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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WallsOfEryx

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/28/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Brave Fencer Musashi
                                Complete Walkthrough
                           By: Felipe ''WallsOfEryx'' Gaboardi
                        E-mail:  felipecamposgaboardi@gmail.com
                                Twitter: @GriloGabo
                                    Version: 1.0
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    violation of copyright.
    *         CONTENT          +
    1- -  Introduction
    2-0 - The Basics
      -1- Move Your Butt
      -2- Know Your Stats
      -3- Meet Your Hosts
      -4- Do Your Shopping
    3-0 - Walkthrough
      -1- Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
      -2- Chapter 2: A New Journey
      -3- Chapter 3: Mission Vambee
      -4- Chapter 4: The Duel at Dragon Island
      -5- Chapter 5: The One That Nests Underground
      -6- Chapter 6: The Sword of Luminescence
    4-0 - Lists. Hundreds of Them
      -1- Minku Locations
      -2- Bincho Field Locations
      -3- The Five Scrolls
      -4- Assimilated Abilities
      -5- Techniques
      -6- The Legendary Armor
      -7- Action Figures
      -8- Items
      -9- Stores Goods
    5- - Credits
    +   1 -- INTRODUCTION --  +
    You know, I remember the joy I had when I first got my Playstation when I was a
     kid... ok, maybe I don't, but what I do remember was this demo disk that came
    with it. It had several demo versions of PS1 games, like Tomb Raider and 
    MediEvil and... well, that's all I can remember... ANYWAY! I remember a game
    there that caught my attention, mostly because the main character's hair 
    reminded me of a certain blue hedgehog. Needless to say a bit later I found out
    it wasn't a Sonic game (duh), but rather a game called Brave Fencer Musashi. 
    And I loved playing the demo. Every single bit of it. Eventually I got my hands
    on the full game and played over and over. I loved it that much. Unfortunately,
    people just seemed to overlook this game, probably focusing more on Final 
    Fantasy VIII, which even had a demo version that came with the full version of
    Brave Fencer Musashi! Well, but I have to say this is a great game and it 
    shouldn't have been forgotten! And no, it doesn't have a sequel! That... thing
    called Samurai Legend Musashi has nothing whatsoever to do with this game 
    except the fact that both have some guy called Musashi in it, ok?
    Brave Fencer is a forgotten Square classic, Samurai Legend is a poorly
    conceived piece of garbage! Even if it looks nice! But then again, I'd better
    leave further comments for any future reviews... hmmmm...
    +  2-0 -- THE BASICS --   +
    Before playing the game, you should know HOW to play it. Now, I know you could
    just open your game manual and read it, but if I'm going to make a *complete*
    walkthrough, certainly I have to include how to play it and also throw in some
    tips while I'm at it! Also, there's always the possibility that you either lost
    the manual and forgot how to play (small chances) or you're playing this on a
    emulator (extremely high chances).
    +  2-1 -- MOVE YOUR BUTT --   +
    Before anything, you first have to know how to move and fight. This section 
    shows the basics of movent and combat you get right at the beginning of the 
    You move Musashi by using the D-Pad (duh). This game supports the DualShock
    controller, so you can move him with the left analog stick. The right analog
    stick has no use. You can jump by pressing the X button and you may rotate the
    camera by pressing L2 or R2 (there are certain places where you can't fiddle
    with the camera angle). Oh, and you walk cautiously by holding L1, but I'm 
    pretty sure you'll never use that.
    Strike with Fusion by pressing square and strike with Lumina by pressing 
    triangle. The difference between both swords is speed and power. Fusion is 
    faster, but weaker. Lumina is stronger, but slower. In the end, you'll probably
    end up using Fusion most of the time. There are a few techniques you can use
    by pressing a certain combination of both square and triangle buttons. You 
    learn them by saving people and talking to them at the castle. You can pick up
    by pressing the D-Pad buttons towards him and pressing square. Then, you can
    throw them by pressing square again (to throw forward) or by pressing triangle
    (to throw straight up). You may defend frontal attacks by pressing R1. You can
    move while defending, but you can't change the direction you're facing. You can
    use the power of the five scrolls by charging the gauge bar by pressing R1 and
    then pressing triangle when it's full. The effect will depend on the scroll
    you've got selected (you may select scrolls on the main menu). You may use the
    scrolls powers by pressing either square or triangle while it remains active.
    When the gauge runs out, you'll have to fill it up again if you want to keep
    using the scroll.
    Assimilation is a unique feature that consists of stealing your enemies' 
    abilities. To assimilate, press R1 to charge up your gauge bar, then press the
    square button to throw Fusion at the enemy whose ability you want to steal. If
    it hits, you have to quickly tap the square button until the gauge fills up 
    again. If you succeed, you'll assimilate the enemy and get his skill. You may
    use the stolen ability by pressing the O button (some abilities are static,
    meaning they'll just have an effect on Musashi for a certain period of time).
    Becareful, though. Using these skills will consume BP (more details on the Know
    Your Stats section).
    Yes, you can, in fact, just stretch and sleep in the middle of the battlefield.
    Doing so will make the time run faster, restore Musashi's HP and reduce his 
    tiredness to down to 25% (more details on the Know Your Stats section). To 
    sleep, press the select button. The image of the scroll you've got selected 
    will change to a moon. Hold the R1 button to fill up the gauge bar and when 
    it's full, release it to make Musashi sleep. Sleeping is more effective after
    you get the Legendary Quilt (more details on the The Legendary Armor section).
      Other Actions
    You can talk to people, read signs and do other generic actions by pressing the
    square button.
    +  2-2 -- KNOW YOUR STATS --  +
    Now that you know how to fight, you should learn what all those numbers and
    colorful bars on the screen mean.
      Hit Points
    The hit points are Musashi's health. Everytime you get hit by an enemy, your
    hit points lower. When the HP bar reaches zero, you will die and the game will
    be over. Therefore, I recommend you to take a few healing items on your trips
    outside of town. Sometimes when you defeat an enemy, he'll drop a heart tablet,
    which will restore your HP. It doesn't happen very often, though, so it's best
    just to open your wallet, buy medicine and get it over with. Note that you'll
    recover HP over time.
    To increase your max HP, you'll have to get Longevity Berries, which will raise
    your max HP by 25. Almost all of those berries you get by doing horrible things
    to little animals called Minkus. They're shy little creatures who appear only
    at night (after 10pm). During the day, you can find the spot one of them appear
    by finding dung. When you find the cute little bastard, chase it and lift it up
    and Musashi will grab the berry. The minku will run away and won't appear on 
    the spot you got him ever again (he'll be taken care of by one of the people 
    from the castle after you save him). The minku locations are listed on the
    lists part of this walkthrough.
      Bincho Power
    The bincho power is the power needed to use enemies's abilities. Musashi won't
    die if his BP reaches zero, but he will, however, get extremely weak and slow,
    so it's a bad idea to go around using abilities like crazy. Another important
    point about BP is that it will slowly drain away with time. You can restore BP 
    by eating bread.
    To increase your max BP, you'll have to absorb energy from bincho fields. 
    They're large green crystals in which the castle people are trapped, so in 
    order to raise your BP, you'll have to save those people. To break a bincho 
    field, just hit it with Lumina and you'll save the person, raise your max BP by
    5 (there's a special case in which it'll raise by 50) and fully restore all of
    your BP. Since you can easily recover BP and probably won't be spending too 
    much of it if you're careful, I don't see any reason to take much bread with 
    you on your trips. I never take any and do just fine. You can also increase 
    your max BP by defeating bosses. Everytime you defeat a boss, it increases by 
    25 BP. It's important to notice that Musashi's picture on the right of the 
    screen reflects his BP condition. If it starts to get too low, Musashi will 
    begin to look unhealthy. The bincho fields locations are listed on the lists 
    part of this walkthrough.
    Drans are the local currency. You need those to buy stuff. You'll usually get
    drans by either defeating enemies or selling useless junk to the pawn shop 
    (more details on the Do Your Shopping section). 
    Tiredness is how sleepy Musashi is. If you pause the game, the percentage of
    tiredness will be shown at the bottom of the screen. The more tired he is, the
    slower he gets. If the tiredness reach 70% or more, Musashi is likely to fall
    asleep on the battlefield. To deal with this, you can either... well... sleep
    (remember that sleeping on the battlefield only reduces tiredness down to 25%)
    or you can take mints. Since you're likely to get tired on the battlefield, 
    take one or two mints with you. It's important to notice that the more tired
    Musashi gets, his picture on the right side of the screen starts to close.
    Like most RPGs, there's the possibility of getting poisoned. This will make
    Musashi lose HP with time and his performance will diminish. Also, his picture
    will turn purple. To get rid of the poison, just take an antidote. You can 
    either buy it or find it on the battlefield. I'll specify when you should take
    antidote with you, though. This game doesn't really have many poisonous enemies
      Musashi's Growth
    Like in any RPG, Musashi's strength is based on his experience and current 
    level. A fun thing to notice is that at certain levels, he'll get a certain 
    rank, like ''Little Turd'', ''Talked About'', and so on. Anyways, Musashi's
    overall level is based on the level of each of four categories: Body, Mind, 
    Fusion and Lumina. The Body is Musashi's strength and it increases as enemies
    are defeated. The Mind represents the defense and raises as Musashi walks. Yes,
    you beef up your defense by walking. Fusion and Lumina represent, obviously, 
    the attack power of each one of them and raise by using the respective sword in
    battle. There's a max limit level on each one of the chapters, so don't bother
    with level-grinding. Not like you'd actually need to do it, really.
    +  2-3 -- MEET YOUR HOSTS --  +
    At the beginning of chapter 2, you'll be introduced to Allucaneet Palace. Other
    than plot-oriented cutscenes, there are a few useful things you can and should
    do in the palace.
      Great Hall
    This is where you can meet the people you've rescued from the bincho fields.
    I'd say around half of them won't be of much use to you. The other half, 
    however, can teach you useful techniques you can use in battle, among other 
    things. Also, it's important to note that there are a few characters who you'll
    have to save in order to advance in the game.
    The library is full of, you've guessed it, books. Scribe Shanky, the librarian
    with dubious sexuality, will be more than pleased to read for you any books you
    feel like. Most of the books are pretty much just for flavour and won't help
    much with your growth.
      Musashi's Room
    The most useful thing to do in your room is, obviously, sleeping. Pretty much
    because is free. You could also play with the toys you happen to buy at the Toy
    Store (more details on the Do Your Shopping section). Playing with toys, even
    if amusing, won't change anything in the rest of the game.
    +  2-4 -- DO YOUR SHOPPING -- +
    There are quite a few shops in Grillin' Village. They all supply your basic 
    needs. It's important to note that the shops have an opening and closing time 
    and some of them will stay clothes at certain week days.
    Working hours: 24/7
    The inn is where you can pay for a room to catch some sleep and restore your
    stats which is completely useless because you can sleep for free at the castle.
    HOWEVER the inn is the only place where you can properly save (there are the 
    memory boxes, but they're more of a kind of check point). Don't worry, though.
    The Inn will ALWAYS be open. It may be day, night, weekend, there might be 
    zombies on the loose, whatever. It'll never ever be closed.
    Working hours: 7am to 7pm. Closed on Thursdays.
    This is where you can buy bread to restore your ever lowering BP. You must be
    warned that the bread you buy will start to go bad after around 3 days, though.
      Grocery Store
    Working hours: 10am to 8pm. Open daily.
    This is where you will (or at least SHOULD) do most of your shopping. The 
    grocery store is where you can buy HP healing items, mints and antidote. You 
    can also buy some food here (e.g. riceballs), but just like bread, they'll
    spoil with time. The only exception is the cheese, which will actually restore
    more HP and BP if kept longer. 
    Working hours: 6pm to 2am. Closed on Sundays.
    You can eat here to restore health and BP. Again, it's completely useless if
    you can sleep for free at the castle. What you can do, though, is get some 
    money by playing cards with some guy called Macho (I never actually do that, 
    though). All in all though, the restaurant will be important for the plot later
    in the game.
      Pawn Shop
    Working hours: 11am to 4pm. Closed on Mondays.
    Throughout your journey, you will find several items which Musashi won't know
    what they are. In those cases, you'll have to take them to the Pawn Shop so 
    they can be appraised. 75% consists of useless crap that you'll want to sell
    to the Conner. The other 25%, however, are the parts of the legendary armor,
    which will be vital for you to finish the game.
      Toy Store
    Working hours: 12pm to 8pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
    Well... you buy toys here. Although they are kind of cute, you really shouldn't
    waste your money on these. They're completely useless and you should bother 
    with them after you've finished the game and are looking for a 100% complete
    game. Until then, save your money for healing stuff.
    +   3-0 -- WALKTHROUGH --   +
    Well, now that we're done with that, let's get this show on the road! I'll give
    the usual warning beforehand: This walkthrough has SPOILERS! Read at your own
    Things don't start too well. The Alucaneet Kingdom is being attacked by the
    Thirstquencher Empire (RPG tip of the day: Kingdoms are good, empires are bad)!
    The Empire seems to have been waiting for the king's absence to attack! With no
    other option, the senior members of Allucaneet decide that their only hope is
    to summon a hero! Inside an underground chamber, Princess Fillet (yeah, silly
    names, just try to ride along with it) uses a huge piece of Binchotite to 
    perform the summoning. In the end, they succeed to do it, summoning none other
    than Brave Fencer Musashi... who turns out to be a puny little boy who is not
    pleased with this whole mess. Hey, if I was summoned to other dimension and 
    forced to save some kingdom's butt because they're too incompetent to do so, 
    I'd pretty mad too! The folks from the castle tell Musashi he has to get Lumina
    and they give him Lumina's sheath, a note telling how to get the legendary 
    sword and Fusion, so he can slash his way there. Since Musashi has better stuff
    to do at home, he leaves right away before they get to mention the Five Scrolls
    and how they're supposed to bring balance to the Force and such.
    +   3-1 -- CHAPTER 1: THE JOURNEY BEGINS --   +
     Path to the Spiral Tower
    Looks like Musashi is still a bit mad with this whole mess. Anyway, you finally
    take control of him. You can't access the menu or sleep yet. The path to Spiral
    Tower, the place where Lumina lies, is straight ahead, so get moving. Walk a 
    bit and you'll find two Bee Plants. They don't move, so they won't be much of a
    threat. Just becareful with the Red Soldier who'll knock down a tree log at you
    and jump over the river (Musashi can't swim...) after you defeat the plants.
    Move forward and bump into several enemies! Lucky you, the Blue Soldiers aren't
    really trying to aim at you. It won't be hard to hack and slash your way 
    through them, so destroy them and keep moving. 
    You'll bump into some bolders blocking your way. Don't worry. It may not look 
    like it, but Musashi is pretty strong. Just push the middle one and keep 
    moving. Up the slope, some Red Soldiers will roll a log against you. Try to
    jump over it (you probably won't succeed and take 10 damage, but don't worry).
    Further ahead, you'll meet two more Blue Soldiers. Just wait for them to stop
    shooting and kick some butt. Some Red Soldiers will knock down the next three
    logs. Just keep running and they won't hit you. Next there'll be a river too
    wide for you to jump over. You'll need Gunshot to get across. If you already
    have it, it's fine. If you don't, a Blue Soldier will show up and you'll get
    an assimilation tutorial. After you're done, shoot the logs to improvise a 
    bridge and cross the river. Further ahead, there'll be three Red Soldiers and 
    two Blue soldiers. Work on  the Red ones first, then deal with the others. 
    Further ahead, there'll be a statue blocking your way. Just hit it 4 times to
    destroy it and follow the path.
     Spiral Tower
    You'll reach the place where Spiral tower is supposed to be, but it won't be
    anywhere to be seen. Also, there'll be a huge stone head using some sort of
    telekinetic mines on you. Just keep moving and you won't get hit. What you have
    to do is destroy each one of the four statues and step on the button beneath.
    After you do so, the tower will rise. Dodge the stuff that'll come rolling at
    you. They'll come in a preset pattern: first it'll come at your left, then your
    right and the third one will be a log which you'll have to jump over. Knowing
    this patterm it'll be pretty easy to dodge all of them. Don't worry, you won't
    fall down if you stick near to the edge. Enter the tower when you reach the 
    Creepy place with corpses hanging around... Musashi will read a bit more of the
    note and won't get it. Well, anyway, go up the ramp. Careful with the bat trio
    which'll attack you every once in a while. You can either jump over them or 
    time your attack to hit the three of them, either way it's up to you. Also, 
    there'll be a couple of soldiers in your way. On the way to the top, Musashi'll
    figure out that he needs to drop that huge bell on top of the flame to put it
    out. But how are you going to do this? Well, just keep going up until you have 
    a clear sight of the bell's rope. Shoot it with Gunshot and it'll drop, opening
    the door at the top. Stand in the circle and you'll be teleported to the top of
    the tower.
    Lumina is just at your reach! Unfortunately, the stone head is creating a 
    barrier which can on be lifted when a living being stands on top of that stupid
    switch. Well, you don't have to be the one standing on it! Assimilate the Stun
    ability from one of the Red Soldiers, then attract another one of the soldiers
    to the plate by standing on or near it. When the soldier is on the switch, stun
    him and quickly grab Lumina! All right! But oh-oh! The stone head will destroy
    the platform you were standing on and will ''chase'' you! Better start running!
    When you're running along the tower, you'll have to jump thrice. Don't let the
    head reach you, or else it's game over! When you get to the bottom, that huge
    thing will keep chasing you, Indiana Jones style! Musashi will run by himself,
    but you'll still have to dodge any bolders along the way. You'll also have to
    jump over that river or else it'll be game over (Musashi'll tell you when to
    jump)! After all this mess, you'll finally reach the castle...
