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    Walkthrough by Jackal

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    Brave Fencer Musashiden Walkthrough
    By Zachary Alexander (Jackal)
    I really have a lot of respect for all of those people that have 
    written the various walk throughs that I have used in the past.  
    This is hard and very time consuming work, but I'm glad if it only 
    helps one person to complete the game.  
    First I want to thank Kenshin from the Chocobo Farm message board 
    for getting me out of a jam more than once.  I was stuck on level 
    4 for quite some time until he clarified some things for me.  He 
    also gave me the key to defeating the final form of Raygund.  
    Thanks again.  
    I put as many of the proper names as I could and pronounced them 
    to the best of my limited Japanese knowledge.  I will first point 
    out a few key points so that I will not have to keep repeating 
    them in the game.
    "Gate In"
    In the game you will possess the ability to "Gate In" an enemy.  
    This will allow you to "absorb" there abilities and use them 
    yourself.  Some are activated immediately while others can be 
    activated by pressing a button.  
    Memory box
    First open it up and choose the first option.  If you die just 
    keep choosing the first options and it will put you back at the 
    where you activated the box.
    These are the hybrid bunnies that you will see in the game.  They 
    come out at 2300, you can only catch them during the night.  
    During the day there will be a berry in the spot where you should 
    look for them.  there are 13 throughout the land, some are hidden, 
    and you must collect them all.
    Crest (actually books)
    In the game you will find 5 elemental crest (earth, water, fire,, 
    wind, sky) and throughout your journey you will find emblems in 
    the ground for each type.  You will have to activate them when 
    they are glowing, which will be after you have finished the 
    previous level with that specific crest.  
    The Village
    In the village there is a bakery, a general store, a pawn shop, a 
    toy store and a Inn.  You will need to take the items that you 
    find inside the chest to the pawn shop and let the guy take a look 
    at them.  He will appraise them and they can be sold to him for 
    extra money to buy things you need or action figures from the toy 
    store.  The game will not let you sell anything that you need so 
    don't worry about that.  If an action figure is missing it is 
    because you didn't fight that enemy, so you might have to back 
    track in some areas.  Other items that you need can be bought from 
    the other stores.  You can rest at the Inn or save your game 
    there.  You can also sleep at the castle for free.  In the castle 
    bedroom the second choice will let you look at the action figures 
    that you have collected.  There is also a room where you will talk 
    to the people that you rescue in the game.  Some of them will have 
    skills for you and the others will provide important information 
    for your quest.  
    Chapter 1
    After the intro our hero Musashi sets out to recover "Raygund", I 
    think it's a magical sword.  You will basically follow the path up 
    to the tower, enter it, go up and get Raygund.  When you start out 
    you will have to make a series of jumps while getting rid of some 
    plants, guards and collecting coins. You start out with the 
    ability to "Gate In" which means you can absorb the abilities of 
    your enemies for your own use, jump and use your sword (square 
    Retrieve Raygund
    Run up the path, jump the river and make your way to the 3 rocks.  
    Push the middle rock as far as it will go.  Watch out for the Red 
    Guard try to push log on top of you.  When you get to the river 
    you will need to find a Blue Guard to absorb, this will give you a 
    machine gun (a Samurai with a MG?) that you will use to shoot down 
    the logs and cross the river.  Watch you green BP bar!  Every time 
    that you use an enemy skill it will cost you some BP's.  Make your 
    way to the wooden fence with the statue in the middle and hack it 
    to pieces.  You will come to a ringed wall with a huge head in the 
    middle and more statues around the edge generating an electrical 
    field, you must destroy all of them to continue.  The head will 
    start attacking you with some kind of red spiral that will create 
    an explosive spot underneath your feet.  Stop just before the 
    statue and wait for the spiral to come down, then run to the 
    statue and hack away.  There will be a circle on the ground where 
    the statue was, step on it and go to the next one. Once you 
    destroy the last one a tower will rise in the middle of the ring, 
    follow it up and enter the door.  Now you must make your way up to 
    the another spiraling path avoiding those blue bat things and 
    knocking off some guards. Musashi will stop and comment on a big 
    bell hanging over a fiery pit.  Continue upwards and there will be 
    a door at the top that it is locked.  To open it you will have to 
    absorb a Blue Guard and shoot the ropes that are holding the bell.  
    It will fall and 
    extinguish the fire, this will open the door.  Now you will be on 
    the roof with the big head and a lot of guards.  They will always 
    regenerate so you can never get rid of them all.  You will see 
    Raygund entrapped in a huge red crystal and when you go to get it 
    the crystal will vanish when you step on a small square box on the 
    ground in front of it, but reappear when you go pass.  You need 
    some help?  Go get one of the guards, the Red Guard actually.  
    Absorb his ability to "stun enemies with the back of the sword" 
    (aren't translations fun) and lure any guard over to the square.  
    When he steps on it, whack him!
    While he's stunned go and get Raygund.  The head will destroy the 
    platform and chase you down the side of the tower.  Musashi will 
    yell "JUMP!" every time you need to.  The head will chase you back 
    down the path and you will run into the castle.
    Wouldn't you know it, more trouble.  The Princess is being 
    Kidnapped by some big ugly guy named Boldoo that will trap you in 
    a ring of fire.  You will get to use Raygund for them first time 
    by holding R1 to charge a gauge on the left side of the screen and 
    press the triangle button.  After knocking out the Princess the 
    Boldoo will take her and escape.  You must now the first boss.  
    Boss: Steam Knight
    This guy has a very big steel ball that he wants to drop on your 
    head. To defeat him, run over to one of his legs and use Raygund.  
    This will knock off the armor that is shoot out the stem and allow 
    you to attack the glowing spot in his mid-section the arrow will 
    point to. Be sure to use Raygund to do this. Now do the other leg, 
    this will knock him down.  Use the triangle button to pick him up 
    and throw him through the wall.  He will turn around to expose his 
    two good legs and will start knocking now pillar to smash you. 
    out his legs as you did before and toss him through the next wall.  
    Now he will start jumping into the air and trying to stomp you.  
    When it jumps charge up Raygund, when it lands the glowing ball 
    should be exposed, hit it. after a few hits you will get to toss 
    it out of the town and crush it.  Exhausted from your battle you 
    decide to take a snooze. Chapter one is complete.
    Chapter 2
    After a scene with the elders you will be able to go to the 
    interview room or the library once your done choose the bottom 
    options to leave the castle.  When you first go into town you want 
    to talk to the village leader.  He lives in the big house near the 
    bottom of the trail that you come down  and where's a red 
    headband.  Explore first if you want to. 
    Save Reno! 
    The village leader will ask you to get the lost dog  from the in 
    the Twin Mountains.  But in order to get there you have to find 
    the real gate guard. Go right, pass the cemetery, take the path 
    over the river and into the forest. Release the guy I the spirit 
    crystal. Go to the next forest on the same side of the river, go 
    to the top left and release the gate guard. Go back up the path 
    and the guard will let you pass through the "Twin Mountain 
    Entrance". Go left and hold R1 once you see the "Magician", 
    "absorb" his "Small" power, release the guy in the crystal, jump 
    on the lily pad and zap "King Man Eater" with "Small", jump on him 
    and squash him like a grape. Pick up Reno, toss him back over, 
    toss him over the lily pad and get him back to the path. 
