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    Manual Translation by HJerng

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    Brave Fencer Musashiden FAQ
    User's Manual
    translated by Henry H. Jerng, PhD
    at hjerng@leland, stanford.edu
    on August 1, 1998
    	It is more than likely that the readers of this FAQ have purchased 
    Brave Fencer Musashiden and are looking for some assistance for the 
    game.  To you, I would like to say Musashiden is a wonderful game, and I 
    hope that this translation will offer you a good deal of help in coming 
    to grips with it.  Musashiden has an enormous amount of text and voice-
    acting, and I wish you much patience and luck.
    	To the curious others, I would like to suggest that Brave Fencer 
    Musashiden is the best Squaresoft RPG game since Final Fantasy Tactics, 
    the last Squaresoft game I seriously worked on.  Chocobo's Mysterious 
    Dungeon was too shallow and repetitive.  Front Mission 2 had depth and 
    an excellent play system but was plagued by unacceptable load times.  
    Parasite Eve had a great story, innovative game system, and incredible 
    FMV but lacked intensity and personality.   It is not to say that these 
    other game were not enjoyable; it is just that they were not assembled 
    as well as Musashiden.
    	Musashiden incorporates several elements which came together 
    perfectly.  Everything is rendered in textured polygons, occasonally 
    rotatable/zoomable.  Time mattered in terms of lighting effects, shop 
    opening/closing, and character development.  Simultaneous multiple 
    weapons has different effects, and one of which can absorb enemy powers 
    (an element which will be incorporated into FFVIII).  RPG is combined 
    with action similar to Crash Bandicoot in a balanced way.  And there is 
    in-game voice acting along with text, which helps enormously to build 
    the game's great personality:  humor.  
    	Again, good luck.  It's back to Musashiden for me.
    (Inside Cover)
    As always, thank you for purchasing "Brave Fencer Musashiden".  Read 
    this manual before playing to further your enjoyment of the game.  Then, 
    please carefully keep this manual for future reference. 
    For Japan Only/ One Player/ Memory Care- One Block/ Analog Controller- 
    (Page 1)
    page 2:  The Musashi Legend and the Crisis in Yakuinikku Kingdom
    page 4:  Character Introduction
    page 8:  How to Use the Controller
    page 11:  How to Start the Game
    page 12:  How to View the Screen
    page 16:  Musashi's Actions
    page 18:  Get-in System
    page 20:  Raygund (Sword of Light) and the Book of Five Wheels
    page 22:  Musashi's Development and the Concept of Time
    page 24:  About Save
    page 25:  The Yakuinikku Castle and the Amiyakui Village
    page 30:  Item
    page 32:  Musashi's Sure-kill Techniques
    (Page 2)
    The Musashi Legend
    	Go back in time to 160 years ago.  A giant demon appeared suddenly 
    in the Ru-Coarlu Empire, a country neighboring the Yakuinikku Kingdom.  
    The demon was called "the devil of darkness", and its body was alive and 
    made of almost competely pure Binchotite.  "The devil of darkness" 
    easily cornored the Ru-Coarlu Empire into destruction, and then was 
    going after the Yakuinikku Kingdom where there is a rich source of 
    Binchotite.  The wake of the demon projected enormous effects on all the 
    plants and surrounding life forms, and many monsters were born.
    	The king of Yakuinikku, after learning of the coming attack of 
    "the devil of darkness", immediately ordered the "Hero Summon".  The 
    "Hero Summon" is a power like magic which has been passed down the 
    princesses of the Yakuinikku Kingdom from generation to generation.  It 
    is the kingdom's greatest secret technique- when the kingdom falls into 
    a crisis, the princess can focus her prayer in a Binchotite especially 
    used for Hero Summon and summon a HERO.
    	The summoned hero was a fencer with two swords called Musashi.  
    Musashi heard her wish and left on a journey to battle and defeat "the 
    devil of darkness".
    	Musashi and "the devil of darkness" continued a violent battle.  