     Allucaneet Castle
    Phew... finally some re- Hang on! Who's that guy? Oh, damn! The Princess is 
    being kidnapped by some thug called Rootrick! He wants Lumina in exchange of
    the Princess! Musashi will refuse, of course, and Rootrick will drop a circle
    of flames around you! Then you'll get a small tutorial on how to use Lumina's
    special techniques (Lumina Rotation, in this case). Charge the gauge and press
    triangle to put the flames out. Rootrick will run away and a huge robot will
    drop from the ceiling!
    |------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: STEAM KNIGHT --------------------------|
    |That's right! Just a couple of minutes into the game and you already have    |
    |your first boss fight! It's rather long too. It'll be devided in three parts:|
    |Inside the castle, outside the castle and inside the village.                |
    |                                                                             |
    |First things first, notice the huge arrows pointing at the robot's feet.     |
    |That's the first thing you'll have to hit. However, you'll have to wait for  |
    |the steam to stop coming out of them, or else you'll get hurt. It'll usually |
    |happen when it attacks. Never stop moving! It's main attack will be to throw |
    |that huge iron ball at you! Also, sometimes a chandelier will fall from the  |
    |ceiling, so watch out. It'll also use an attack that forms the exact same    |
    |ring of flames that Rootrick used on you, except it'll tighten around you, so|
    |sping Lumina as soon as possible. Keep dodging the attacks and hitting one of|
    |the legs right after. Eventually, the leg will be destroyed and the giant    |
    |robot will fall down. This time you'll have to hit it's center (aka it's     |
    |groin). Keep hitting until it gets up again. Just repeat the process with the|
    |other leg and smash hus groin! He'll be thrown all the way down the hallway. |
    |Lift him and throw him outside.                                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |The robot will turn his body around and now you have a new set of legs to    |
    |destroy. His attacks will change a little. He'll alternate between throwing  |
    |the ball at you, throwing it at one of the stone pillars to make it fall down|
    |and just grabbing one of the pillars and throwing at you. The strategy is the|
    |same. Dodge his attacks, attack his legs and hit him between the legs.       |
    |Eventually, you'll have to throw him outside the castle walls and into the   |
    |village.                                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |With all his four legs busted, you'll have to hit him only between the legs  |
    |now. He'll start to try jumping on top of you. Simply stay away from shadow  |
    |when he jumps. Eventually he'll jump back to the top of the screen and crouch|
    |for a few seconds, giving you the chance to hit it a few times and drain his |
    |life away. Just keep repeating this process until you kill it. When it runs  |
    |out of HP, you'll be near the village walls. Just throw him out and it'll hit|
    |the ground way below. Musashi will lift it's steel ball and finish. Then     |
    |he'll faint because of the hard battle and you'll get a save screen and end  |
    |the chapter...                                                               |
    +   3-2 -- CHAPTER 2: A NEW JOURNEY --  +
     Allucaneet Castle
    So, you'll wake up in one of the castle's rooms, which is yours to use now. 
    Ribson and Livers will come by and fill you in on the current situation. They 
    tell you how the legendary Brave Fencer Musashi sealed the Wizard of Darkness
    using Lumina, the sword of Luminescence and how you're supposed to get all the
    Five Scrolls: Earth; Water; Fire; Wind; and Sky (GO PLANET!). Unfortunately, no
    one knows where the scrolls are. Perhaps the castle's Seer could tell where 
    they are, but  she's been kidnapped along with some of the other castle people!
    As a matter of fact, out of the 40 people working and living in the castle, 
    only 5 are left! It's up to you to rescue those people! They've been trapped 
    inside Bincho Fields and scattered around, so you better look for them. Ribson
    will give you a rescue list and an item that'll make the ring around Musashi's
    picture on the bottom right flash red when there's a Bincho Field nearby. They
    will suggest you to go to the library to study a bit about story, so you might
    as well do so. Scribe Shanky will be there to read the books for you. You can't
    read the ones on The Empire and Shogi for now, but don't worry. When you're 
    done, head to Grillin' Village, the small community beneath of the castle.
     Grillin' Village
    Well, the firs thing you'll notice is that Musashi's BP isn't full, even though
    he's been sleeping for a bit. The first thing he says when he reaches the 
    village is that he's hungry, so you might as well find something to eat. Also,
    there's a passage being guarded by some guy called Macho. He won't let you go
    through, so don't bother with it for now. Follow the path downward to reach the
    main part of the village.
    You could wait a bit to eat at the restaurant, but it's best just to go to the
    bakery, buy some bread and be done with it, so do it. It's the big building 
    with the bread and milk sign. Buy any of the bread types, talk a bit to Jam if
    you want and leave the bakery. Use the bread on the main menu to eat it, of 
    So... what to do now? Well, you should talk to the mayor. His house is right 
    next to the Pawn Shop. It's the one with the chicken thingy on the roof. Use 
    the square button to knock on the door. Musashi will ask about the Five Scrolls
    and the mayor will say he's willing to share some information if you save the
    village's dog, which ran off to Twinpeak Mountain. Unfortunately, you can't go
    there because Macho's still blocking the way. Well, that sucks... Follow the 
    path down from the mayor's house and enter the forest.
     Somnolent Forest
    Follow the path, being careful with the Green Soldiers who'll pop up. You'll
    bump into some sort of river shaped like a small circle with a Water Crest on 
    an island in the middle. Ignore it for now and go up. Follow the circular path
    and you'll find your first Bincho Field! Hit it with Lumina to release Guard
    Lumpwood. Now you can go to Twinpeak Mountain! Go back to the village and to 
    the passage Macho was guarding. Talk to the guard and he'll let you pass.
     Twinpeak Mountain
    Time to look for that dog. Take left and keep going. Assimilate the Magician
    while you're at it. You'll see a Bincho Field on top of a rocky formation. Hit
    it with Lumina to release Soldier Lardwick. After that keep going. You'll see
    a huge Maneater blocking your way! Don't try to jump on the lily pad or he'll
    take a good chunk out of your HP. Use the Shrink ability you've just got from
    the Magician on it and then just step on the little monster. He'll never 
    respawn, by the way. That done, you'll see the dog on a rock in the river. Jump
    over there and pick him up. You can't jump while carrying the mutt, so you'll
    have to throw him over the river. Don't worry, if you accidentaly throw him 
    into the water, he'll appear next to the bone again. That said, just carry him
    all the way back to the village.
     Grillin' Village
    The dog will run off, but don't worry. Go to the Mayor's house and knock on the
    door. He'll just tell you to talk to the man in stocks in the outskirts of the
    village. You probably saw him on the way to the Somnolent Forest. Go talk to 
    the guy and he'll be thankful you brought Leno, the dog, back and stuff, then
    he'll beg for some bread and water. You can buy bread at the bakery. As for the
    water, there's a well at the corner of the church. You can get water there. 
    Sometimes there'll be a couple of ladies who'll be blocking the way to the well
    so you'll have to wait for them to leave. When you have both the water and the
    bread, talk to the guy again and he'll introduce himself as Jon and say he'll
    tell you a secret if you set him free. Agree to do it and he'll tell you to go
    meet Leno at Meandering Forest. The dog will lead you to the graveyard where 
    the key is hidden. Well, off to set Jon free, then! Around the outskirts of the
    village you'll find a windmill. Follow the path next to it.
     Steamwood Forest
    Becareful with the steam coming out of the pipes, it hurts you. You've probably
    noticed there are Bincho Fields around here. First of all, jump on the pipe
    right next to the sign. Walk along it and you'll easily avoid steam and also 
    get some Drans while you're at it. When you reach the end, jump on the pipe 
    right next to it and walk along it. You'll find a Bincho Field! Release the 
    person inside (Musician Pianissimeat). Near it will be the Earth Crest. Don't
    bother with it for now, but remember the location. Hop on the pipe and walk 
    back to the main path. Walk up a little and hop on the gray pipe and walk over
    it. Climb the rock formation and you'll find another Bincho Field. Break it 
    open to release Acrobat Sausages. Since you're here, you might as well walk 
    along the brown pipe to get a $500 coin. Now go all the way back to the forest
    entrance and enter the big pipe to the left.
     Somnolent Forest
    Keep following the path, just be careful with the Green Soldiers that pop up 
    now and then. When the path forks, go up. You'll meet a mushroom enemy called 
    sleepy. Try not to stay near it for too long or else it'll put you to sleep. 
    Also, DO NOT ASSIMILATE IT! It's ability will raise your tiredness by 100%! The
    best way to deal with these mushrooms is to hit it and stand away, then hit 
    again and so on. You can also fight them after assimilating the Mint ability.
    After you kill them, keep on going.
    When the path opens, keep going up and assimilate the Hopper (the pink plant 
    that hops around). Now go right and go up the slope. There's a Bincho Field up
    here! Cancel Hop and release Seer Bevealy. Go up the pipe and walk along it to
    open a chest. You'll find an OldCrown (Cakepan) inside. Don't forget to sell it
    later. After you're done, assimilate Hop again and go to the path north, over 
    the thorn bushes. Keep going and you'll find Leno. Follow him.
     Meandering Forest
    This is a cursed forest which ended up being some sort of magical maze. Just 
    follow the direction Leno barks and you'll be fine. You'll bump into some 
    enemies, however. You must keep them from hurting the dog, or else you'll have 
    to start all over again! First you'll meet four Bee Plants, then on the next
    screen a Green and a Red Soldiers, then four Magicians, then four Hoppers and 
    finally, a Hopper, a Red Soldier and two Bee Plants. After that, you'll finally
    reach the graveyard. Push the grave Leno indicates and grab the key. The puppy
    will run off back to the village, and so should you.
     Grillin' Village
    If you try to free Jon, he'll tell you to do it after midnight, or else someone
    might see. Wait until midnight or so and go set the guy free! He won't tell 
    what the secret is about, though. He'll just tell you to meet him at the top of
    Twinpeak Mountain and cut four logs on your way there, and then he runs off. 
    Well, what are you waiting for? Head to that mountain!
     Twinpeak Mountain
    Remember the time you saved Leno? Well, just follow that path again and keep on
    going forward. You'll bump into a couple of Magicians and a Maneater on your
    way, but it's nothing you can't handle. Cross the water blocking your way by
    jumping on the lily pads and take left.
    Keep going left. Ignore the poles for now and keep going until you find another
    Bincho Field. Break it open to release Mercenary Meitlofe. After you save him,
    jump on the poles you've just seen. Just keep going forward until you reach the
    other side. To the left you'll find a Memory Box. This special chest is some
    sort of checkpoint. If you die, you'll be back at the Memory Box with half of
    your money, so leave your memories there, just to be safe. Try not to die too
    often, though. If you run out of Drans, you won't be able to respawn next to 
    the Memory Box and you'll have to start from the last time you've saved. Try to
    go left and you'll find a chest with $200 inside. You'll also see a Bincho 
    Field, but it'll be out of reach, so ignore it for now. Keep heading right. 
    Jump on the platforms and open the chest to find an OldBook. Take it to the 
    Pawn Shop when you go back to the village. Keep heading left, fighting the Red
    and Blue Soldiers as you go. Wait for the moving platforms to come out and jump
    to the other side and enter the cave. The cave is pretty easy, just hop on the
    platforms until you reach the exit.
    You'll be on a bridge and there'll be several soldiers here, so be careful. A 
    bit further you'll find a gap on the bridge with a rope dangling there. Jump on
    the rope and climb all the way down. Carefully jump on the rocky formations 
    until you reach a Bincho Field. Smash it with Lumina to release another castle
    folk, Shepherd Beefalo. Go back to the rope, climb it and keep jumping on the
    ropes next to it until you find a treasure chest. Be careful with the bugs on
    your way there, or else you'll get zapped. In the chest, you'll find a Dagger.
    Go back to the bridge and keep going right until you reach the next cave. Be
    careful with the waterfalls this time!
    Go a bit to the right and you'll find your first log. Use Lumina Rotation to
    chop it down and grab the log! Jump on the weird formation next to the cave and
    keep climbing all the way up. Go right and jump on the pole and slide down to
    find yet another Bincho Field. Release Knight Lardwick, climb back up and keep
    heading right. Wait for the moving platforms to show up and jump on them so you
    can keep going right. Jump down when you see the pole and you'll find your
    second log and another Bincho Field. Chop down and grab the log and set 
    Carpenter Carvey free! Climb back up and jump on the rocky formations to spin
    and jump your way to the right. Be careful not to fall off! Climb the pole and
    you'll find the third log. Grab it and go left. Be careful, some Red Soldiers
    will show up out of nowhere! Next to the waterfall, you'll find the last log.
    Chop it down and keep going left until you can't go any further. You will
    probably notice there's still a Bincho Field nearby. You can't reach it for now
    so don't worry. Climb the rocky formation and the huge ribs coming out of the
    mountain. A bit to the right and you'll finally meet Jon! Turns out the secret
    wasn't about the Five Scrolls, but the Legenday Armor! One of the pieces is 
    hidden by the bottom of the river! Jon will make a raft out of the logs and off
    you go!
    On your ride down the river, you'll have to dodge anything that comes your way.
    If you get hit 4 times, you die. Don't worry if you die a few times, you'll 
    restart from the beginning of the raft minigame. Remember that you can jump and
    be extra careful with falling rocks! You might want to grab a few Drans while
    you're at it. Note that there'll be a part in which you'll go down a huge 
    waterfall. Right before it, there'll be a path to the left that'll take you to
    the Bincho Field that was next to the chest with $200 and you couldn't reach. I
    suggest you leave to save the guy for after you get the Water Scroll, since you
    will have to climb all the way back if you decide to save him now. Be careful 
    with the Red Soldiers with the spiky balls by the end of the river and you'll
    finally reach the end.
    Go up the stairs and go left to find the tresure box. You'll find a Bracelet
    there. You'll have to appraise it, so it's time to head back to the village!
     Grillin' Village
    Appraise all the junk you got on the mountain. The bracelet you got will turn 
    out to be a piece of the Legendary Armor, the L-Brace! With this equipped, you
    can now climb certain walls! With that done, sell the other junk you got and 
    leave the Pawn Shop. As soon as you do, the Mayor will come rushing at you and
    tell there's something with Steamwood and the whole Kingdom might blow up if
    nothing's done! He'll ask you to talk to Fores, the administrator. His house is
    right next to Twinpeak Mountain's entrance, so head there.
    You'll notice there's a reddish wall to the left of the mountain's entrance. 
    Look at the sign and you'll learn that the guy you're looking for lives right
    up there. Pay attention to the wall's texture, that's the sort of special wall
    which you can climb with the L-Brace, so do it! You can climb it by jumping on
    the wall and alternate pressing the square and triangle buttons. When you get 
    there, talk to the guy running around. He'll say that Steamwood's gonna explode
    in 24 hours (I'd say that's around 15 to 20 minutes in real time)! He is the
    administrator, but he'll give you a manual and send you off to fix Steamwood.
    Well, not much of a choice here! Quickly run to Steamwood Forest! That's left
    of the Mayor's house, past the windmill, if you don't remember it!
     Steamwood Forest
    Turn right and follow the path while avoiding the steam leaks. The best way to
    avoid them is to move by jumping on and over the pipes instead of running by 
    them. You'll eventually reach a huge wall. Climb it and go forward. There'll be
    a pipe leading left to a chest with an AgedCoin inside. Take it if you dare 
    waste a few seconds and go back to the main path.
    You'll finally reach the weird mechanical tree. Musashi will read the manual to
     figure out how to turn the valves and you'll learn how to fix the steam leak.
    Just in case, here is how you do it:
    1. Turn off the valves in numerical order.
    2. Stand in front of the valve and press the square button to start.
    3. The pressure gauge will rise. When it reaches the 'OK' zone, press the X 
    button to stop the gauge.
    4. If successful, the valve gauge will rise. If not, it will decrease.
    5. Repeat until the valve gauge is full.
    6. Turn off the next valve before the valve timer reaches 0.
    7. If the valve timer reaches 0, the previous valves will reopen and you will
    have to start from the beginning.
    Complicated? Not much, but fixing the steam leak is sort of painful. First of 
    all, you'll have to use what you've just learned to open the door, so do it and
    go inside.
    You'll have to shut 8 valves in total. The higher the number is, the faster the
    gauge will fill and the more times you'll have to hit the 'OK' zone. Hop on the
    elevator to activate it. It'll keep going up and down on it's on. Jump off it 
    on the first floor and go right and close valve #1 and you'll get a 60 second 
    timer. Keep going right and shut valve #2 and the timer will reset back to 60
    seconds. Go further right for valve #3. You'll notice there's steam blocking
    your way. Lucky you, there are some huge pipes next to the platform where the
    valve is. Jump on those and back to the platform and shut valve #3. If you miss
    the jump, wait for the elevator and go back up. After you're able to shut the
    valve, go right and wait for the elevator. get on it and jump out on the second
    floor. You'll have to use the side pipes again to drop off. Head left, past 
    valve #6 and reach #4. Use the side pipes to reach the valve and shut it. This
    time, the timer will reset just up to 35 seconds, so don't waste time. Go left
    and shut valve #5. Keep going left until you reach valve #6 again and shut it.
    The timer will reset to 60 seconds this time. Go back to the elevator and head
    up to the third floor. Head left, being careful with the steam coming out of 
    the pipe, and go for valve #7 and close it. Again, the timer will reset to 35
    seconds only. Keep going back right and reach for valve #8. Shut it and you're
    all done fixing Steamwood!
    Back outside, you'll meet Fores. He'll be quite glad and he'll mention you can
    use a shortcut from Steamwood to his house by following a pipe on the right.
    He'll also say that he heard a rumor about a masked man wearing a cape doing 
    this to Steamwood and that he's heading to Twinpeak Mountain. It sounds like 
    Rootrick! You better head to the mountain! BUT before that, the mayor wants you
    to drop by his house later. DO NOT forget to do so! He'll give you a Longevity 
    Berry, which will rise your max HP by 25. If you forget to do it, you'll never
    be able to get that berry later in the game. Since you've solved the steam leak
    problem, you can also go to Somnolent Forest and save Maid Loinette. Go to the
    forest through the path south of the village and take left at the fork. You'll
    find her Bincho Field and a chest with $500. With that done, go to Twinpeak
     Twinpeak Mountain
    Do you recall the Memory Box you've found the last time you were here? Go back
    there again and keep heading left. You'll find Rootrick trying to climb the
    mountain. After a bit of talk, he'll slip that one of the Five Scrolls is at 
    the top of the mountain! It'll then be a climbing race to the top! Be careful
    with the moving platform or else you'll be knocked down. It doesn't matter who
    gets first, Musashi will deal with Rootrick. Now keep heading up and you'll
    find some sort of monster statue with some weird tablet beneath it. That's the
    scroll. Smash it with Lumina and you'll get the EARTH SCROLL! Right after that,
    Lumina will start talking to you! It'll tell you to destroy the Crest Guardian.
