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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jerrold Ng

    Version: 6.0 | Updated: 12/06/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    B R A V E    F E N C E R    M U S A S H I
     		Version 6.0
    Walkthrough by Jerrold Ng <jiyau@yahoo.com>
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls / Basic Techniques
    3. Walkthrough
       i.   Chapter 1
       ii.  Chapter 2
       iii. Chapter 3
       iv.  Chapter 4
       v.   Chapter 5
       vi.  Chapter 6
    4. Hints & Tips
    5. Combos, Minku and castle folk list
    6. Acknowledgements
    1. Introduction
    Before I start the FAQ / Walkthrough, I need to set a few things
    straight - 
    Brave Fencer Musashi is an Action/RPG by my favorite game Company, 
    Squaresoft. It tells a story of a young boy samurai called Musashi 
    (based on a popular Japanese folklore - he's supposed to have never 
    lost a sword fight before, but he came close to losing when he 
    challenged his arch rival Kojiro, who's incidently also in this 
    game - but they are NOT kids!!!) wielding two swords, living in his 
    own little world until he's summoned to help a peaceful country 
    fight a less-peaceful enemy. Well, a basic RPG story, really. 
    This game is a Zelda/Alundra-type Adventure RPG, so don't let the 
    first stage fool you (more on that later).  
    You will need a good command of Japanese to play the import version 
    of this game - I found out the hard way; without help of a few fellow 
    gamers, I would have never gotten passed the first hour of the game. 
    So, I suggest that you should be pick up the US version, which is out 
    now, crappy voice acting and all.
    New to version 2.0
    - Added walkthroughs for chapter 4-6 so quit bugging me with
      e-mails already!! ^_^
    - Added technique 'counter'
    - Cleared up some errata
    - Added more info on the Minku
    New to version 3.0
    - Added complete list of Minku, also including the Mega Minku!
    - Added info about Limited Addition Figures and Musicians
    - Added extra info on skills and sleeping
    - Monster and Assimilate list for Chapters 5 & 6
    - Cleared up some more errata
    - Expanded on bits a lot of people seem to get stuck in
    - Translated some stuff here and there
    New to version 4.0
    - Added the complete list of castle folks
    - Added Combo List
    - Cleared up some confusing bits in the ice castle, mine,
      final palace, and some other bits here and there
    - Cleared up even more errata
    New to version 5.0
    - Some (but not all) English translations are in
    - Cleared up some stuff here and there (again)
    New to version 6.0
    - Added almost all the new translations and names
      thanks to John Yang
    What I want to add
    - Nothing! It's the final update - I think I've covered
      everything there is to cover in the game already!
    2. Controls / Basic Techniques
    Start Screen - 
    Two options, first one being to start a new game, second to load a 
    saved game. You knew that, didn't you? 
    Controls - 
    Direction Pad -   Moves the Musashi around. Seems obvious.
    Square Button -   Swings his basic weapon, a thin katana blade. Tap 
                      this button to rack up a few hits ending with a 
                      rolling cut attack.
    X    Button   -   Jump. You can jump backwards if you hold down R1 
                      while pressing X.
    Triangle Button - Swings your second weapon, which is the magical 
    		  blade Lumina. Hits once, but does lots of damage. 
    		  You don't have this weapon at the beginning of the 
    		  game. You can upgrade the sword later with magic 
                      rune stones at chapters 2,3,4 and 5.
      Circle Button - Uses your absorbed ability. More on this below.
        R1   Button - Defends against frontal attacks. Also fills up
    		  bar on the bottom-left for various techniques
    		  (once again, more on that below)
        L1   Button - Hold this down for Musashi to walk instead of 
    		  run (not really sure how useful this is)
     R2 & L2 Button - Rotates camera if you're in town, in other cases
    		  it simply zooms in slightly, and in some other
    		  cases, does nothing at all.
      Select Button - Switches between Fight Mode and Sleep Mode, more 
    		  on that below.
       Start Button - Looks at your characters inventory and pauses the
    	          game while you're at it.
    Techniques -
    Assimilate Technique - One of the main techniques the game uses is 
    the ability to steal enemy techniques and use them as your own. Each 
    normal creature you meet has a technique to steal. To steal an 
    ability, hold down the R1 button until you gauge is full, then 
    press the Square Button in front of the enemy. If successfully hit, 
    the sword will start glowing green. Tap the Square button until 
    the gauge is completely green to absorb the enemy's ability.
    There are two major types of abilities you can steal - 1) Spells;
    where you press the circle button to do the attack, which drains 
    your BP (Bincho Point, I think) and 2) Skills - where you gain
    certain abilities (e.g. Pogo hopping, BP drawing, etc..). These
    usually drains a small bit of BP from you when you first absorb
    them; they lasts only for a limited time, or stops if you're hit.
    Force Attack - As above, if you hold down the R1 button till the
    gauge is full, but press the Triangle Button instead, you let loose
    your sword Lumina's Force Attack. Your first ability is a sword 
    swirl; you'll get other Force Attacks later.
    Counter Blow - Apparently, if you charge your bar (R1), then
    press Triangle just after you've blocked an attack (you should
    already be in blocking stance at the moment), you can counter
    attack the enemy for massive damage. Good for really persistent
    and really hardy enemies.
    HP & BP - You character has two bars at the bottom left
    representing BP and HP. HP is your character's Hit Points; you're 
    dead if that drops to zero. BP is your bincho point; you need this 
    to use enemy special skills that you have stolen. Incidentally, 
    BP goes down on its own as time passes. When it reaches zero, your 
    character loses the will to fight and will do less damage and walk 
    slower. This is very dangerous if you're in a middle of a dungeon, 
    so grab a green ball as soon as possible!
    Time - Being a first for an Action/RPG, time is figured into the 
    game. That's right, there will be night and day in this game, and 
    certain puzzles will depend on this. A day passes very quickly in 
    this game, but at certain times, you'll have to wait quite a while 
    for the right time to go for a puzzle. More so at the start of 
    chapter 6 - where it rains only on a specific day... So, Squaresoft 
    puts in the Sleeping Mode into the game.
    Sleeping - To access this mode, press the Select Button and you'll 
    notice that the bottom-left icon (in the circle) changes from a 
    sword to a moon. In this mode, hold down R1 until the gauge is 
    full, then release it and Musashi will fall asleep on the spot 
    (Musashi is quite a snoozer... this guy can fall asleep the middle 
    of a marketplace in the day!). Falling asleep sends time racing by 
    (about 10-20 minutes passes in 1 second) and heals you gradually. 
