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"One of the best adventure games on Playstation. Extremely underrated."

Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time is an Adventure game for Playstation, where you control the main character Bugs Bunny through various different stages in order to collect clocks and golden carrots, so you can go back home. Sounds boring? Think again.

Bugs Bunny must travel through five different stages in time, where each of them has their own unique style and set of characters, which are all recognisable from the cartoons. The stages range from Stone Age, which starrs Elmer Fudd right up to The Pirate years, which stars Yosemite Sam and of course the future (in this case Dimension X) which starrs the one and only Marvin the Martian. There are also other noticeable characters which appear during the game; one of which is Daffy Duck. You must defeat him in some exciting levels, which also correspond with the cartoons. An example of this is the ‘Duck Season' ‘Rabbit Season' episode, where in the game you must run around and kick all the signs that say ‘Rabbit Season' to twist them into ‘Duck Season'. Of course, Daffy Duck will do the exact opposite, which means you must act faster then him. In the end, whoever has the most signs on their name gets shot. There are also boss battles that have you fighting against the main baddies of Looney Tunes. For example, you must capture the bombs that Yosemite Sam throws at you, and launch them back onto his ship. All the boss battles are great fun.

The aim of the game is to get back home by activating the time machine, as he lost track of where he was going while attempting to get to Pismo beach. While he does so, he mistakes a time machine for a carrot machine, and accidentally activates it. This is where he meets Marvin, which explains to him that he must gather a certain number of clocks to go back to where he came from.

The control of this game is perfect as there is nothing wrong with it. You can make Bugs Bunny jump, hover, kick and roll. You can use the Analog Stick to move around, which is a nice touch as it works perfectly with the controls.

The graphics in the game are very good for Playstation, and I certainly have no complaints here. All the characters look nice and colourful, as do the environments.

If you can find this game, then I certainly suggest that you do buy it, as it is extremely underrated and was more or less ignored. It will make a nice addition to any Playstation collection, and I'm sure you'll have a blast playing it. Especially if you are a Looney Tunes fan. This is one game that should not be missed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/13/06

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