    Hmmmm... you'll have to ask someone where to find it. Anyway, to get out of 
    here you'll have to equip the Earth Scroll and use it to knock down a bolder
    that's blocking your way a bit to the south. With that done, go back to the
     Grillin' Village
    As soon as you reach the village, you'll bump into Jon. Musashi'll talk a bit 
    with him and he'll say you'll find the Crest Guardian at Hell's Valley, but you
    can go there only if you get permission at the castle, so go there and talk to
    Ribson. He'll say you need 4 people to open the gate to Hell's Valley: Soldier
    Lardwick, Mercenary Meitlofe, Carpenter Carvey and Knight Lardwick. You have
    saved them all already (if you haven't, check the Bincho Field locations part
    of this guide). So, before anything else, get some healing items and you might
    want to take an antidote or two, too. When you're done, head off to Twinpeak
     Twinpeak Mountain
    Head right this time. Right away you'll bump into a hole full of spikes. Use 
    the Earth Scroll to make the huge boulders fall into it and you can walk across
    to the other side. You'll find a Bincho Field in your way. Release Knitter
    Lunchetta and keep going, knocking bolders down as you go. Knock the giant rock
    plate down and go a bit furder. The people you've saved will open the way to 
    Hell's Valley, so head right in.
     Hell's Valley
    You'll be inside what is pretty much a huge hole. The folks will tell you the
    plan: They'll send a bucket over you, usually with bombs, which you'll have to
    knock down onto the Guardian by using the Earth Scroll. If any of them get 
    injured, they'll temporarily stop sending the bucket. After the strategy is 
    explained, the Crest Guardian will jump into battle!
    |------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: SKULLPION -----------------------------|
    |Well, you already know the strategy to hit the boss! Fortunately, some of his|
    |attacks are slow enough for you to be able to charge up the scroll.          |
    |                                                                             |
    |First of all, let's see his attacks. He mostly uses two: the first one is    |
    |some sort of sand-breathing technique which is followed by a tackle. You can |
    |easily avoid the sand-breathing by standing behind him. That's your best     |
    |opportunity to charge up and use the Earth Scroll. However, you must use it  |
    |while he's still spitting the sand, or else you won't be able to dodge his   |
    |tackle right after. His second main attack is to use his tail as a drill and |
    |digging it underground and popping it up wherever you're standing. When he   |
    |uses this, DO NOT stop moving! Or else he'll hit you, and be warned that this|
    |attack causes poison! Other than these main, more 'special' attacks, he has a|
    |couple of pretty basic attacks. Sometimes he will jump on you and sometimes  |
    |he'll use a tail swipe. Both are quite easy to dodge. You'll know when he's  |
    |about to do a tail swipe when he slams his tail on the ground twice. Last but|
    |not least, sometimes he'll climb the side of the hole and try to attack your |
    |friends. Whenever he does that, try to get close to the wall and use the     |
    |Earth Scroll to knock him down!                                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |Now, to kill him you'll need first to throw the stuff on the basket at him.  |
    |It'll usually be bombs, but sometimes it'll be a huge rock (it does a lot of |
    |damage, I might add) or a leaf (an antidote, in case you're with the poison  |
    |status). If the antidote comes by, knock it down right away. Even if you're  |
    |not poisoned, they won't send anything else until you get what's in the      |
    |basket. Anyways, as I said earlier, the best thing to do is to charge the    |
    |Earth Scroll while he's doing the sand-breathing attack. If you hit him, his |
    |attack will stop immediatly, so don't worry about being hit later. You may   |
    |also try to charge the scroll in the small intervals between his attacks, but|
    |be ready to dodge any possible attack! After you have dealt enough damage,   |
    |his core will be exposed inside his mouth. Hit it with Lumina to deal real   |
    |damage this time. Hit his core three times to finish him and free the Earth  |
    |Crest!                                                                       |
    After you crush Skullpion, you'll decide to go back to the palace and take some
    rest. You'll then get a cutscene of Fuhrer Flatski, the ruler of Thistquencher
    Empire, complaining about Rootrick's incompetence. Then you'll get some girl 
    named Bubbles saying that Mission Vambee will finally get rid of Musashi... 
    hmmmm... I wonder what that thing is...
    +  3-3 -- CHAPTER 3: MISSION VAMBEE --  +
     Grillin' Village
    The first thing you'll probably notice is that there's some pretty creepy BGM
    playing on the village... Also, if you roam around the village after midnight,
    you'll find some pretty nasty looking monster! Don't worry, though. They are
    completely harmless. In the village, that is. Wait for daylight and you'll meet
    Hotelo (the hotel owner) and the Mayor talking in front of the Grocery Store.
    Talk to them and you'll learn that Vambees (half-vampire and half-zombie) have
    been roaming the village during night and that one of them attacked Tim, which
    happens to be Hilda's (the Grocey Store owner) son! They'll say they can save
    Tim by making Grillin' Village's tradicional medicine, Remedy. To make Remedy,
    you'll need two ingredients: Misteria and Aqualin. Hotelo will go get Aqualin,
    which is on the peak of Twinpeak Mountain, so that leaves Musashi to go get
    Misteria, a flower that blooms in the Mine. The Mine is locked, though. You'll
    have to talk to Wid, the guy living in the windmill, to get the key. Wid sleeps
    all day, so you'll have to drop by his place pretty late in the night. Between
    23:00 and 2:00 should do. He'll give you the key and will also tell you that
    Misteria only blooms between 3am and 7am. With that done, drop by the Grocery 
    to buy a couple of antidotes and head to the Mine. It's located along the wall
    where the Restaurant is.
    Follow the tunnel and go right. Be careful with Toad Stool (the purple mushroom
    you'll bump into)! It attacks just like the Sleepies, except it inflicts poison
    instead of tiredness! Don't you dare assimilate him! Climb the pole and keep
    Keep following the path. Be very careful with the falling rocks and the little
    fellas called B-eaters. These bastards will damage your BP when they attack! 
    Anyway, you'll eventually bump into some sort of wheel with platforms spinning
    around. Jump on the platform and keep on going right, being careful not to fall
    off. There'll be two more wheels for you to deal with, then more B-eaters and
    rocks. Dodge everything and enter the door to the right.
    In this room you'll see a giant fan beneath you. Wait for it to stop so you can
    go through it. There's a Memory Box at the bottom. Use it if you want. Head 
    left, the Underground Lake is that way.
    Aaah conveyor belts... every game with even a bit of platforming needs at least
    one of those, doesn't it? Go left until you reach a spot with two of them. Take
    the one going south and go right. Destroy the Bincho Field to free Knight 
    Brisket. Make your way back and take the other conveyor belt. Jump on the next
    one and try to take the belt going north, then go left and break the Bincho 
    Field to release Carpenter Dicey. After you save him, go back through the belts
    and go left.
     Underground Lake
    You'll have to jump on the platforms spinning around. Before going to the 
    center of the lake, you'll want to look around the other spots you can go 
    to by using the first moving stone. You'll find a Minku spot, a Bincho Field
    with Chief Gravie and a chest containing an OldGlove. When you're done, keep
    jumping on the moving platforms and going to the middle of the lake. There'll
    be a Bincho Field there. Break it open to save Cook Mary-Nade. After you save
    her, you'll have to jump back on the moving platform and back on the stony
    formation so you can take the path leading up. You'll find Misteria up there.
    Wait for it to bloom (between 3 am and 7 am) and pick it up. Time to go back.
    Make your way back to the room with the giant fan where you found the Memory 
    Climb on the wall to the right to go back up to the fan. You can't go back to
    the left (well... you can if you time your jump with the fan being turned on),
    so wait for the fan to blow you up and go right.
    This is like the entrance to the mine, but it'll be harder because there are
    more rocks and some of the wheels' platforms will have spikes (needless to say
    you'll have to avoid them). Make all your way to the right.
    You'll get poisoned if you fall into the water below, so try not to. Go right 
    and hop on the metal platforms going up. Go left, take the platform all the way
    up and keep going left.
    You're back at the Mine entrance! Go left, down and left again to get back to
    the village.
     Grillin' Village
    Talk to the Mayor and give him Misteria. He'll be thankful and all, but then
    he'll say that Hotelo hasn't returned yet. Oh, well... better head to Twinpeak
     Twinpeak Mountain
    Make your to the second cave, right after the rope bridge. You've already been
    there, so I'm not going to explain it again. When  you get there, you'll meet
    Hotelo. He wasn't able to reach the peak of the mountain, so it's up to you to
    go get Aqualin! You've got 12 hours to do it! Go to the place where you met Jon
    for the raft minigame, using the climbable wall you find as a shortcut! After 
    you reach the place, go a bit further to the right and use the Earth Scroll to
    knock down the bolder. Jump on the bolder and spin on the rocks coming out of
    the wall, following the path. Go up the pole and go for the water. Musashi will
    get Aqualin! You can keep following the path right to reach a chest containing
    a Rock, but you might want to leave that for when there's no timer to be seen
    on the screen. As soon as you get Aqualin, quickly run back to Hotelo and Tim
    will be saved! In the wild supposition that you run out of time (which is not
    very likely, since making it in time isn't hard), you won't get a game over 
    screen. HOWEVER, the Grocery will stay closed until the end of the chapter, 
    which is pretty bad considering some enemies you'll fight in a bit can do quite
    some damage. Anywho, go back to the village. 
     Grillin' Village
    When you get back, you'll meet Tim! He's cured and not at all thankful for you!
    Why that little brat... You'll meet the people at the Grocey store and they 
    have a surprise for you! An orange! You bust your butt for an annoying brat and
    a goddamn orange! Don't eat it, though! If you've already freed the Acrobat, go
    to the castle and talk to the Clown. You'll learn a great technique called 
    Shish Kebab, which is one of the few techniques that worth a damn. After you're
    done, make a quick trip to the bakery and talk to Jam. She'll say her dad is
    pretty upset about the restaurant being closed and that you'll meet him around
    there by 6pm, so go meet the guy. You'll find him hitting the restaurant door
    like mad. He'll say the restaurant's owner has disappeared and that the place
    is closed. As for the waitress and customers, they're hanging out at the Inn,
    so go there and talk to them by selecting ''Chat'' on the Inn menu. Talk to 
    Wanda and Macho and they'll both say they saw monsters coming out from behind
    the counter. So, the Vambees are coming out of the Restaurant! Stand by the 
    place and wait until midnight to see the Vambees coming out from there! When 
    one of them opens the door to come out, take the chance while the door is open
    and go inside. Check the opening behind the counter.
     Restaurant's Basement
    That certainly is a very unusual looking basement! Walk a bit forward and you
    will see an empty soda pop bottle (something tells me it was a booze bottle in
    the original game, but then, you know... kid friendly censorship and stuff).
    Keep going forward and you'll find the restaurant's owner! He'll babble about
    some treasure and then suddenly will tell you he came down here to get rid of
    the ghouls. Hmmmm... He'll take you down some steps and show you a door with
    four eyes on it. He'll say the ghoul's boss is behind it, so you'll have to get
    it open! To do so, you'll have to beat four subdungeons in the basement. I'll
    try to explain this place's layout. There are basically 5 sections here. The 
    south one is the one you came from, which takes you back to the restaurant. The
    middle one is where you found the Restaurant's Mannick. There's a Memory Box
    there. To the west is the four-eyed door, the Mannick and 2 of the subdungeons.
    If you talk to the guy, he'll give you a cake, which'll restore both your HP 
    and BP. To the east you'll find the other two subdungeons and a cracked wall.
    To the north is an uncrossable chasm with a locked door beyond. Don't worry 
    about that for now. Anyway, better start working on that door! You may begin
    from the subdungeon right of the four-eyed door. These don't have names, so I
    will just give them the same name as the BGMs that play on each one.
     Dying Light
    Enter the door right ahead and move forward. You'll see a bunch of moving 
    platforms. Try to reach the other side. If you fall down, move forward (jumping
    over the spikes) and enter the door. You'll find a circle on the ground which 
    will teleport you back to the beginning. When you reach the other side, go 
    right. You'll have to cover those spikes before you can proceed! In order to do
    so, you'll have to throw the Vambee lurking around at the huge switch on the 
    other side (use the Shish Kebab technique for some damage). Speaking of Vambees
    the best choice is to avoid combat with them. They can do quite some damage, 
    but they're easy to dodge, so just keep running. Don't let them catch you! 
    Anyway, after you cover the spikes, keep going and enter the door to the right.
    Now it'll be pitch black and your only light source is a floating blue flame.
    Don't touch it or you'll get hurt. Just go forward and enter the door to the
    More darkness. Keep going right and wait until you can see the pole in the
    middle of the pit of spikes. Make your way over it by jumping from one pole to
    the next and enter the door. You'll find a Bincho Field! Break it open to set
    Bailiff Jerky free and go all the way back to the first hall, the one that was
    lit and take the door to the left this time.
    More darkness. Go up and enter the door to the left. This time, you'll want to
    wait for the blue flames to light your path so you can see where you're going.
    Even if I tell you where the spike pits are, it's not safe to say you'll be 
    able to avoid them. Just make your way to the door in one piece. Here you'll
    find two teleport pads. Take the one on the right (the other one will take you
    back to the beginnig of the maze) and go through the door.
    You'll notice some Lamp Bats flying around. Ready your sword and assimilate one
    of them as they try to attack you to get the Firefly ability. It'll illuminate
    your surroundings, making things a lot easier! Follow the path, avoiding the
    Vambees and the Oozes (be careful, some of them are poisonous) and enter the 
    door to the left. Take the left teleport pad this time. Dodge the Vambee (or 
    Shish Kebab him if he's on your way) and go through the door.
    Try to assimilate Firefly again and keep going. The path is pretty much the 
    same as the last one, except it's inverted. Take the left teleport pad and go
    through the door.
    Things have gone quite different now. You'll be on a path surrounded by lava 
    and some arrows will keep being shot at you. Just keep blocking them by holding
    R1 (the same one you use to charge) and walk all the way to the end. Jump down
    and go left while still blocking. Jump down, go right blocking again. Jump down
    and run left and through the door, avoiding the Vambees on fire.
    Back to the good old darkness. Assimilate Firefly, it'll be very important this
    time. Avoid the Vambees and jump over the spike pits. On your way, you'll find
    a chest with some Powder. When you finally reach the door, enter it. Smash the
    blue orb with Lumina and enter the teleport pad that shows up.
     Restaurant's Basement
    You'll be back at the center of the basement! Use the Memory Box if you like 
    and go back to the four-eyed door. One of the eyes is lit! Talk to the Mannick
    for some cake and head to the other subdungeon on this side!
     Let's Go Bowling
    Yes, it's called Let's Go Bowling and you'll see why. Follow the path, avoiding
    the Oozes that drop from the ceiling, and assimilate the Bowler (that huge 
    plant spitting balls) to get the Bowl ability, which'll do exactly what you 
    think it does! Keep going right, avoiding the Bowlers eer... huge balls. Turn 
    and keep following the path, standing on the outter pillars to avoid any balls.
    When you reach the Bowler at the end, kill it and use the Bowl ability to break
    the cracked wall behind it. Go inside to find a chest with a Shield. Leave this
    room, kill the Bowler again and climb the wall. Follow the path and avoid the 
    balls by standing inside the holes on the floor. Turn left and very carefully 
    follow the small path and go through the door.
    You'll be in a lava room. Avoid the Vambees on fire and keep going. You'll find
    a couple of traps that fire arrows nonstop. You can go through them by blocking
    while moving up and towards the statue that's firing at the same time. Do this
    as close to them as you can. Go through the door.
    Kill the Bowler if you feel like it and break the wall to the right and keep
    going that way. You'll find a path made of burning hot metal and a button. Jump
    on the button and you'll do some bowling using Vambees as pins! Yeah! Knock 
    them all out (you have unlimited tries) and go forward and through the door.
    Break the Bincho Field to release Mercenary Potrowst. Break the wall to the 
    right to find a chest with an OddHat. Go back to where you played 'Vambee 
    Bowling' and stand on the platform with the eye.
    You'll see a pillar that'll throw fire at you if you look at it. Equip the 
    Normal Lumina ability and charge it while looking away from the pillar. Move 
    towards it while still holding R1 to keep from looking at it and use Lumina
    Rotation to smash it. Enter the door behind it.
    The wall will start to move! Quickly go down and jump on the hole to the right!
    The walls will keep moving! Run to the end of the corridor and jump all the 
    moving stones until you reach the top! Next, go through the door.
    Another Bowler. Kill it, break the wall to the left and go through. You'll face
    another fun Vambee bowling game! Kill them all, break the wall at the end of 
    the hall (yeah, the rhymes are annoying, I know) and go through. Ignore all the
    Vambees and quickly release Mercenary Stue and leave the room. Hop on the eye
    platform to go up. Smash the blue orb and hop on the teleport pad to go back to
    the basement...
     Restaurant's Basement
    Two down, two more to go! Talk to the Mannick to have some cake if you need, 
    use the Memory Box and go to the east section of the basement. Before going 
    further into the subdungeons, break the cracked wall with Bowl. You'll find 3
    chests here. One with an OldSword, one with a Cloth and one with $300. After
    that's done, go to the subdungeon left to where the cracked wall used to be.
     Corona Jumper
    I just love the music on this one! Follow the path, jumping on the moving 
    blocks as you go, and go through the door. The next room is pretty much the 
    same, except there'll be a Bincho Field down there. Fall down, break it open to
    free Librarian Brisketta and go back to the start of the room so you can make 
    your way to the door to the next room.
    Guess what? More moving blocks! Just keep following the path with the spinning
    platforms. I can't give much advice except avoid the Vambees and try not to 
    fall down from those! This whole subdungeon relies mostly on skill rather than
    strategy. Go through the doorway and you'll find MORE moving blocks! This time,
    on a pit of lava! Jump on them to go to the other side, go through the spiked
    revolving door thingies, jump on more blocks and go through the door.
    In this room, the blocks will move up and down. You don't have to worry about
    the flying Vambee, he usually won't do anything but fly around you. The bats,
    on the other hand, will be a pain, so be careful with them. Go through the 
    This time, things are a bit different. You'll have to time yourself to dodge 
    the moving pendulums. It won't be hard, so just time right and go through the
    You'll be back to the moving blocks and revolving doors. Be careful with the 
    flying Vambee, he'll try to attack you this time! After you go through the same
    old stuff, you'll reach some wood beams. Carefully go left, down and follow the
    path. When you reach the moving block, go down and left instead and break the
    Bincho Field to release Soldier Hanky-Flanky. Go back the path and take the
    path right, jumping on the moving block. Take the path right to reach a chest
    with an OldPipe. Go back and take the path down this time. Take the path down
    again and jump down to reach the door.
