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    Quests FAQ by Luxion

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    Brigandine Quests FAQ Version 0.90
    (and other little stuff)
    Updated: 12/23/98
    Collected and written up by Anthony Nguyen, aka Luxion
    Brigandine was released in the states in 1998 by Atlus.  What other credits do I 
    This is my first FAQ that I've written up for distribution.  I'm collecting 
    information for a few other games: Front Mission 2 and SD Gundam G Generation.  
    Hopefully those will be distributed someday, but they are far too imcomplete.
    12/23/98:  I've updated the FAQ with other people's assistance (2 others).  I've
    almost completed the game with Leonia.  When I feel I've written up all BASIC
    quests, I'll update this FAQ to ver 1.0.  I've also taken out anything I've said
    about Prima's guide.  I feel like it is advertising and do not want to get into 
    any trouble.
    12/18/98:  Well, I see that there are more FAQs for Brigandine.  Guess I don't 
    have to work in-depth on a monster stat chart if that's coming along.  I guess 
    I'll stick with quests.  Right now, I'm playing as Leonia on Hard difficulty 
    (more challenge, kinda).  I'll continue to keep track of "chats" in battles as 
    well, for whatever reason :)
    Review:  Brigandine is a strategic/tactical game (my type of game).  It requires
      management of troops (1 leader and up to 6 monsters), positioning of those troops
      on a large map with 40 castles.  Battles take place at individual castles and is
      fought on a hexagon map.  Attacks by individual units is shown in a different
      screen, similar to the Shining Force series (one of my favorites), except
      Brigandine uses 3-D models.  You have a 50 year time limit, 12 months each year,
      which means you have 600 turns to complete the game by wiping out all opposition.
      There are 6 countries in this game, and only 5 which are playable.  Each has their
      own reasons for fighting and their own selection of Knights, each with interesting
    Disclaimer :
    This FAQ Copyright 1998 Anthony Nguyen.  I went through a lot of trouble to collect 
    this information myself.  If any information is used from this guide for 
    reproduction or mass distribution, please mention my name as well as e-mail me at:
    ICQ# 4462286
    If there any comments, corrections, and/or suggestions, please send them to me!
    Thank you for your support.
    Basic Quests
    - A flower girl in town gives the Knight a flower:
            White Lily = INT increase
            Red Rose = STR increase
            Yellow Sunflower = AGI increase
    - A friendly Dwarf in Forest gives your Knight a mushroom which:
            a) increases HP
            b) allows your Knight to understand animal speech which in turn leads 
               you to an item
    - While visiting a bar in town, your Knight runs into a drunk who:
            a) hates Rune Knights and loses to you in a fight, giving up an item in 
               the process
            b) praises Rune Knigts and buys the house a drink (nothing gained)
    - While on the road, a soothsayer will let your Knight draw a card:
            Chariot = HP increase
            Strength = STR increase
            World = Rune Power increase
            Magician = MP increase
    - Your Knight takes a break and sleeps in an old castle.  He/she will awaken to 
      find many ghosts fighting over some sort of item.  When the ghosts notice the 
      Knight, they'll try to attack, but disappear because of daylight, leaving just 
      your Knight and the item!
    - In a deep valley surrounded by cliffs, your Knight will avoid being sighted by
      a dragon.  Sometimes the Knight will find an item in the dragon's footprint.
    - While in the forest, your Knight will get hungry, hunt, and catch a rabbit, 
      which then talks its way out of dinner by telling the Knight where some 
      treasure is hidden.  Upon inspection of the hidden place, your Knight will 
      either find:
            a) a viper, which poisons the Knight = 1 month recovery
            b) treasure (an item) as the rabbit has promised
    - While lost in a forest, your Knight will run across a strange fountain.  The 
      Knight will then toss in a coin for a safe journey and luck.  A fairy will 
      appear and either:
            a) curse your Knight: human by day, duck by night for one month
            b) thank your Knight with a kiss and an item
    - Your thristy Knight stops by a fountain for a drink:
            a) a hideous image appears in the water, but then disappears.  The 
               Knight leaves without taking a drink.
            b) your Knight is knocked out by the water, but awakens to find that
               his/her AGI increased
            c) ?