    However, your BP will start going down at a even faster rate, so be 
    warned! However, later in the game you'll get a magic blanket 
    ability than let's you restore both HP & BP. After a nap, be sure 
    to switch back to Attack Mode (press select again). It's not a nice 
    experience to fall asleep in front of an enemy when what you really 
    want is to do a Force Attack on him!
    Sleepiness - On the bottom right is a circle with a picture of 
    your hero Musashi. If that Circle starts to close up, and you 
    notice that Musashi is getting sluggish, this means he's sleepy.
    Go to a quiet corner or an inn to catch a few Zs. You'll also
    see a percentage number once he's asleep. Keep sleeping and let
    the percentage go back down to about 12-15%. Incidentally, 50% 
    is the level you should look out for. Above it Musashi starts 
    to get sleepy, and above 70% he will barely be able to lift his 
    Combos - You get combos from the people you rescue; go talk to
    them at the old man's place in the castle. You can check what
    combos you have in you inventory screen, 3rd option. Look at
    section 5 for a complete list of combos you can learn.
    Abilities - Another section on the menu is the ability list.
    Here, you get to see what abilities you have learned to help
    you on your way! The complete list is as follows - 
    Abilities           Effects
    ---------           -------
    Mountain Climbing - Let's you climb brown walls. Just jump at
                        them at tap Sq and Tri alternately
    Double Jump       - Let's you jump twice (press X twice)
    Identifying       - Lets you identify objects without the help of the
                        guy at the pawn shop
    Ice Walking       - Let's you walk on ice without slipping
    Speed Charging    - Let's you charge your bar (R1) faster
    Quilt Sleeping    - Let's you regain both BP and HP while sleeping
    3. Walkthrough
    Chapter 1 : Getting Lumina
    This chapter begins with you inside the forest. If you play 
    through the chapter, you may think that this game is very action 
    orientated, but looks can be deceiving!
    Monster         Assimilated
    --------        -----------
    Green Plant     Protective circle; prevents conditions like sleep
                    but totally useless at this stage.
    Gun Soldier     Turns our hero's hand into a machine gun. Each
    	          shot does 4 points of damage, and drains 1 BP.
    Sword Soldier   Stuns an enemy with a bash, uses up 4 BP.
    In the starting area, steal the Gun Soldier's ability when you
    meet them. When you reach the three big rocks, just push them,
    when you reach a statue, just break it with whatever you've got.
    Once you reach the river too far for you to jump, use the ability
    you've stolen - the machine gun, and fire at the logs on the other
    side to make a bridge.
    Once you reach the tower, it gets even simpler. Break the four 
    statues and press the buttons underneath while avoiding the bolts
    the statue head fires at you. Do this and the tower rises...
    Inside the tower, run up the spiral stairs. Avoid the purple bats 
    (are they bats?) that come down at regular intervals while killing
    off the soldiers. Keep to your gun ability. Almost to the top,
    Musashi will comment on the bell structure in the center of the
    tower. Just climb a little higher until you reach the closed 
    door then shoot the bell with your Gun ability (there is a Gun
    Soldier conveniently close by in case you've lost it). Once
    the bell falls, you'll teleport to the top of the tower.
    At the tower top, steal the ability of the Sword Soldier, then 
    stand near the pressure pad. Once a Soldier approaches you, and
    stands on the pad, stun him. Pick up that sword.. Now you
    have the powerful magical sword Lumina as your ally!
    Now the statue starts rolling at you, you run down the tower
    side (how he does it is anyone's guess). This is purely an
    action level, so I can't help you very much; just remember to
    jump when Musashi tells you to!
    After crashing through the palace wall, the bad guy you meet
    will surround you in flames and captures the princess (its an
    RPG law, you know). Use your new weapon's Force Attack to get
    out of the flames, then be prepared to fight a huge boss! 
    Boss : Steam Knight
    First of all, hit the thing's foot (blatantly obvious thanks 
    to those pointing arrows) while avoiding the fumes that spews
    out of it. When he starts spinning his ball, start running.
    Once a leg is down, cut off that cloth and start hacking at
    the green globe at his... you know. Repeat that for his other
    leg, then once he's down, toss him through the wall. Repeat 
    the fight again, toss him through the wall again, then finally
    you will end up in town. Hit his green globe every time he
    lands from a jump, and he's history! On to chapter 2.
    Chapter 2 : Reactor Trouble
    Monsters	Assimilated
    --------	-----------
    Spear Soldier   Allows you to throw spears for 8BP per shot.
                    this one is actually very powerful.
    Pink Flowers    Give you the ability to pogo hop. You lose 8BP
    	        for this ability, and pressing Circle Button
    	        or getting hit cancels the ability.
    Ghosts          Magic of Shrinking. Uses 10BP per casting,
                    this spell lets you shrink the enemy and
    	        then harmlessly walk on them. Splat!
    Mushrooms       You become extremely sleepy and sluggish. 
                    Definitely not a good thing to assimilate!
    White Blob      Drains BP from your surroundings. Useful.
                    You first lose 4 BP though, and lose the
                    ability once you're hit.
    First, after waking up from that long rest, you get a briefing 
    by that old guy you met in the castle at the start of the game.
    After that, you may go around the castle.
    Options		Effects
    -------		-------
    1 - Visit       Lets you talk to the people you have rescued
                    from the crystals. More on this later.
    2 - Library     Just browse through some library stuff. Think of
                    it as an online manual...
    3 - Room        Lets you sleep and regain your HP and BP once you
                    come back to the castle, not usable at the moment.
    4 - Submenu     View your stats. This is same as pressing START
    5 - Village     Lets you leave the castle and head to the village
    6 - Gondola     You'll only get this after chapter 4, see below
    For the first time, you can't leave until you've talked to the 
    bishop at the library. Then you will take a wild ride out of the
    castle (are you sure that's necessary, Musashi?) and begin your 
    long adventure. Go explore the village first:
    Shops		Effect
    -----    	------
    Inn		Allows you to rest and save. Actually, 
    		don't bother resting here; go back to
    		the castle and rest, it's free there!
    Item Shop	Buys stuff that mostly heals your HP
    		or remove conditions like poison
    Bakery	        Buys stuff that mostly heals BP 
    Pawnshop 	Identify unknown items (those items 
    		whose description includes brackets with
    		highlighted Japanese characters at the
                    bottom). Also allows you to sell of some 
                    junk that you've identified.
    Bar		Lets you talk to people and play some
    		games with one of them.
    Toy Store	Weirdest feature of the game, this shop
    		sells action figures of characters from
    		BFM! You can examine your toy back in your
    		room in the castle; just choose the second
    		option. I've been told there are secret 
                    limited addition models in the game... see 
    First off, talk to everyone you meet, knock on every door you see.
