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"The BEST Bloody Roar game of the series..."

Ahh, Bloody Roar II, my favorite BR game that prompted me to write over 60 fanfictions on that game alone. I love Hudson for creating this wonderful, wonderful game.

Gameplay ~ rating: 11/10
I admit, I am insane. I still go back to Bloody Roar II these days just to play Uriko the Half-Beast's Story Mode, since her story is the best out of all the characters, in my personal opinion (yeah, she's my favorite character, but oh well, so sue me). I also remember playing BRII for quite a while to get 15 rounds in Survival Mode so I could get that Any Cancel Point function, heh. Took me quite a while, too (Kenji/Bakuryu the Mole is the bomb). And I also like continuously trying to beat my arcade score, 3:14:15 with Kenji, baby! With the lovely function of Custom, VS Computer, Human, and so on, totally rules, because then I can choose myself who I want to fight against out of the Bloody Roar II cast and rank up Display Data points for my favorite characters. So between Story Mode, Custom, Survival, Arcade, and trying to best yourself, I think all players will have one hell of a fun time playing this game.

Story ~ rating: 10/10
There's romance, light humor, drama, suspense, horror, and all that good stuff. This is like reading a bunch of short story collections from a big book! And I absolutely love Uriko's story the most. The last screenshot in her story is so adorable, with her and Kenji riding together on his bike; I have that on my Bloody Roar fan website. Can't forget Alice the Rabbit's story too, man, I had a lot of laughs watching her chase Yugo the Wolf around, like her stalking him is the sole purpose of her story! Maybe it is… *cue creepy music* Well, the interaction between all the characters is a bit abrupt and choppy sometimes, but highly probable and convincing. Gotta love the fact that there is over 90 screenshots to unlock! Mmmm, the variation… Too bad Bloody Roar III doesn't have Story Mode to boot its rating up.

Audio/Video ~ rating: 8/10
Hmm, the music was decent, but I get really irritated at about 1/3 of the characters' theme songs. I adore Uriko's rock/dance theme, but listening to Yugo or Alice's theme gets really old after the first hundred-or-so times. Jane/Shina the Leopard has a very catchy and lighthearted tone for such a tough character. I like the character voice actors too, although I wish Uriko had more speaking parts so that I can tell if I like her voice more than I already do. Kenji sounds sexy, teehee! And the narrator! Awesome! ''Uriko, the Half-Beast… Bakuryu, the Mole…'' Graphics-wise, sure the computer graphics were kinda old, but it was all still kick-@$$! Ahh, I love to stab my opponents whenever I play as Kenji, seeing all that blood spurt out and dribble all over the floor… it sure surges my fighting adrenaline. As long as there is a strong story with decent music and good pictures to back it up, can make any fighting game good. Which is why Bloody Roar II is my ~favorite~ fighting game.

Replayability ~ rating: 9/10
Self-explanatory, since like I mentioned earlier in the Gameplay section, I keep re-playing Bloody Roar II to read their story dialogs again, fight against my friends, get to a higher stage with Survival, and keep trying to beat my best Arcade mode score. The Story Mode is what really gets me running back, though. That, and Watch Mode! I love watching my two favorite characters, Uriko and Kenji duke it out so that I can observe both of them and learn new combos that the computer is helpfully advertising to me. =D

Bloody Roar factor: Beast Drives ~ rating: 8/10
Everyone has their own way of doing Beast Drives (not via the cheap L1 way either), and I like that uniqueness. I have to gush about how amazing Kenji's fiery Double Inferno BD looks so real, and the flames seem to leap out from the screen when the replay issues. And being able to control Uriko's pinball technique is simply amazing, because when I push the right button combinations, she can do a lot more damage than originally intended. What I don't understand is why her BD isn't multi-hit like the way it is in BRIII…

Fighting game factor: Battle Arenas ~ rating: 9/10
Very, very nicely done. What Bloody Roar II player doesn't like Kenji's Tatami arena, with the creepy rickety fences and those high rocks with all the mysterious spectators watching the fighters in the ring? I sure love it. And Alan/Gado the Lion's arena, the one with the full moon in the background, should be more fitting for Yugo, since he DOES constantly remind us players about how we're lucky ''it's not a full moon''… I adore how when you KO your opponent in the final round, you can break down the wall with a strong hit… It's such a head swelling and prideful moment when you see them flying out of the ring to some spot a hundred feet away…

To buy or to rent?
Hmm, when I first played Bloody Roar II, it was at my cousins' house, and at the time, I was a total Playstation hater. Hey! I kinda still am, honestly. Will always be a Nintendo girl at heart, baby! Anyway, I was so smitten by BRII that when I got home, I immediately went online and researched info on BRII. I was disappointed that there were no fanfictions written on that game, so I decided to write the first Keniko (Kenji + Uriko) story, and posted it up on FanFiction.Net, where I've now started a Keniko trend. *grin* Well, prior to my obsessive BR fic writing ways, I had scrounged up every last penny of mine to go out and buy a used Playstation and a memory card, then begged my dad to buy me the Bloody Roar II game. Surprisingly, he gave in, and I had my game! I remember playing it for days on end, only stopping when I went to work more on my second and third BR fics following the first Keniko one. What's the point of all my babbling? Bloody Roar II is definitely worth the $20. If you rent the game, you'll just crave to play it again after you hand it back to Blockbuster, I'm telling you. This game owns all in the fighting genre, and amen to Bloody Roar II.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/02, Updated 03/19/02

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