Review by AlucardX

Reviewed: 08/19/01 | Updated: 08/19/01

I really really tried to enjoy it, but it has WAY TOO MANY PROBLEMS

This game is extremely disappointing . Sure, its story is awesome, but still, the gameplay is unforgivable. Blood Omen is ragged with so much load time and control problems, it's almost unplayable.

I really wanted to play this game. It sounded so cool, the story and features sounded awesome, and being the fan of games like this that I am, I wanted to get it immediately. It took me a little while to find, but I eventually got it at a used cd place for 12 bucks. I couldn't wait to play it, and as soon as I got home, I put in into my PSX, only to have all my hopes for this game shatter.

First things first though, the FMV's rule. The stunning scenes are really awesome. So is the story, the story is great.

The story is also quite nicely done. You play as a man named Kain, who is brutally murdered. You then get revived by the forces of evil, and are now a pawn sent to do their dirty work. However, they let you get your revenge. The story is dark, and is very good. However, those were the only two things Crystal Dynamics got right.

The gameplay blows, plain and simple. When I finally got in control of my character, I had such terrible control of him, that I thought I was going to break my controller in half. It seems that Kain can't run, so you move at a snail's pace across a large land that is very repetitive.

Now, an enemy comes. As you hit your attack button, you swing your sword very slowly, while your enemy's attack hits you lightning fast. No matter how much you hit your attack button, it moves slow, and is unresponsive. Now, you can run away, but wait, Kain doesn’t run.

Ok, let's get into a dungeon. Jeez, it's dark in here, and if I hear ''Please, help me kind sir'' one more time, I'm going to kill someone! Each dungeon requires you to go through a very repetitive building that is long, and isn't fun.

Let's now cast a spell. Ok, now wait about five seconds for the menu to come up. Let's cast our spell now, and wait five more seconds to load. Whoops! It seems that the control was so unresponsive, you casted the wrong spell.

Everything in this game requires mounds of load time. It's ridiculous, did someone play test this game? With all the load time and awful gameplay problems, it's just a bad, unrewarding experience.

The sound is more annoying then good. The FMV voices are quite nice, but during the game, it's unbearable. To hear him randomly blab through the game, it's like ''who cares?'' Also, other sounds in the game are tediously annoying. Don't even get me started on other sounds in the game.

So, in all, Blood Omen is an overall tedious experiance. Instead of enjoying the game for it's great story, the player will get too frustrated by the problems with the gameplay, that he/she will put the game down shortly after first playing. Skip this game, and get Soul Reaver for a much better gameplay experience.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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