    Follow the path by jumping on the pillars, being careful with the fireballs 
    that pop up now and then. Dodge the pendulums, avoid the fireballs and you'll
    eventually reach the doorway. This might seem absurd, but to avoid the final
    two pendulums, it'd best to get knocked down first and then take advantage of 
    the short invencibility period to jump to the other side. Go through the door,
    smash the blue orb and get back to the basement.
     Restaurant's Basement
    *Phew* that was a tough one. Restore your health, leave your memories inside 
    the Memory Box and head to the final subdungeon!
     Out Of Body Experience
    There sure are a lot of ghosts here. Move forward and wait for the moving 
    platform. Jump on it, then on the next one and follow the path up. Since there
    is little movent space here, it's better to Shish Kebab these Vambees. Keep 
    going and jump on the next platform. Keep moving and killing Vambees if you 
    want and enter the doorway. Just run straight throught the corridor to the next
    doorway. Move while avoiding the Vambees and the Oozes and enter the next 
    In here, you'll face a pretty obvious puzzle. Just push the red block on the
    red eye and the door will open. You can destroy the block by hitting it, so if
    this happens, just leave the room and come back again. Enter the next door when
    you solve this easy puzzle.
    You'll have the same puzzle, but a bit harder this time around. But still it's
    pretty easy. Move the top block up and to the only red eye on the right. Push
    either of the other two blocks up and on to the bottom red eye on the left, and
    finally push the final block to the last red eye.
    Here, you'll face more moving platforms. Just jump on it, then the next one and
    go through the door.
    In this room, follow the path, being careful not to get hit by one of the many
    moving blocks here. There'll also be some bats to annoy you. 
    The next room is no different from the one before the last,except the platform
    will move up this time. Jump on it when it's at it's lowest point, then wait
    for it to reach it's highest to jump for the doorway.
    Now here things take a different path. If you try to move further, the lights
    will go out and you won't see the way you're supposed to take. What you have to
    do is assimilate Sublime from the Lone Mist that'll show up here. This way, you
    can explore the surroundings and learn which way you're supposed to take. When
    you're done exploring, jump on the middle square. Go all the way right, go one
    down, all the way left, one down, all the way right again and down. Go left to
    reach the door. Avoid being hit by the blocks and go through the next door.
    Here you'll have the same deal. Assimilate sublime, explore and go. Jump on the
    middle square, go down once, go right and go down so you can free Carpenter
    Cubey from his Bincho Field. Go back up, all the way left, down once, right
    once and down. Head left to the doorway.
    You'll have a different perspective this time. You'll have to go left and jump
    either left or right as you go down. Some platforms have spikes, however, so
    assimilate Sublime again to see which is the safe path. Jump left, then go left
    , right, right, left, left and right. Then go left to the doorway.
    Assimilate Sublime to explore once again. Jump on the middle square. Go right,
    up, left, up, left, up, all the way right to find a chest with a Helmet inside,
    left and keep going all the way up. You'll fall to a lower path, but it's ok.
    Just keep going up and you'll go into a room with a Bincho Field. Release 
    Knight Chucks and hop on the teleport pad that shows up. Go left through the 
    doorway and smash the final orb. Go back to the restaurant.
     Restaurant's Basement
    All done! Now, let's see what was behind that four-eyed door... The Mannick's
    nowhere to be seen, so he must've gone through the door already. Go through it
    and you'll find the jerk next to a treasure chest. He's the one who let all the
    ghouls out and he was after this treasure chest all along! Too bad for him, all
    he got was a hideous belt. He'll be full of regret and will give you the 
    UglyBelt. *Phew* now that this is all over, go back to the village and take 
    some rest...
     Grillin' Village
    After you're done resting, go to the Pawn Shop and appraise the stuff you have
    found at the basement. It'll be all worthless junk, except the Cloth and the
    UglyBelt. The Cloth will turn out to be the L-Cloth, which has no use.. for now
    and the UglyBelt will turn out to be a piece of the Legendary Armor, the L-Belt
    which allows you to double jump!
    As soon as you leave the Pawn Shop, the Mannick will come rushing at you and
    say there's a problem... the village's well has gone dry! You'll need a rope to
    go down there, and there's one stored at the church. But before going there, 
    there's something else you might want to do now that you have the L-Belt... Go
    to Twinpeak Mountain.
     Twinpeak Mountain
    Head to the place where you chopped down your third log and jump to the pole.
    Climb it all the way to the top and double jump to the right. There's a Bincho
    Field here! Break it to release Weaver Dinneretta and go all the way back to 
    the village (you might want to grab the Minku at Hell's Valley on your way 
    back if you haven't already)!
     Grillin' Village
    Go to the castle and talk to the Weaver. You'll have the choice to either make
    a Quilt or gloves out of the L-Cloth. The L-Gloves will raise the chances of
    critical hits and that's cool and all, but I recommend making the L-Quilt. What
    it does is make sleeping a lot more efficient! After you get it, sleeping will
    lower your tiredness all the way down to 0% at a faster rate, and it'll also 
    recover BOTH your HP and BP! Anyway, choose any of these two and wait three 
    days to get your legendary piece of clothing. After you're done with that, go
    to the church. The gate's locked, but since you have the L-Belt, you can jump
    over the fence now! You'll meet Father White outside. He'll say that someone 
    stole the church's bell and he got locked outside when trying to chase the 
    thieves. The main problem is that the rope is inside... The priest will also 
    say he's being hearing strange noises in the middle of the night. He'll ask you
    to come back at 2am to see for yourself, so do it. You might as well try your
    new Quilt and sleep while waiting. Talk to Father White again and you'll hear
    the ghoulish sound coming from the church! You better go inside to see what it
    is all about. Musashi'll climb on the priest's back, jump to the roof and go
    inside through the bell's hole...
    Inside, you'll meet Bubbles. Needless to say, she won't believe a short kid 
    with ridiculous hair is Musashi. She'll ask for Lumina and of course she won't
    get it. The witch will ask her thugs to shoot you and all they can do is put
    several holes on the church's walls. She'll then call for her Vambee Soldiers!
    They're huge pink Vambees that don't seem to be easily defeat by Shish Kebabing
    your way through! And Bubbles will run away, of course, leaving you to be eaten
    by the monsters. Unfortunately, you CAN'T defeat them! The best you can do is
    hold your ground and keep hitting them and throwing them out of the circle! If
    you let them gang around you, you're dead! Sometimes they'll throw a smoking
    bomb at you! Avoid it, or else you'll be paralized! If it happens, try pushing
    all buttons on your controller until you snap out of it. Defend yourself until
    it's 7am! When the time comes, sunlight'll come inside through the holes on the
    walls and the Vambee Soldiers will all die...
     Grillin' Village
    Outside, you'll meet Father White. He'll go get the rope and give it to you. He
    will also ask you to look for the church's bell. Say yes, he'll promise to give
    you a reward. Well, we didn't go through all this trouble for nothing! Go to 
    the well and climb down.
     Bottom of the Well
    Just follow the path. You'll come across a Water Crest. Ignore it for now, but
    don't forget about it. Keep walking and you'll find a huge stone tablet. Smash
    it with Lumina and you'll get the WATER SCROLL! Now you can walk on water and
    put out fire while it's activated! Go a bit back and you'll be able to see the
    bell on a small piece of land. Use the Water Scroll to get there. Returning the
    bell is pretty much like saving Leno, except the bell is way heavier. Pick it
    up and throw it to the other side. Take the bell and go up the stairs. You may
    want to throw it to go quicker. Take it to where you got the scroll and throw 
    it to the other side. Cross the water, pick it up and follow the path and enter
    the doorway.
    Keep going right and then go down. You've been here already, so you should know
    the way back to the village.
     Grillin' Village
    You'll greet the priest once again. He'll give you a statue of an angel as a
    token of gratitude. It is said that it opens the gate to the Fire God. Neat!
    Now before doing anything else, there are some things you can get with the 
    Water Scroll. First, remember that Bincho Field you couldn't quite reach, back
    at Twinpeak Mountain? Well, you can do it now! Go there and release Doctor Tung
    and you can also keep following the river to find a Minku spot! Also, you do
    remember where you got the L-Brace, right? Go there by using the Water Scroll
    and follow the path. The bolders that used to be blocking your path are down
    there now, so you can make your way to a chest with $200. There's also a Minku
    spot you can reach at Somnolent Forest now. Walk on the river you find there
    and you should see a small clearing where the little animal shows up at night.
    After all this  exploring is done, buy several healing items and go to the 
    Restaurant's Basement to find the door to the fire god...
     Restaurant's Basement
    Remember that locked door beyond a chasm that I told you to ignore before? Well
    that's where you're going to! You can now double jump over the hole and open 
    the door with the angel statue Father White gave you! Go inside.
     Statue Of An Angel
    Yeah, I don't think the name really matches, but that's how the song is called,
    so what can I do? Anyways, use the Water Scroll to walk on the water and go 
    forward, into the doorway.
    You'll be in a run full of lava. Just double jump your way over the pillars and
    to the exit. The Vambees swimming down there won't be a problem.
    Pass through the revolving spiked wood things and hop on the moving platform.
    Make your way across the sea of lava and go forward and left, up the stone 
    pillars. Go right and follow the path, being careful with the living flames 
    that pop up from the lava. Kill them with the Water Scroll if necessary. Jump
    on the blocks and don't stay on them for too long because they'll sink. Make
    all the way down and break the Bincho Field to release Taster Salmonelli. Go
    back and take right, being careful with the fireballs. Follow the path down, 
    climb all the way up and head forward, dodging the revolving spikes, as usual.
    Be careful with the Vambees you find and throw one of them on the switch to 
    cover the pit of spikes you'll come across. After you go through, enter the
    You're in a room with four lit flames. Use the Water Scroll to put them all out
    and a door will open. Enter it and you'll find a huge stone golem...
    |-------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: RELIC KEEPER -------------------------|
    |You won't fight Relic Keeper itself, pretty much because it's too big. The   |
    |ceiling will collapse on it, keeping the boss from moving. It will,however,  |
    |make a huge flame to fight you. This is a pretty tough battle so you should  |
    |be prepared. First of all, ALWAYS keep the Water Scroll active because you   |
    |can only damage the flame by throwing water at it AND if you get hit while   |
    |it's activated, the water bubble will burst, but you won't take any damage.  |
    |That said,let's see the boss. It has 3 stages, each having different attacks.|
    |                                                                             |
    |Stage 1: First the huge flame ball will slowly move at you. That's your best |
    |chance to shoot it a few times. It'll then release some smaller fire balls   |
    |which shouldn't be hard to avoid. For it's next attack, it'll turn blue (you |
    |can't damage it while it's blue), spread wings and throw a blue flame wave at|
    |you. Dodge by double jumping it. The next attack is to turn into a huge sword|
    |and try to hit you. The best way to avoid this is too try to keep a bit close|
    |to it (but not too much) and run under it as it tries to hit you. Still it's |
    |quite hard to dodge this, so keep your water shield up at all times. As I    |
    |said, the best chance to hit it is when it's huge and moving slowly. When you|
    |get to put it out, Relic Keeper's core will get exposed at it's eye and the  |
    |golem will fall forward. Take that chance to hit it with Lumina.             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Stage 2: Relic Keeper will summon the flame again, but with different moves  |
    |this time. It'll do the usual 'being huge, standing around' thing. Then, for |
    |the first attack, it'll get a bit smaller and shoot itself back and forth    |
    |around the room. It's quite hard to dodge this, so keep the water shield up, |
    |as usual. Next, it'll turn into some sort of snake and jump across the room. |
    |You can easily dodge this attack if you stay kinda near the flame. It should |
    |jump right over you, maybe even giving you the chance to hit it with the     |
    |Water Scroll a few times. For the next attack, the flame will turn into a    |
    |pillar or sort of it and punch the wall, which will make a couple of flames  |
    |fall down at you. This is a great chance to throw as much water at it as you |
    |can, so don't miss it! It's quite easy to dodge the flames, too. After you   |
    |deal enough damage, hit the boss's core again.                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |Stage 3: This time around, it'll use all attacks from both stages, except    |
    |they'll be stronger this time. The dodging techniques won't really change    |
    |though. It'll also use a new attack in which it'll turn blue and spread lines|
    |of fire, kinda like they're tentacles, and spin them around. Double jump over|
    |the 'tentacles' and you should be fine. The best chances to put out the fire |
    |are the usual ones: when it gets big and when it turns into a pillar. Maybe  |
    |even when it turns into a sword if you are able to dodge and stay behind it  |
    |before it attacks. When you kill the flame again, cut the core with Lumina   |
    |again and Relic Keeper will finally be crushed!                              |
    Meanwhile, at Thirsquencher Empire, we see Princess Fillet getting a bit 
    impatient. She then decides it's a good idea to summon another hero. Then she 
    summons Kojiro, who won't give a damn about her and just wants to duel Musashi.
    Way to go, genius.
     Grillin' Village
    Things are finally back to normal and that hideous music has stopped  playing. 
    About time, I say. If you missed anything at the Restaurant's Basement you can 
    go to the Restaurant when it's open and talk to Mannick so he lets you go down 
    there. Now that you've freed the Water Scroll, there are a few things you might
    want to do. First of all, go down the well.
     Bottom of the Well
    Remember the Water Crest that was down here? Go there and use the Water Scroll
    on it. That'll restore the water levels back to normal! You'll then meet Ed and
    Ben. They are the jerks who stole the church's bell! They'll pretty much get 
    mad at Musashi and leave. Well, now that the water levels are normal again, you
    can do a couple of things down here. First, check the chest near where the 
    scroll used to be to find a UsedBoot. Next, on the left part of the wall, right
    on the wall you'll find a Minku spot. On the southwest, you should find a chest
    with an OldShirt inside it. With that done, leave the well through the mine and
    go to Somnolent Forest, near the place you rescued Guard Lumpwood.
     Somnolent Forest
    It shouldn't be hard to miss the crest. Use the Water Scroll on it to drain all
    the water. Open the chest to find a pair of Glasses. Go back to the Village.
     Grillin' Village
    Take the stuff to be appraised and you'll get the L-Goggles and L-Vest! The
    L-Goggles allow you to appraise the stuff you find by yourself (you'll still
    need to take it to Conners to sell it) and the L-Vest allows the Gauge to fill
    a lot faster. After you're done, knock on the Mayors door. Word in town says he
    is feeling ill, so maybe you should pay him a visit. Mrs. Govern will take the
    door and tell you that the Mayor indeed caught a cold and is in bed. She'll ask
    if you want to be the mayor... accept it, I guess. She'll try to tell you to
    fix the well, but since you already did that, onward to the next issue. She'll
    ask you to fix the Gondola. You need 3 Carpenters and a Gondola Gizmo. You've
    already saved the guys (or so I hope), so all that's left is the Gizmo! Go to
    the castle and talk to the three Carpenters. Each one of them will hint how the
    Gizmo looks like. You'll get three clues:
    1- It's made of gold.
    2- It looks like a wheel.
    3- It has four holes.
    With that said, go to the mine.
    Remember when you had to go to the Underground Lake? Make the exact same path,
    except you'll take right at the bottom of the room with the huge fan this time.
    On your way to the Scrap Depository, you'll see some Cure Worms falling down.
    Assimilate them! You'll get an ability called Antidote, and it does just what
    you think it does: Cures poison. Since this place is filled by poisonous water,
    you'll want to heal whenever you can. Keep following the path and jump on the
    wood pillars. Remember the whells with spikes? Well, these ones have poison 
    instead. Aren't you just glad you have the Antidote ability? Keep going right
    until you find the doorway.
     Scrap Depository
    In here you'll find four wheels. Only one of them is the real Gizmo and they're
    so heavy you'll be able to carry only one. If you take the wrong one, you'll 
    have to come all the way back here. If you follow the three tips the Carpenters
    gave you, you'll notice that the only one which fits them is the third one from
    the left. Grab that one and go aaall the way back to the village.
     Grillin' Village
    Head straight to the castle and show Ribson the Gizmo. Musashi will go to his
    room take a nap. It doesn't matter at which time he does so, he'll wake up at
    10pm. Go to the village and you'll find it on fire! Charge up the Water Scroll
    and be ready to play the fireman! There'll be a total of 8 flames! You'll have
    to put them all out. First, there'll be two at the church. Water them away.
    There'll be one flame at each one of the houses next to the river. Put those 
    out too. The Mayor's house is also on fire, so do something about it. Finally,
    put out two flames that are on the Bakery and the last one on the Grocery store
    and everything'll be alright. Mrs. Govern will tell you that she saw two 
    suspicious men looking at the church's bell. Must've been those two thieves!
    Anywho, after all this mess, go take some sleep and knock on the Mayor's door
    by morning. He's fine, so don't worry! Doesn't even have that cold anymore. As
    a way to show his gratitude, he'll give you a Calendar which will be of no use
    until the end of the game and will spend the rest of the time taking space from
    your inventory. What a nice guy. But wait! Mrs. Govern's gift is even better!
    She'll give you Rocksalt! Well, thanks, Mrs. Govern! That'll pay the rent! 
    Maybe I'll get some steak if I save the whole damn world! *grumble* Well, this
    Rocksalt will actually be of some use right now, believe it or not. Go to
    Somnolent Forest, near the entrance to Meandering Forest.
     Somnolent Forest
    Southwest of the path with thorns leading to Meandering forest you'll find 
    another path with a sign that says ''< Island of Dragons''. Follow it.
     Island of Dragons
    Your way will be blocked by a HUGE slug-like rock. Examine it and, guess what,
    use the Rocksalt on it. It turns out it really WAS a giant slug! It'll shrink
    and go away. Damn, that was a very weird turn of events! With the slimy animal
    out of the way, keep following the path. You'll see a Bincho Field. Break it
    open to free Artisan Teebone. Keep going down and you'll notice the whole place
    is flooded. To the left, you'll find a chest with 500 Drans. Charge up the 
    Water Scroll and walk down over the water to find a rocky formation with a 
    Water Crest on top! Use the Water Scroll on top of it to drain all the water.