    If you talk to the elder (a guy with a red headband) you'll get a 
    quest where you must rescue a dog called Leno in order to get more 
    info on the magic books you'll encounter later. Find that mutt by 
    going up to the mountain region; the entrance is where you started 
    off in  town, where a guy is guarding the way. Once you've entered, 
    there are two paths, one of them leading to a spike pit and boulders.
    Remember this area and then go the other way. You'll encounter a 
    white blob blocking you path. No problem; use the Wizard's shrink 
    ability to get him to a more manageable size. Then, once you've 
    spotted Leno the Dog, pick him up and carefully walk back to town 
    (fall into water and you'll have to go back and get him at his 
    little island).
    Once you've returned Leno, the elder tells you he knows nothing
    about the books. Duped again! Anyway, he tells you to talk to 
    John, a treasure hunter - who happens to be locked up at the
    south end of the village, and is the owner of the dog. Talk to 
    a few other villagers to find out about his plight, and then talk
    to him and he'll tell you he's hungry and thirsty. Now go to the 
    well (where the two women meet during the day; you won't be able 
    to reach the well because of them, so come back at night) 
    and get some water, and buy some bread in the bakery (it's the 
    cheapest item in the list), then go back to him. Give him the 
    stuff (option 1) and he'll ask you to free him! Problem is, the 
    guy that locked him there is dead already, so you'll have to hunt 
    for his tomb. He'll ask his dog to help you out. Now you must 
    head to the Haunted Forest.
    To get there, look for a path by the windmill; this will take you
    to a spot with some steaming pipes and a person to rescue (break 
    the crystal which holds him with your Lumina); go pass the big 
    pipe to enter the forest. Follow the route to reach the area where 
    you see thorny briars on the floor, pass an overhead pipe. Use a 
    nearby pink flowers ability to pogo-hop over the briars, then
    you'll get to the Haunted Forest. Follow Leno, kill the few
    monsters you'll meet, and you'll eventually reach the grave. 
    Search the grave the dog indicates and pick up the key. Now 
    you'll have to head back to town.
    Talk to the John again and he'll tell you to come back at 
    midnight; wait or sleep till then (incidentally, midnight is
    shown as 0.00 on the clock), after that, talk to him again
    to free him. He'll tell you to meet him at the mountains, so
    it's off to the mountains (again)!
    Pass the spot where you saved the Leno the dog, you'll see two 
    new lilypads in the water. Follow them, and climb some poles, 
    and you'll reach the mountain area. There's a temporary save 
    here in the form of a treasure chest. Doesn't save to your 
    memory card, but you'll have the option to return there if you 
    die. However, be warned that you'll lose half your gold if you 
    do die and return here!
    Anyway, take the long route up the mountain and eventually 
    you'll meet the John again. He'll ask you to find four logs 
    for him. If you're observant, you'd probably have found them 
    all already, if not, looking a little harder. (Hint : They're 
    all in the same area - try finding ways to go down...). To 
    get a log, go to a dead tree and do the circle cut (the first 
    Lumina Ability) then pick up the log. 
    With the for logs, he'll build you a raft. Now you can take
    a wild ride down the river in a cool arcade bit; also a good
    source of money if you're broke! The river ride has two exits,
    one harder to find exit leads you to another person to rescue.
    The main one leads you to a treasure chest at the top of the
    mountain to the right of where you first entered (with the pit
    and the big boulders). Get that chest!
    Go back to the pawnshop in town and ask to identify the item 
    you've found; its actually an ability item; and gives you 
    the ability to climb certain walls (ones that are in a darker
    shade of brown). Once you've left the pawnshop, you'll notice
    that the entire town is filled with smoke. The guy who talks
    to you tells you that a nearby power plant (at least that's
    what I think it is) has broken down. He also tells you to
    talk to the man running the plant. You might want to save 
    now... tough bits are ahead!
    Go to the area by the entrance to the mountains, and you'll 
    notice some brown walls.. you know what to do. Talk to the
    guy running up and down and he'll tell you that the reactor
    at the plant is gonna blow in 24 hours; and gives you 
    directions on how to shut it down. Now go to the area with 
    lots of steaming pipes and go all the way to the end. There's
    some brown walls here too.. Once you've reached the plant
    (ironic way of calling it, eh?) you'll have to figure out
    how to open the door. It's very obvious.. there are two bars 
    here, a red one and a blank one. The red bar keeps going
    up and down, just stop it at the point saying OKAY! and 
    the other bar builds up. Each time you stop the red bar at
    the OKAY! the blue bar goes up, if you fail the blue bar
    goes down. Fill up the entire blue bar and you can proceed.
    The inside bit is pretty tough. You'll need to perform the
    similar operation 8 times (each with increasing difficulty)
    in the order of the numbers. And, if it's not bad enough,
    you have a limited time in between two operations! You'll
    need to hone your reflexes for this one. After successfully
    shutting down the reactor, the plant keeper will be outside;
    and he'll tell you to go to the mountain.
    At the mountain, go to the spot down at the base of the 
    mountain (pass the save-game treasure chest) and you'll 
    meet the guy who kidnapped the princess. He'll challenge you 
    to a climbing contest; climb real fast up the mountain 
    and you'll quickly end his existence. Here, you can find 
    the Earth Rune, that powers up your sword Lumina with the
    ability to create quakes as his force attack. It paralyzes
    nearby enemies but doesn't injure them.
    Now go back to the afore-mentioned area with the pit and
    boulders. Use your new-found power to send down the 
    boulders and create a path onwards. You'll be blocked
    after a short walk; there are four pads to be pressed
    simultaneously. Now go back to the old man at the castle.
    If you have explored a little and rescued a lot of people,
    the old man will send four of them to help you out. These 
    are four specific people mind you, so even if you don't 
    have one of them you cannot proceed! Look for them if the
    elder refuses to help you. Now go back to town, pick up 
    some healing herbs, save the game etc.. cause its boss 
    time! Back to the Hell Valley!
    Boss : Skullpion (Crystal Guardian No. 1)
    The fella you meet cannot be harmed thanks to its hard
    armor. When your four friends start sending stuff across
    in buckets above you, use the quake ability to send it 
    down onto the boss. When he gets hit by a large rock, 
    he'll get dizzy. Use Lumina to strike the gem in its 
    mouth. He'll go berserk now and has a new attack where 
    he burrows his hand on the ground and slows you... get
    the four guys to drop a herb to remove the condition.