    - Your Knight is attracted by a nice scent and follows it to a large kettle of 
      honey.  Upon drinking it a giant bee appears and your Knight leaves with 
      increased HP.
    - While questing, your Knight gets on a boat which takes him/her to an island in 
      the middle of the lake.  On the island, your Knight:
            a) learns how to dance on water with fairies = AGI increase
            b) spends some time with some mysterious maidens = MP increase
            c) finds an old man merged with a tree whose tells a story = Rune 
               Power increase
            d) offers a flower as a blessing to an idol, which then drops an item.
    - A village asks your Knight for help by stopping a bothersome monster.  Your 
      Knight engages the monster in a staring contest:
            a) you lose concentration and the monster escapes
            b) the monster loses concentration and joins your army
    - Your Knight finds shelter from the rain under a tree.  There, a girl is 
      waiting for her lover.  After hearing her story, she tells your Knight to look 
      at a rainbow.  The Knight then notices  that she has disappeared leaving your 
      Knight with an item.
    - As your Knight approaches a bridge, an old man warns the Knight of the danger, 
      and soon a story follows.  The story increases INT.
    - A man invites your Knight to try out his sandstone and grind.  Don't accept his 
      offer!  Then again, you have no choice.  Upon touching the sandstone, the Knight 
      realizes it's cursed and the man leaves.  After a week, it breaks and your 
      Knight leaves with sore arms, but increased STR.
    - Your Knight enters a strange, dark cave and upon inspection:
            a) falls into a pit trap and injures him or herself = 1 month recovery
            b) finds an item on an altar
            c) finds a lonely and sad monster which the Knight takes home
            d) reads a scroll
    - While taking a drink by a waterfall, a water fairy appears and:
            a) is startled by the Knight and disappears.  Your Knight leaves.
            b) sings a song which increases either:
                    1) Rune Power
                    2) HP
    - Your Knight finds the eight-legged beast and rides it.  It takes your Knight 
      far and high, forcing your Knight to hold on tight.  It then thanks your Knight 
      for the trip, increasing the Knight's STR.
    - At some ancient ruins, in order to receive a blessing, the Knight must put 
      his/her hand in the mouth of a figure.  Doing so results in:
            a) retrieval of an item
            b) nothing because the Knight is unable to retrieve the item
    - At a forgotten monument, there is a tomb in the center with a decent item.  
      Your Knight takes the item and leaves off with it.
            a) unfortunately, the item gets heavier and heavier, so your Knight 
               returns the item to the tomb, returning home to find out he/she has 
               malaria = 1 month recovery
            b) your Knight gets the decent item (this rarely happens though)
    - Your Knight accompanies a merchant travelling on the same road.  As the two 
      part, the merchant gives the Knight an item.
    - In a foggy forest, your Knight will run across a strange flower whose aroma 
      knocks your Knight out.  He/She awakens to find that:
            a) his/her INT increased
            b) his/her MP increased
            c) he/she have been robbed (you don't gain or lose anything)
    - Your Knight explores a tall, abandoned tower.  While in the tower:
            a) your Knight runs across the "Lost Text".  Upon reading it, it 
               disintegrates, but increases INT
            b) there is an explosion which injures your Knight = 1 month recovery
    - While in town, a Bard will sing a song about your Knight.  The song increases 
    - On the road, your Knight will run across a bottle full of liquid and a sign, 
      "Free drink!".  The drink:
            a) is poison which knocks out your Knight = 1 month recovery
            b) increases AGI
    Special Character Quests (possible spoilers):
    Rune Knight's Name (Starting affiliation):
       Quest description
    Lucia (Iscalio):
       Quest 1:
       She visits an injured boy who cannot walk because he was struck by an arrow.
       Quest 2:
       She visits the boy again, but this time finds the boy walking (kind of).  
       She confesses that it was she who had fired that arrow, but the boy knew it 
       all along and thanks her because if it wasn't for "that incident", the two 
       would have never been friends.  
       Most all of Lucia's attributes go up as a result of this.  Her profile updates.
