or the occasional hearts that represent health. When you get Batman or Robin fired up with punches and kicks it looks like the Tazmanian Devil on prozac. And quite frankly, Gotham City should have filed a lawsuit for the defilement of their city, it simply look awful. I could go on and on, but reliving the graphics in this game makes my stomach churn... its that bad.

Sound: Well actually the sound is about the only saving grace of this thriller. The opening does a nice rendition of the Batman theme and there is some decent music throughout. What I would like to know is when Batman and Robin learned kung-fu sounds because they squeal them throughout. To summarize, I will say this has much better sound and music throughout then some games in the present. (see Dragon Warrior 7 and its thrilling midi compositions)

Is Batman Forever good? No. Is Batman Forever fun? For about 5 minutes. Is Batman Forever worse than ''The Crow:City of Angels''? Not possible... The rest I leave for you to decide (hopefully from a rental outlet)

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/14/01, Updated 11/14/01

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