    After another big rock or bomb on his head, he'll get
    dizzy again. Give him another blow. Now, he will start
    attacking the four guys up there. Knock him down using 
    quake when he tries to climb up. Another big rock, 
    another big slash, and he's history! On to chapter 3.
    Chapter 3 : Cursed Town
    Monsters	Assimilated
    --------	-----------
    Vambee          Surrounds you with flies... enemies
                    will avoid you!
    White Blob      Not the ones you see outside but 
                    the ones found inside the mine. 
                    Surrounds you with white balls, 
                    again not sure what that does..
    Blue Mushroom   Poisons you... not a good idea!
    Snakes          Gives you the ability to heal yourself 
                    of poison. Pretty useful in later 
                    chapters! 6BP. 
    Bowler Plants   Let's you do some bowling! Press
    		Circle Button twice to hurl a
    Ghosts          Lets your spirit leave your body and
    	        wander about. 
    You return to town after your victory and find out the
    town is in trouble again! (Sigh...) Anyway, to find
    out about the problem, talk to the village elder and 
    that other guy in the center of town. They will tell you 
    that blue zombies called Vambees have started to prowl the 
    town at midnight. Take a look if you want; they start 
    appearing from the bar.
    You have to look for a few treasures to solve this little
    problem... namely the ....
    The Mysteria - Go to the guy at the windmill at midnight
    and he'll give you the key to the mine in the town. 
    He'll also tell you the flower Mysteria only blooms from 
    3am-7am. Enter the mine. At the junction, go right. There's 
    a poison-spewing mushroom here, avoid it if you want. Climb
    up the pole. In the next scene, you'll have to practice 
    your jumping skills a lot, can't help you here. You'll 
    eventually reach a big fan. Wait until it stops, then jump
    down. At the bottom is a temporary save chest again, use
    it if you want, then go left. More jumping involved, and
    then you'll reach a pool with some rotating platforms. 
    Jump carefully to reach the flower, then wait till the 
    time reaches 3am-7am, then pick up the flower. Now,
    get out of the mine by climbing the wall below the fan
    and go right...
    The Holy Water - Go up to the mountains. On your way up
    you'll meet that guy you talked to earlier; he's injured
    and dying. To save him, run / climb up to the top of the
    mountain and get that water before 12 hours pass (more
    like 12 minutes to you), then give it to him. Note : 
    A rock is usually blocking your way at the point where
    John built a raft for you - just quake it down! In return
    you get to buy oranges, which help you learn a skill from 
    the castle clown and a soldier (see section 5).
    After this, go back to the tavern and wait till midnight.
    The barkeeper will tell you about the problem, and tells
    you to leave. You'll get a hint that some of the people 
    in the bar is now residing in the inn. Go talk to them
    (go to the inn, choose the 1st option, then in the
    sub-menu choose 3rd option, then examine the rooms with
    no price tags on them) and the barmaid will tell you the 
    location of the secret entrance. So, wait for the vambees 
    to start coming out (at about midnight) and then sneak 
    into the bar. You'll enter the secret temple (choose 
    option one).
    In the secret temple, you'll find out that you need to
    light up the four eyes on the wall to progress further.
    You can try each of the four doors in whatever order you
    want. They're not difficult, but you really need to test
    your jumping skill...
    Door1 - The one with the moving platforms forming a 
    bridge. No tricks here, except maybe you'll need to 
    throw some vambees around to get anywhere. Once you've
    reached the teleporter and dark areas, take the 
    teleporters in this order - Right, Left, Left.
    Door2 - The ones with the bowling ball plants. Note that
    in this temple, use your bowling ability on any cracked 
    walls to break them down. There are some secret rooms 
    around here... Once you reach the flame-spewing totem
    pole, the trick is not to make eye contact with it.
    Using your basic Lumina, turn around, hold block, and
    walk towards it (with your back turned), then use your
    Force attack once you're close. Some crushing walls bit,
    some more bowling bits, and you're outta here!
    Door3 - Lots of floating teleporters. Easy! There are 
    some dark areas here, which you can sort out if you 
    assimilate the ability of a ghost.. you'll become one and
    float about, so you can examine the darkened area 
    before stepping in.
    Door4 - Some difficult jumping here with the rotating
    floor blocks. Also, you'll meet swinging blades and
    fireballs later. Practice and you'll get through in no 
    You'll need to hit the crystal at the end of every room
    to light up the eyes. Be sure to go back to the barkeeper
    to heal yourself. Also, be on the lookout for castle folks 
    - there's at least 2 folks to rescue in each room (except 
    for Door 1 which only has a singly lonely castle dweller). 
    Also, with the bowling ability, use it on the big crack at 
    the main area of the temple to get L-Cloth - it's going to 
    be useful (see castle folk no.19 in section 5 for more info)!
    After opening the door with the four eyes, you'll meet
    with the barkeeper again, and pick up the double jump 
    ability (go back to the pawnshop to get it). Now you 
    can go into the compound of the church. Talk to the priest
    and he'll tell you that there are strange sounds coming
    from the church at night, every 2am in the morning. So come 
    back at this time and he'll get you into the church.
    Midboss? - Red Vambees - After a long chat with Brandy, 
    a cute little vambee-summoning gal you'll meet, 
    you'll have to fight with 5 red vambees. Just keep 
    hitting them. They start coming out one at the time, 
    then two, then three, while others will be hurling
    paralyzing balls at you. Move around and keep hitting
    them - don't let them grab you! It's instant death if 
    they do! Once the clock hits 7 (whoa, you've just fought
    for five hours, how time flies when you're having fun)
    sunlight will enter the room and kill them all.
    Now, the priest asks you to retrieve the bell for him;
    you'll get a rope. The bell is down in the well, use
    the rope to get down. Here, you'll get the Water Rune!
    The Special Ability of the rune helps you to walk on 
    water and sprays water bubbles at enemies (does no damage
    to most enemies though). You can now get to the bell. 
    It's impossible to get up using the rope, so you'll have
    to bring the bell out through the mines area. Just toss
    it around... Once you leave the mines, the priest will 
    give you a little statuette that is actually the key to
    the locked door at the underground shrine!
    Make sure you save the game first. Bring plenty of healing
    agents. Now go in to the shrine under the bar, use the 
    double jump to get to the door, and then be prepared for a 
    long and difficult jumping exercise. You'll eventually
    reach the boss room and challenge the next crystal 
    Boss - Fire Totem (Crystal Guardian No. 2)
    This one really takes a very long time to beat. First,
    you'll have to fight with a shape-changing ball of fire.
    Use your sword's new ability to fire water bubbles at it. 