    Talk to the village leader, go over the river and talk to the 
    prisoner, he will ask for water and bread.  Go by some bread from 
    the store, but the water must come from the well by the church.  
    If the two girls are there you'll have to wait until there gone, 
    explore!  Once you get the water take it to the guy and choose the 
    1st option. he gulps down the goodies and tells you that he is a 
    "Treasure Hunter", when the next set of options come up choose the 
    1st one.  You'll talk and he will send you on your next quest.
    Find the key. 
    When Reno exits left, so should you.  Go into the forest entrance, 
    up to the water emblem, absorb the pink flower, you know have a 
    pogo stick and can hop over the spike in the upper right corner.  
    Once over the spikes go up and right, there will be a plant, to 
    the left of it is a secret path in the bushes, catch the minka, 
    get the berry, come back out.  Cross the bridge, pass the "Sleepy" 
    mushrooms, make you way to the next pink flower, absorb, hop the 
    spikes to the left, and go up to Reno.  Reno will lead you through 
    a maze full of bad guys to the very headstone with the key.  
    Protect Reno!  To much damage and you have to start the "Wandering 
    Forest " all over.  Get the key, go back passed the 'mushrooms but 
    not back to the water circle, go right of the plant to "Steam 
    Woods", collect the coins, get the crystals (follow the 2nd left 
    and 3rd right gray pipes)and find the earth crest by the first 
    crystal.  Get the heart, go look at the red wall all the way to 
    the right, remember it, you'll have to came back here later, 
    leave.  You'll be by the windmill.  Talk to the treasure hunter 
    and he will tell you his escape plan, "Come back at midnight and 
    release me."   Once released he will tell you to meet him on Twin 
    Mountain and to collect 4 trees on the way.   Go to the mountain. 
    Twin Mountains pt.1: Meet the Treasure Hunter 
    Go up by the guard, go the far left and see if the minka is 
    running around, catch him if so. Go through the gate, over the 
    lily pad and run to the other side, there are coins at the top of 
    the 2 poles if you want them.  Hop the other two lilies and go 
    around the corner.  Run to the far left passing the ghost and get 
    the crystal, come back, jump on the pole climb to the top and get 
    the green ball.  You'll jump from pole to pole here to get across, 
    just hold left and jump, no problem.  Go left to the "Memory Box", 
    choose the first option, go right up the path, CAREFULLY jump to 
    the box behind the waterfall, go up the path and into the cave.  
    On the bridge climb down the vine in the middle, jump across to 
    the left, get the 
    chest, go back to the middle vine and go down to the river, get 
    the crystal, go back up exit to the right.  When you come out of 
    the cave down by the river go to the far right, hold R1, hit 
    triangle , get the tree, go up the path.  Go right, notice the red 
    wall, you'll be able to climb these soon.  Go down the pole, get 
    the crystal, go back up and right to the next pole, go down and 
    get the tree and crystal.  Back up and right to the next pole. Go 
    up and get tree number 3, and remember this spot!  You'll have to 
    come back here later when you learn to double jump and double jump 
    to the right from the very top of this pole to get a crystal.  Go 
    left to get the 4th tree.  Continue left and up and meet the 
    treasure hunter. He will build a raft from the logs. 
    Raft ride: Forget the coins!!! 
    Your main concern her should be to avoid the edges of the river 
    instead of collecting coins.  Each time you hit the edge you loose 
    a log.  When you go between the 2 waterfalls you can either go 
    left and you will be taken to get a crystal with a doctor inside 
    that will heal you at the castle, or continue straight.  If you go 
    and get to doctor you will have come back through the mountain and 
    back to where the raft entered the mountain the first time.  If 
    you go straight you will have a few turns and then you will want 
    to stay to the middle once you pass them, there will be some guys 
    with very long mace staffs trying to crack your head open.  You 
    can jump here, didn't do much for me, but you can jump.  Get pass 
    them and your home free.  Go up the stairs, turn around and get 
    the chest.  There is another screen up here if you go down to the 
    bottom, but you can't do anything there yet. Jump down and go back 
    the town. 
    When you get back to town go straight to the castle and  go to 
    sleep if you need to.  Next you will need to go to the 
    "Pawn/Expert Opinion Shop", the one with the purple ball above the 
    door and the guy smoking a cigarette.  If he's closed just sleep 
    until he opens.   Let him look at all items recovered from the 
    chests.  The 3rd one that you got after the raft ride gives you 
    the ability to climb the red walls.  When you exit the shop get 
    ready for some changes.  There is a problem at the Steam reactor 
    and the village leader wants you to help. Choose option 1 and SAVE 
    you game. 
    Shut down the Steam Reactor. 
    When your ready, go head up the path to the Twin Mountain guard.  
    See that sign to the left?  Run over to that wall and jump on it, 
    you climb by using square and triangle to go hand-over-hand up the 
    wall, talk the guy living up there.  He will give you the "memo" 
    to the reactor and the clock starts.  You have 24hrs to shut it 
    down.  Head back to town, go to Steam Woods and that red wall all 
    the way to the rear, climb it,  jump the pipes and go to the 
    reactor.  When you get to the door you will get the run down on 
    what to do, here it is in a nut shell.  There will be gauges with 
    a target spot near the top, hit the square button to stop the 
    pressure in that area, it will fill a blue bar on the right.  When 
    done right the red light on each door will turn green, go to the 
    next door. . Each gauge will get faster and faster.  Good luck. 
    The reactor's keeper will talk to you afterwards and a shortcut 
    will be opened by his house.  Go back the way that you came in, 
    there is a chest up there to the left. Go back to town, talk to 
    the village leader and he will give you something, talk to 
    everyone else, too. Go into the forest with the water emblem and 
    go down from the circle and you will find a chest with money and a 
    crystal.  The woman in this crystal will give you a new skill 
    called "Dash", when you talk to her at the castle (person #9).  
    Get some sleep if needed and go to Twin Mountains, yeah, again. 
    Earth Crest 
    Before you go to the gate guard turn right and go climb the wall 
    to get the minka if its out. Go pass the river like you did the 
    first time but when you get of the 3 poles go further left past 
    the memory box.  Get the chest (money), go left for the wall 
    climbing challenge, its pretty cool.  Get the Earth Crest, go to 
    the menu, hit circle, choose the 2nd item, go back to the game.  
