PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File11/10/06SinisterxEQ131K
Caerleon - Hard - Beginning - Character Mods - No monsters
Save Game File06/04/04Mad Monarch Gyl131K
Caerleon. Start with all items and equipments plus an ample amount of mana reserve. Hard mode.
Save Game File06/02/04Mad Monarch Gyl131K
Iscalio with High Leveled Monsters and Rune Knights ready for final battle against Norgard.
Save Game File05/29/04Mad Monarch Gyl131K
Leonia with over 20+ high leveled Run Knight and Monsters. New Almekia, trapped in Iscalio's initial position.
Save Game File04/10/06SinisterxEQ128K
Modified Classes and unlocked characters - New Almekia Hard
Save Game File05/24/04Mad Monarch Gyl131K
New Almekia over 20+ Knights and a couple of High Leveled Monsters. Ready for Final Battle against Esgares. Hard Difficulty Setting.
Save Game File06/04/04Mad Monarch Gyl131K
Norgard final battle against Iscalio with Strong Knights and Monsters. Only at the 2nd year of the game. Hard Difficulty
Save Game File06/30/03darkentity131K
Ready for the final battle against the Esgares Empire with Norgard. EASY difficulty setting.
Save Game File04/10/06SinisterxEQ128K
Start New Almekia with unlocked quest characters with Shiraha and Soleil

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