    Although he held a hero's power, it was difficult to defeat "the devil 
    of darkness".  All he could do was to seal the devil with the power of 
    the Raygund, his sword of light.
    	Musashi then separated the power of the sealed devil monster into 
    five elements:  earth, water, fire, wind, and sky.  With elemental 
    crests, Musashi was able to seal the devil.
    	These five powers were called "the Book of Five Wheels", and the 
    stories of the books were handed down along with the Musashi legend.
    (Page 3)
    Now, a Crisis Befalls the Yakuinikku Kingdom Again...
    	That was an event that happened all too sudden.  The Yakuinikku 
    Kingdom and the Ru-Coarlu Empire had a disruption of diplomatic 
    relations, and the tensions were high.  One day, Ru-Coarlu suddenly 
    mounted a surprise attack.
    	By chance, the king and queen of Yakuinikku were on an extended 
    leave of absence.
    	Forces of the Ru-Coarlu Empire, apparently planned the timing of 
    their attack, was after one thing:  to capture the Raygund, the famous 
    sword of light in the Musashi legend.  Unable to cope with the surprise 
    attack, the Yakuinikku army was put to rout, and when the enemy drew 
    step-by-step closer to the castle, the elders who manage the castle 
    decided on the "Hero Summon".
    (Page 4)
    MUSASHI-  A hot-blooded fencer who was summoned by Princess Fiere of the 
    Yakuinikku Kingdom.  Her country is experiencing a crisis.  Musashi knew 
    that he cannot return to his home world if he cannot realize the 
    Princess' wish.  So he, without recourse, goes out on a journey...  He 
    is our two-sworded hero who loves to fight.
    (Page 5)
    Princess FIERE-  The king and queen's beloved daughter.  She summoned 
    Musashi using the Hero Summon technique that was passed down the royal 
    family for generations.  She has a tomboyish, mischievous personality, 
    and she will get her "fingers burned" by the circumstances.
    Examiner REBAN, Priest HARCHINOSE, and Butler YUKKERU-  The three people 
    who assist the king and manages the Yakuinikku Kingdom.  They always get 
    their "fingers burned" by Princess Fiere's tomboyishness.
    (Page 6)
    KOJIRO-  A fencer who was summoned to this world to go after Musashi.  
    In his home world, he was following Musashi and pressing for a duel.
    LEADERS FORCE (TOBO, ED, and BEN)-  A mysterious three-person team where 
    each member insists he/she is the leader.
    (Page 7)
    BOLDOR-  A major in the Ru-Coarlu army, leading the Emperial Mechanized 
    Squad.  With various techniques, he will obstruct Musashi's way.
    WOKKA-  The confident subordinate of generalissimo TEKIERA of the Ru-
    Coarlu Empire.  He always judges situations with constant coolness and 
    BRANDY and RIKYURU-  The sisters in charge of Ru-Coarlu army's 
    information division.  Rumor has it that the beautiful sisters won first 
    and second places in the Ru-Coarlu Empire's beauty contest.
    (Page 8)
    	To change the vibration on or off, please set it in the "Config" 
    under the "Command" item in the Sub Screen.
    (Analog Controller)
    LEFT STICK-  Use when the LED is lit.
    L2 or R2 BUTTON-  Change perspective.
    SELECT BUTTON-  (1) Change between Active or Sleep Mode.  (2) Dual shock 
    vibration off.
    START BUTTON-  Call out the sub screen.
    (Normal Controller)
    The functions of every button on the normal controller is the same as 
    the analog controller.
    (Page 9)
    DIRECTIONAL KEYS/ LEFT STICK- Musashi's movement (to push, get in 
    contact with an obstacle and 	continue pressing the directional key.)
    SQUARE BUTTON-  Attack with the lightning sword.  If you continue 
    attack, you can swing 4 in a roll.
    	(1) Get-in.  (2) Investigate chests and etc.  (3) Sees notice 
    	(1) Attack with Raygund. (2) Use the Books of Five Wheels.