    Wait... do you recognize the song that's playing now? That's right! It's time 
    to get another scroll! Hop all the way down to the beach to find a stone slab
    with what seems to be a sad face on it. Hit with Lumina and you'll get the FIRE
    SCROLL! Great! Two more to go! But suddenly, Musashi's old enemy appears. It's
    Kojiro, and he's pretty serious about dueling with our hero! Musashi's not very
    interested at first, but then his old rival shows him a little present... He's
    got the Princess! I guess we have no choice but fight!
    |-------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: KOJIRO -------------------------------|
    |Kojiro is actually pretty pathetically easy. He has very few attacks,they are|
    |all easy to dodge and very predictable. Whenever he says 'Take that', he'll  |
    |shoot a fire bird, which you can dodge by side-stepping. If he says 'Die!',  |
    |he'll shoot a white... thingy which also can be dodged by just side-stepping.|
    |Sometimes he'll shoot three birds that'll chase you, but he'll rarely use it.|
    |Whenever he attacks, he'll lower his guard for a few seconds. That's when you|
    |attack him. You can also assimilate the Fence Ability from him, which you    |
    |won't be able to get until the final chapter, but it's not really necessary. |
    |After a few hits, Kojiro will fall. Yeah, that was a pretty lame fight...    |
    After you're done, Princess Fillet will follow you. Just leave the Island of 
    Dragons and you'll get to the castle right away.
     Allucaneet Castle
    Everyone will be happy with the Princess back and all, but since stuff is still
    messed up, Musashi won't be allowed to go back home yet. Since we have nothing
    better to do, we might as well hunt down the bell thieves! Ribson will tell you
    that their three mercenaries have been doing some research. Each one has a 
    piece of a message. If you put it together, it'll say the following:
    ''Meandering Forest. Four Way Path: Gold, Knight, Knight, Knight, Bishop. Left,
    Right, Right, Left, Straight Ahead. Duh... About the Knight... D,don't worry
    about which way y,you're facing. Go straight ahead (up).''
    Confused much? Well, so am I. These seem to be instructions to go throught the
    maze that is Meandering Forest, but it doesn't make much sense. Well, It seems
    to be related to the game Shogi, so let's see what the books at the library say
    about the pieces in the message.
    The Gold:'The Gold can be moved one space in any direction, except diagonally.'
    The Knight:'The Knight can be moved two spaces up and one space right or left.'
    ...ok, that didn't help much, not to mention there's nothing about the Bishop
    piece. Well, try to crack this puzzle on your way to Meandering Forest.
     Meandering Forest
    You'll see a sign that tells you to go down if you get lost. That means you'll
    always get back to the beginning if you try going down, so don't do it. You'll
    also get back to the start if you take the wrong direction. So, which is the 
    right one? Well, we'll have to connect the top and the middle of the message.
    The bottom isn't really that useful. Anywho, the first piece is the Gold, which
    can move one space in any direction, except diagonally. The first word in the 
    middle is 'left', so go one 'space' to the left. Next we have the knight. It 
    goes two spaces up and then either right or left. Well, the middle of the whole
    message says which way to go after going up twice. Repeat it two more times 
    and then there's the Bishop, which goes straight up, I suppose.
    So, here's the way you have to go: Left, Up, Up, Right, Up, Up, Right, Up, Up,
    Left, then just head all the way up.
     Frozen Palace
    You'll find this palace after going through that annoying maze. Choose to go
    inside. The door'll be open.
    You'll meet Gingerelle inside. You'll just have a quick chat with her and then
    she'll leave. The thieves aren't here anymore, but since we've bothered going
    all the way over here, we might as well take a look around.
    You won't be able to go up the stairs right in front of you because they're too
    slippery, so don't bother for now. There's a Memory Box to the right, so save
    if you wish. Be careful with those White Hoppers (Mappers), they're poisonous!
    Anywho, go through the open doorway on your left. Fight your way through the 
    penguin-like robots and go through the next doorway.
    You'll see a couple of the penguins pushing huge blocks of ice. Don't kill them
    this time! Wait for the block to drop, hop on it and jump to the other side as
    it falls down into the bottomless pit. Go through the door at the other side.
    Inside this room, you'll see even more of those annoying enemies and a sign 
    that says 'May the lonely have victory!'. This means you have to kill all the
    enemies here, so do it. After you do it, a chest will appear! Open it up to
    find the RedEye. Leave this room and go through the right. Hop on the crates
    and hit the Bincho Field to release Chef Julienne. Drop to the other side, 
    ignore the door closes to you for now and go for the next one, which leads back
    to the main hall.
    Have a look at the door with the red symbol to the left. You'll be able to open
    it with the RedEye, so go inside.
    In here, you'll meet the Copycats. They'll copy every move you make and you'll
    be zapped if you touch them. The easiest way to kill this enemy is to blast 
    them with your Fire Scroll (they can't copy the scrolls! Hah!). Keep following
    the path (be careful with the ice spikes!) and you'll find a chest with a 
    LongTube. Go through the next door.
    In here you'll meet some big gorilla-like enemy (Slow Guy). Don't kill him! 
    Stand next to the high elevation and wait for him to go there and throw you all
    the way up. What a nice guy! Enter the next doorway.
    You're now in some sort of icy maze. Follow the maze and go down when you can.
    Keep following the path and go down when the path forks again. Go all the way
    down and then all the way left. Break the Bincho Field to release Alchemist
    Leanman, the guy from the game's intro. Go a bit back and take the path up. See
    that shadow? Be careful! A huge enemy will drop from the ceiling when you go 
    near it! As soon as he does, assimilate him to get the Steel ability (it won't
    make him disappear)! Keep following the path left and enter the doorway.
    Here, you'll find several Copycat enemies and a sign that says 'May the unhurt 
    have victory', which means you'll have to defeat all of them without taking any
    damage. Like I said before, the best way to do this is by torching them up with
    the Fire Scroll. If you get hit, leave the room and come back in. As soon as 
    you manage to do it, you'll get a chest with a BlueEye inside. Now leave the 
    room and go through the maze, all the way right, always being careful with the
    enemies you meet here. When you reach the eastern wall, go down and through the
    Outside you'll find several nasty looking iron spikes. Activate the Steel 
    ability and just walk through them. Keep going through the doorways you find
    until you reach a Bincho Field containing Butcher Chops. After you release him,
    jump down and go through the upper-left door again. You have probalby noticed
    the blue eye door the last time you were here. Open it up with the BlueEye and
    head inside.
    Right away you'll notice a Bincho Field. Break it open to release Janitor
    Sloppy-Joe. Go up and through the door. Go all the way right, being careful not
    to fall off. You better avoid the enemies so you don't get thrown down to the
    floor below. Through the door, you'll find a chest with a pair of RedShoes 
    inside. If you have the L-Goggles, and you better have, you'll find out they're
    actually the L-Shoes! You can now walk on ice without slipping! If you don't
    have the L-Goggles, you'll have to go aaall the way back to the Village to get
    it appraised. With that done, hop back down and go through the door to the
    lower right.
    Climb the pole and jump to the ramp. With the L-Shoes, you can go up it easily.
    On the other side, there's a chest with a RedCloth. Go up the ramp and through
    the door. 
    You'll need to assimilate one of the Copycats. If you charge fusion and throw 
    it in a bit of an angle instead of facing them straight, you should be able to
    hit them with Fusion. You'll then get the Clone ability! With that done, go 
    left, up and then left. Head all the way down after you reach the wall. You'll
    see a smaller block of ice on which you can jump on. Jump on it and then jump 
    to the bigger blocks. Jump your way to the right, being careful not to fall 
    down. To the north, next to the big guy who falls on top of you, you'll find a 
    chest with a Wh-Cloth. Keep going right and on one of the ice blocks you'll 
    find a Bincho Field. Release Musician Al Forte and go to the southeastern side
    of the room. Go through the door. There'll be only one enemy this time. If you 
    read the sign, it'll say 'May the clone have victory!'. It's pretty clear what
    you have to do here. Use the Clone ability to kill the Slow Guy here and then 
    go back outside.
    Go all the way back to the left side of the room to hop on the ice blocks again
    and reach the green eye door on the south part of the room. Open it up and head
    inside. Follow the path and go through the door. Kill the enemies here and go
    throught the next doorway at the end.
    Now that we've got all three eyes and the L-Shoes, you may go up the stairs in
    the middle of the hall! The door here is frozen solid, so use the Fire Scroll
    to melt it down and place all three eyes to get it open. Go through. 
    Before going up the staircase, take the path around it to find a chest with a
    Bl-Cloth inside. With that done, go all the way up. There's a Memory Box here,
    so use it. Use the Fire Scroll to light both torches and head right inside.
    Inside this neat room, strike the orb on the dragon statue to open a trap door
    right beneath you.
    Down here in this icy cave, use the Fire Scroll to melt the spikes to be able 
    to go through. You don't have to melt them all the way, just enough so you can
    jump over. Keep going and one of the ice pillars will explode, showing an icy
    ancient guardian...
    |-------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: FROST DRAGON -------------------------|
    |Isn't it kind of weird that the guardian of the FIRE Scroll is a dragon made |
    |of ICE? Anyways, you're not in the right fighting spot yet! On this first    |
    |part, Frost Dragon will just dash at you now and then. You have to charge    |
    |your fire scroll, side step while he's coming at you and shoot a bit of fire |
    |at him. Be careful not to let him touch you, or else you'll get frozen! After|
    |taking some damage, he'll destroy a rocky formation to your right. Quickly,  |
    |run over there and follow the path, melting the all the spikes as you go!    |
    |Don't take long, because he'll destroy the bridge you're crossing!           |
    |                                                                             |
    |After that, the real battle begins! He'll dive into a hole and stay there    |
    |during most of the fight. Whenever he dives into the hole, try to avoid the  |
    |debris that'll fall. Frost Dragon's attacks follow a pattern. As you damage  |
    |his life, his attacks will get stronger and quicker. Also, almost all of them|
    |freeze Musashi, so be careful. His first attack is to slam himself against   |
    |you. Just keep moving and you should be able to dodge it. For his second     |
    |attack, he'll spit ice spikes at you. Again, keep moving and he'll miss. His |
    |strongest attack comes next. He'll shoop-da-woop an ice laser beam at you. To|
    |avoid this, stick to one of the sides of the fighting area. When his heads   |
    |turn that way, quickly run all the way to the other side and stick to the    |
    |north! The beam should miss that way! After he shoots the beam, he'll try to |
    |rest a little. That is the best chance you've got to hit him! Quickly charge |
    |the Fire Scroll and torch him up! After you deal enough damage, he will faint|
    |and expose the core under his neck! Right after that, he'll slam his head    |
    |sideways. You can dodge it by jumping if you time it right and stay close to |
    |the pit's edge. He won't change patterns or have any new attacks, so just    |
    |keep doing this until you defeat him!                                        |
    You'll be teleported back to the Frozen Palace's main hall. We're all done here
    so just head back to the village. We'll see a scene in which Colonel Capriccola
    scolds Ben and Ed and... well, that's pretty much it.
     Grillin' Village
    As soon as you enter the village, the Mayor greets you. Something is obviously
    wrong. He tells you to find out more at the village shops, so go to your 
    favorite shop and ask the owner about it. Turns out the Princess took all of
    the village shops' profits! That doesn't sound right... Go to the Castle and
    try talking to Ribson. He'll say that Princess Fillet has disappeared... hmm...
    there's something fishy about all this. You agree to go around look for her. 
    The Gondola's been fixed, so you might want to give it a try!
    When you get back to the village, you'll notice something wrong... there seems
    to be steam everywhere! Could it be another leak? Quick, go to Steamwood!
    Outside you'll meet Mr. Fores, who is knocked down on the floor. He'll give you
    Handle#0. What is he doing with that, you ask? Well, looks like Princess Fillet
    ask him to bring her here and she clobbered the guy on the head as soon as he
    opened the door! Because of that, Fores locked the door and removed the handle.
    Oh, and she screwed Steamwood up. Just great. Just like before, a 24 hour timer
    will appear. Quickly, go inside Steamwood! Use Handle#0 to open the door. In
    case you forgot how to fix the steam leak, you can check the manual again.
    Inside you'll meet the 'Princess', which, of course, will turn out to be an
    impostor. She's actually Topo, one of the stupid thieves, just like Ed and Ben.
    She'll run away, but lucky for you she'll be stupid just enough to drop a huge
    bag with all the shops profits. Now, onward to fix Steamwood! Again! Fixing it
    this time will be almost like the last, except there'll be more steam pouring
    out of the pipes and some handles will be missing. Before riding the elevator,
    go behind the pillar and grab Handle#1. Go up and then right. You'll have to
    stand on the large pipe on the floor to double jump over the steam jets that
    are blocking your way. Use Hande#1 to shut the first valve. Keep going right,
    fix valves 2 and 3 and ride the elevator up. Oh, by the way, you can double
    jump over that steam blocking the path to valve 3. You don't have to jump on 
    the side pipes and risk falling all the way down anymore.
    On the second floor, go left past the 6th valve. In order to shut the 4th one,
    you'll have to grab it's handle, which is on the side pipe to the left of it.
    Go left and you'll see more vapor on your way. You'll have to double jump to 
    the 5th's valve platform. The only other way around would be to go up to the 
    next floor and jump from up there, but you certainly don't have time for this
    sort of stunt. Shutting valve 6 after this is easy. Just go left or right until
    you reach it and close it, then go up to the 3rd floor.
    Go left, jump over the flowing steam and just close valve #7. Keep going left,
    do that same dodgy jump you did on valve 5 to grab Handle#8. Jump back (hope 
    you don't miss!) and go left to finally close the 8th and final valve. You've
    fixed Steamwood and saved the village! Again! Congratulations!
    Outside you'll meet both Fores and the Mayor. Now everyone in the village knows
    that Princess was fake, Musashi returns the profits and all is well. With that
    cleared up, we can keep looking for the Five Scrolls. Go to the mine and take
    left to reach the bottom of the well.
     Bottom of the Well
    After draining the water down here, you've probably noticed there's a cave near
    the place where you got the Water Scroll, but I've never actually told you to
    go inside. Well, now is the time! Head right in.
    It's pretty much a linear path from here. Just keep going right. On your way,
    you'll find a chest with an Armor inside. A bit further you'll find the Fire
    Crest! Charge Lumina up and use the fire scroll to open a nasty hole on the 
    ceiling! Quickly climb the wall to go through it; and I do mean quickly. Some
    annoying bats will keep knocking you from the wall.
    Hey! This song... could it be? Yes! There's a scroll nearby! But before that,
    you might want to stick around until 10pm to grab the Minku that's here. After
    that's done, keep following the path and climb the rocky formation all the way
    up. Up there you'll find the fourth stone slab! Hit with Lumina to get the WIND
    SCROLL! Well, how can you get out of here now? Well, lucky you the Wind Scroll
    can be used as a drill on the right types of floor! Use on the ground right 
    next to you to dig your way down from up there.
     Meandering Forest
    Down here, you'll meet Bubbles and Gingerille again, and Musashi will be out 
    cold! Fortunately, he'll wake up just in time before they take Lumina... then
    Bubbles will trap him inside a Bincho Field by accident. The sisters will later
    leave, but don't worry. Just hit the triangle button to break free and raise 
    your total Bincho Power by a whoopin' 50BP! There's nothing else to do here, so
    just hurry back to the village.
     Grillin' Village
    Judging by the 'something horrible's happening' music, you'd guess that there
    is something horrible happening at the village! If you check the Gondola office
    you'll see it being attacked by a giant ant! A GiAnt, to be more precise (yeah,
     I hate that pun too...)! Don't bother trying to fight it. Instead, go up to
    the castle and ride the Gondola! You'll crush that stupid insect! The bug will
    run away through a huge vent. That's your next stop! But before that, you'll
    really want to stock a couple of antidotes and healing items. Also, there's a 
    Minku lurking next to that place. Forgot to tell you about it. Anyways, go 
    inside as soon as you are ready.
     GiAnt's Nest
    Take the path to the left. You'll notice you're back at the Mine, but that's 
    not important. What is important is that there's a Minku here! After you grab 
    it, head back right. To the right, you'll see some seriously pink smoke. That's
    poison, and this whole place is filled with it! To get past this, charge up the
    Wind Scroll and spin your way to the right.
    Follow the wood path and jump right when you can. You'll find a chest with a
    LrgTool inside. Go back and take the path up. Be careful with the Toad Stolls!
    I find that the Fire Scroll is probably the best way to kill them without being
    poisoned. Take the path left to find a Bincho Field with Cook Chiffonade stuck
    inside. Set him free and keep going all the way to the right. Be careful with
    the B-eaters that'll fall off from the ceiling! Use the Earth Scroll to knock
    the bolders down and form some kind of bridge for you to safely walk over. Jump
    on the dongly thingy to raise the huge iron cilinder, then do it again. Knock
    some more bolders and keep going right.
    You'll probably notice that none of the platforms is working. Looks like you'll
    have to turn the power back on... if you try to go down (be careful not to fall
    down to the poisonous water) you'll find a chest with an OddBone inside. After
    that, climb the still platforms all the way up until you are able to go right.
    Follow that path.
    Activate the Wind Scroll and spin your way through the windy tunnel. Assimilate
    the Hopper at the end so you can hop up the slope and over the spikes to the
    right. Then you'll come to a tricky part. You have to go up the next slope, but
    there's a huge gap separating the slope and the hopper. You can't hope over it
    and the plant monster is too far away for you to throw Fusion all the way from
    the other side. There are two ways for you to be able to do it: either smack
    the Hopper and wait for it to hop on the edge of the path while you're all set
    to assimilate on the other side and throw the Fusion at him; or throw Fusion
    at him, quickly jump to the other side and tap the square button like mad. This
    last method is the most effective, but either way, just keep going right.
    Here you'll find some Cure Worms, so ASSIMILATE THE ANTIDOTE ABILITY! Also, 
    this place is a Minku spot too, so stick around, grab the little guy and then 
    climb the wall. Up here you'll find a huge switch. Hit it to switch the power 
    on! You can't go back the way you came because of the fan, though... go left
    *gasp* Ants everywere! Keep going left while avoiding the huge ants going up 
    the walls. You'll bump into Purple Ants, but don't fight them. They take too 
    many hits. You're better off avoiding them or, better yet, assimilating the 
    Acid ability from them! It kills the Red Ants in one hit! Anyways, keep going.