    Note that you will not be injured if you get hit by him 
    while you are in a bubble, the bubble just bursts. After 
    a very long battle, he'll be extinguished. Hit the crystal, 
    and the ball of fire appears again. You have to repeat 
    this another two times before the guardian is defeated!
    Then, it's on to chapter 4... 
    Chapter 4 - Ice Palace and another Musashi?
    In the intro, the princess opens the gate to the
    home world of Musashi again, hoping for another hero,
    and ends up with Kojiro, Musashi's archrival! This
    flame-haired Samurai looks like an equal match to 
    Musashi... now things get interesting.
    Monsters	Assimilated
    --------	-----------
    Penguin Dudes   Can't absorb anything from this guy
    Leapers         Gives you a nice map of your area, costs 8BP
    Mecha-Musashi   Drops a decoy (press Cir) which can be 
                    detonated (press it again) - 25BP, and
                    you only get one, so it's more useful in
                    solving puzzles than in killing bad guys
    Ice Plant       Protective orb that prevents poison and 
                    sleeping... Same as the non-frozen
                    versions, drains 8BP from the start
    KarateWolf      A jumpkick, basically. Does good damage
                    though, and uses 4BP
    Ice Gorilla     Lets you throw things real far? Dunno, never
                    got to use it
    Iron Golem      Protective armor, drains 25BP when used, but
                    you'll be immune to just about anything
    After your successful battle with the guardian, go down
    the well again and use your new water magic on the symbol
    on the ground. After some rumbling, and water level 
    adjusting, you'll meet up with two strange-looking fellows,
    Ben and Ed of the Leaders Force. You'll meet them again much 
    later. After a long chat, you're free to pick up the myriad 
    of treasure chest around the area. You can also use the water 
    spell in the pool near the south of town. In the treasure chest 
    you find, you get a pair of red shades (go identify them at the 
    pawnshop). These allow you to identify items as you pick them 
    up. At least you'll be visiting the pawnshop a little less 
    often now!
    Now, talk to the elder's wife and pick option two then one and 
    you'll learn about the magic gondola, how it's broken, and what
    needs to be done to fix it. Go talk to the guy living in the
    windmill (in the day he's standing in a farm plot with another
    old guy). Go back to the castle and talk to the old man, then
    back to town and talk to the elder's wife. Now, go back to the 
    mine, drop down the huge fan, then go right. After a long 
    journey, you'll reach a small room with a few gears. If you 
    don't know which gear to pick up, go back to the old man 
    in the castle and talk to a few people you've rescued. Turns 
    out some of them worked at the mine, and will give you some
    hints for which gear to pick up. It's the one with the hole
    on the middle, gold in color, and has 3 holes surrounding it.  
    Go back to the mine again, pick up the third gear from the 
    left. (if you pick the wrong gear, the old man will tell you 
    to return and pick up the correct one) and give it to the 
    old man. He'll fix the gondola. Now you'll automatically
    go to sleep, and when you wake up - 
    City On Fire - A massive fire breaks out in town, and 
    you've got to use your water rune to control the fire. 
    It's not too hard; just spray water at all 8 burning huts! 
    After your heroic rescue of the town (again) the elder 
    gives you something an item to shrink a certain snail...
    Now go off to the area in the forest leading to 
    the haunted woods, then go south. You'll get to a path 
    blocked by a giant snail (I always thought it was the 
    rear end of a huge walrus, but then...). Using the item
    (2nd option) allows you to shrink the snail. From here, go 
    further down the path until you reach the watery area, then 
    use your water spell on the symbol to drain it. You'll reach 
    a familiar structure, bash it with your sword to gain the 
    fire rune!
    Note : Nearby this spot is a normal-looking trapped castle
    folk; rescue him, then go back to the castle to talk to
    him and he'll upgrade your normal little sword (the silver 
    blade) into a much more powerful one (golden sword). Very, 
    very helpful.
    Midboss - Kojiro - Not as difficult as one might think. 
    Run around to avoid anything he throws at you; then hit 
    him hard. No problem, right?
    Once you've defeated the bad guy, the captive princess
    will join you (and whine a little); take her back to the 
    castle. Now go to the old man and talk to him and a few 
    other people you rescued (not sure which ones) and 
    eventually you'll get a new quest in the Haunted Woods. 
    Go back there, and follow this path - left, up, up, right, 
    up, up, right, up, up, left, up, up, up, up... welcome 
    to the ice castle!
    The castle is very big, and completely exploring it
    is a must. Close to the entrance is a save-box; use it!
    The puzzles here aren't too hard.... just remember to
    kill everything you see. You are looking for gems to
    open up more and more of the palace.
    Gem1 - Red - Top right door - jump on the sliding blocks, then
    jump off to get across the pit, then go through the right door
    for a person to rescue, then back and up to the area with lots of 
    penguins. Kill them all and look at the treasure chest. This 
    gem opens the first left door in the main hallway. 
    Gem2 - Blue - This opens into another area with an ice gorilla; lure 
    one onto the open balcony area and let him propel you up to a higher 
    floor. You'll end up in a rather simple maze, watch out for things 
    coming down from the ceiling! The lower right door seems to be a dead
    end, but hint: absorbing a certain power from the previous room can
    can help... Go through the door on the left. In the room of the clones, 
    just kill off all four clone Musashi's with you flame magic, and don't 
    get hit! Grab that blue gem, which opens the other closed door in the 
    top left door in the main hall. 
    Gem3 - Green - Save the guy you see, then jump up to the higher area.
    You'll be in the upper area of the previous room; follow it and grab 
    the chest. This is the spike boots, which allows you to walk up 
    frozen ice floors! Now drop back down and go to the lower right door, 
    go up the iced floor by climbing the pole and travel ahead to another 
    ice blocks room. You'll see some MechaMusashis. Steal their ability, 
    then launch it at the ice-gorilla in the next room. The gem you get 
    opens the next door in the ice cubes room, find a way to climb up, 
    and drop down the an unreachable spot in the southern part of the maze.
    Once you've returned to the hall, melt the frozen gate with your 
    fire magic. Go up the staircase after grabbing the treasure chest. 
    Light the two torches you then see (with the fire magic, naturally), 
    save and get ready for...
    Boss - Frost Dragon (Crystal Guardian No.3)
    First hit him once or twice and he will eventually break a spot for 
    you to jump and then the guy starts breaking floors behind you. After 
    the run, he start spitting stuff at you, smashing his head down at you 
    and breathing a massive blast of frost energy. After the blast, he 
    gets tired; use your fire magic! Eventually he'll expose the underside
    of his head and the gem, so hit it - repeat three times.
