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    Boss FAQ by cactuar jack

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                                    Brave Fencer Musashiden
    				 Bosses Strategy Guide
    				  By Prasetia Gunawan
    		              Email : prasetia@telkom.net
                         URL : http://members.xoom.com/prasetia_g/
    Warning !
    This FAQ is NOT FOR SALE !
    If you see someone sells this FAQ email me or contact me at ICQ : 37661533
    Chapter 1 : The Journey Begins
    Boss 1 :
    Name : Spiral Tower Guardian
    Location : Outside Spiral Tower
    Attacks : Waving Mine
    Strategy :
    The first boss in this game, this is quite easy, just dodge from the waving mines, and destroy the
    statues, after all statues are destroyed, the spiral tower will appear.
    Boss 2 :
    Name : Gold Bell
    Location : Inside Spiral Tower
    Attacks : n/a
    Strategy :
    Assimilate the Soldier type 2 to get GunShot, shoot the rope that holds the bell, the flame will go
    Boss 3 :
    Name : Legendary Sword Guardian
    Location : Top of Spiral Tower
    Attacks : Laser that protects the Legendary Sword Lumina
    Strategy :
    Assimilate the soldier type1 to get Stun, wait until a soldier stomp on the panel and get Lumina. Af-
    ter you take Lumina, that Guardian will be falling down, and you have to run away from that Guardian.
    Boss 4 : 
    Name : Thirstquencher Empire 
               Steam Knight
    Location : Alucaneet Palace Hall
    Attacks : Fire Ring, Iron Ball, Jumping Smash
    Strategy :
    This is quite easy, first, charge your Lumina and use Lumina Spinning Attack on its leaking foot,
    after the core appear (the green orb) smash it with Lumina, do this two times and after it's 
    unconsciouness lift it up with Square or Triangle button and throw it, now do the same thing at 
    the second time, at third time, it's kinda different, you have to wait until it does the Jumping
    Smash, and move backwards 1-2 steps, after it falls, the core will appear, now smash it ! Well, 
    after it unconsciouness throw it again, and Musashi will kill it with its Iron Ball.
    Chapter 2 : A New Journey
    Boss 1 : 
    Name : King Maneater
    Location : Twinpeak Mountain
    Attacks : Man-Eating
    Strategy :
    Very-very easy, first, Assimilate the Wizard (a floating ghost), and attack the King Maneater with
    that shrink ability, and stomp on it.
    Boss 2 :
    Name : Rootrick
    Location : Twinpeak Mountain
    Attacks : N/A
    Strategy :
    *yawn*, this is not a great boss, but stupid climber, just push Sqr and Tri to climb up, no matter 
    you win or lose, you will still get the Earth Scroll, because that stupid Rootrick will wait you
    if you lose, and Musashi will strike him with Lumina....*yawn* again...
    Boss 2 : 
    Name : Earth Crest Guardian
    Location : Hell's Valley
    Attacks : Spinning Tail, Poison Breath, Hit Allies (Mercenary Meiltlofe, Carpenter Carvey, Knight
                                                        Lardwick, Soldier Lardwick)
    Strategy :
    Quite hard if you doesn't have enough HP, so buy many C-Drinks, charge the Earth Scroll and use it 
    when the object upside is a White Stone or Black Bombs, after three times that Skullpion hitted by
    the objects, the core will appear, like usual, smash it with Lumina, if you're poisoned, wait for
    the object is a leaf, take it and you will be healed.
    Chapter 3 : Mission Vambee
    Boss 1 :
    Name : Vambee Soldiers
    Location : Grillin' Church
    Attacks : Punch, Blood Suck
    Strategy : 
    You just need to defend, after 7.00 a.m. it will be burnt.
    Boss 2 : 
    Name : Water Crest Guardian
               Relic Keeper
    Location : Restaurant Basement
    Attacks : Flames Attack (there are 4 or 5 types of attacks)
    Strategy :
    Just hit the flame until it dissapears, and hit Relic Keeper's core, do this 3 times.
    Chapter 4 : The Duel At The Dragon Island
    Boss 1 : 
    Name : Sasaki Kojiro
    Location : Dragon Island
    Attacks : Swallow Spin, Swallow Smash
    Strategy :
    This is quite easy, too. Just rotate around him and wait until he attacks, after he attacks, hit
    him, and after its health go out, it's dead.