    Use this the same way that you powered up Raygund with R1.  Go 
    over to the boulder and stomp.  Slide down the mountain and go up 
    the path, into and through the cave to get back to where you cut 
    down your 1st tree. Go up near the 1st pole and climb the red 
    wall.  Notice that your raft is back.  Don't get on it, go left 
    and up to where you met the treasure hunter.  Keep going right 
    until you get to a hovering boulder, stomp the ground, continue to 
    the right to the pole going to the top of the mountain.  Don't 
    climb the pole, just keep going to the right to get to the top and 
    get the chest.  Now you can either climb back down the way that 
    you came or you can jump over the edge by the waterfall and try to 
    land on the raft in the middle, it's tricky but a quicker way 
    down.  Take the raft ride again.  If you didn't go and get the 
    doctor earlier you can do it now.  When you get to the end go up 
    the stairs as before but keep going straight into the next screen.  
    Run up to the boulder and stomp. The chest has money if you want 
    it.  Go stomp by the next set of boulders.  Now keep going all the 
    way to the wall and stomp again.  Go back, hop down and come back 
    to get the crystal, go back to town. You'll talk to John, the 
    Treasure Hunter, then go back to the "Expert" and let him look at 
    what you found, next go to the castle and talk to old man.  When 
    your done save your game and get sleep if needed.  You will have 
    to go back to where you got the last crystal, "Hell's Valley", and 
    go to the end where you will be joined by four of the rescued 
    people.   They will help you to get to the boss.  Go out and go 
    right back in to talk to everyone that you rescued. Get some sleep 
    and save your game. 
    Crest Guardian: Skull Pion
    Almost there. Go up the path to, you guess it, Twin Mountains. But 
    go right to "Hell's 
    Valley" and go past where you got the last crystal. You will meet 
    four of the rescued villagers that will help you get through the 
    wall.  You will fight the final boss there in an arena.  Its 
     Power Puke
     Tail Sweep
    Use your earth power to stomp and tip the buckets overhead and 
    make the contents fall onto the boss.  When its down strike the 
    blue orb in its mouth.  Look out for its tail sweep and the power 
    puke.  Defeat it and you have completed level 2. Good luck. 
    Once the crest guardian has been defeated you will return to the 
    village and talk to the village leader and another guy.  If it is 
    late evening they may not be there.  If it is night time you will 
    notice some zombies roaming the streets.  They can't hurt you and 
    you can't hurt them so don't bother, go to the castle and sleep 
    until morning then return to the village square.  It appears that 
    your defeating the crest guardian has set in motion an event that 
    has caused the release of the creatures that now roam the streets.  
    You will be sent to retrieve the "Phantom Blossom" from the mines 
    and some "Holy Water" from the second Twin Mountain.  Since the 
    mines are locked you will need to go get the key from the man 
    living in the windmill.  after the conversation has ended go into 
    the store that you are standing in front of and a dialog will 
    start.  When that's done go to the castle and talk to the 14th 
    person, he will teach you a double slash technique.  The guy in 
    the windmill won't answer the door before 2300 so you have some 
    time to stock up supplies, action figures, or to go and kill some 
    enemies for loot.  Go to the Steam Woods and over to the earth 
    emblem and try to stomp on it.  The cliff over head will fall to 
    reveal the wind emblem and a minka. When you talk to the windmill 
    guy he will tell you that the Phantom Blossom only blooms between 
    3:00 until 7:00, it can only be taken between these hours.  Head 
    to the mine shaft entrance at the other end of town, you might 
    want to save before you go inside.  When opening the gate to the 
    mines choose option #1.  
    Go to the sign and make a right, follow it all the way to the 
    pole, climb it and exit.  In the next area avoid the rocks, make 
    the jumps and get the huge fan.  The fan will help you float 
    across to the other side but you don't want to do that just yet.  
    You will need to fall through the fan to the area below.  You can 
    just drop down when the fan stops or climb down the wall next to 
    the exit in the is room.  There will be a memory box and two ways 
    to go.  Use the box and go left.  When you enter the room cross 
    the first conveyor and jump on the second platform.  Now run and 
    jump at the screen and you will land on another conveyor, get the 
    crystal, go back and continue to the left, get the second crystal 
    and go through the door.  You will enter a room filled with water 
    and 3 small islands circling the room.  Get to the middle island 
    and get the crystal and the Phantom Blossom.  On the way out jump 
    onto the island nearest to the door and ride it all the way around 
    the room making sure to jump off and get the chest, crystal, and 
    the minka that are around the edges.  If you miss the time slot 
    you can just sleep on the ground by the blossom and wait for it to 
    bloom.  Get it and go back to the fan, climb the wall next to the 
    other tunnel, let the fan blow you into the right exit and make 
    your way out of the mines.  Give the blossom to the village leader 
    and choose the top option.  Go to the castle and talk to the 21st 
    person to learn another fighting technique.  The doctor is number 
    #37 if you need to restore your health.   Stop by the pawn shop 
    and let the guy take a look at what you got out of the chest.  Now 
    head to the Twin Mountains.  
    You follow the same route the got you to the chest at the top of 
    the mountain with the waterfall on top.  But when you enter the 
    second cave you will find a villager in need of your services.  
    you will have to get him some of the very water that you were 
    going to get for the village leader and you will have 12 hours to 
    get it and get back to the villager.  Choose the first option and 
    quickly climb the mountain to the first landing, climb the red 
    wall, go left and climb up to the top.  Get the water back to him 
    and head back up the mountain to get the water for your quest.  On 
    your way back you will talk with Tim, little boy in the village, 
    choose option 1.  You will go to the store and talk with the 
    villagers, you will be given something and they will all find 
    something else very funny.  Next you will have to talk to the girl 
    in the bakery, choose the second option and she will talk about a 
    man going to the bar at 1800.  Go to the castle and talk to the 
    3rd person for a fighting skill.  Check your items, if there are 
    to many things in your inventory you should go and sell them at 
    the pawn shop.  Go and save your game and catch a nap by the bar 
    door.  When the guy shows up talk to him and he will tell you to 
    talk to the people at the Inn.  Go to the end and choose the first 
    then third options, then talk to the people in rooms 205 and 206.  
    Now go back to the bar and nap until midnight.  As the monsters 
    come out of the door you have to run inside.  Choose the first 
    option and enter the underground temple.  
    Inside you will meet a drunk man who will lead you to a door with 
    four eyes on it.  The open the door you must clear all four rooms 
    down here.  The man will restore your health whenever you come 
    back to him.  The rooms can be done in any order but I will start 
    with the one to his left.  These rooms can have quite a bit in 
    them so I will stick to the basics.
     Room 1
     The plants are called "Bowlers", absorb them to get a temporary 
    bowling ability. 
     There is a hidden room behind the Bowler next to a wall that you 
    can climb.
     Make your way to the next room and get pass the flaming zombies 
    and arrows.
     You will be in a room with a Bowler, break the wall to the right 
    with a bowling ball.
     Go and stand on the square and bowl down the zombies to cool down 
    the floor.
     Go back to the room on the left and absorb another Bowler.
     Go through the door at the end, get the crystal, come out and 
    take the platform up.
     DO NOT go through the door on the left!  You will have to get 
    behind this thing to kill it.
     In the next room run along the wall, ignore the monsters, jump 
    through the door.
     Run to the end and get ready to do a lot of jumping.
     Enter the room with the Bowler and exit on the left.