    Chapter 5 - Gondola Problems
    Monsters	Assimilated
    --------	-----------
    Blue Ant       Only a handful in the game, these ants give you 
                   the ability to launch an acid ball that kills the
                   usually un-killable red ants. Uses up 8BP.
    After some long conversations with the elder, old man and the
    innkeeper, and back to the elder again, back to the old man,
    you go for a ride on your gondola. You can now get back to the 
    castle at any time through the gondola. 
    Now go back to the plant. Looks like there's problems again.
    Talk to the injured plant-keeper and he'll give you a loose 
    valve ... now go into the plant. You'll have to play
    turn-the-valve again.... but this time some of the valves
    are missing. And you though the previous game was hard!
    Afterwards the elder thanks you. Go talk to him again in 
    the village, then talk to the old man again, then go back to
    the area below the well and take the passage which ends
    with a symbol of fire on the floor. Use your fire magic to
    shatter the ceiling above you and climb up; you're next
    rune, the wind rune, awaits you. Use your newly found ability
    to get out of the area.
    You'll meet the Ms. Vambee summoner Brandy again with another 
    girl Topo (which you will learn to hate later). After a long 
    conversation you end up iced again! Press Triangle to break 
    loose, and pick up 50BP for rescuing... yourself? Now, go back 
    to town and talk to the guy there. Then head up the mountain path 
    and witness a huge ant destroying your precious gondola! Go back 
    to the castle and use the gondola... SPLAT. Now go back and watch 
    the ant scurry into the hole which was once a fan. To the left is 
    the rather dead ant; go right and use your wind magic to spin 
    through the poison gas. Grab that chest and rescue the trapped 
    castle folk, then switch to the earth rune and use it on the 
    In the next bit, go up through the upper right path and you'll 
    find yourself in way of a blowing wind; use your wind magic to 
    get pass. Use the pink flower's hop ability to get pass the spikes, 
    then go up the hill with your double jump (tricky bit here, toss 
    your small sword, then double jump over, then absorb his ability). 
    Climb the wall, hit the switch, slaughter some ants... When you 
    reach an area with a crack on the floor, use you wind magic to dig 
    down. Now go to the bottom right path. It's railway-riding time!
    This little Indiana Jones-inspired arcade section isn't too 
    hard; just dodge the obstacles using left and right. Requires some 
    decent hand-eye coordination. Save, then dig again after this bit! 
    The next crystal guardian awaits... Fast chapter, isn't it?
    Boss - Ant Hill Queen (Crystal Guardian No. 4)
    The big mama of them all. Slaughter all those worms she tosses 
    at you and keep moving. She's not too tough. Under some gas, 
    you'll find the stone; strike it hard with your wind attack, 
    and she'll be history soon enough. Now, off to the final 
    Chapter 6 - The end is nigh...
    Monsters	Assimilated
    --------	-----------
    Brown soldier   Let's you launch missiles! Get this - it does
                    massive damage and homes in on your enemy! 
                    10 BP per shot.
    Blue soldier    Gives you a gun that fires three spread shots, 
                    very useful since it's like a souped-up version of
                    the machine gun you got early in the game - 4BP
                    per shot
    Green Soldier   The most powerful ability in the game - drops
                    bombs that does close to 1000 pts of damage.
                    It's sure to kill anything, yes, but the 
                    downside is that it uses 50BP, which seems 
                    rather costly to kill anyone or anything with! 
    Pink Soldier    Wields a sword and a shield. Their ability lets
                    you do a large sword slash costing 8BP.
    After a much-deserved rest, talk to your raft-building friend 
    John and then go up to the plant-keeper at 6.00am. Now go talk to 
    everyone in the village again, particularly the three farmers -
    one of them will give you the Kojiro doll...(don't ask me why),
    and the other two tells you how to get to the final lair in the 
    sky... Go back to the area with all those once steamy pipes, go 
    all the way to the end and climb the other wall (on the left). 
    Wait until it starts to rain if it hasn't already. It only rains 
    on the morning of a certain day, so if you've missed it, go back 
    to the castle and sleep - the day it rains is colored blue in the
    date indicator, and the day before that is colored green. Not sure
    if this is applicable in the US version, however. So, wait until 
    that day, then go in the morning (just past 7.00 and before 12.00)! 
    Once you reach the rune, use your wind magic on the symbol there. 
    You're now in the bad guy's outer base. 
    First, use your earth magic on the four symbols (you'll need to
    hammer them twice each) to open the door; then use the water 
    magic on the waterfall. Now use your fire rune on all three 
    symbols to get to the top of the fortress, and get the Master Rune.
    You'll chat with a familiar baddie and get to see the sky castle. 
    In the next area you can use the save box, then use your new 
    ability to get pass. For some reason, you can't sleep here, so 
    guard your life carefully. Be careful of the walls... You'll 
    meet a big-ole Ben from Leaders Force again and this time you 
    fight him.
    Midboss - Ben the Bomber - This guy throws bombs extensively. 
    Look for a free area to avoid the bombs - it's somewhere near the 
    bottom of the screen. Use your hardest hitting combos (the people 
    at the castle should have taught you an extensive amount of them 
    by now!) and he's done for.
    In the area after the boss, you can save the game. In the maze 
    section, take the earth door, stomp the yellow buttons, When you 
    reach a large blocks, pound them with your quake magic a few times 
    to reveal passageways. Now, use you master magic extensively to 
    float over the spikes. Go all the way right, hover over the spikes,
    and the floor will open up into another door. Then, in the next room 
    sling yourself to the upper right and enter the door.
    Light the torches you see in the next room (you should know how to
    do that by now, right?) and you'll see a crushing block. Pass it and
    then jump on it and go left. Then, in the next area, put out the four
    torches, then drop down and quickly go right before your water magic
    runs out. In the next room use your wind magic to counter the fan.
    Go left! Now comes a tricky part - you have to use your master magic 
    to float into the lower right pathway. Not easy! Activate the magic at
    the very end of the ledge, then drop down, hold X button straight away. 
    Practice makes perfect, you know. Repeat that (a little harder this 
    time). Enter the unmarked room, and you'll meet the other half of 
    Leader's Force, the little guy Ed.
    Midboss #2 - Ed the Flamer - This guy has a few attacks that are 
    a pain to dodge, but it can be done. Use your sword combos once 
    he's charging up, then run off once he attacks. It takes a while, 
    but it works!
    Now you've reached the sky castle grounds! This bit is difficult 
    since there are lots of tought machines and very little hearts (found
    by breaking statues). Not much I can help you here. Fight your way 
    through and you'll reach a small maze - trial and error will get you 
    pass here. Fight your way through again and you'll encounter a 
    climbable wall(so climb it!!). Kill the plants, break the fountain, 
    continue, break the second fountain, kill the flame-throwing bots 
    that come out of it, then use the platform to get down.