    You'll reach a pretty nasty chasm. Just jump left and then do the second jump
    up to reach the path. Either Acid the Red Ants or double jump over them, spin
    around the pole sticking out of the wall and jump up. Crack open the Bincho 
    Field to release Conductor Scores. There's not much else to say about the path,
    really. Just keep going right, jumping and avoiding the Red Ants.
    You'll find a Bincho Field here, break it to release Knight Rumparoni. Notice
    the funny pattern on the floor over there? Use the Wind Scroll to dig a whole
    out of there!
    You'll be back to the room with the steel platforms, which will be moving now.
    Go all the way to the bottom and follow the wood platforms to the right. Be 
    careful with the Toad Stools! Jump on the lift and get ready for a fun ride! 
    Just like the raft minigame, you'll die if you get hit four times, so be extra
    careful! All you have to do is move either left or right, always avoiding any
    ants, rocks or doors that come your way. I recommend you stay in the middle for
    most of the ride so you can quickly move to either side. There will be two
    checkpoints during the trip, so don't worry. Have a fun ride!
    Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Here, you'll find some healing items and a chest
    which happens to be a Memory Box. Use it, because you're in for a big battle!
    When you're ready, use the Wind Scroll to dig down the floor and land on a very
    unpleasant sight...
    |--------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: QUEEN ANT ---------------------------|
    |This boss isn't that hard when you get down to it, but it's probably the     |
    |longest in the entire game. Queen Ant's attacks are very predictable and will|
    |always follow a pattern. It'll start off by trying to cut you with it's left |
    |claw. Just jump over it and it'll lower it's head a little, leaving the eyes |
    |vulnerable for you to attack, so do it. Followed by that, it'll release some |
    |larvae to attack you. Try to kill most of them if you can. Sometimes one of  |
    |them will drop an antidote if you need it. While the larvae attack you, the  |
    |huge insect boss will drop several green balls of... whatever the hell they  |
    |are on you. You can easily dodge that. The larvae will jump off their mother |
    |and you'll notice the body segment you're on will start to shake. Jump off   |
    |before the spikes hit you! This process will repeat itself for a while and it|
    |will always happen on the segment you're standing on. After that, she'll try |
    |to claw you again, so dodge and hit her on the eye. More larvae will come up,|
    |but her attacks will be a bit different. You'll notice some of the segments  |
    |will start to pulsate. Get away from them, or else it'll throw you up, making|
    |you take damage! Right after that, she'll use her little side paws to grab   |
    |Musashi and impale him on her spiky chest. This attack is VERY dangerous, so |
    |quickly dodge her paws by double jumping over them to the right! She will    |
    |repeat this attack once more, then the whole pattern will start over. After  |
    |you deal enough damage on her eyes, instead of releasing more larvae her core|
    |will be exposed on the tip of her tail covered by poison! Charge up the Wind |
    |Scroll and clear the poison, hitting her core in the process! Right after    |
    |taking damage, she'll flap her wings to try to knock you out. Keep using the |
    |Wind Scroll, being careful not to stay still on the same place for too long, |
    |or else you'll... kinda melt part of her body and you won't be able to step  |
    |there until it cools off. Every time you damage her, her attacks get stronger|
    |and faster, but the pattern won't change at all. Repeat everything and strike|
    |her core two more times to put this ugly thing out of it's misery!           |
    Right after you defeat her, you'll find the Wind Crest that was beneath! Charge
    up the Wind Scroll and use it to get teleported the hell out of there.
     Somnolent Forest
    You'll meet Jon again. After some talking, he'll give you a note telling tips
    on how to get the final scroll, the Sky Scroll. After he leaves, break open the
    Bincho Field right next to you to release Hawker Steakwood. You could've set 
    this guy free right from the beginning of the game, but I left him for last! 
    Ain't I a stinker?
    Anywho, this is that classic RPG part in the last few hours before the final
    dungeons. You MUST get ready for whatever's coming at you, because you WILL NOT
    BE ABLE TO RETURN TO THE VILLAGE! So, save any people and grab any Minku that's
    left, stockpile healing medicine and buy that S-Revive from the Grocery. Don't
    worry about getting the action figures if you're collecting them. You won't be
    able to buy all of the special edition ones right now.
    Now, let me explain the little puzzle Jon gave you. Believe it or not, it makes
    a lot more sense than you think:
    ''Pillar of wind'' refers to the Wind Crest. Remember how you got back to the
    village after defeating Queen Ant? That's the pillar of wind!
    ''Day of the sky'' is pretty obvious if you pay close attention to the weekdays
    on this world. They have a Skyday in the place where Friday should be, so it'll
    happen on Skyday.
    ''Tears of God fall on the forest'' means rain, of course.
    ''Prodigious tree'' can only mean Steamwood, if you think about it. 
    So, what the hell does this all mean? You shall soon see. Pack a few sandwiches
    for your longest trip outside of Grillin' Village ever and head to Steamwood at
    the night of any Thursday.
     Steamwood Forest
    Remember the place where you saved Musician Pianissimeat waaaay back at the 
    beginning of the game? You're heading there. You probably remember seeing that
    Earth Crest, don't you? Equip the Earth Scroll and use it on top of the crest
    to make a huge boulder fall down! Climb that wall and you'll find a Wind Crest
    AND a Minku spot! Yes, the Minku is the only reason why I told you to come at
    Thursday night instead of Skyday morning. Capture it and try the Wind Crest!
    Nothing will happen! WOW! Well, just fall asleep and wait for the morning of 
    Skyday to come. About 7am it'll start raining! Quick, use the Wind Crest and 
    this time you'll be teleported by a pillar of wind! No turning back now! You've
    just passed the point of no return!
    You'll be on some sort of floating structure way up in the sky. You'll have to
    reach the top of it! Right in front of you, you'll see three pillars with the
    Earth symbol on them. Jump on top of each one and use the Earth Scroll twice to
    push each one down. By the way, you can only reach the pillars by jumping from
    the outter ring, so be careful when doing so. After you push all the three of
    them, the stone tower will go up, revealing a door in the middle of it. Use the
    Water Scroll to walk all the way to it. You'll be teleported up. You'll see 
    small stone structures with the Fire Scroll's symbol on them. Light all three
    and the platforms will raise all the way up. There, you'll find it. The 5th and
    final element to complete Lumina. Hit it to finally get the SKY SCROLL! Right
    after you get it, however, a floating island will hover by! Capricciola will
    trade a few words with Musashi, go back inside and then pretty much destroy the
    flying structure you were on! Thankfuly Musashi is quick enough to invade the
    place before he gets killed with the Sky Scroll's former resting place. It's 
    time to settle this business once and for all!
     Soda Fountain - Part 1
    The first thing you should know is that you won't be able to sleep anymore,so 
    you won't be able to cheat-heal yourself by falling asleep in the middle of the
    battle. With that cleared up, let's move on.
    Right away you'll find a Memory Box next to you. Use it and get ready for some
    magic! Equip the Sky Scroll and hover over the pool of weird electric fluid,
    being careful not to touch the walls. By the way, to use the Sky Scroll you 
    just have to charge it up and keep holding the X button to keep flying. It's
    pretty much a linear path from here. Keep floating, avoiding the walls and any
    other obstacles and get back to the ground to recharge the scroll whenever you
    can. On your way, you'll find a chest with a C-Drink. Go through the doorway
    at the end of this whole mess.
    Here you'll find a chest with a W-Gel inside. Move forward and go through the
    huge spinning pipe. There's no secret on how to get through here, just avoid
    the spikes, the open trap doors and the floating pig heads shooting at you.
    Enter the door and you'll bump into a thief not very pleased to see you...
    |--------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: BEN ---------------------------------|
    |Ben's attacks will consist mostly of him throwing crap at you. First he'll   |
    |throw some bombs around, but it shouldn't be hard to find a safe spot to stay|
    |and avoid those. Then he'll throw some easily dodgable shurikens and axes.   |
    |Sometimes he'll attack you with his halberd, but it's not that hard to dodge.|
    |My strategy is... well... just attack him whenever he's open. You'll probably|
    |take some damage while doing so, but you're loaded with Ex-Drinks, right? So |
    |he shouldn't be much of a challenge.                                         |
    After you defeat him, he'll...err.. just stand still, I dunno. Go through the
    door behind him and save your game.
     Soda Fountain - Part 2
    This part is quite easy. First try going through the semi-transparent wall and
    then back. You'll notice a slight change. Go through the door and you'll be in
    a totally different place. Each metal door here has a different symbol. Now,
    remember the calendar you got from the Mayor waaay back on Chapter 4? Well, it
    will finally have some use! The symbols on the calendar show the order of doors
    you have to go through. If you go through the wrong door, you'll be back to the
    beginning. First of all, head all the way right and enter the door with the
    Earth symbol on it.
    Go right, stand on the button and use the Earth Scroll on it to push it and 
    draw a bridge from the wall. Keep going right, climb the next elevation and use
    the Earth Scroll until the wall comes down. Enter the door with the circle at
    the end of it.
    Use the Sky Scroll to float over the spikes. Ignore the door and keep going to
    the right. Charge the Sky Scroll again and hover over the next set of spikes,
    watching as it draws back as you do so. After it does, drop down and enter the
    door down there.
    This part can be frustrating, so try to be precise. The next door is up there
    on the next floor, so you'll have to spin around the several poles leading up.
    Enter the door when you make it.
    Here light both torches with the Fire Scroll and keep going right. Try to get
    past the falling metal crate without getting squished and climb on top of it.
    When it reaches the top, jump to the left and enter the door with the water
    symbol on it.
    You'll have to put out the fire this time. Charge the Water Scroll and put out
    both torches, walk across the bridge and put the next two out too. After the
    bridge draws out, charge the Water Scroll again and jump down (you'll land on
    water). Go right and enter the door with the Wind symbol.
    Go left and through the next doorway. This is the most frustrating part, so try
    not to screw up (like I usually do...). You have to go left, so charge up the
    Wind Scroll so you can go against the strong wind blowing at you. There'll be 
    a huge gap, so try your best to jump over it while spinning! If you fall down,
    you'll have to do it all over again. When you finally manage to do it, enter 
    the door.
    This is a bit tough. Charge up the Sky Scroll and drop into the gap. When you
    reach the same level as the tunnel filled with spikes, activate the scroll and
    hover right. Drop down, charge it up again and keep going right. Drop down the
    gap and activate it again before falling into the water and proceed left. Enter
    the door when you reach it. Inside here you'll meet the short stuttering thief
    |--------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: ED ----------------------------------|
    |Ed is pathetically easy. He only has two attacks: First he'll try to shoot a |
    |kamehameha of sorts at you. You can't outrun his fire beam, so your best move|
    |is to just double jump over it. After that he'll get a little tired and be   |
    |totally open for attacks. After that he'll teleport around the room, dropping|
    |two orange balls around. After he drops the second one, he'll be open for a  |
    |few seconds, then he'll teleport again, the balls will explode into easy to  |
    |dodge fireballs and the process will start all over again from the beginning.|
    |Just attack whenever he's open and you'll easily beat him. Just remember to  |
    |dodge his attacks, since they do quite a lot of damage.                      |
    After you defeat him, hop on the platform in the middle of the room and ride it
    up. Save your game, because the next part is going to be EPIC!
     Soda Fountain - Part 3
    This is it. This is where we separate the men from the boys. This is the most
    difficult (and awesome) part of the game, so you better not have wasted all of
    your Ex-Drinks. Here you'll find robotic Bincholoid Soldiers and you'll NEED to
    assimilate at least one of their abilities to survive (except Fence from the 
    red ones, it sucks)! You'll use those abilities pretty often and you shouldn't
    worry much about your BP, since all the Bincholoid Soldiers, walls, fountains 
    and bipedal flamethrower robots drop huge chunks of bincholon. Just be happy! I
    usually take the Grenade ability, since it usually kills everything with one
    single hit. The 50 BP are well worth it!
    Anyway, go up and face your first Bincholoid Soldier enemies! Assimilate either
    of them and go up to kick some ass! Keep following the path up and always blow
    up any statues you find, since it'll drop a good load of Bincholon and Heart
    Tablets. A good tip to fight the Bincholoid Soldiers is to pick up and throw
    them. This will make them drop whatever weapon they use and give you the chance
    to destroy them. Keep going and destroy the gate. Be careful with the lasers!
    Go right, destroy the flame-throwing robot, since it's a good source of Heart
    Tablets and Bincholon, and destroy the next gate.
    You'll be in a maze now. It's a pretty simple one, so you won't have a hard 
    time finding your way around. What you should do, however, is look for a chest
    with an Ex-Drink inside, since those are pretty much vital.
    After going through the maze, go left. Be careful with the trees! Destroy them
    as quickly as possible and destroy the next gate. Jump over the lasers that are
    obviously harmful and desintegrate another one of those gates. On the next area
    the statues will try to attack you, so grenade them as usual and go through the
    next gate.
    More gates, more enemies, more lasers... It's pretty much straightforward. Just
    keep kicking all those robotic butts and move forward. Climb the wall and get
    ready for some fighting! First destroy the four robot trees around here and 
    smash the fountain in the middle. Some elevator will show up and several of the
    flamethrowing robots will come up! Keep destroying them and then hop on the 
    The level is not over yet! It just got harder! Go up and drop on the bridges
    below. Keep going up, alternating between bridges as you bump into those steam
    fountains or whatever. Jump on the outcropping pipes and then go up. Some huge
    metal gate will close. It's just like the other gates, except this one shoots
    more shots and more often and takes a lot more hits. Destroy it and keep going.
    You'll see several glass chambers. They either contain Red Bincholoid soldiers,
    healing items or nothing. Depending on your situation, it might be a good idea
    to break those open. Next you'll find some computers which you can destroy to
    get a Heart Tablet and some Bincholon. Go up the ramp, defeat the enemies and
    destroy the next gate.
    Go left and destroy the robot that looks more like some sort of rocket. Again,
    Grenade does wonders against this guy. Go left and ride the elevator. You'll
    have to fight some enemies as you go up, but the space is so limited that they
    are not likely to even be able to hit you, so don't worry. Go up and destroy
    the last gate. Destroy the enemies here and ride the elevator up. *Phew* this
    part is over at last...
    You'll be in some sort of disco (?). Go up and you'll bump into a certain girl
    with rat ears and a tail...
    |--------------------------- BOSS ''FIGHT'': TOPO ----------------------------|
    |This isn't properly a boss fight, but a Simon-Says-like minigame. Topo will  |
    |show you some moves and you'll have to copy them while following her beat. If|
    |you miss, she'll turn a bunch of fans on and blow you against a electricity  |
    |field. There's no way to avoid this, even if you try using the Wind Scroll.  |
    |If you succeed, Topo will show you a new pattern to follow. Do it three times|
    |and she'll be defeated! The patterns are:                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |Song 1: Square, Triangle, O, X, Square, Triangle, X, O, Square, Triangle, O, |
    |X, Square, Triangle, O, X, Square.                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |Song 2: X, O, Triangle, Square, X, O, Triangle, O, X, O, Triangle, Square, X,|
    | X, O, O, Square.                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |Song 3: X, Triangle, O, Square, X, Triangle, O, X, X, Triangle, O, Square, X,|
    |X, Triangle, Triangle, Square.                                               |
    After the fight, Topo will tell you that you were led there and their mission
    was to help you complete Lumina and then give it to Colonel Capricciola. She'll
    also say that the final Crest Guardian is right there on Soda Fountain. Hop on
    the blue platform, grab C-Drinks from the chest and save your game for one last
     Soda Fountain - Finale
    You'll see Capricciola going up some sort of elevator with Princess Fillet! Go
    up the ramp to catch up with them!
    After you go through the door, something weird will happen, the Sky Scroll will
    activate itself... You'll then look at a huge creepy looking tower.
    |--------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: TOWER OF DEATH ----------------------|
    |The Tower of Death is a very unorthodox Crest Guardian. You'll have to float |
    |around and find which one of the eyes is open, exposing it's green core, then|
    |hit it with Lumina. Needless to say, it'll take a lot more than 3 hits to    |
    |kill this guy. The Tower's attacks are pretty simple, but rather tricky to   |
    |dodge. At first, it'll just stick it's side walls out and spin. Just float up|
    |and down to dodge those (hold the X button to go up). After a couple of hits,|
    |it'll draw some of the walls and start to shoot lightning between them. Just |
    |wait for the lighting to stop and move over, always looking for the open eye.|
    |After a few more hits, it'll draw out all of the walls and open some eyes.   |
    |These, however, will not expose it's core, but shoot laser beams at you! Good|
    |thing they're easy to dodge, though. Just remember you're looking for the    |
    |green eye, not the white ones with little veins. After that, it'll start to  |
    |alternate between all those attacks and a new one in which most of the eyes  |
    |will open and shoot some sort of red beam, which will not only damage you but|
    |also invert the controls for a while! In order to avoid this attack, stand in|
    |front of one of the closed eyes. There's not much else to this boss, just try|
    |to avoid it's attacks while looking for the open eye until you liberate the  |
    |final Crest...                                                               |
    After you defeat the Tower of Death, you'll see the Sky Crest right away! Get
    on it and then...
    Fuhrer Flatski, Darth Maul's shorter and fat brother, will show up with the
    Princess and ask for Lumina. Capricciola will also be here, and he'll reveal
    not only that he was Jon, but also that he's the Thirstquencher's Empire heir
    to the throne! Fuhrer Flatski had killed his parents to take over, so now Jon's
    looking for revenge. Sadly, Rootrick shoots him from behind... With no other
    choice, Musashi hands over Lumina. The smelly dictator then stands on the Sky
    Scroll and uses the bright red sword, unleashing HELL! He'll release the Wizard
    of Darkness! The huge monster will crush the Fuhrer because the idiot thought 
    he could control a dark being much stronger than him. Turns out he was sealed
    within Lumina and all you've been doing so far was to SET HIM FREE! I hate when
    that happens! Also, Jon knew about this... could've warned us, you know?? Well,
    he doesn't have time to apologize because the Wizard crushes him too! Nooo! 
    Lumina will suddenly come back to Musashi as he and Princess Fillet make a run
    for it!
    You can't fight the huge guy for now. Your only choice is to keep running left
    before he destroys the path. You'll then bump into Kojiro! How the hell did he
    get here? He'll kidnap the princess and demand another duel, ignoring the huge
    guy with horns floating around. A few seconds later, the Wizard of Darkness
    absorbs Kojiro and blows Princess Fillet into outter space. As if that wasn't
    enough, it'll turn into a lizard-like monster and want nothing but to duel our
    hero. Ugh, this just get's worse. 