     Bowl down the zombies and you will have to bowl a hole in the 
    wall at the other end.
     Go and absorb another bowler.
     Go into the room and get the crystal, come out and go up and get 
    the orb.
    When you appear in the main chamber go right down the stairs and 
    run right up to the wall.  Bowl through the wall and get the 
    chest.  Go back up and to the other side, restore your health.  
    Make sure to use the memory box out in the main chamber.  The next 
    room will be to the right of the drunk guy.
    Room 2
     You will cross some moving floor panels, jump right at the 
     Kill the zombie to close the floor panel, run down and exit. 
     Cross over to the right wall, the door is on the other end.
     Avoid touching but follow the glowing blue ball, climb and jump 
    the 3 poles.
     Go all the way back the way that you came and cross over to the 
    right side.
     Instead of coming to a room with poles you will have missing 
    floor panels.
     Get through and take the right circle.  Another room but with 
     Get through and take the left circle, go through the next room 
    and take the left circle.
     Enter the room and jump over the arrows and down onto the lower 
     Do not try and fight the 4 monsters on the bottom, just run out.
     The next room will have missing floor panels enemies, and a 
     The blue orb is in the next room.
    Room 3
    Now go to the right side of the main chamber to the other two 
    rooms.  We will take the one on the left.  
     Jump across the rotating blocks in the first two rooms, get the 
    crystal in the second one.
     You will go through a couple of more rooms with rotating blocks 
    and 1 harmless vamp.
     There will be a room with swinging blades, easy. 
     The next room will have the blades, rotating blocks, and a 
    vampire that will attack you.
     You will come to a series a of planks, go far right to get a 
    green BP ball.
     Go back left to the get another one and go to the stone landing. 
     Follow it around to the rotating block and keep going down and 
    get the crystal and heart.
     Go jump on the block, go right to get the chest, go down and get 
    the heart and to exit.
     This room will have smaller landings, swinging blades, and 
     The blue orb is in the next room.
    Room 4
     The last one.  Heal yourself before you go in here.
     Jump across, go up and get pass the vampires. You don't have to 
    kill you can just run.
     Run straight through the next two rooms avoiding the enemies.
     There are some easy puzzles. Top to top right, middle to bottom 
    left, bottom to top left.
     There will be a room with falling and sliding blocks, be careful.
     When you get to the ghost absorb its "ectoplasm" and float around 
    to find your way out. 
     Do the same in the next few rooms making sure to get the chest 
    and get the crystal.
     The room with the chest will have a circle on the floor and a 
    path below it.
     Drop down and enter the room to get the crystal.  Teleport back 
     Exit to the left to get the blue orb.
    Now go back to the door with the four eyes.  The man will be gone, 
    open the door.  You will find him inside ready to open a chest.  
    Apparently he is disappointed with what he finds.  You will get a 
    "dirty belt".  Your done here for now, go back to the castle's 
    interview room and talk to the 36th person for a new fighting 
    combo.  Next you will need to go to the pawn shop.  After 
    examining the dirty belt you will be given the ability double 
    jump.  When you leave the pawn shop the drunk man from the temple 
    will tell you something about the well near the church.  You will 
    need to get a grappling rope to climb down the well.  The grapple 
    can be obtained from the church.  Go to the church, jump the fence 
    and talk to the man.  He will tell you to come back at 2:00 am.  
    When it's time, go and talk to the man.  He will help you get 
    inside the church where you will find Rikul(?) waiting for you.  
    She will have some monsters attack you.  I don't think that you 
    can kill them so you'll have to survive until the sun rises.  When 
    it does the battle will end.
    Water Crest
    You will be given the grapple, proceed to the well and descend it 
    (first option).  Down here you will notice quite a few things.  Go 
    and get the water crest first.  Now run back to the landing where 
    you can see the church bell, activate your water sphere, run and 
    jump onto the pedestal with the bell.  Pick up the bell and toss 
    it to the landing.  You will need to keep tossing the bell until 
    it is where you got the water crest from.  Now toss it into the 
    gap in the wall to the left, get it and take it through the cave 
    and back to the village.  When you get back to town the priest 
    will give you the "angel's image" icon.  Go to the castle and talk 
    to the 3rd person for a new skill.  Now you will need to go back 
    into the temple.  This time you will keep going straight down and 
    double jump the gap and open the door.  The first 2 rooms will be 
    no problem at all.  The third room will be more of a challenge.  
    There is a crystal in this area, be sure to get it.  The next room 
    will have four pedestals with flames on them and a door with an 
    eye on it.  Use your water sphere, stand on the corner and shoot 
    water on the flames.  Once the flames have been extinguished the 
    door will open. 
    Crest Guardian: Relic Keeper
    At first Musashi thinks that he has it made since the Keeper has 
    to keep the ceiling from falling on top of itself.  Bu it has 
    another method of attack:
     Fire Demon
    The Fire Demon will use various techniques to roast your hide.  It 
    will turn blue when it get ready to do something nasty.  You will 
    have to run side to side and constantly use your water sphere.  
    You will have to shoot the demon from afar and get the bubbles to 
    hit it.  When the Keeper bows his head you will have to quickly 
    switch to Raygund, double jump  and strike the orb.  It may take a 
    while but it can be done. 
    CHAPTER 4                                                 
    OK, let's get started.  When you first get back to town go to the 
    village leaders home and talk to his wife.  Choose the 1st option, 
    then the 2nd.  She will tell you to climb down the well by the 
    church.  But before you do so, go to the pawn shop and let him 
    take a look at your items.  I sold everything that I could sell to 
    him, don't worry, you can't sell anything that you need. After 
    that climb down the well. 
     Once in the well go to the water emblem and use the skill on it 
     This will empty one half while raising the level of the other  
     Enter Ed and Ben who start freaking out when they find Musashi 
    After they leave:
     Go get the chest on the right side. 
     Go back passed the water crest, use your water skill to get the 
    chest on the pedestal.
     Go get the minka.
     Enter the cave and get the chest near the end and look at the 
    fire emblem.
     Leave the mine and go talk to the village leaders wife and choose 
    the 2nd and 1st options.
    She will send you to get the "Gondola Parts".  They are back in 
    the mine shaft underneath the fan and through the right side.  But 
    there are a few things I will ask you to do before you head down 
    there.  She mentioned that you need to talk to some "carpenters", 
    I think?  First, go into the forest with the water circle and use 
    the crest.  Take the item from the chest Go to the pawn shop and 
    you will get a set of goggles.  Now find and talk to the old man 
    from the windmill, he might be in one of the farmers garden.
    Leave the town and go to the Twin Mountains, around the corner, 
    past the ghost where you got the crystal earlier.  Engage the 
    water sphere and run around the corner to the landing and get the 
    doctor if you didn't get him in chapter 2.  Do it again and  keep 
    going left to get the minka, if it's there.  To get back go 
    across, not go back the way you came.  You want to get to the next 
    mountain, up to the area where you caught the raft the 2nd time, 
    go all the way to the right where the flower and the very long 
    pole are.  Jump on the pole, climb it, and stand on the top.  Do a 
    double jump to the right and keep holding to right.  You should 
    land on a ledge with a crystal and another pole.  Get the crystal 
    and go back to area where you fought the very first Crest 
    Guardian, there will a minka in that area now.  Get it and head 
    back to town. 
