Cross job abilities and skilled?

  1. Hi..
    i already played brigandine more than 1 times but still cannot have a knight with 2 abilites and skill of 2 type of job.
    example : kiloph with hp regeneration and critical
    is that any conditions to make the knight like that?
    if there is any conditions, could you advice me how to make it?

    User Info: reccess

    reccess - 4 years ago

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  1. You have to become an expert in a class to be able to use their abilities before switching classes. For example:

    Kiloph begins on the Barbarian/Berserker/Avenger path. In order to get the Ranger/Grappler/Champion bonus to criticals, you would need to level like this. Up to 6 in Barbarian, at which point it will say expert in his class. Then switch to Ranger for 5 levels, then switch to berserker for 5 levels, then switch to grappler, etc. Once you have gained expert status in a class all passive abilities like the HP Regeneration or Critical bonus, as well as all spells learned can be used on whichever class you then switch to.

    It is best to dual between mage/priest types for casters & champion/any other fighter for most male characters. With female characters, you have a few less options. Generally, I go with Saint/Witch for all/most caster types with Lancer & Archer types crossing over to enchantress then sage, to boost magical power & variation.

    User Info: garan

    garan - 4 years ago 2 0

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