    Break your way through here too (destructive fella, this Musashi)
    and then, when you reach the big spinning machine, break it with your
    flame magic. You'll meet that other girl Topo again, and play a weird
    game. Just use your head! Follow the patterns she'll throw at you 
    once you see lasers, then follow her moves, and you're through.
    In the third game you have to follow her moves and rhythm, so I hope
    you played your Parrappa... After this, save the game! You're almost 
    Midboss #3 - Machine Tower (Final Crystal Guardian) 
    This huge.. err.. machine tower is a difficult boss indeed. Use 
    your master magic to fly around, avoiding the walls, and when you 
    see a blue crystal eye, strike it. It first fires electricity and 
    then energy beams, and, after injuring a lot, it starts combining 
    them both, while having the eye open and close, and also shooting 
    large red auras that confuse and paralyze you. To avoid the red eyes, 
    just float around until you see eyes that aren't opening, then 
    stay there. Darn! Stay cool, and after a while (quite a while) 
    you'll finish it off.
    Now you meet the boss and discover an interesting plot twist,
    and after you friend gets shot, and the big guy appears, jump your 
    way outside and you'll meet Kojiro again. Now, you have to jump 
    like hell upwards, and then you'll battle him and the final boss 
    at the top of the tower. Get ready...
    Final Boss - Kojiro & Dark Lumina 1
    This huge bugger is hard as hell to beat. Run in from the right, 
    double jump and hit his nose; and avoid that hand! Once he grabs you, 
    he'll slam you to the ground and chances are send you tumbling off the
    edge. He also swings his tail - only way to avoid that is to use the
    master magic and float overhead. Also, when he jumps up, use master
    magic as he will send a huge shockwave across the ground. Then quickly
    strike his red nose - that's the only time you can injure him. He 
    sometimes also raises his head and breath fire downwards - it's 
    relatively easy to avoid, hit his nose again after he's done.
    Final Boss - Dark Lumina 2
    Suprisingly, this form is easier to beat - if you know the technique.
    He'll turn into a small white guy and in this form his attacks all 
    cost an unholy amount of damage; avoid all of them if possible. He 
    fires out elemental attacks at you; avoid them, then, once he pales 
    down (immediately after an attack) use your assimilate ability to
    shrink him down then slash the big eye that remains. Repeat. After 
    a long battle, your archrival finally falls.
    Now sit back and watch the ending, you've earned it!
    4. Hints & Tips
    - Rescue as many people from crystals as possible! Some of them
      are vital for your quest, and besides, for each rescue your 
      max BP goes up by 5. There is a total of 40 characters to 
      rescue and you'll have 5 rescued already after Chapter 1...
      Check section 5 for all their locations.
    - Go check back on the people you rescued back at the castle.
      Some of them give you vital clues, others, like the soldiers,
      teach you combo attacks. Also, some of them require another
      person (or people) to rescue before they can teach you or
      tell you anything. Some of them also want some junk that
      you usually sell at the pawnshop before they can help
      you out. 
    - Did you know that with each musician you rescue, his particular
      instrument is added to the background music of the castle?
      Once you've rescued them all, the music turns into a full-scale 
      orchestra score - useless to the game, but a nice addition 
    - There is a strange creature wandering about at night that 
      looks like a cross between a rabbit and a panda (I'm not 
      kidding) called the Minku. They wander about at specific spots.
      If you find a spot that has a small red fruit on the ground, go
      back there at night! Pick them up and throw 'em if you see them; 
      they drop fruits that increase your Max HP by 25. Incidentally, 
      there's thirteen of them. See section 5 for the entire list of
    - At chapter 6, when it starts to rain, before going up sky 
      palace, go back to the castle and talk to the guy you've
      rescued who takes care of your Minkus (you do have him, 
      don't you?) and, if you have all 13 Minkus, he'll tell you 
      about the Mega Minku. Now, wander into the haunted woods at 
      night and, at the spot where the sign to the ice palace 
      used to be (at the beginning), you'll battle a mega-sized 
      Minku! He won't attack you until you've injured him 
      considerably, then he becomes angry and tries to run you 
      over - and that does massive damage! (usually about 26 to 
      25 HP). After a while he'll start stomping - there's no
      way to avoid those, just whack him after he lands on you! Hope
      you have a good supply of herbs! Keep attacking him and he'll 
      eventually shrivel up and drop tons of stuff while he's at it.
      Nice little surprise, Squaresoft.
    - Limited Edition Toys? - These aren't normally available in
      the toy store.
    1) To get the John and Leno Toy, find all 40 of the castle folks
    2) To get one form of the boss, after you finish chapter 6, save
       and restore the game and you'll restart at the beginning of
       chapter 6. Play through chapter 6 again without dying and 
    3) To get the other form of the boss, play through chapter 6
       five times. You can die and continue here
    4) To get the Kojiro Doll, just talk to one of the farmers in his
       house during Chapter 6 - he'll just give it to you
    5) To get the Mega Minku Doll, just whack the Mega Minku itself
       (see above)
    5. Combo, Minku & Castle folks List
    Castle folks 
    (x) - Required for the battle with the first stone guardian
    (*) - Required for the haunted forest maze in chapter 4
    01) Steward Ribson        - Aka Geezer - you're talking to him!
    02) Butler Livers         - Rescued at starting - useless
    03) Clown Weinee          - Rescued at starting - teaches you 
                                Shish Kebab with Acrobat Sausages (23) 
                                and an orange 
    04) Scribe Shanky         - Rescued at starting - reads you books 
                                in the library 
    05) Musician Beef-Clef    - Resuced at starting - plays lute 
    06) Guard Lumpwood        - Forest southwest of town, past the pool
                                with a water seal - allows entry into
                                mountains at any time 
    07) Seer Bevealy          - Forest, on a ledge past the sleepy 
                                mushrooms, hop up the steep slope using
                                an assimilated ability
    08) Hawker Steakwood      - Forest clearing southeast of town 
    09) Maid Loinettte        - After solving the steam plant, east of 
                                swirling lake. Teaches Dashing Pierce
    10) Musician Pianissimeat - Second pipe on left on path to Steamwood,
                                near wind seal 
    11) Soldier Lardwick      - Peninsula in river at foot of mountain (x) 
    12) Mercenary Meitlofe    - End of riverside walkway in the mountains,
                                past poles in water (x)(*)
    13) Carpenter Carvey      - Mountains, past swinging platforms, down
                                the pole (x) 
    14) Knight Lardwick       - Mountains, past dino fossil, down pole;
                                teaches Crosswise Cut after chapter 2 (x) 
    15) Shepherd Beefalo      - Mountains, under the bridge; takes care of
                                all the Minkus 
    16) Bailiff Jerky         - Hidden Temple, Door 1, go right, climb the
    17) Taster Salmonelli     - Hidden Temple, final door, the sinking
                                blocks in lava bit 
    18) Carpenter Carvey      - Hidden Temple, Door 4, in the second
                                ghost-vision room 
    19) Weaver Dinneretta     - Mountains, double jump right from the top
                                of the pole near the 3rd tree stump - give
                                her an L-Cloth and she will weave one of 
                                two things for you - a glove which increases
                                your critical hit %, or a quilt, which gives
                                Quilt Sleeping ability. Your choice!  