     Go to the castle and you will talk to the old man.
     Next talk to the 13th, 18th, and 27th persons.
     Save your game! 
     Go into the mines and back down underneath the fan, go in to the 
    right side.
     Absorb a snake so you can cure yourself from poison.
     In the room at the end take the 3rd wheel from the left, go back 
    to the fan area.
     Climb back up and go back to the castle.
    You will talk the old man and he will send you to bed.  When you 
    wake up the town will be on fire.  Put out all of the fires and 
    the village leaders wife will talk to you.  In the morning go and 
    talk to him and he will give what I think is a "calendar"?  The 
    his wife will come out and give you something, too.  Afterwards 
    head to the forest were you crossed the spikes to enter the 
    "Wandering Woods".  On your way stop on the bridge before you get 
    to the "Sleepy" mushrooms and use your water sphere to run left on 
    the river to a spot with a minka on it.  We wouldn't want to 
    forget him.  Continue through the path and go down to the left and 
    go through to where the path is blocked, you will be able to get 
    pass now by shrinking the giant snail.  Get the crystal and the 
    chest, engage the water sphere and run out to the crest in the 
    water and activate it.  Drop down and get the "Power of Hell!"  
    Well, its not really called that but get it and get ready for a 
    scene with Kojiroo. Defeat him and save the Princess.  I used 
    Raygund and just kept charging it up, piece of cake.  Take the 
    Princess home.
    When you get back to the castle you will have a conversation with 
    her and the old guy  about your next quest to the "Knight's 
    Hideout."  I call it the "Ice Palace".  Choose the 1st option.  
    When your done talk to the 12th, 19th (choose #2), 24th, 26th, 
    31st persons.  The doctor is #37 to refill your bars.  You should 
    now have a new sword, directions to the "hideout", and full health 
    bars.  SAVE YOUR GAME!!!  
    Go back to the "Wandering Woods", this time you won't need Reno to 
    get you through. 
    When you first enter there will be a wooden sign in the middle of 
    the screen.  
    From there:
      Go left to the next screen, you'll see a big rock.  Go up 2 more 
      You will see two rocks, make a right by the small one to the 
    next screen.
      There should be 4 trees, go up 2 more screens, it should start 
    to snow. Make a right.
      Go around the rock and the tree and up 2 screens, it should be 
    clear, make a left.
      Go around the rock and the tree and go up (about 3 screens) to 
    the Ice Palace.
      Choose the first option to enter.
    After you talk to the "mystery woman" (Brandi) it's time to get 
    down to business.  There are 4 doors in the hallway, 3 are open, 1 
    has a "Red Eye" on it.  Don't bother trying to climb the 
    stairwell, you can't right now.  The chest is a memory box.  The 
    first door that you want to enter is the 2nd one on the left.  
    There is a "Blue Eye" door inside, you can't open it yet so go 
    through to the next room with the penguin guards pushing the ice 
    blocks.  Look out for the "Electro-Musashi's"!  They mimic your 
    moves (you go left, they go left, you jump, they jump).  Something 
    else that you to know:
       Absorb:                      Power gained:
       Blue flower			Auto-Map
       Electro-Musashi		1 Musashi decoy time bomb
       Plant	                                   Protecting glow
       Karate Wolf 	            A power dash
       Slow Guy               		A power toss (right out of the 
       Fake Penguin		Can not be absorbed
       Stomp Golem	            Armor (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
    The Red Eye Door:
    OK, the penguins won't attack you in here but you need to be 
    careful so that you don't keep getting smashed.  Stand between the 
    two blocks and when the next pair fall you have to jump on top of 
    one and ride it doing a running double jump to make it to the 
    other side. Piece of cake, right?  It may look hard but you can do 
    it.  Look out for the penguin on the other side doing the same 
    thing.  There is a door to the right side of him that's hard to 
    see make sure that you go in and get the crystal on top of the 
    crate.  Be careful not to fall on the other side of the crates or 
    you have to go around and make the jump again.  Once you have the 
    crystal go back to the penguin and through the door behind him.  
    This room is full of penguin guards, just kill them all and you'll 
    get the chest with the "Red Eye" key in it, leave and go back to 
    were you got the crystal and jump all the way over to the other 
    side.  Now go to the hallway and open the "Red Eye" door.
    The Blue Eye Door:
    Now that your through the Red Eye door you will face a few 
    Electro-Musashi's, Plants, and a "Slow Guy."  There are icicles on 
    the floor that will do damage, but you can melt them if you want. 
    Then plants shoots pellets that can freeze you so be careful.  
    Make your way around to the next room with the Slow Guy, DON'T 
    KILL IT!!!  You need him, but kill the plant at the other end.  
    You'll notice an upper level over by the plant, this is where  
    Slow Guy comes in.  Go in the corner by the ledge and let him 
    throw you in the air, now guide yourself onto the edge and go to 
    the next room.  You will now be in a maze.  Find the crystal and 
    make your way to the left side wall.  You will encounter the 
    Karate Wolfs and the Stomp Golem.  When you get into the room on 
    the left side kill all the enemies (I think without letting them 
    touch you) and get the chest with the "Blue Eye" key inside.  Now 
    make your way to the far right side of the maze but before you go 
    out of the door absorb the Stomp Golem.  You will run into a 
    barricade of spikes, just hit the "O" button to activate the armor 
    and run through them to the other side and get the crystal.  You 
    can take the easy way back by just jumping down from where you are  
    or you can go all the back through the maze.  Go to the "Blue Eye" 
    door and open it.  Get the crystal, use the ice blocks to get to 
    the upper level and go through the door where a Electro-Musashi 
    awaits.  Jump across avoiding the Slow Guys, go get the chest.  
    Jump down.  You can now climb the slick surfaces.
    The Green Eye Door:
    Go through the first door on the right side, climb the pole and 
    jump onto the ramp.  Run up and over it, get the chest and go up 
    the next ramp and into the door.  You will be in another maze.  
    Make your way to the left side were you can jump on top of a 
    smaller block and then the bigger ones.  Now start making your 
    back to the right side.  Make sure to get the chest and the 
    crystal.  Once you get to the far right absorb an Electro-Musashi, 
    you'll need it.  Go into the next room with the Slow Guy inside, 
    once again DON'T KILL IT, yet.  Unlike the other 2 rooms you can't 
    just kill the enemy to get the chest, it's how and where you do 
    it.  Here is how you do it.  When you enter the room let the Slow 
    Guy chase you all the way to the other end.  Now stand on the 
    green eye and when he get almost on top of you hit the "O" button 
    to drop the decoy time bomb.  Run over by the sign and just wait.  
    When the decoy explodes it will kill the goon and give you the 
    chest with the "Green Eye" key.  Now make your way back to the 
    left side, climb onto the blocks and find the green door.  There 
    is really nothing to do her but get through the room and back to 
    the main hall.