    Loufal (New Almekia):
       When Loufal reaches level 10 and changes to a Calvalier class, on his quest, 
       he will return to his home and talk to his mother.  She will give him his 
       father's sword, the "Mithril Sword".
       (Well, that's the sword she gave me...)
    Miguel (Iscalio):
       Miguel will return to his home and find a letter addressed to him, left by 
       his brother Castor.  It basically talks about the family situation, and how all 
       three children are split up, but want to be a family again.  No game gains, 
       just story development.
    Georg (none):
       Having announced staying sober, he gets lost in a forest and finds a fountain 
       of liquor.  Though tempted, he is able to stay sober.  It was a test set up by 
       his deceased fiance, Rierre.  Rierre's ghost and Georg chat.  Rierre wants Georg 
       to move on, so she makes him forget her and gives him, "Rierre's Ring".
    Hyude (none):
       Month 1:
       Hyude gets lost, runs out of food, and is exhausted to the point of death.
       Luckily some elves find him and nurse him back to health.  The female elf, 
       Peryner, and Hyude fall in love and he spends some time with her.
       Month 2:
       Report of a human battle close to the hidden elven village reminds Hyude of
       his duties as a Rune Knight, and so he returns to prove himself.  Peryner waits,
       but her brother, Limlight (Level 5 Mage), goes with Hyude to see things for
    Millia (Caerleon):
       Millia will recruit Eloute (Level 11 Samurai) into King Cai's army.
    Millia and Eloute (Caerleon):
       *Both must quest
       Both will visit their friend Gush and recruit him as well (Level 11 Monk).
    Millia, Eloute, and Gush (Caerleon):
       *All three must quest
       Millia takes the two guys to her friend Lecarra (Level 16 Mystic) who joins
       for fun (to tease the guys).
    Mira and Millet (Esgares):
       *Both must quest
       Month 1:
       Both return to a village close to their hometown to pay their respects to
       to their deceased parents and to visit their nanny.  Unfortunately, they run
       into trouble and face a Salamander which mortally wounds Mira.  The peope of
       the village do not help because of an old legend about twins.  Millet is
       knocked out and both are thrown out into the cold...
       Month 2:
       Millet awakens to find Mira and herself healed by Carmine, a man of medicine.
       They also find their nanny who is in a coma and being taken care of by the
       doctor.  The nanny awakens to encourage the twins to live and rebuild the
       family name.  Carmine continues to watch over the nanny and the twins part
       with the keepsake of their mother, the "Pin of Protection (Defense)"
    Quests: Obtaining Rune Knights (known requirements/notes):
    Cortina = Level 1 Enchantress
    Cathleen and Klaques (takes 3 months)
       Cathleen = Level 12 Lector 
       Klaques = Level 4 Priest
    Hyude = Level 4 Ranger
    Layoneil = Level ? Samurai
    Dogal = Level 2 Barbarian
       * Because he is so good with beasts, he starts with extremely high Rune Power
         as well as named monsters
    Georg = Level 8 Priest (Must be playing Leonia?)
    Balder = Level 10 Sorcerer
    Aldis = Level 10 Lector (?)
       * with "Puro", the Level 20 Fafnir
    Shiraha = Level 10+ Ninja (after fall of Esgares)
    Mira and Millet (after fall of Esgares)
       Mira = Level 10+ Lancer
       Millet = Level 10+ Sorceress
    Obtaining Rune Knights (not by quests)
    Millia (Caerleon) joins during the second month.
       = Level ? ?
    Morholt (Norgard) joins during the ? month.
       = Level ? ?
    Baleen and Galowood (Leonia) join during the second month.
       Baleen = Level 1 Scout
       Galowood = Level 2 Barbarian
    Rain (NSA) joins a short period after Mira and Millet joins.
       = Level 1 Mage        
       * Rain has a crush on Millet.  Fun to watch the next few months when Rain
         and the twins are in the same castle.
    Carmine (NSA) joins a short period after Mira and Millet quests
       = Level 10 Bishop
       *see Special Character Quests: Mira and Millet
    Battlefield Talk
    ***NSA = No Starting Affiliation
    Esclados (Esgares) taunts Iria (Iscalio)
    Cador (Esgares) chats with Dryst (Iscalio)...rather entertaining.  So typical of 
    Bagdemagus (Iscalio) and Cai (Caerleon) chat about physical strength versus 
    ? (NSA?-guy with one eye) tells Layoneil (NSA) about their past battle and how he 
       wants to get revenge for his lost eye.