    X BUTTON- Jump (if you are equipped with some item, you can do a second 
    jump by pressing the X 	button once more).
    CIRCLE BUTTON- Use the Get-in technique.
    R1 BUTTON-  
    	(1) Defend (During action, it is effective only if you push it).  
    (2) For Get-in.
    DIRECTIONAL KEYS/ LEFT STICK-  Musashi's movement.
    	(1) Conversation.  (2) Knock on doors.  (3) Sees notice signs.
    X BUTTON-  Jump
    L2, R2 BUTTONS-  Change perspective.
    DIRECTIONAL KEY/ LEFT STICK-  Move chosen item.
    	(1) Decide.  (2) Send text.  (in the store, sub screen)
    X BUTTON-  
    	(1) Cancel in the menu (in shops, sub screen).  (2) Voice skip.
    WALK SLOWLY-  While pressing the L1 button, if you press directional key 
    Musashi will walk 	carefully.
    STRONG VIBRATION OFF-  If you continuously press the select button 
    during the game, you can turn 	off the dual shock vibration.
    SOFT RESET-  Press the start button, call out the sub screen.  If you 
    press L1, L2, R1, R2, select, and 	start all at the same time, you can 
    soft reset the game.
    (Page 10)  Illustration.
    (Page 11)
    1.  Please set the "Brave Fencer Musashiden" disk in your PlayStation 
    and press the power button.  After 	the PlayStation logo, both a demo 
    and title will be shown.
    2.  On the title screen, the menu below is shown.
     	- from beginning
    	- from continue
    - To Play from Beginning
    	To play from the beginning, use the directional keys and put the 
    cursor on the "from beginning".  Then please press the start button.  
    After the story demo is shown, the game will start.
    - To Play from Continue
    1.  On PlayStation's slot 1, please make sure that a memory card with a 
    saved game is inserted.
    2.  Choose "from continue" on the title page, then press the start 
    button.  The screen on the right will be 	shown.
    3.  Choose the saved data you want to load with the directional keys.  
    Please then press the circle button.
    4.  A game will restart from the point the game was saved.
    (Page 12)
    1.  Boss Health Gauge-  It shows the health of the boss you are now 
    fighting.  (Only shown when fighting 	a boss, of course).
    2.  Gauge Bar-  When you use Get-in and Book of Five Wheels, you must 
    fill this gauge full.  For 	specifics, please consult "Get-in system" 
    on page 18.
    3.  Raygund Status-  The attribute condition of Raygund (light sword) is 
    shown.  For details, please 	consult "Raygund (light sword) and the 
    Book of Five Wheels" on page 20.
    4.  HP Bar-  Musashi's present HP is shown.  Game ends when health 
    becomes zero.  The number above 	the bar is the HP number.  Left is 
    present value; right, max value.
    5.  BP (Bincho Power) Bar-  Musashi's present Bincho Power is shown.  
    When BP becomes zero, 	movement becomes slow, attack power drops, and 
    Get-in ability becomes useless.  The numbers 	below the bar shows the 
    BP value.  Left is the present value; right, the maximum value.
    (Page 13)
    6.  Dolan-  The amount of dolan presently owned is shown.  You can buy 
    things using dolans, the 	currency in this world.
    7.  Get-in Technique-  The name of the current get-in technique is 
    shown.  When there is no get-in 	technique, the name "lightning 
    sword" is shown.
    8.  Date and Time-  The date from the time you were summoned into this 
    world.  And the present time.
    9.  Sleepiness-  It shows Musashi's sleepiness.  If sleepiness exceeds 
    70%, it will affect movement and 	attack.  You can bring down 
    sleepiness by sleeping.
    	Musashi's present status is shown.