    Crest Guardian: The Frost Dragon
    It's almost over now.  Make sure that you use the memory box 
    never.  Go to the door with the 3 color locks (Red, Green, Blue).  
    Musashi will say something.  You have to defrost the door first 
    before you can open it.  Once your on the other side go to the 
    back of the room on the 1st floor and get the chest.  Now go to 
    the top floor and you will see 2 post and a memory box by a door.  
    To open the door you must ignite the 2 post.  Go inside a Musashi 
    will look at the painting on the ceiling.  Now go to the statue 
    and activate it, you will now be in the Lair of the Frost Dragon.  
    You will see some icicles in your path, melt them and proceed.  
    When you start the battle with the dragon remember that you are 
    not suppose to defeat it here.  Cause some damage to it with your 
    fire and it will knock off part of the wall on the right side and 
    a arrow will let you know that's it's time to move, fast.  You 
    will know when the dragon is about to charge you because it will 
    scream before it does.  Just hold R1 until it rushes you then 
    shoot fire and run just before it hits you. After a few pass you 
    should cause enough damage to make it break the wall to the right.  
    Now you'll have to be quick!  As your coming up on the icicles you 
    should be hold R1 and start melting them as soon as you can, the 
    dragon will be breaking off the bridge behind you.  Make it to the 
    landing and now it's time to kill the dragon.  It will dive into a 
    hole a when it comes back up it will attack you in 4 ways and in 
    this order:
      Lunges at you.
      Shoots Ice Balls.
      Shoots a huge Ice Beam.
      Body Sweep.
    When it lunges at you, jump out of the way.  Avoid the Ice Balls 
    by double jumping out of the way. After the Ice Beam it lays it's 
    head down on the ground.  Hit it with fire then, but don't get to 
    close or you'll be frozen!  The bodysweep happens so fast that I 
    haven't been able to avoid it.  Here's the strategy:
    Go to the left side of the screen and let it shoot ice balls at 
    you over there, but start jumping toward the middle.  When you see 
    it charging up for the Ice Beam move to the middle and just when 
    it releases it run  the right corner near the dragon but against 
    the wall.  You should be safe there and you can start charging up 
    your fire. Then shoot the dragon when it lays its head down.  
    After doing this a few times the dragon will collapse, now you 
    have to hit it in the head with your sword in order to damage it.  
    Then it will do the body sweep.  Try to keep the pattern up and 
    you should be able to defeat to Frost Dragon and chapter 4.
    When you first return to the village the village leader will greet 
    you and tell you some bad news.  Head to the castle and you will 
    talk to the old man, he will send you to find the Princess.  
    Actually, you need to go and talk to the farmer with the brown 
    hair, he will talk about the "Figure Collection."  Go to the store 
    that sells the action figures and talk to the clerk.  Now head 
    back to the castle and talk to the man again, now the Gondola is 
    available to take to the entrance of the Twin Mountains.  It will 
    be the bottom option on the menu when you leave the castle.  Ride 
    the gondola down.  When you get to the bottom you will notice that 
    there is a lot of steam in the air, climb the cliff to where the 
    guy lives that tends to the steam reactor and go through the short 
    cut behind his house.  You will find the man on the ground in 
    front of the reactor, he will give you a handle and I think he 
    tells you that it was the Princess that kicked his butt! 
    The Steam Reactor: part 2
     We've been here before.  But this time things are a little 
    different. Choose the 2nd option, go inside and you there will be 
    a scene with the Princess. When it's over get the bag of gold but 
    DO NOT go to the upper levels yet.  On each of the upper levels 
    one reactor door is missing a handle (numbers 1, 4, and 8) and the 
    first one is on the bottom level
    where you start.  Once you pick up the bag of money continue 
    running to the right to get the first handle. Go back left and 
    take the elevator up to the next level.  You'll have to do some 
    maneuvering this time around. The handles for #4 and #8 reactor 
    doors can be found on the levels that the door are on themselves.  
    Once you shut it down you will talk to the 
    village leader and the steam reactor guy.  Go back to town, talk 
    to the village leader, the 2nd choice gets you 600 doran, then 
    head back to the castle.  If the women in the #19 position didn't 
    do anything for you the first time, she should give you something 
    now.  When your done go back to the town (2nd choice from the 
    bottom) and head back into the mine where the fire crest is.  If 
    it's not at least 2300 nap until then, this will make sure that 
    the minka is up and about.  Once you activate it you will be able 
    to climb the wall and go through the ceiling.  Climb to the top of 
    the tower and get the Power of the Winds.  To get down from here 
    stand in the middle of the tower and use your new skill.  A scene 
    will follow, when it's over just hit the triangle button to leave.  
    Head back to town.  The first thing that I noticed was the 
    dramatic music playing in the background.  You guessed it, more 
    trouble.  Head to the castle and sleep until morning if it's night 
    time.  If it's daylight head to the path leading to the Gondola 
    station and you should see the 2 kids jumping up and down in a 
    panic.  Go up the path and talk to the Gondola Operator, it seems 
    that they have a little problems with bugs.  
     Go to the castle but don't go inside.
     Choose the gondola option (bottom one).
     Ride it down .
    Aaahhh!  Those tranquil melodies.  Go back to town and save your 
    game.  And buy some healing potions from the store.
    The Great Bug Hunt
    Enter the mine where the "ant" did.  You don't have to worry about 
    him.  He's dead.  But now you've got to go and tell his mom, did I 
    mention that he was her favorite drone?  Once again sleep if it's 
    not already 2300 then go left and get the minka.  Now go back, 
    you'll notice a pink cloud of poisonous gas.  After Musashi 
    speaks, engage your whirlwind and go right through it.  
     Go around the corner and make the jumps to the right, get the 
     Go to the platform with the Toadstools, go left  and get the 
     Go back around to the far right by the gap, change your skill and 
     Make your way to the exit.
    In the next room cross over the top of the lift, they aren't 
    working so you'll have to jump to each one to get to the top right 
    side. DO NOT GO DOWN!!!  You'll go down there when you return to 
    this area, it'll be much easier then.  Once you go through the top 
    right exit you will face a lot of strong wind.  Engage the 
    whirlwind and go straight across, you'll have to do it twice to 
    make it past the winds.  Be careful when you near the end by the 
    pink flower, it's easy to get knocked of into the sludge.  Absorb 
    the flower and go up the go up the incline and pass the spikes to 
    the very edge of the next area. YOU CAN NOT POGO HOP ACROSS THIS 
    GAP!!!  Here's the trick:
     Stand at the edge of the gap and face the flower.
     As you start to absorb it TAP right to face the gap.
     Just as it reaches the top quickly double jump to the other side.