    Iria (Iscalio) praises Lyonesse's (Leonia) determination.
    Isfas (Leonia) criticizes Vaynard's (Norgard) reasons for fighting another war.
    Kiloph (Leonia) wants to teach the selfish Camden (Iscalio) a lesson.
    Mira and Millet (Esgares) tell everyone about restoring their family name.
    *Esclados (Esgares) challenges Dinadan's (Caerleon) Master title.
    *Cai (Caerleon) speaks with Vaynard (Norgard).
    *Cador (Esgares) speaks with Dinadan (Caerleon).
    *Dryst (Iscalio) speaks with Adilicia (New Almekia).
    *Dryst (Iscalio) speaks with Paternus (Leonia).
    *Halley (New Almekia) speaks with Bulnoil (NSA).
    * submitted by BadtzMiku (BadtzMiku@aol.com)
    Class Level Up
    Note:  I have not concentrated on this section.  I'm hoping the guide by Prima 
       Publishing will take care of this section.  All this is from memory.
    Rune Knights:
    Level 0          Level 10           Level 20
    -------          --------           --------
    Priest        -> Bishop          -> Cardinal
    Ranger        -> Grappler        -> ?
    Barbarian     -> Berserker       -> Avenger
                  -> Samurai         -> Shogun
                  -> Cavalier        -> Paladin
    Fighter       -> Samurai         -> Shogun
                  -> Cavalier        -> Paladin
    Mage          -> Druid           -> Necromancer
                  -> Sorcerer        -> Wizard
    ?             -> Monk            -> Guardian
    ?             -> Ninja           -> Ninja Master
    Enchantress   -> Sorceress       -> ?
                  -> Mystic          -> ?
    Cleric        -> Lector          -> ?
                  -> Mystic          -> ?
    Scout         -> Archer          -> Artemis
                  -> Lancer          -> Valkerie
    Special Classes:
    Death Knight (Cador)
    Emperor (Zemeckis)
    King (Cai)
    Prince (Lance)
    Queen (Lyonesse)
    Tyrant (Dryst)
    Lizard Man    -> Lizard Guard
    Centaur       -> High Centaur
    Mandrake      -> Man-Eater
    G-Scorpion    -> Death Needle
    Hellhound     -> Fenrir
    Roc           -> Pheonix
    Jinn          -> Djinni
                  -> Efreeti
                  -> Marid
                  -> Dao
    Ghoul         -> Vampire         -> Vampire Lord
    Griffin       -> Holygriff
    Unicorn       -> Nightmare
                  -> Pegasus
    Angel         -> Arch-Angel      -> Seraph
    Demon         -> Arch-Demon      -> Satan
    Seraph + "Fruit of Vice" = Lucifer
    Demon + "Liquor of Charm" = Lilith
    Giant         -> Gigas
                  -> Titan
    Gigas + "Wisdom Seed" = Loki (Spells: Dimension and Meteor Doom)
    Titan + "Rage Lightning" = Thor (Special: Damage everyone, 3 hex radius)
    Golem         -> Stone Golem     -> Bronze Golem    -> Talos
    Pixie         -> Fairy
    Wyvern        -> Coutal          -> Bahamut
    Dragon        -> Red Dragon      -> Salamander
                  -> White Dragon    -> Fafnir
    Hydra         -> Tiamat          -> ?
    Merman        -> Triton          -> Poseidon
    ***Final Note:	When this FAQ is NEAR complete, all the subnotes and author's 
       comments will be removed.  The early release of this FAQ is to let people 
       become aware of its presence.
    12/16/98:   v0.80   Started recording quests, then typed it up.
    12/18/98:   v0.85   Updated FAQ.  Will now proceed to put it up.
    12/22/98:   v0.89   Updated with information provided by my friend,
                        Paul Main, via his saved game - Caerleon.
    12/23/98:   v0.90   Updated again with submissions and some more class 
                        advancement modifications.

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