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"Now You Too can Take a bite outta your friends!!!"

I recently visited the local EB and purchased Bloody Roar 2. Since I love Fighting Games, I figured I'd give it a try.I got it home popped it in and I was amazed at the improvements over the last game. The Graphics have been given a faceliftthe characters; which was always one of the draws for this game, have been updated nicely. Only four of the characters fromthe last contest return and the new guys and gals are cool. They represent new animals such as a bat, lizard , a lizard, a leopard, a half beast(cat),and an Insect (my favorite)who kinda resembles a roach on steroids. :) Now about the play modes there are several to choose from like Arcade, Survival,Custom,VS, and Story.Story mode is nice as it gives you character development so you are drawn in more. Survival and Versus are standard, as is Arcade. Which Brings us to Custom modein this mode you earn new options by meeting certain requirements. Now on to the sound the tunes are Heavy Metal tunes, which this hip hop kid doesn't mind since it fits the game. One Gripe I do have are the voices they are always in echowhich can get on your nerves after a while. Doesn't take away from the game. Fighting Engine this area has been improvedThe combos have many variations and they have added the Beast drive move, a deadly move that is flashy and hits multiple times for Huge DAMAGE! During One of these the stage is replaced by a TRON-like grid and the characters beast form thenproceeds to beat the hell out of his opponent. There are also plenty of secrets to find: ending movies and illustrations,Two secret characters to unlock, modes that alter gameplay etc.Now I'm not saying this game will make you put away Tekken 3, or SFA3 but just like Ergheiz, it's a good quality game with features to attract casual fight fans as well as true fight game fanatics like me and above all else I've noted when you bring your trash talking friend over and unleash Long's 18 hit combo on that ass you'll be having serious fun and sparking up some good competition which is really whatthis whole genre is about. forget about all the different games that get you there (SFA3,Tekken3,Vf3tb, MK,etc.)when you get past all that and are engulfed in the oneness of defeating your opponent then you are playing as a fight game shouldbe played and suddenly you understand the zen of it all. In closing this game fills a gap in the fighting realm, an Animestyled fighter thats simple to learn , complex to master, and gives variety to a genre overflooded with crappiness. Buy It

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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