    If timed just right you should be just about to land when the 
    explanation box appears.  If you fall into the sludge but still 
    absorbed the skill just hit the "O" button the end it and try 
    again.  Since your already poisoned don't bother to cure yourself 
    until you've made it across and up the platform successfully.  If 
    you didn't bring any healing herbs or
    ran out don't worry, there are some snakes here, absorb one and 
    heal yourself.  If the minka is running around get it, if not, you 
    know what to do.  Climb the wall activate the fan, exit.  You will 
    now have to do a series of bug jumps that just get harder and 
     Jump pass the pink ones, no problem.
     The blue 2 ones shoot acid balls, be careful and always kill 
     When you get to the end of the platforms double jump around the 
     When you get to next one there will be one pole to double jump 
    from, get the crystal.
     When you come to the dead end wall you will have to double jump 
    around the corner.
     Walk with but between the marching ants.
     Make your way across the 2 poles and run straight through the 
     Get the crystal and drill yourself into the center of the floor.
    Your now back in the cavern with the lifts, but now they work.  
    Time to make our way to the bottom.  When you get down there go 
    left and get the chest, ride the lift back up because you can't 
    make the jump back to the right.  Make your way to the exit on the 
    bottom right and across the next room which has a number a double 
    jumps for and you will get to take a cable car ride.  All I can 
    say for the cable car ride is avoid everything and GOOD LUCK!
    Crest Guardian: Ant Hill Queen
    Once your done with the ride you'll be in what I call the "prep 
    for death" room.  Collect the hearts and green ball to restore 
    your health and BP bars.  In case you had to make the ride 
    poisoned there is an herb to cure you. And of course the memory 
    box.  When your ready just drill into the center of the floor.  
    Now it's time to tell the Queen that you killed her favorite 
    drone, she might get a little ticked off so be ready.  Her 
     Poison Gas Cloud.
     Torso Spikes.
     Claw Sweep (single claw).
     Acid Rain .
     Torso Thrust.
     Lava Sores (if you whirlwind on a torso sections).
     Kiss of Death (She will reach out with 2 claws, grab you and suck 
    you dry).
     Baby Burst (She shoots out maggots).
    She kicked my butt quite a few times before I figured out how to 
    hurt her.  For the Torso Spikes jump to another section, when she 
    reaches out for the single Claw Sweep double jump over it, avoid 
    the tail unless your using the whirlwind.  The torso Thrust are 
    sudden, try to run between the Acid Rain, and try to stay out of 
    range when she reaches out with both claws to grab you.  Never 
    attack to close to the body because of the belly spikes.  So how 
    do you kill her?  When you see her bows her head run over and hit 
    with your sword (triangle button).  She will start going crazy, 
    hurry and activate the whirlwind and carefully spin out on to the 
    tail and on top of the glowing ball on the end.  Afterwards she 
    will try to blow you away with a whirlwind of her own, DON'T 
    JUMP!!!   Walk slowly
    toward her and you'll be all right.  Sometimes she will pop out 
    some maggots that are as big as you are, just whack'em.  They drop 
    healing herbs sometimes.  Once she's dead use the crest and you'll 
    be shot out of the cave.  Now you'll run into some old friends 
    before heading back to town.
    Chapter 6
    Upon returning to the town the are a few things that you should 
    do.  Go to the castle and talk 38th person, it's the last knight 
    that you rescued.  He will show teach you a new skill.  Next, go 
    and talk to the 3 farmers.  The guy with the gray hair will be 
    inside of his home
    and will give you a Kojiroo action figure.  The guy with brown 
    hair will be in his yard and will talk about a "Big Ali figure" (I 
    think).  Talk to the third farmer in the burnt house and he will 
    tell you the good stuff.  I had already went to the wind crest on 
    top of the cliff in the Steam Woods and nothing happened, he 
    explains why.  You have to go to the crest early in the morning on 
    "Sky Day" and when it starts to rain you can activate it.  Take a 
    look at your day indicator and see what day it's on, if the symbol 
    is the same as your "Sky" symbol you will have to wait until next 
    week for the rain.  Sky day is actually 
    Friday, so look for the symbol of wind which will be Thursday.  It 
    will look almost square. Try to time going to bed at the castle 
    around 2200, this way you will wake up at 6:00am. This will give 
    you plenty of time to get to the cliff and catch the rain.  Go to 
    the Wandering Woods and get the "Mother Minka."  I think she 
    figures out who has been abducting her babies!?  When your done go 
    to the pawn shop and sell everything that you can and buy action 
    figures before Sky day. 
    After you activate the crest you will be teleported to a tower in 
    the sky.  You will notice that there are 3 landings around the 
    base of the tower with the earth emblems on it.  Here we go:
     Jump to the landing (one near the water ramp) and stomp twice.
     Jump back to the lower part of the ring then back onto the high 
     Do the other two.
     Activate your water sphere and run into the door at the top of 
    the ramp.
     Do the same thing on the upper ring but with fire instead .
     If you fall just activate the water sphere and run back up the 
    Once you get the Sky crest you will see you final destination.  
    Use the memory box as soon as you walk in.  To cross the sludge 
    will take some patience, once you activate you new skill it will 
    allow you to hover.  You will have to guide yourself to the next 
    landing without touching the walls, if you touch them you will be 
    shocked and fall into the sludge.  Get the chest and get pass the 
    spinning spiked post. After you get past the two spinning spiked 
    post there will be another chest, you will enter a revolving 
    tunnel with electrified spikes in the walls.  There are some 
    little thing with propellers on their head flying around
    trying to shoot you, I didn't waste time trying to kill or absorb 
    them, just get pass them.  The last section has no spikes but 
    instead has holes in the wall, fall through and you have to do the 
    tunnel again.  The easy way, just hover across.  When you make it 
    through get ready for a fight.  
    First Boss: Ben
    You've got to fight the big guy in order to continue.  Here are 
    the moves:
     Aerial Assault (drops bombs while hovering).
     Giant Shurikens.
     Spinning Axes.
     Spear Lunge.
    When he hovers, you hover and try to find a safe spot to land.  
    After the bombs explode he will throw 3 shurikens at once followed 
    by 3 spinning axes in a row.  The best time to hit him is right 
    after he throws the axes.  Hurt him and he will do a spear lunge 
    so be ready to move out of the way.
    Once you defeat Ben you can save your game.  Then you will have to 
    get through a series of doors marked with crest symbols.  If you 
    go into the wrong room you will be put back at the beginning of 
    the maze.  When you come out of the first room go to the far right 
    and into the door with the earth symbol.  Go and stomp on the 
    yellow box and cross the closed floor panel.  Jump up to the ledge 
    but do not enter the room, jump on the yellow box to your right 
    until the whole stack comes down.  Go through the door with the 
    circle on it and hover across the spikes. Jump onto the landing 
    and hover over the next set of spikes by the wall.  What's this?  