    1.  There's nothing scary because he is very healthy.
    2.  Poisoned-  You cannot exert power, and mobility decreases too.
    3.  Asleep-  You cannot exert power, and mobility drops too.
    (Page 14)
    	In the middle of the game, you will go to the sub screen by 
    pressing the start button.  (During an event, this works too if you are 
    not moving.)  The sub screen is separated into 7 panels, and you can 
    choose the panel with the directional keys.  Then, by pressing the 
    circle button, you can control that panel.  The X button cancels and 
    returns you to the previous screen.
    1. Raygund-  The Book of Five Wheels that you now have are shown.  You 
    can change the Five Wheel 	Books.
    2.  Command-  On the comman menu, there are 5 titles described below.
    	-Item:  When you select Item, the Item menu opens and the items 
    you now have are shown.  	Then, when you choose an item, the menu 
    below is shown.
    	1)  Use-  Use the chosen item.
    	2)  Discard-  Throw away the chosen item.
    	3)  Stop-  Return to item selection.
    	Press the triangle button to make changes in the order of the 
    	-Legendary Arms:  The legendary arms you are now equipped with are 
    shown.  By equipping
    	legendary arms, Musashi can perform various actions.
    	-Mastered Power:  In the game, Musashi can memorize various sword 
    techniques.  The sword
    	technique Musashi mastered can be checked here.
    (Page 15)
    3.  Config-  If you select this, the config screen is shown.  And then 
    you can make various changes.  In configs, you can change the following 
    	-Vibration:  You can turn on/off the dual shock vibration.
    	-Visual:  You can turn on/off the visual that is shown when get-in 
    	-BGM:  You can change the BGM volume in 8 levels.
    	-SE:  You can change the sound effects volume in 8 levels.
    	-Sound:  You can change the sound from stereo to monoaural.
    4.  Level Indicater-  Musashi's current level is shown.
    5.  Rescue List-  A list of people saved on your journey is displayed.  
    The people you saved can be met at 	the interview place in the 
    Yakuinikku castle.
    6.  Playtime-  The playtime up to now is displayed.
    7.  Spout out-  Normally, Musashi's thinking aloud is displayed.  From 
    his thinking aloud, you will 	understand the objective that must be 
    achieved at this point.  When you select any panel/title in 	the 
    sub screen, the name of the item and its content is displayed.
    (Page 16)
    1.  Attack with Lightning Sword-  With the light-weight lightning sword, 
    you can make speedy attacks.  If you press the square button in a 
    series, you can make 4 continuous attack s on an enemy.
    2.  Attack with Raygund (light sword)-  With the Raygund, the swing is 
    slow, but the power of a single strike is appealing.  If you press the 
    triangle button, you will swing this sword.
    3.  Pick up and throw-  When you're in physical contact with the enemy, 
    if you press the square button while pushing the directional keys toward 
    the enemy, you can pick up the enemy.  The enemy, once picked up, can be 
    thrown by pressing the square button once more.  Furthermore, you can 
    throw the enemy overhead by pressing the triangle button (after you've 
    got the Raygund).
    (Page 17)
    4.  Defend-  By keeping the R1 button pressed, you can defend against 
    attacks in the direction of movement.  You can move while defending, but 
    you cannot change Musashi's direction/heading.  Furthermore, even in the 
    defense position, you cannot defend attacks from the back.
    (!) There are attacks you cannot defend.
    5.  Jump-  You will jump by pressing the X button.  If you press the 
    directional keys when jumping, you will fly in that direction.  
    Moreover, in the middle of jump, you can change posture with the 
    directional keys.  If you equip some item that appear in the game, then 
    you may perform a double jump.
    6.  Ascending Walls-  If you are equipped with some items, Musashi will 
    be able to try to ascend walls using his two swords.  When you head 
    toward the wall and jump, if you/Musashi stabs the wall with the swords, 
    then that is a wall you can ascend.  By pressing the square and triangle 
    buttons one after another, Musashi can ascend the wall.