    Keep going left, up and then keep jumping on the platforms to the right. Just
    go on jumping, ignoring the huge lizard thing. At the top, you'll find the
    Princess. She's alright, don't worry. Now, time to go up and finish this whole
    |--------------------------- BOSS FIGHT: DARK LUMINA -------------------------|
    |Dark Lumina is a tough beat, but I actually thought of a way to beat it sorta|
    |easily. Obviously, you'll have to hit the huge 'hit here' jewel on it's head.|
    |It has two attacks: A grappling attack, in which it'll pick you up and throw |
    |you, usually making you fall off, and a tail spin attack. The grapple attack |
    |is annoying, but it can be avoided as long as you stay away from his right   |
    |side (your left side). Here's what you do: Keep running next to his left side|
    |while counting his steps. When he's about to step for the fourth time, he'll |
    |tail swish, so jump right away. Right after he attacks you'll have the chance|
    |to strike his forehead, just be careful, because sometimes he'll give you a  |
    |surprise tail swish. Keep repeating this process until the jewel turns bright|
    |red. He'll then use a different attack. He'll either spit fire, which can be |
    |dodged by just standing beneath him, or jump and send two quake waves at you.|
    |Just jump to avoid those, then hit him on the forehead to take a chunk of his|
    |health bar and make the jewel turn blue again. Repeat the process until you  |
    |defeat him.                                                                  |
    After you defeat it, there'll be a small core left, which will absorb the huge
    binchotite crystals around, making him turn into a whole different being. You
    didn't seriously think it was over, did you?
    |----------------------- BOSS FIGHT: DARK LUMINA -FINALE- --------------------|
    |The final boss has six different attacks, each one corresponding to each one |
    |of the Scrolls, except the Sky Scroll. First it'll drop several fire balls   |
    |from the sky, which can be easily dodged. Charge up the Water Scroll to avoid|
    |any damage, if you want. Next, he'll turn his right arm into a huge sword and|
    |attack three times. Just keep running right and jumping to avoid those. It'll|
    |then grow wings and try to blow you out of the area. Use the Wind Scroll to  |
    |avoid that. For the next attack, he'll multiply himself into five and dash at|
    |you. Try to avoid the clones as they come, but I gotta tell you it is very   |
    |likely that you'll get hit. Next, it'll use an attack just like the quake one|
    |from Dark Lumina Part II, except this one will make 3 rings instead of 2. For|
    |the last attack, he'll drop bubbles from the sky, which will pop into smaller|
    |bubbles as they hit the ground. So, we got all attacks, but how the hell are |
    |we supposed to kill him? He's immune to any of Musashi's attacks! Well, here |
    |is the deal: Kojiro isn't the only boss that can be assimilated. After each  |
    |attack, Dark Lumina will be open for a few seconds. Take that time to charge |
    |up the gauge, throw Fusion at him and tap square as quickly as possible! If  |
    |you succeed, it'll turn into a small orb! Hit it with Lumina to damage part  |
    |of his health! Right after that, it'll start sucking again, so run away from |
    |it until it's back to it's humanoid shape. All you've got to do now is keep  |
    |avoiding his attacks, assimilating him and striking with Lumina. He'll fall  |
    |in no time!                                                                  |
    After Musashi seals the Wizard of Darkness, peace returns to the planet. The
    Princess is back home and Lumina to it's rightful place. In order to avoid the
    Wizard of Darkness from ever being released again, the legend of the new Brave
    Fencer Musashi shall be told throughout the generations. Congratulations! You
    have beaten Brave Fencer Musashi! After the credits, you can save your game. If
    you load it, you'll be back at the beginning of Chapter 6 to get all action 
    figures and get the secret artwork after you beat the game again!
    +  4-0 -- LISTS. HUNDREDS OF THEM --  +
    This section is basically dedicated to those lists telling the locations of all
    goodies, all abilities, and any other sort of information to help you through
    the game and/or get a 100% complete game.
    +  4-1 -- MINKU LOCATIONS --  +
    So, where do I find all those cute little dog/sheep pets so I can toss them
    around like a beachball? There are, in total, 13 Minkus each carrying a 25HP
    bonus berry, making for a bonus of 325 HP for you to get. Here are their 
     Minku #1
    You can find it on the upper part of Grillin' Village, to the left of the path
    down to the lower part of the village. It's right next to the Steamwood's
    Administrator's house.
     Minku #2
    You can find it on Somnolent Forest. Next to one of the bridges is a hidden 
    path into the bushes that's actually quite easy to spot. Go through it and you
    can find the Minku there.
     Minku #3
    You can find it at the bottom of Twinpeak Mountain. The little guy will be on
    an elevation right beneath the passage for the first cavern you find. You can
    reach the spot by either climbing the wall or jumping from the platform where
    the passage is.
     Minku #4
    You'll find a Minku in Hell's Valley, after you've already defeated Skullpion.
     Minku #5
    You can find it at the Underground Lake, on one of the outer platforms.
     Minku #6
    You'll find it at the end of the river at Twinpeak Mountain. You'll need the
    Water Scroll to get there.
     Minku #7
    In Somnelent Forest, use the Water Scroll to walk over the river you find there
    and you'll see a small clearing with the Minku spot.
     Minku #8
    Bottom of the Well. You'll reach the little guy after you restore the well's
     Minku #9
    You'll find this one just before getting the Wind Scroll. He's right next to
    the hole you'll open with the Fire Crest. It's hard to miss.
     Minku #10
    You can find this one on the village, on the hill right next to the Gondola
    Office. Just climb the wall to get there.
     Minku #11
    As soon as you enter the GiAnt's Nest, take the path left. The Minku will be
     Minku #12
    GiAnt's Nest, at the bottom of the pit with the huge fan and Cure Worms. You 
    can't miss it.
     Minku #13
    Steamwood Forest, right next to the Wind Crest. You need to liberate the Earth
    Crest to reach it.
    *note: After fixing Steamwood for the first time, DO NOT forget to pay a visit
    to the mayor! He'll give you the 14th Longevity Berry, and if you don't get it
    then, you'll never be able to get it after!
    +  4-2 -- BINCHO FIELD LOCATIONS -- +
    During the attack to Allucaneet, 35 out of the 40 Palace people were trapped in
    green crystals called Bincho Fields and scattered all over the world. Since
    Musashi is the only one who can break those fields open, it's up to him to save
    them! Each Bincho Field will grant you a 5BP bonus, making for a total of 175BP
    you can get (you'll also get 25 BP bonus after you defeat each boss and 50 BP 
    in a special occasion in the plot). After you save each person, you should go 
    to the castle to meet them. Most of the nice folk will lend a hand in your 
    quest. The people you can save and their locations and use are as follows:
    Name: Acrobat Sausages.
    Location: Steamwood Forest, on top of a rocky formation. You have to walk 
    along one of the pipes to get there.
    Use: After you rescue him, talk to the Clown Weinee to learn the Shish Kebab 
    technique (you'll need an orange to do it).
    Name: Alchemist Leanman.
    Location: Frozen Palace, inside that ice blocks maze.
    Use: Gives you a tart that restores 10 BP. Yeah, that's not much...
    Name: Artisan Teebone.
    Location: Island of Dragons. It's in plain view.
    Use: He'll reforge Fusion to make it stronger, and yellow!
    Name: Bailiff Jerky.
    Location: Dying Light, inside the Restaurant's Basement. Enter the door to the
    right at the first hall.
    Use: After you save Cook Mary-Nade, they'll plant a rice field and after you 
    save Chef Julienne, they'll make RiceBalls that'll be sold at the Grocery.
    Name: Butcher Chops.
    Location: Frozen Palace in the main hall. You'll need to make quite the detour
    to go up there.
    Use: None that I know of.
    Name: Carpenter Carvey.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, on a platform at the bottom of the mountain next 
    to one of the logs you need.
    Use: You'll need him to open Hell's Valley, fight Skullpion in Chapter 2 and to
    fix the Gondola in Chapter 4.
    Name: Carpenter Cubey.
    Location: Out Of Body Experience, inside the Restaurant's Basement. He's on one
    of the dark paths you need to explore by using Sublime.
    Use: You'll need him to fix the Gondola in Chapter 4.
    Name: Carpenter Dicey.
    Location: Mine, just before the Underground Lake. One of the conveyor belts 
    leads you to where he is.
    Use: You'll need him to fix the Gondola in Chapter 4.
    Name: Chef Julienne.
    Location: Frozen Palace, right after you get the RedEye.
    Use: After you save him, Cook Mary-Nade and Bailiff Jerky, you'll be able to 
    buy riceballs at the Grocery Store.
    Name: Chief Gravie.
    Location: Underground Lake, on one of the outmost platforms.
    Use: He's useless. You're never able to eat his soup because you're too young.
    Name: Cook Mary-Nade.
    Location: Underground Lake, at the rocky formation in the middle.
    Use: After you save Bailiff Jerky, they'll plant a rice field and after you 
    save Chef Julienne, they'll make RiceBalls that'll be sold at the Grocery.
    Name: Cook Chiffonade.
    Location: GiAnt's Nest, right at the beginning. Take the wood path left, the 
    one which has a bunch of Toad Stolls.
    Use: NeatBalls will be available at the Grocey now, if you've already got the
    Name:  Conductor Scores.
    Location: GiAnt's Nest, on the path crawling with Red Ants. It'll be pretty 
    much on your way.
    Use: Adds a violin to the Castle's BGM.
    Name: Doctor Tung.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, on a rocky formation over the river. You reach it
    by either using the Water Scroll or taking a detour at the raft minigame.
    Use: He'll cure any poisoning... which is sort of useless, considering you can
    just sleep to cure it.
    Name: Guard Lumpwood.
    Location: Somnolent Forest, near the Water Crest.
    Use: You'll need to save him to go to Twinpeak Mountain.
    Name: Hawker Steakwood.
    Location: Somnolent Forest in a small isolated clearing. You can reach it by
    going through the south of the village.
    Use: Well... he tells you about the Minkus. 
    Name: Janitor Sloppy-Joe.
    Location: Frozen Palace, through the blue eye door.
    Use: Keep the Palace's bathrooms sparkly clean!
    Name: Knight Brisket.
    Location: Mine, just before the Underground Lake. One of the conveyor belts 
    leads you to where he is.
    Use: He'll teach you the Tenderize technique.
    Name: Knight Lardwick.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, on a platform with a pole.
    Use: You'll need him to open Hell's Valley and fight Skullpion in Chapter 2. 
    After the fight, he'll teach you the Crosswise Cut technique.
    Name: Knight Chucks.
    Location: Out Of Body Experience inside the Restaurant's Basement. Getting to 
    where he is is a bit hard to explain, so check how to on the main walkthrough 
    part of this guide.
    Use: He'll teach you the Desperado Attack technique.
    Name: Knight Rumparoni.
    Location: GiAnt's Nest, after the path crawling with Red Ants. It's impossible
    to miss this one.
    Use: He'll teach you the Rumparoni-SP.
    Name: Knitter Lunchetta.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, in the path to Hell's Valley.
    Use: She'll just give a hint about the Legendary Cloth.
    Name: Librarian Brisketta.
    Location: Corona Jumper inside the Restaurant's Basement. She'll be in the 
    second room.
    Use: She'll translate the books Scribe Shanky couldn't read before.
    Name: Maid Loinette.
    Location: Somnolent Forest. Go to the forest through the path south of the 
    village and take left at the fork. You'll find her Bincho Field there. You'll 
    need to fix Steamwood first.
    Use: She'll teach you the Dashing Pierce technique.
    Name: Mercenary Potrowst.
    Location: Let's Go Bowling inside the Restaurant's Basement. He'll be through 
    the door after the first time you play 'Vambee Bowling'.
    Use: He'll give you part of the message so you can find your way through 
    Meandering Forest in Chapter 4.
    Name: Mercenary Stue.
    Location: Let's Go Bowling inside the Restaurant's Basement. She'll be through 
    the cracked wall after the second time you play 'Vambee Bowling'.
    Use: He'll give you part of the message so you can find your way through 
    Meandering Forest in Chapter 4.
    Name: Mercenary Meitlofe.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, left to the poles you take to reach the main part
    of the mountain itself.
    Use: You'll need him to open Hell's Valley and fight Skullpion in Chapter 2 and
    he'll give you part of the message so you can find your way through Meandering
    Forest in Chapter 4.
    Name: Musician Pianissimeat.
    Location: Steamwood Forest, right next to the Earth Crest. You have to walk
    along one of the pipes to get there.
    Use: Adds a flute to Allucaneet Castle's background music.
    Name: Musician Al Forte.
    Location: Frozen Palace, in the same room as the green eye door. He'll be on
    top of one of the ice blocks.
    Use: Adds drums and another flute to the Castle's BGM.
    Name: Seer Bevealy.
    Location: Somnolent Forest. Assimilate the Hop ability and go up the slop to 
    the right of the path leading to Meandering Forest.
    Use: She'll vaguely tell the location of the Five Scrolls and any Bincho Fields
    you've missed.
    Name: Shepherd Beefalo.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, beneath the rope bridge.
    Use: He'll show how many Minkus you've found so far.
    Name: Soldier Lardwick.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, just next to the entrance. It's pretty hard to 
    Use: You'll need him to open Hell's Valley and fight Skullpion in Chapter 2.
    Name: Soldier Hanky-Flanky.
    Location: Corona Jumper inside the Restaurant's Basement. He'll be on the wood
    beam in the room full of lava.
    Use: Eeer... he'll give you his love and devotion. Interested?
    Name: Taster Salmonelli.
    Location: Statue Of An Angel at the Restaurant's Basement. It's by the sinking
    blocks you find there.
    Use: None at all.
    Name: Weaver Dinneretta.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, to the right of the place where you chopped down
    the third log. You'll need the L-Belt to get there.
    Use: She'll make either the L-Gloves or the L-Quilt out of the L-Cloth you got
    at the Restaurant's Basement. 
    +  4-3 -- THE FIVE SCROLLS --   +
    The Five Scrolls are powerful items and the pieces you'll need to find to make
    Lumina complete and as powerful as ever. This section lists each of Lumina's
    abilities you'll get to use as you proceed in the game and if they're worht a
    Description: Assail surrounding enemies and break hard objects using Lumina.
    Usefulness: I don't usually use it, but it can be a powerful attack.
    Note: You can use this to counter attack. Keep blocking and filling the gauge.
    As soon as an enemy hits you, press triangle to smash Lumina against the ground
    and do some serious damage.
     Earth Scroll
    Description: Create earthquakes, stun your enemies and make boulders fall.
    Usefulness: Other than a couple of puzzles, I've never really used the Earth
    Scroll to fight...
     Water Scroll
    Description: Walk on water and shoot water bubbles. Rapid fire shots possible.
    Usefulness: You need to walk on water to reach several Minku spots and some
    Bincho Fields. Other than that and for puzzles, don't use the Water scroll. It
    sucks on fights, specially because it makes plant enemies way bigger.
     Fire Scroll
    Description: Use fire to attack, melt ice, and light some objects on fire.
    Usefulness: This one is actually combat worthy. I like to use it against Toad
    Stools and CopyCats in particular.
     Wind Scroll
    Description: Create cyclones and go against strong wind. May dig holes in some
    Usefulness: The Wind Scroll is meant only to be used to go through obstacles 
    and clear poison clouds. It's not meant for fighting, since it's harder to 
    control Musashi while he's spinning around like a record.
     Sky Scroll
    Description: Hover over areas by holding down the 'Jump' button.
    Usefulness: Hover around on Soda Fountain. That's about it. You won't get to
    use it anywhere else.
    +  4-4 -- ASSIMILATED ABILITIES --  +
    For his adventure, Musashi will also get a sword called Fusion, which absorbs
    enemies and grants him any abilities they had. Obviously, you should explore
    this ability as much as you can, specially because you'll NEED to steal your
    foes' ability in order to proceed and get stronger! Here are all the abilities
    you can get and from which enemies you absorb them:
    Enemy: Blue Bincholoid Soldier 2H
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button to shoot spreading telekinetic bullets!
    BP cost: 5 BP per 3 shots.
    Effect: Musashi shoots 3 telekinetic bullets.
    Usefulness: A hell lot more useful than Gunshot!
    Enemy: Purple Ant.
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Liquefy enemies by shooting acidic orbs! Melt away spiny ants!
    BP cost: 8 BP.
    Effect: Shoots a purple acid ball.
    Usefulness: Only useful against the Red Ants. Purple Ants take too many shots,
    you're better off just avoiding them.
    Enemy: Cure Worm.
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button to remove poison status.
    BP cost: 6 BP.
    Effect: Well... it'll cure poisoning.
    Usefulness: Extremely useful. The places where you find Cure Worms are usually
    filled with poison.
    Enemy: Vambee (any tipe of them).
    Type: Static.
    Description: A rotten stench will emit from his body. It may be unexpectedly
    BP cost: 8 BP.
    Effect: Musashi will be surrounded by yellow smoke and flies. Keeps bats from 
    attacking you.
    Usefulness: Well... let's face it, bats are really annoying.
    Enemy: Bowler.
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button for an indicator. Press the O button again to
    do some bowling and break cracked walls! (You must remain still until the ball
    BP cost: 10 BP.
    Effect: Well... Musashi'll throw a bowling ball that'll be able to break walls.
    Usefulness: You'll need it to go through Let's Go Bowling at the Restaurant's
    Basement and to get the L-Cloth.
    Enemy: Copycat.
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button to make a clone! Press again to make it explode
    and engulf enemies.
    BP cost: 16 BP.
    Effect: A really cheap looking fake Musashi will appear and explode when you
    press the O button.
    Usefulness: You'll need it to get the GreenEye at Frozen Palace. Other than 
    that, not much use.
    Note: You can only use this ability once. You'll have to assimilate it again if
    you want to keep doing it.
    Enemy: Haya Wolf.
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button for an explosive drop kick!
    BP cost: 4 BP.
    Effect: Musashi will drop kick... duh.
    Usefulness: It's pretty powerful and can hit more than one enemy.
    Enemy: Red Ants
    Type: Static.
    Description: Feel temporarily blue.
    BP cost: 4 BP.
    Effect: Musashi will be surrounded by a small blue smoke, making his moves be 
    as slow as if he was poisoned.