    The floor will open and show you the way out which is the doors 
    with circles on them.  In the next room you will have to flip up 
    to the next platform using the poles.  If you fall you will be 
    forced to go through a wrong door and start over.  Get through the 
    door on the platform and you will have to ignite 2 post to close 
    the floor panel, cross underneath the block with out getting 
    crushed and jump onto the first landing.  You might see the door 
    to your right but don't go inside, jump onto the falling block and 
    then to the platform to the left, go through the door.  The next 
    room has a trick door, don't fall for it.  Extinguish the flames 
    to open the panel in the floor.  Do the left side first and after 
    you do the right side use the watersphere again and drop down into 
    the hole, go right to the door with the wind symbol.  You'll need 
    to use your whirlwind her to combat the breeze.  DO NOT GO RIGHT! 
    Or you'll be at the very beginning again!  You will have to 
    whirlwind left and jump the gap, you will need to get close to the 
    fan to shut it off.  Get through the door and you will come to a 
    hole, hover down one level and across the spikes, land hover again 
    down to the next level and exit left.  
    Second Boss: Ed
    Ed is pretty hot about what you did to Ben and wants to serve you 
    on a platter. How's he going to do it?  
     Heat Beam.
     Bouncing Napalm balls.
    He immediately tries to get the upper hand by shooting off a heat 
    beam from his safe zone in the middle of the room.  He has a 
    shield to protect him when he fires the beam, the good thing about 
    it is that it takes a lot out of him, make sure to whack him.  He 
    will teleport and go berserk with the napalm balls, there really 
    nasty. Double jump over the beam and try to stay in the corners to 
    avoid the bombs and you can beat the little guy.  
    After the battle you will get to save again and take the elevator 
    to the surface where two heavily armed guards await you.  "Absorb" 
    the benefits:
     Blue gets you a shotgun.
     Brown gets you a get a rocket launcher.
     Green gets you bombs .
     Red gets you a powerful sword.
    Those helicopter head things are here flying around and can not be 
    absorbed.  In the courtyard destroy the statues to get healing 
    hearts and those green BP balls.  Head to the gate at the other 
    end and it will target you and fire laser beams.  To destroy it 
    use any weapon at your disposal.  Make your way to the far right 
    corner and through another gate.  Now you will enter a maze.  Make 
    your way through to get to another courtyard.  This time the trees 
    get into the action with their lasers.  Fight your way to the gate 
    on the upper left.  Get into the next section and they add laser 
    trip beams, and the next section has laser shooting statues.  Once 
    you clear all of the courtyards you will have to climb a wall.  At 
    the top are some laser shooting trees, kill'em and destroy the 
    fountain and take the elevator down.
    Follow the pipes jumping from one to another to get around the 
    steam leaks.  Get on to the other platform and destroy the door.  
    Do not destroy all of the tanks in the other room! Some contain 
    enemies.  Destroy the 2 on the left and right, leave the first 
    middle tank but get the next one.  Break the next tank on the left 
    then go up to the 4 tanks and break the one in the left corner, 
    skip one and break the other.  You can destroy all of the 
    computers for goodies.  Go upstairs, get through the doors and 
    make your way to the platform.  Make sure to get an enemy skill 
    like the shotgun before entering the circular part of the 
    platform.  Attack the drone when it targets you, get ready to 
    hover, run and jump until then.  Take the elevator up, go through 
    the doors, head straight for the elevator. 
    Third Boss: Topo
    Is this really a fight?  The Minnie Mouse wanna-be challenges you 
    to a dance battle?  If you've played PaRappa or Bust-A-Move: Dance 
    and Rhythm you should be OK.  She will show you the moves and you 
    must repeat them.  If you mess up hear fans will blow you 
    backwards into a electrical field.  Funnier than it is hard.  Take 
    the elevator up, get the chest, go through the door, save your 
    game. Go up the path and face the next enemy.
    Fourth Boss: Tower of Death
    In this area your sky power is going full blast and doesn't run 
    out so you can literally fly.  To defeat the tower you must hover 
    between the arms and hit the "blue eyes."  The level that they 
    will appear are random so you'll have to go up and down to find 
    them.  After a few hits the arms will create an electric barriers 
    between them to give you a hard time.  After a few more hits the 
    arms will retract and the eyes will shoot beams.  Just follow the 
    spots where the arms have retracted and you can survive.  After a 
    few more hits ALL of the eyes will open!  Some will close, the 
    other will let out red beam that puts all your moves in reverse, 
    then the electric barriers will come back.  A few more hits and 
    this boss is finished.  Use the Sky crest.
    What?  There's more?  Yes there is.  After the scene you will be 
    chased the another location, there will be a more difficult chase 
    to another tower and then you get to fight the big guy. 
    Final Boss: Dark Raygund
    All you have to do here is run, jump, float whatever it takes to 
    stay ahead of him.  The second chase will be more difficult. 
    Final Boss: Dark Raygund - Second Form
    He's big and strong, but you can stop him.  The key is to use your 
    sky powers to float high enough to strike the crystal in his 
    forehead.  After a few hits he will jump into the air, when he 
    does you'd better be charging up those sky powers again because 
    when he lands fire rings will go all the way across the floor. He 
    will pause and this is a good time to hit him in the head.  Some 
    times he will shoot flame after being struck in the head. 
    Sometimes he will do a very fast spin and sweep you with his tail.  
    If you stand on the ground in front of him he will grab you and 
    give you a one heck of a body slam.  Just keep going for the head 
    and will knock him out.  You have to float in from HIS left side 
    to strike his head and reduce the chances of being grabbed.  You 
    should be able to get in two hits per hover.
    Final Boss: Dark Raygund - Final Form
    Will it ever end?  In this form Raygund in human size and has one 
    hell of an arsenal!  Here is the order of attacks:
     Fire Rain.
     Mammoth Rain Drops.
     Sword attacks.
     Wind attacks.
     Multiple Body attacks.
     Nuclear Fire rings.
     Shield (all ways on).
    You can run around most of the rain, fire, and sword attacks.  You 
    will have to use your whirlwind when he turns green or you will be 
    blow over the edge. It's hard to dodge his multiple body attack 
    since there's 5 of him running at you.  You will need your sky 
    power to hover over the triple nuclear rings.  You will get your 
    butt kicked around for a while but once again the key is timing.  
    You can't defeat him with your skills because his are much more 
    powerful.  So you'll have to do to him what you did to the other 
    enemies, absorb him.  He changes colors for each attack but his 
    normal color is white.  You need to do it right his attack is over 
    and he returns to his normal color, suck him in and an eye will 
    appear, hit it and run.  The eye will attempt to suck you in but 
    as long as your running away you should be fine. keep this up and 
    you'll stop the dark servant from hell.  
    After the battle you while take the Princess home to the king and 
    queen.  After the scene watch the credits and you will get to see 
    Musashi put Raygund back where he got him from.  When the 
    Squaresoft logo comes up hit the circle button to save your game.  
    Restart the game and you will be back in chapter 6 but you will 
    have all of the items that you collected on your last journey 
    through this chapter.  You can now buy the chapter 6 action 
    figures, but there are still some missing.  So what's next? You 
    have to play the level again to get the end bosses action figure.  
    What this does for the game I have no idea, yet.  I have rescued 
    all the people and collected all of the minkas but I'm still 
    missing 2 "Special" action figures (John and Raygund-Final Form).   
    The search continues.

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