    (Floodgate)  Whenever the sleepiness exceeds 70% and Musashi's movement 
    slows, he needs to sleep.  You can switch between the active and sleep 
    modes by pressing the select button.  After switching to the sleep mode, 
    if you keep pressing the R1 button, the gauge bar will rise.  If you 
    release the button when the bar is full, then Musashi will begin to 
    sleep.  While sleeping, because the time quickly passes, it is effective 
    when you want to waste time.
    (Page 18)
    GET-IN SYSTEM:  The get-in system allows you to absorb the enemy's 
    ability with the lightning sword.  With the various techniques that can 
    be get-in from various enemies, you can clear traps and etc.
    1.  Get-in Preparation-  Continue to press the R1 button until the gauge 
    bar is full.
    2.  Throw the lightning sword-  If you press the square button when the 
    gauge is full, Musashi will throw the lightning sword inthe direction he 
    is facing.  Try and decide on a aim as if trying to pierce the enemy.
    3.  Repeated Pressing!-  Whenever the lightning sword stabs the enemy, 
    please continuously hit the square button.  Again, the gauge bar begins 
    to rise, and if the gauge is full, then the get-in is a success.  
    However, the timee when the lightning sword pierces the enemy is 
    limited.  When you cannot fill the gauge in the fixed time, you can 
    steal some BP from the enemy.
    (Page 19)
    4.  Get-in Success!-  If you are successful at get-in, an visual effect 
    and technique explanation appear on the screen.  The techniques varies 
    significantly, and there are 2 kinds.
    	1.  Some techniques are active automatically for some moments 
    after get-in succeeded, and it will 	end in a fixed amount of time.
    	2.  Some techniques can be controlled whenever you like with the 
    circle button.
    Attention:  You need BP points to use the gotten-in techniques.  If  you 
    do not have the exact BP point required, you cannt use the technique.
    Introduction to Techniques You Can Get-In:
    1.  Dramatic Gun-  A technique that will fire bullets of cries.  It can 
    attack from a distance.  Fire with the 	circle button.
    2.  Refreshing Mint-  You are wrapped inthe smell of refreshing mind, 
    and you don't need sleep.  It is 	activated the moment of get-in.
    3.  Bowling-  By rolling a giant ball, you can destroy cracked walls.  
    Fire with the circle button.
    4.  Bad Habit-  You are surrounded by a powerful rank odor in this 
    technique that would collect flies.  	However, there may be some 
    unexpected effects!?  Active at the moment of get-in.
    (Page 20)
    	Existing since the start of the Musashi legend, the five books of 
    earth, water, fire, wind, and sky (know as the Books of Five Wheels) are 
    everywhere.  To collect these five books is one of the big objectives of 
    the adventure.  The five books are sealed everywhere, and they cannot be 
    released except by Raygund.
    The Book of Earth-  It is the book that controls the power of the earth.  
    You can stop the enemy's progress by causing earthquakes and making 
    things fall down.
    The Book of Water-  It is the book that controls the power of water.  
    When you are passing above water, you can extinguish fire by shooting 
    The Books of Fire, Wind, and Sky???
    (Page 21)
    	In order to use the power of each book of five wheels, you must 
    equip the various books on the Raygund.  Because you can equip only one 
    book usually, you need to carry the five books and use them precisely 
    against situations.
    To Change the Books of Five Wheels:
    1.  Call out the sub screen by pressingthe start button.
    2.  Choose the Raygund panel and press the circle button.
    3.  Choose the Book of Five Wheels you want to equip with the 
    directional keys and press the circle 	button.
    4.  If the mark of the needed book is displayed in the Raygund status 
    window, then equipment is complete.
    5.  Please end the sub screen by pressing the X button.
    Using the Power of the Books of Five Wheels:
    1.  Keep the R1 button down and make the gauge bar full.
    2.  When the gauge is full, if you press the triangle button the Book of 
    Five Wheels will be activated, and 	the various effects of attributes 
    will be displayed.  (For Book of Earth, you can cause earthquakes 
    3.  If you press the triangle button then (still, the square button) you 
    can shoot water or blow fire 	depending on the book equipped.
