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    Endings Guide by ProTect

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    Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Endings Guide
    For the Sony Playstation
    Version 0.2 (17 October 2001)
    By ProTect (e-mail: protectiam@yahoo.com)
    Copyright (c) 2001 ProTect
    The game Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (hereafter referred
    to as BAT3) and all BAT3 characters are copyrights of
    I do not claim any of the BAT3 characters as my
    intellectual property in any way. My contribution is
    solely the organization of BAT3's endings into one
    This guide is mine, ProTect's. Do not post it to
    public forums without my permission. Do not in any way
    claim it as your own.
    DO NOT rewrite it and pass it off as your Endings
    Guide for another game!
    Plagiarism is a very serious crime. It is intellectual
    Guide Disclaimers
    Purpose of This Guide
    Version History
    ----------PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE------------
    This guide is a collection of all of BAT3's endings
    into one document.
    No matter who he fought, Eiji was overshadowed by the
    reputation of his brother Sho. Now that he has gained
    victory in the Toshindaibukai, he realizes that the
    only person he has to compete against is himself.
    Eiji's companions also managed to survive the fierce
    battle in which Eiji thwarted the evil plot of the
    Organization. Eiji learned a valuable lesson during
    the great battle - that one fights not only for
    oneself, but for others also.
    He cannot express this understanding in words, but he
    feels it deeply in his heart.
    Eiji's journey has only just begun...
    Kayin's foster father Amou was an assassin in the
    Organization. Kayin longed to know the truth - did
    Amou really love him, or was the affection he showed
    his foster son nothing but a lie?
    Now, after destroying the Organization, Kayin has
    finally discovered the truth.
    Amou sacrificed himself to the dark ceremony in place
    of Kayin, and in doing so showed his true devotion as
    a father.
    Once again able to call Amou "Father," Kayin can now
    open his heart fully to his foster daughter Naru.
    The Organization hid its ruthless ambition behind fine
    sounding slogans about creating a new and ideal world,
    but Sofia will never forget the tragedy it caused. She
    fought bravely against the Organization, accepting the
    burden of her destiny.
    During battle, she found something no one will ever be
    able to change - trust between friends and the loyalty
    that comes from overcoming hardships together. She
    will never regain the memories she has lost, but the
    warmth in her heart is more important to her than any
    memory from her stolen past.
    Rungo once thought that Gaia was reserved, but he now
    understands all too well how Gaia feels.
    Once seen as a threat to the Organization, Rungo had
    no choice but to smash it, staking his freedom on the
    After defeating cruel and ruthless opponents in the
    tournament, he won freedom and a life free of the
    threat of attack by the Organization. The bonds
    between Rungo and his companions have been made
    stronger and deeper through the gruelling [sic] ordeal
    of combat.
    Mondo staked the honor of his family and its very
    survival on this fight. Despite his skill and
    tremendous strength the battle was not easy.
    He managed to defeat the Organization and scatter its
    followers, but the things he had lost could never be
    Once again, Mondo must return to his life as a spy,
    wrapping himself in the cloak of darkness. Wherever
    trouble arises, he and his clan are sure to be close
    by, slipping silently in the shadows.
    The evil Organization crumbled before Duke's mighty
    swordsmanship, and failed miserably in its attempt to
    destroy the Rambert family.
    Entrusted with the duty of protecting the honor of his
    family, Duke had to fight the onslaught of darkness
    with his own hand, no matter who the opponent...
    The battle over, Duke feels his duties as lord anew,
    and vows to protect the peace of his lands forever.
    The battle has ended, and peace has returned once
    again. the children in Ellis' troupe are safe, saved
    by her skill and bravery.
    The responsibility of caring for those who are unable
    to defend against the tyranny of others has helped
    Ellis grow and mature. When she herself realizes this,
    she will have reached an even higher level of
    development, both as a fighter and as a human being.
    Surrounded by children and her new friends she found
    in battle, Ellis dances to celebrate her glorious
    Gaia's ambitions ended up causing tragedy, but he put
    his life on the line and fought to save the fighters
    he had led into disaster.
    The battle was like none ever seen before, but Gaia
    had steeled himself for anything and in the face of
    his power and resolve the evil plot was foiled. It was
    his courageous stand that saved the fighters who had
    been targeted by the Organization.
    Having established peace and triumphed over evil Gaia
    can finally sheath [sic] his weapon and lead a life of
    Japan didn't change the style of this New York cop in
    the slightest. At first she just couldn't get along
    with her boss Nagisa Iwashiro - every - thing he did
    grated on her nerves.
    But as they fought side by side against Abel and his
    cohorts, Tracey's [sic] feelings changed as she
    noticed Nagisa's strong sense of justice. Finally, he
    won her whole-hearted respect.
    As she left to return to New York, Tracey [sic]
    couldn't help teasing her serious superior a little.