    20) Soldier Hanky-Flanky  - Hidden Temple, Door 3, on the wooden lava
    21) Knight Brisket        - On the way to get Misteria, along the
                                conveyer leading down; teaches Tenderize
    22) Cook Mary-Nade        - In the chamber where Misteria blooms, ride
                                the innermost platform 
    23) Acrobat Sausages      - Steamwood path, along a pipe on the right;
                                helps Clown Weinee (3) teach Shish Kebab
    24) Mercenary Stue        - Hidden Temple, Door 2, past second bowling
                                section (*) 
    25) Janitor Sloppy-Joe    - Ice castle, past the blue door 
    26) Artisan Teebone       - Island of Dragons, after shrinking the slug,
                                upgrades your small silver sword into a more
                                powerful golden one 
    27) Carpenter Dicey       - On the way to get Misteria, along the
                                conveyer leading up 
    28) Musician Al Forte     - Frozen Palace, second ice block maze, on
                                top of an ice block 
    29) Knitter Lunchetta     - On the way to Hell's Valley, past the first 
    30) Chef Julienne         - Past the sliding blocks jump in the ice
                                castle, right path 
    31) Mercenary Potrowst    - Hidden Temple, Door 2, past the first
                                bowling section (*) 
    32) Chief Gravie          - In the chamber where Misteria blooms, ride
                                the outermost platform 
    33) Cook Chiffonade       - After dead ant, right room, past the poison 
    34) Conductor Scores      - After you activate the fan in chapter 5 
    35) Butcher Chops         - Frozen Palace, in the first ice maze, absorb
                                the iron golem's ability then use it to pass 
                                the spikes in the lower right doorway 
    36) Knight Chucks         - Hidden Temple, Door 4, in 4th ghost-vision
                                room, secret lower path; teaches combo 
                                Desperado Attack
    37) Doctor Tung           - Take the left hidden fork in the river ride
    38) Knight Rumparoni      - Room after Conductor (34); teaches combo 
    39) Alchemist Leanman     - Frozen Palace, in the first ice block maze,
                                gives you back 10BP, wow. 
    40) Librarian Brisketta   - Hidden Temple, Door 3, in second rotating 
                                block room 
    Combo List
    Combo               Effect
    -----               ------
    1) Dashing pierce   - Rushing Stab - Run, then Sq
    2) Shish Kebab      - Catch an enemy and press Tri, Sq when he comesdown
    3) Crosswise Cut    - Cross Cutter - Sq, Tri
    4) Tenderize        - Leaping Blade Combination - Sq, Sq, Tri
    5) Desperado Attack - Flying Blades Combination - Sq, Tri, Sq, Tri
    6) Rumparoni-SP     - Blade Dive - Double jump, then Tri at top of jump
    1)Near to upper exit, hill on left side, just below plant 
      keeper's house
    2)To the left of where Musashi challenged the masked man to
      a climbing contest, up the slope
    3)Also near the spot where you went for a climbing contest
      use your water magic to walk south and you'll eventually
      reach a clearing and that's where the Minku is
    4)Back to where the first crystal guardian was fought, in the
      stone ring
    5)Above the gondola, near the place where the ant broke into
    6)Area below the well - in the northern wall, jump to it using
      platforms after the area is drained and filled
    7)Room with the holy flower, ride the outermost platform till 
      you reach a few small ledges - it's on one of them
    8)Forest - in the area just before crossing the bridge that
      leads to two sleepy mushrooms, look around the west side 
      trees - there's a cleverly hidden path here leading to
      a Minku
    9)Also in the forest- use water walk magic and run along the
      river - it's on the bank at the furthest end of the river
    10)Just before getting the wind rune, you can see one running 
       about in the immediate area (at night, that is)
    11)After following the ant into the mine, go down the left
       passage at night
    12)In chapter 5, where you climb up to activate the fan and
       rail after killing a pair of snakes
    13)Near the wind rune sign which leads to the sky palace, use
       the earth rune and mountain climbing ability to get there
    6. Acknowledgements
    - Myself <jiyau@yahoo.com> - for having slogged through the 
      entire game knowing very well that I'm probably not going 
      to get anywhere without any knowledge of Japanese... but
      finished it anyway!
    - Ken Jones <trunkten@earthlink.net> - Without his help, I'd 
      probably won't even get pass the 2nd chapter. Most of this 
      material comes from his helpful e-mails. Thanks man.
    - Ivan S Chang <ivan_sz@yahoo.com> - gave me a whole lot of
      errata and translations. Also gave info on limited edition 
      figures, musicians and some other info here and there.
    - Ponlayuk Meemeskul <pmes@hotmail.com> For the helpful list
      of 12 of the 13 Minkus of the game. 
    - Richardo <ricardo_aguilera@juno.com> - Gave info on the 
      assimilate abilities of new monsters in chapters 5 & 6. Also 
      gave info on the Mega Minku in chapter 6! 
    - Darren <eadxj02@osmf.bt.co.uk> - Pointed out a little 
      directional error in the mine in chapter 2. What can I say 
      but... oops?
    - Ignacio de Lucas <de_lucas@yahoo.com> pointed out that the
      counter move can be used at the BEGINNING of the game. Heh 
      heh, oops again. 
    - Casey Tong <caseytong@hotmail.com> reminded me about the
      rain bit I missed at the beginning of chapter 6 - yeah yeah, 
      oops again. Gave me some other bits of info too that I can't
      quite remember - sorry!
    - Bran Tlintarn <_ravensong_@yahoo.com> clarified some info
      concerning the Mega Minku and it's limited edition figure, 
      as well as info here and there concerning the other limited
      edition toys.
    - John Yang <seifer786@hotmail.com> Did all the updating in 
      version 6.0 - thanks man.
    - Someone <something> told me about the Musashi-Kojiro story,
      but I lost his e-mail - sorry, whoever you are!
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