    4.  The power of the books of five wheels will be lost in a fixed time, 
    but if you repeat the same procedure 	again you can activate it.
    (Page 22)
    Musashi's Development
    	Musashi will develop quickly as he continues his adventure.  When 
    his level goes up, he can receive various titles along with increases in 
    his attack and defense abilities.  He will be given levels quickly in 
    order to fight against powerful bosses waiting in every area.  Divided 
    into the following four items, Musashi's real abilities develop 
    individually, and their average becomes Musashi's present level.  You 
    can check Musashi's real power/ability on the sub screen.  You get one 
    level when each title's gauge becomes full.
    1.  Title/Name-  Musashi's level (as put together from the 4 parameters) 
    and current title is displayed.
    2.  Power-  Musashi's own power level is shown.  He can obtain 
    experience points by defeating enemies, 	and the level will go up.
    3.  Heart-  Musashi can raise his defese ability by the strength of his 
    heart.  He can get experience points 	by walking around, and the 
    level will increase.
    4.  Lightning Sword-  This is the lightning sword's attack ability.  If 
    an attack hits while using the 	lightning sword, experience value is 
    gained, and level will go up.
    5.  Raygund-  This is the Raygund's attack ability.  If an attack hits 
    when using the Raygund, experience 	points are gained, and the level 
    will go up.
    6.  Distance-  This displays the distance that he has walked up to that 
    Attention:  There is a limit on the number of levels that can be raised 
    on each chapter.  By getting the core of the boss waiting in each area, 
    Musashi's latent ability goes up, and the level limit goes up.
    Development of BP:  By saving people captured int he Binchofields found 
    the game, the BP parameter will develop.
    (Page 23)
    Longevity Berry:  Whenever you find the "Minku" (a mysterious life form 
    of which there are only 13 in this world), it is your big chance!  If 
    you catch him, you'll get the longevity berry that will increase your 
    maximum HP value by 25 points.
    	In Musashiden, the time flows in the game in real time.  The date 
    and time are displayed in the lower right corner of the game screen.  A 
    day passes in 24 hours, and 7 days becomes a week.  One week is made up 
    of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  
    In the shop inside the village, there are various operational hours.  
    The shops are closed outside of the operational hours, and you cannot 
    buy anything.  Furthermore, depending on the shop, there are set off-
    days too.
    Passage of Time and Musashi's Status
    	As Musashi gets tired, time will pass, HP will recover, and BP 
    will decrease.  Please pay attention to every status because they are 
    displayed on the lower part of the screen.
    1.  Sleepiness (bottom middle)-  Sleepiness increases when time flows 
    and decreases when sleeping.  	When sleeping, the time passes at a 
    speed 8 times faster than normal.
    2.  HP (bottom left)-  If time flows without Musashi getting damaged, 
    you will recover some HP in a fixed 	time while expending BP.
    3.  BP (bottom left)-  BP will decrease when time flows.  Furthermore, 
    it will decrease even when you use 	get-in technique or throw technique.
    (Page 24)
    ABOUT SAVE...	
    1.  Save onto Memory Card-  You can save the game in the inn in the 
    village.  Furthermore, you can also save after special events such as 
    defeating a boss.  If you save, at the next time you play, you can again 
    start from the saved spot.
    	Attention:  In order to save, you must install a memory card in 
    slot one.  One block can save 4 games.
    2.  Summary Save-  Inside chests you will find in various adventures, 
    there are things called "memory boxes".  If you open the "memory box', 
    you will hear about how to summary save.  If you do summary save, when 
    it becomes game over, it will be possible to start again from the 
    summary saved place.  However, in that case, your current cash will 
    decrease by half.  The summary-saved data will disappear if the game is 
    reset or the power goes off, so be warned.  Furthermore, you can only 
    save at one place.
    (Page 25)
    	The Yakuinikku castle and Amiyakui village are places where your 
    colorful adventures begin.  There are varous facilities in the castle 
    and village.