    Boss 2 :
    Name : Fire Crest Guardian 
              Frost Dragon
    Location : Frozen Palace
    Attacks : Freezing Smash, Frost Breath, Ice Throw
    Strategy :
    It's very-very hard for me, without a high luck, I won't be able to defeat it. First, just run 
    and dodge its attacks, if its head in your side, smash it with Lumina, after the ground destroyed
    this is the real battle, when it does the Frost Breath, keep running away, after it's tired smash 
    it with Lumina, after the core appears smash it like usual. Do this 4-5 times.
    Chapter 5 : Those Who Nests Underground
    Boss 1 :
    Name : GiAnt
    Location : Gondola Office
    Attacks : n/a
    Strategy :
    After the conversation with Mr. Lands, go to the Castle and choose "Gondola", it will be dead.
    Boss 2 : 
    Name : Wind Crest Guardian
               Queen Ant
    Location : Underground Mine
    Attacks : Blood Suck, Punch, Larvae Attack, Blow to Poison Pool
    Strategy :
    Quite easy, dodge from its attacks and if you're poisoned, defeat the larvae and take the antidote.
    Keep attacking her eyes until the core appears at its back, usethe Wind Scroll to attack that core
    without poisoned. Do this 5 times.
    Chapter 6 : The Sword Of Luminescence
    Boss 1 : 
    Name : Leader's Force Ben
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : Propeller Bombs, Javelin, Throw Irons
    Strategy :
    A very easy battle, just dodge from its bombs and attack when he's on land.
    Boss 2 :
    Name : Leader's Force Ed
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : Ki-Cannon, Fireball, Teleport
    Strategy :
    Quite easy, just attack when its tired (after doing Ki-Cannon) with Lumina. Use water scroll to
    defend the Ki-Cannon.
    Boss 3 : 
    Name : Leader's Force Topo
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : n/a
    Strategy :
    This is not a duel, but a mini game (dancing). After Topo doing the dance, wait for the red and 
    green lines, and do that move with Topo (push the button).
    Song 1 : Sqr,Tri,O,X,Sqr,Tri,X,O,Sqr,Tri,O,X,Sqr,Tri,O,X,Sqr
    Song 2 : X,O,Tri,Sqr,X,O,Tri,O,X,O,Tri,Sqr,X,X,O,O,Sqr
    Song 3 : X,Tri,O,Sqr,X,Tri,O,X,X,Tri,O,Sqr,X,X,Tri,Tri,Sqr
    Boss 4 :
    Name : Sky Crest Guardian
             Tower of Death
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : Wall, Stroom Wall, Eye Beam, Eye Red Beam
    Strategy :
    The hardest crest guardian, in this battle, the Sky Scroll will activate itself, just push X to 
    rise as high as you want. Look for the blue orb and smash it with Lumina, you have to do this 7-8
    times. To dodge from the Eye Red Beam, look for the closed eye end hold there.
    Boss 5 :
    Name : Wizard Of Darkness
              Dark Lumina
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : n/a
    Strategy : 
    You needn't to fight it, just run away, and you will see it "absorbs" Kojiro and turn into....
    Boss 6 : 
    Name : Dark Lumina
            Part Two
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : Spinning Tail, Throw, Fire Breath, Fire Ring
    Strategy :
    First you have to run away from it, jump from Platform to Platform like Tomb Raider maybe. after
    you have successed you will fight it, now I have the best strategy to defeat it. Make sure you 
    have learned Rumparoni-SP (from Knight Rumparoni). Go to the left of that monster, use Rumparoni-SP
    to its nose (core). After its core become Red (5 times get hit Rumparoni SP) go to the bottom of
    that monster, after its core appear, smash it with Lumina. Do this 5 times.
    Final Boss :
    Name : Dark Lumina
    Location : Soda Fountain
    Attacks : Red : Fire Rain
              Pink : Piercing Sword
              Green : Hurricane Wind
              Orange : Fire Ring x 3
              Blue : Bubble Rain
    Strategy :
    Just dodge from its attacks, wait for it changes to white again, assimilate it, and smash that ball
    with Lumina, do this 5 times.
    Special Boss :
    Name : Mother Minku
    Location : Meandering Forest
    Attacks : Stomp, Spinning Attack
    Strategy :
    A hard battle, just keep running away, when she is on ground, attack with Rumparoni-SP, after she
    defeated, you will get many heart, binchotite, and drans. A special reward, after you fought her,
    talk to Farmer Lacter at the village, you will get Kojiro action figure, and now you can buy the
    MomMinku Action Figure.
    Personal Data :
    Name : Prasetia Gunawan
    Country : Indonesia
    email : prasetia@telkom.net
    URL : http://members.xoom.com/prasetia_g/
    ICQ : 37661533
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