    Usefulness: Well, it prevents attacks from the ants, but why bother?
    Enemy: Red Bincholoid Soldier 1H; Kojiro.
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button to emit a crescent wave from Fusion.
    BP cost: 8 BP.
    Effect: Well... it emits a crescent wave from Fusion.
    Usefulness: Totally useless, specially compared to the stuff you can get by 
    Enemy: Lamp Bat.
    Type: Static.
    Description: Fusion will temporarily illuminate abd shed light upon your path.
    BP cost: 8 BP.
    Effect: You'll iluminate the area around Musashi.
    Usefulness: Quite useful, considering you'll find Lamp Bats only in pretty 
    dark places filled with spike pits.
    Enemy: Green Bincholoid Soldier 4H
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button to throw powerful telekinetic grenades!
    BP cost: 50 BP!
    Effect: You'll drop some pretty strong bombs.
    Usefulness: I highly recommend it! Sure, the BP cost is astronomical, but I'm
    talking about damage that reaches the thousands!
    Enemy: Blue Soldier.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to shoot telekinetic bullets. Can do rapid fire
    and sweep shots.
    BP cost: 1 BP per shot
    Effect: Musashi uses Fusion as a machinegun.
    Usefulness: You'll need Gunshot to solve a couple of puzzles at the beginning
    of the game. Other than that, it's too weak to be of much use.
    Enemy: Orange Bincholoid Soldier 3H
    Type: Activated.
    Description: Press the O button to lock on to an enemy and shoot telekinetic
    BP cost: 10 BP
    Effect: Musashi shoots a guided missile.
    Usefulness: Kicks some major butt.
    Enemy: Hopper.
    Type: Static (until cancelled)
    Description: Hop about to go through thorn bushes and climb steep slopes! Press
    the O button to cancel.
    BP cost: 8 BP.
    Effect: Musashi will hop around on Fusion as if it was a pogo stick.
    Usefulness: This ability is necessary to jump over certain obstacles. You'll 
    use it quite often.
    Enemy: Slow Guy.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to use a splendid throwing technique!
    BP cost: 8 BP.
    Effect: Lift the enemy and use Hurl to throw him into outter space!
    Usefulness: It's pretty much an instant kill move =D
    Enemy: Green Soldier.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to throw a telekinetic javelin.
    BP cost: 6 BP
    Effect: Musashi throws a spear.
    Usefulness: It is quite strong, but save it for long ranged attacks.
    Enemy: Mapper.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to view a map of Frozen Palace.
    BP cost: 8 BP
    Effect: You'll open Frozen Palace's map...
    Usefulness: You'll need the Fusion Ability slot for other stuff. Besides, the 
    Frozen Palace isn't that complicated.
    Enemy: Herb Plant and Cool Plant.
    Type: Static
    Description: Feel temporarily refreshed!
    BP cost: 4 BP
    Effect: A shiny beam of light will come out of Musashi, Reducing his tiredness
    to 0% for as long as the ability lasts.
    Usefulness: The effect is temporary, so it's not that useful, even if it does
    lower your tiredness a bit after the effect takes off. It's mighty useful when
    fighting Sleepies, though.
    Enemy: Bee Plant.
    Type: Static
    Description: An aromatic barrier that reduces damage!
    BP cost: 2 BP
    Effect: Musashi will be surrounded by a pink smoke and the damage will be 
    Usefulness: Although it does reduce quite a bit of damage, it's not really 
    necessary, specially because you won't be bumping into these plants that often.
    Enemy: B-eater.
    Type: Static
    Description: For every hit received, BP will increase by 10.
    BP cost: 10 BP
    Effect: Colorful balls will come out of Musashi and he'll get 10 BP everytime
    he gets hit.
    Usefulness: Not that useful. Your HP is more important than your BP, trust me.
    Enemy: Maneater.
    Type: Static
    Description: Feel incredibly full! BP will steadily increase.
    BP cost: 4 BP
    Effect: Some sort of magic food will steadily be absorbed by Musashi, restoring
    his BP.
    Usefulness: Easy BP restoration. Can be useful.
    Enemy: Magician.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to miniaturize your enemies! Then, stomp on 
    them to make pancakes!
    BP cost: 10 BP
    Effect: Shrinks any enemy that touches the beams.
    Usefulness: It is cute, but it's quite hard to hit moving enemies, considering
    the beams are pretty slow. Also, 10 BP is a bit costy.
    Enemy: Sleepie.
    Type: Static
    Description: Be temporarily surrounded by a herd of sheep! *yawn*
    BP cost: 4 BP
    Effect: Musashi will be surrounded by sheep and his tiredness will raise to
    Usefulness: Completely useless. It's a trap.
    Enemy: Stomp Golem.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to become 'Metal Man' and destroy special 
    BP cost: 24 BP
    Effect: Musashi will shine a bit and you'll be able to destroy some spikes at
    the Frozen Palace.
    Usefulness: You'll need it to reach the place where Butcher Chops is.
    Enemy: Red Soldier.
    Type: Activated
    Description: Press the O button to paralyze the enemy.
    BP cost: 4 BP
    Effect: The enemy get's all dizzy and won't move for a short time.
    Usefulness: Paralyzing your enemy can be pretty useful. However, the stun
    effect will end as soon as you hit the enemy. Also, you'll need this ability to
    get Lumina.
    Enemy: Lone Mist.
    Type: Static
    Description: Have an out-of-body experience and explore your surroundings!
    Lasts temporarily or until attacked.
    BP cost: 8 BP
    Effect: You'll take control of Musashi's spirit and you'll be able to explore
    the surroundings.
    Usefulness: You'll need it to complete Out of Body Experience at the 
    Restaurant's Basement.
    Enemy: Toad Stool.
    Type: Static
    Description: Feel temporarily poisoned.
    BP cost: 2 BP
    Effect: Musashi will be surrounded by skulls and he'll be poisoned!
    Usefulness: It's a trap worse than the Sleepy ability. Stay away!
    +  4-5 -- TECHNIQUES --   +
    Some of the castle folks you save will thank you by teaching a technique. Most
    of them aren't really that useful, even if they look kinda cool. Even so, it
    doesn't hurt to learn them, does it? The techniques and from whom you can learn
    them are:
     Crosswise Technique
    Who do you learn from: Knight Lardwick.
    How to do it: Square and triangle (you'll need to hit the enemy to see this 
    technique take effect).
    Usefulness: It's easy to use, so you might as well do it now and then. It's not
    that useful, though.
     Dashing Pierce
    Who you learn from: Maid Loinette.
    How to do it: Dash (when Musashi has dust coming out of his feet while running)
    and press the square button.
    Usefulness: Not very high. You'll usually miss the enemy. Not to mention this
    makes harder for you to grab the Minkus.
     Desperado Attack
    Who you learn from: Knight Chucks.
    How to do it: Square, triangle, square and triangle.
    Usefulness: You won't get many chances to use this. It's fun to try, though!
    Who you learn from: Knight Rumparoni
    How to do it: Double jump and then press triangle at the top of the second jump
    you make.
    Usefulness: It's rather hard to pull off or hit, but it does quite some damage,
    so you should practice it!
     Shish Kebab
    Who do you learn from: Clown Weinee. You'll need an orange and to save Acrobat
    Sausages to learn it.
    How to do it: Throw your enemies up in the air by pressing triangle and press
    triangle again to get a kebab!
    Usefulness: Very useful. It's a pretty strong technique and you should use it
    Who you learn from: Knight Brisket.
    How to do it: Square, square, and triangle (you'll need to hit the enemy to see
    this technique take effect).
    Usefulness: Cute, but not really outstanding.
    +  4-6 -- THE LEGENDARY ARMOR --  +
    Legend speaks that Brave Fencer Musashi once wore the Legendary Armor, a magic
    set of clothes that protected him in the battle against the Wizard of Darkness.
    Now it's your turn to wear it! Pieces of the Armor are scattered all over the
    world and it's up to you to find them. Not all are necessary in order to finish
    the game, but you might as well take them to make your life easier. They are as
    Where: Behind the four-eyed door at the Restaurant's Basement.
    Effect: After you get it, you'll be able to double jump! You'll need this piece
    to proceed in the game.
    Where: Bottom of Twinpeak Mountain after the raft minigame.
    Effect: After you get it, you'll be able to climb special walls. It's not hard
    to recognize these walls, they look just like the one left of the entrance to
    Twinpeak Mountain. To climb on the wall, jump on it and alternate pressing the
    triangle and square buttons. Note that you'll need this piece to proceed in the
    game storyline.
    Where: Restaurant Basement behind a cracked wall.
    Effect: You'll have to save the Weaver so she can make either the L-Gloves or
    the L-Quilt out of it.
    Where: Save Weaver Dinneretta and ask her to make some gloves out of the
    Use: Increases the chances of doing critical hits.
    Where: Somnolent Forest. In the chest under the river. Use the Water Crest to 
    drain the water.
    Use: You appraise items by yourself. You still have to take the useless stuff
    you find to the Pawn Shop to sell, so it's not really that useful. Still, take
    it. You'll really need it at the Frozen Palace, trust me.
    Where: Save Weaver Dinneretta and ask her to make a Quilt out of the L-Cloth.
    Use: When sleeping, it'll reduce tiredness down to 0% twice as fast and it'll
    restore both HP and BP.
    Where: Frozen Palace, in the main hall. You'll need the blue eye to reach
    Use: You won't slip on ice anymore! Yes, it'll only be useful in the Frozen
    Palace... Ok, it's also supposed to reduce fatigue, but that doesn't help that
    Where: Bottom of the Well, on a pillar on the corner of the place. You need to 
    fix the water level to get there.
    Use: You'll be able to fill your gauge a LOT faster.
    +   4-7 -- SPECIAL ACTION FIGURES --  +
    If you want to get that special ending artwork, you've gotta get every single
    action figure in the game. Series one through six are easy enough. All you've
    gotta do is beat each chapter and you should unlock everything. However, the
    Special Series Action Figures demand some special conditions for you to be able
    to buy them. Here are they:
     Princess Fillet
    To get the tomboy Princess's action figure, you'll need to rescue all of the 35
    palace members. That's easy enough.
     Jon & Leno
    All you have to do is open every single chest in the game, including the ones
    at Soda Fountain. Seriously, it isn't that hard. All chest locations can be
    read at the main walkthrough, except one. There's a chest right before Hell's
    Valley which you can only reach after you knock the bolders down and then go up
    to the left using the Water Scroll. The chest has 200 Drans, so it wasn't that
     Mother Minku
    This is a very interesting one! First, get all 13 Minkus. If you talk to the
    castle's Shepher, Beefalo, he'll say that Mother Minku is probably not very
    pleased. Go to Meandering Forest and you'll fight Mother Minku, which is a
    regular Minku, except it's HUGE! At first, just hit her a few times. She won't
    attack you for the time being. After taking some damage, she'll get really mad!
    She'll first dash at you, then she'll start to jump at you! The best way to
    dodge her jumping attack is to do a Rumpanori-SP. Keep hitting her if you can.
    When you defeat her, she'll shrink, leave heaps of heart tablets, bincholon
    crystals and Drans and you'll unlock her action figure.
    You won't be able to find this one at the store. At Chapter 6 go talk to Farmer
    Lacter by the south of the village. He'll say his wife thought you were their
    grandson Bob and give you the action figure.
     Dark Lumina 1
    Easy. Beat the game once.
     Dark Lumina 2
    Simple, but takes some time. You'll have to beat the game at level 30, which 
    happens to be the max level you can reach.
     Dark Lumina 3
    Get every single one of the other action figures to unlock this one. Ignore the
    'appears at random' stuff you read on most guides.
    +   4-8 -- ITEMS --   +
    Throughout the game you'll find several chests with mysterious objects inside.
    What you have to do is go to the Pawn Shop, have them appraised and then sell
    because most of the time it'll turn out to be useless junk. Here is the list of
    all the items you can get. Don't forget you need to open every single chest in
    order to unlock the Jon & Leno action figure:
    After being appraised: GoldCoin.
    Location: Steamwood Forest, a bit before you reach Steamwood itself.
    Value: $10
    After being appraised: LargePot.
    Location: Bottom of the Well, a bit before the Fire Crest.
    Value: $470
    After being appraised: T-Hanky.
    Location: Frozen Palace, right after you enter the door with the three eyes.
    Value: $2000
    After being appraised: L-Brace.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, after the raft minigame.
    Value: Can't be sold.
    After being appraised: L-Cloth.
    Location: Restaurant's Basement behind the cracked wall (use the Bowl ability
    to break it open).
    Value: Can't be sold.
    After being appraised: Penknife.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, beneath the rope bridge.
    Value: $800
    After being appraised: L-Goggles.
    Location: Somnolent Forest. In the chest under the river. Use the Water Crest
    to drain the water.
    Value: Can't be sold.
    After being appraised: Bedpan.
    Location: Out Of Body Experience inside the Restaurant's Basement. You'll find 
    it on one of the dark pathways.
    Value: $70
    After being appraised: BigStraw.
    Location: Frozen Palace, through the door with the red eye painting.
    Value: $4500
    After being appraised: Pickaxe.
    Location: GiAnt's Nest, right at the beginning. Jump on some wood platforms to
    reach it.
    Value: $750
    After being appraised: Baton.
    Location: GiAnt's Nest, on the bottom left part of the room before the mine 
    cart ride.
    Value: $200
    After being appraised: PiePlate.
    Location: Let's Go Bowling inside the Restaurant's Basement. It'll be through 
    the door after the first time you play 'Vambee Bowling' through a crack right 
    on the wall.
    Value: $350
    After being appraised: Comic.
    Location: Twinpeak Mountain, behind a waterfall on your way up.
    Value: $400
    After being appraised: Cakepan.
    Location: Somnlent Forest, near Seer Bevealy's Bincho Field.
    Value: $150
    After being appraised: A-Gloves.
    Location: Underground Lake, on one of the platforms.
    Value: $700
    After being appraised: Flute.
    Location: Corona Jumper inside the Restaurant's Basement. It'll be on the wood
    beam in the room full of lava.
    Value: $10
    After being appraised: L-Vest.
    Location: Bottom of the Well, on a pillar on the corner of the place. You need
    to fix the water level to get there.
    Value: Can't be sold.
    After being appraised: Shovel.
    Location: Restaurant's Basement behind the cracked wall (use the Bowl ability
    to break it open).
    Value: $780
    After being appraised: Soap.
    Location: Dying Light inside the Restaurant's Basement. You'll find it in one 
    of the pitch black corridors.
    Value: $180
    After being appraised: L-Shoes.
    Location: Frozen Palace, in the main hall. You'll need the blue eye to reach
    Value: Can't be sold.
    After being appraised: E-Undies.
    Location: Frozen Palace, through the lower right door (you need the L-Shoes).
    Value: $10
    After being appraised: Crystal.
    Location: Peak of Twinpeak Mountain.
    Value: $2500
    After being appraised: Frisbee.
    Location: Let's Go Bowling inside the Restaurant's Basement. It'll be in a room
    behind one of the Bowlers. You'll have to break a cracked wall.
    Value: $120
    After being appraised: L-Belt.
    Location: Restaurant's Basement behind the four-eyed door.
    Value: Can't be sold.
    After being appraised: A-Boots.
    Location: Bottom of the Well, after you've restored the water. It's near the
    place where you got the Water Scroll
    Value: $1200
    After being appraised: B-Undies.
    Location: Frozen Palace, in the same room as the green eye door.
    Value: $10
    +   4-8 -- STORES GOODS --  +
    You'll often have to pay a visit to the Grocery Store and the Bakery to get a
    decent supply of healing items. Here's what you can buy from each of the shops:
     Grocery Store
    Effect: Removes poison and restores 5 BP.
    Cost: $250
    Effect: Restores 250 HP and 5 BP.
    Cost: $500
    Effect: Restores both HP and BP. It gradually gets effective the longer it 
    stays in your inventory.
    Cost: $390
    Effect: Restores all HP and 5 BP.
    Cost: $800
    Note: Available only from Chapter 4 onwards. Takes C-Drink's place.
    Effect: Restores 80 HP.
    Cost: $150
    Effect: Reduces tiredness by 90% and restores 5 BP.
    Cost: $200
    Note: Available only from Chapter 4 onwards. Takes Mint's place.
    Effect: Restores 30 HP and 10 BP.
    Cost: $300
    Note: You'll have to same Tim to be able to buy oranges.
    Effect: Reduces tiredness by 50%.
    Cost: $120
    Effect: Restores 300 HP and 300 BP.
    Cost: $520
    Note: You'll need to have RiceBalls available already and then save Cook 
    Effect: Restores 150 HP and 150 BP
    Cost: $320
    Note: You'll need to save Bailiff Jerky, Cook Mary-Nade and Chef Julienne.
    Effect: Immediate revival after knockout. Fully restores HP, BP and removes 
    poison. You can't freely use it, you'll have to die.
    Cost: $3000
    Note: You can only buy one S-Revive in the entire game, so you must save it for
    Chapter 6.
    Effect: Restores 150 HP.
    Cost: $250
    Effect: Restores 50 BP.
    Cost: $120
    Effect: Restores 100 BP and doesn't spoil.
    Cost: $300
    Note: Available only from Chapter 4 onwards.
    Effect: Restores 150 BP.
    Cost: $240
    Effect: Restores 300BP.
    Cost: $450
    Note: Available only from Chapter 4 onwards.
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 10 BP.
    Cost: $70
    Effect: Restores 25 BP.
    Cost: $80
    Effect: Restores 80 BP.
    Cost: $150
    NOTE: I refrained to list spoiled food simply because they aren't any good. You
    take damage if you eat any of them. The only exception is Yogurt, which can
    restore 50 HP and 50 BP. To get Yogurt, buy some Milk. After a few days, it'll
    turn into Sour Milk and a couple more days it'll turn into Yogurt.
    NOTE2: I didn't list the Restaurant's prices because eating there is a huge 
    waste of money.
    *   5         --CREDITS--          +
    Thanks for all the FAQs writers out there for  inspiring me. Thank YOU for
    reading it, or else there wouldn't be any point on writing it in the first 
    place. Very special thanks for the three-headed monkey. I'd also like to say 
    that I'm not a natural English speaker, so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. 
    Peace to you  all. And, just to remember, if you have any doubts, problems or 
    comments just send me an e-mail. (felipecamposgaboardi@gmail.com)
    You can tweet me @GriloGabo.

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