    In the Yakuinikku Castle:
    1.  Interview Place-  When you rescued prisoners, you can speak to them 
    by meeting them here.  You may 	hear something good.  It is rumored 
    that it used to be the castle's dining hall.
    2.  Library-  It is the library where Yakuinikku castle boasts of its 
    collection of books.  If you don't 	understand some words, you can come 
    here to investigate.
    3.  Your Room-  Examiner Reban has prepared this room just for you.  You 
    can sleep in a bed and play 	with your Musashi action figures.
    (Pages 26 & 27) Amiyakui village map.
    (Page 28)
    What Can You Do in the Shops?
    	If you're in a shop, after a short conversation, the following 
    selection will be shown.
    1.  "I came to buy something!"
    	You can buy items available in the shop or sell.  Please decide on 
    "Buy" (when you want to buy an item) or "Sell" (if you want to sell) by 
    pressing the circle button.  If you choose "stop", then you will return 
    to the previous screen.
    2.  "I want to hear a conversation!"
    	You can talk to the worker at the shop.  In the various talks, you 
    may talk about something helpful.
    3.  "I forgot!", "I'll come later!", and so on.
    	Leave the shop and return to the village.
    (Page 29)
    The Various Shops in the Village
    1.  Hotel/ Inn-  You can save and recover sleepiness and Hp and BP.  In 
    an adventure, it is the place of 	rest that you cannot do without.
    2.  Bread Shop-  You can recover BP by eating bread and milk.  You 
    should prepare for your journey by 	buying food here.
    3.  Grocery Store-  It sells various things like medicine to recover HP 
    or medicine to cure poison, and 	things helpful to the adventure.
    4.  Bar-  The villagers will gather at the bar managed by a fascinating 
    Mama.  You may hear some juicy 	information.
    5.  Expert Shop-  On your journey you will get various mysterious items.  
    You can reveal the true identity 	of these items in the expert shop.  
    You may get your hands on something that will be helpful in 	time.
    6.  Figure Shop-  It seems to sell various figures.  What kind of 
    figures they are, I wonder...
    (Page 30)
    	Here, I will introduce you to some of the items that appear in the 
    1.  Dolan Coin-  Yakuinikku money.  Necessary items to buy things.  
    There are various coins from 10 	dolans to 500 dolans.
    2.  Binchoron-  It's the crystal form of Binchotite, and it is the 
    energy source that keeps Musashi active.  It 	will recover the BP 
    parameter.  If you defeat an enemy, sometimes Binchoron is left behind.
    3.  Heart Tablet-  Source of Musashi's life.  If taken, it will recover 
    HP.  If you defeat enemies, often it is 	left behind.
    (Page 31)
    4.  Herbs-  Curing herbs can recover you from poison.  You can get this 
    in the adventure.
    5.  Bread-  Food that will recover the BP parameter.  The degree of 
    recovery will vary depending on the 	amount.
    6.  Recover-  Medicine that will recover HP.  The degree of recovery 
    will vary depending on the amount.
    7.  Refreshing Mint-  A refreshing item that will blow away Musashi's 
    sleepiness.  You can buy this at the 	grocery store.
    (Page 32)
    Raygund Revolution Swing
    	If you take the defensive posture with the R1 button, the gauge 
    bar on the left hand-side of the screen will rise.  If you then press 
    the triangle button when the gauge is full, you can make Musashi do the 
    Raygund revolution swing.  The revolution swing is boastfully a powerful 
    force, and it is an easy technique that can attack all enemies 
    surrounding Musashi.
    Two Sky, First Class Swing
    	Take the defensive posture like in the revolution swing and raise 
    the gauge until full.  Under this situation, at the moment when you 
    receive the enemy's attack, you should press the square button or the 
    triangle button, then you can produce the two sky, first class swing.
    	This technique boast a generous power, and you can send almost all 
    the small fry characters to their graves with one hit.
    (!) You will learn other various techniques in the game.
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