    "Hey, Nagisa! You should quit worrying about your
    girly first name, you know. Haven't you heard -
    sensitive new age guys are all the rage now!"
    Even now that he has crushed the Organization, Chaos,
    a long time enemy from the Secret Society feels
    neither joy nor sorrow. For him, battle is nothing
    more than a game. The fact that this game ended with
    the loss of the Organization is meaningless to him.
    The only thing that is important to Chaos is
    experiencing the joy of battle and the pleasure of the
    kill. This would not change even if he could remember
    his past. The look in his eyes when he fights tells
    all - pure insanity.
    Why was Bayhou targeted by the Organization? He had
    lived simply by his instincts, and now he was suddenly
    attacked by ruthless enemies.
    One day he was visited by a kindly old man who gave
    him a pair of shiny gloves to play with. The man
    taught him how to dance and play with the gloves.
    Bayhou enjoyed the eager playmates that came with
    their metal sticks to have fun with him.
    He now waits in eager anticipation for anyone to come
    and challenge him to dangerous games once again...
    Shizuku was drawn into the battle after finding David,
    injured and alone, and deciding to help him. In all
    her life she had never seen anything like the battle
    against the Organization - it was a veritable
    But what was Shizuku's true motivation to go into such
    a battle? It could not only have been a sense of duty
    and the desire to help a young boy; the desire to
    fight must have existed in her heart.
    Whatever her motivation, she could not allow evil
    people committing evil deeds to go unchallenged, and
    now that the wicked Organization has been defeated,
    her face glows with a rare smile of satisfaction.
    Was David targeted by the Organization because of his
    special talents?
    In his blackest hour, he discovered how powerful the
    desire for revenge can be. Although he achieved his
    objective, he was unable to regain what he had lost.
    His father and mother were both gone, and greatest
    shock of all his friend Judgement had completely
    At the end of the battle David looks at his hands and
    sees the blood of those who had killed his parents,
    but now that he has had his revenge he can rest at
    Nagisa didn't know what had hit him when Tracy first
    arrived from the New York City Police Department. Her
    street smarts and in-your-face attitude were the exact
    opposite of his cool, restrained approach to police
    At first, everything went badly, but as they worked
    together to destroy the Organization, he came to
    realized [sic] that she had a strong sense of justice.
    Nagisa now regards Tracy as a trusted partner, and
    feels surprisingly sad that she is returning to the
    States. When she is gone, he knows that he will miss
    her. But once she's gone, he'll also feel relieved -
    now there will be no one around who dares to call him
    by his hated, effeminate first name...
    Leon tried to become the head of the Organization by
    eliminating Eiji, but he no longer has any interest at
    all in the Organization's goals. All he really wanted
    was to rid himself of Eiji and his companions.
    "Only the strong will survive! Now the world knows who
    the strongest man of all is - ME!"
    Now he seeks a man whose skill with the sword is said
    to be greater than that of Eiji. A warrior known only
    as Sho.
    Ten Count worked for the Organization in order to
    satisfy his evil desires. Once he had decided to
    eliminate an opponent, they had no chance of escape.
    He would begin his ten-second countdown and then send
    his victim into eternal slumber.
    The last thing countless people heard when being sent
    to the next world was the voice of Ten Count, intoning
    his evil countdown. The sight of terror stricken
    people begging for mercy before they died sent this
    evil man into ecstasy.
    Ten Count continues to travel the new world of
    darkness, searching for new sources of rapture and new
    games to play.
    Adored by millions, Zola is a famous opera singer,
    known for her beautiful voice; however, in the
    underworld, she is just as famous.
    In the underworld, her voice is that of a dark angel
    escorting those foolish enough to oppose her into the
    next world.
    All sink to their knees in front of Zola, and gaze at
    her beauty with awe and respect. No one knows that her
    enduring charms have been made stronger by the blood
    of the fighters - they wait for their deaths simply
    staring at her, totally under her spell...
    Although made of metal rather than flesh and blood,
    Adam fell in love with a human.
    He hoped that by serving the Organization they might
    give him a chance to become a human being. However,
    when he realized that this was impossible, even if the
    Organization achieved its goals, he fell into a deep
    Until the day when he is given a new mission and his
    energy is reawakened, his steel body will remain still
    and silent.
    Cuiling was brought up in a Hong Kong Triad in which
    she was trained from early childhood to be an
    Her skills have now been fully demonstrated. In the
    face of Cuiling's lightning-fast fighting technique
    opponents are helpless.
    Without hesitation, she defeats her opponents
    dispassionately, a demon whose face is covered with a
    beautiful mask.
    Toujin swore allegiance to the Organization in his
    ongoing search for the secret of eternal life, but he
    was not sincere in his devotion. He did it to save his
    wife, who had fallen ill with an incurable disease.
