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Reviewed: 02/20/02 | Updated: 02/20/02

This game is just purr-fect! Even better than the first part!

If you want a fast-paced game with simple control. This game is the one for you! Here's a breakdown of this game:

Now this game offers a total of five modes to play: Arcade(8 opponents; first seven are random), Vs(two-player mode where you can duke it out with your friend), Survival(self-explained), Story(here you can unravel the story in a character's viewpoint, and observe how did they interactions with each other), and Custom(Kinda like Omake in BRI)
Four of the characters from BRI are back here in BRII with seven other new characters including an insect, a cat, a tiger, a bat, a chameleon, a leopard, and a mole!
In this game, there are only eleven characters but they all has his/her own unique fighting style. All the characters can morph into a second form, where their speed, strength and endurance increases. However, there's a beast gauge which determine how long can you sustain damage in beast form before turning back into human form. However, a few hits can knock you back to your human form if you aren't prepared.
Every characters also has his/her own Rage Move, also called Beast Drive. Rage Moves are like Super Combo in SF, except that they can be only executed when you are in Beast form. Those Rage Moves usually start out with an initial blow; the blow MUST connect and unblocked in order to continues. If you struck your opponent clearly, your character will unleashes his/her fury on the opponent, and your opponent will suffer a massive dose of damage; while the initial blow can be blocked in order to prevent the assualt, one clear strike and the remains are unblockable. The rule applies to all characters except for Long and Shenlong, whose Rage Moves are unblockable. Either way, you will revert back to human form with your beast gauge empty.

The story usually unravels differently, based on the viewpoint character you selected. At the story mode, each character has his/her own story. When you are selecting, a few words will appears as a hint to the character's story. The entire story consists of hand-drawn pictures with a few lines, just like Capcom Vs Marvel. And each story has a pre-determined order of enemies.
However, the stories all have same plots: Zoanthropes are basically beast-man who have abilities to morph into a humanoid animal. The fall of Tylon Corp., a company specialized at creating zoanthropes, hasn't stopped a Tylon scientist from experimenting like hell and he had assembled an army made of only zoanthropes called ZLF, lead by a mysterious man, who has seemly a dark relationship with Long, a former assassin of Tylon...

The graphic is just EXCELLENT for a fighting game! Even in all those fast, merciless battles, the game still sustains a whooping 60 fps! The game just has a facelift since the last installment. Now, the characters are much smoothly modeled rather than jaggy models.

The control is extremely simple, one button for punch, one button for kick, one button for beast, and one button for P+K together. Despite all those simple control, you still can unleashes a long combo that would put even Jet Li to shame! The command moves are a bit SF-like, but only simpler. And this game has even better speed and combo system than Tekken 3!

The game also includes a voice for every characters. You can hear blows landing, grunting, and et cetera easily, as if you are literally in the midst of the battle. Every stage and character has his/her/its very own soundtrack, which is cool. Even their victory poses have their dialogue!

Without a doubt, this game is a must-buy for me. With all those fluid animations, simple-yet-complex controls, and a wide arsenal of attacks to blow your opponents away! Now in this game you can rip your friend into pieces!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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