"Alas, poor Nupraptor, I knew him well... well... not really"

Blood Omen is one of the coolest games I have ever played for the playstation. When I first played Soul Reaver I noticed it mentioned another Legacy of Kain game, and I had to play it. I have never regretted buying this game.

Gameplay: Let me start by saying that the load times for this game are absolutely terrible. But despite this, the game is extremely fun. Kain gets a myriad of weapons each with their own ups and downs. Like the mace,for example, breaks open rocks but can't kill(it only stuns people) and the fire swords destroys people(making it so you can't drink their blood).The controls take a little getting used to but once you've been playing for awhile you won't have any trouble.

Music: The music in this game is absolutely stunning. It sets a very dark mood that fits very well with the games already creepy decor. Like in Nupraptor's retreat, the music has an occasional woman's scream and the echoing laments of his slain lover.

Voice Acting: The voice acting in this game was superb. Every major character has his (or her) own unique voice(even though several of them had the same actor). Even the average townsperson has things to say.

Graphics: The graphics are dark and scary. When Kain drinks the blood of one of his victims he does not bite them (like the average vampire), instead a stream of blood forms from the victims open wounds and shoots straight into his mouth. And several of your spells destroy your opponents by flaying the skin from their bodies or blowing them apart, sending bloody limbs flying everywhere. The FMV's are very well done, especially the flight sequences in Kain's at form.

Difficulty: This game is fairly difficult. Not hard enough to be irritating but hard enough to be a challenge. Some of the main bosses are pretty hard until you figure out their patterns(with the exception of William the Just,who is extremely hard, no matter what). This game has alot of puzzles that will make you think for quite a while.

Replay Value: I still play this game just to hear all the cool things Kain says as the plot unfolds. The dark twisted plot alone is more than enough to warrant continued playing of this game. And once you've been through the game the first time, the puzzles will no longer stump you so you can get through it alot faster.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/15/02, Updated 01/15/02

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