    Now that he possesses the secret he searched for, the
    Organization has become meaningless to him.
    But his victory came too late - his wife already had
    died. Now that he no longer has any place to call
    home, he returns to the Organization, intent on
    pursuing his new knowledge to its limits.
    Balga is the descendant of a family committed to the
    destruction of the Rambert line. Gaining the dark
    power of the Organization, he killed off the fighters
    one by one.
    He wickedly pursues his quest to eliminate Duke and
    his friends. Every time he hunts down a new victim,
    inexpressible joy appears on his face... A face hidden
    by a mask.
    Atahua, the descendant of an ancient empire, dreamt of
    reviving his imperial inheritance. He was willing to
    use any means to achieve this goal, including joining
    the ranks of Abel's evil Organization.
    However, the aims of the Organization were ever in
    complete opposition to Atahua's. With the blood of the
    fighters now harvested, the evil Organization can
    achieve its ultimate goal. He does not care that lives
    were lost he only seeks to regain his lost crown and
    the kingdom he left behind.
    Atahua now seeks his own way as he escapes the
    Although they have no blood ties, Tau thinks of Atahua
    as his own child. While working as part of the
    Organization, Tau tried to help Atahua attain his
    Tau fought and defeated all opponents to help Atahua.
    However, now that the ceremony is about to take place,
    he learns that Atahua has decided to escape from the
    Organization. He decides that he too will turn
    traitor, and with Atahua, puts the Organization behind
    him once and for all.
    Rachael was separated at birth from her twin sister.
    Born just after Rachel [sic], this sister was brought
    up surrounded by love and affection. Her name was
    Abandoned by her parents and left to fend for herself
    in a harsh, cruel world, Rachael cursed her fate and
    learned to hate Tracy.
    Her feelings of hatred eventually turned into desire
    for revenge, a desire the Organization used to further
    its own purposes. Rachael, having sworn that she would
    get revenge on her twin, fought until the bitter end.
    Now that she has won, her soul is doomed to continue
    its solitary journey through darkness.
    Schultz, master of the ceremony, feels content at
    last. He has all the blood that he needs for the dark
    As he prepares for the ceremony, he suddenly begins to
    tremble. Not from fear or despair, but from the
    excitement of the coming ritual.
    Schultz smiles gleefully as he contemplates the
    wonderful and terrible events soon to occur...
    Miss Til, fortune teller to the Organization, has seen
    everything turn out just as she predicted. Now,
    however, the course of fate is unfolding in ways that
    even her power cannot divine.
    The supernatural world. The source of all magic. She
    stares hard into the darkness. She must know what the
    future brings, but now all she sees is nothingness...
    Judgement, searching for ultimate power, traded his
    humanity for dark powers.
    A poor and cursed being, he was created solely in
    order to serve the will of the Organization.
    Sensing that the ritual is soon to take place, he now
    raises his vacant eyes toward the sky, eyes that show
    neither joy nor sorrow. They are filled with
    blackness, doomed never to know joy...
    In the face of Vermilion's evil power, all joy and
    hope for the future is extinguished. Even those of the
    dark world stand helpless before his might. Wherever
    Vermilion goes, fear and terror follow.
    Despite working for the Organization, Vermilion always
    maintains a proud independence and haughty nobility.
    Now that the ceremony is about to begin, Vermilion
    stands alone to observe it. A cold smile comes to his
    lips as he contemplates the pleasure in store for him
    in the future...
    Abel's plan has now been realized. With the blood of
    the fallen heroes, he will begin the ritual of
    darkness that will bring him eternal power over the
    human world.
    The time draws closer for the whirlpool of darkness to
    seethe and boil. The ritual is over...
    Immeasurable strength is awakened, and Abel begins to
    merge with the limitless darkness...
    Veil was imprisoned by Abel for once failing in the
    Now he feels the dark power awakening form its long
    sleep once again, and, guided by shadow, he regains
    his lost power.
    He destroys everything around him, an instrument of
    evil. In the face of his cruel power, ideals and hope
    lose all their meaning, and are forever lost in
    Sho's sword is razor sharp, keen enough to cut through
    any shadow. All those who dared to challenge were
    felled by the power of his mighty blade.
    Sho's high ideals will never fully be realized. But
    the brilliance of his aura burns brightly, and all
    fighters stand in awe of him. As his power and skill
    increase, there may no longer be any rivals left
    strong enough to challenge him.
    ----------VERSION HISTORY----------
    v. 0.2 (17 October 2001) - Added endings for Bayhou,
    Schultz, Miss Til, Judgement, Vermilion, Abel, Veil,
    and Sho.
    v. 0.1 (10 October 2001) - The first preliminary
    version, this contained all content not mentioned
    I, ProTect, wrote this.
    Takara made the game.
    The BAT3 characters belong to Takara.

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