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"A game that would've been great if it were released 50 years ago..."

Busido Blade, released by Squaresoft is a 3D fighting game which takes the gameplay even further. You can now "cripple" your opponents. What I mean is that you ca now kill your opponents in one hit. Just take a swing at the head, stomach or lower part and your opponent is down, KO.

You can even cut off there hands and make them crawl by slicing there legs. However, the problem is that there is no "falling arms". If you get a slice on the arm, your arm will become "Neutral" and you wont be able to use it. It dosen't fall off. This does annoy people who rent Busido Blade to see realism.

Graphics-7 The graphics are generally okay, with some minor graphical glithces and the enviornment you play in is detailed nicely. The arena's are also big with terrain, trees and other debris you can use for protection.

Sound-7 Nice FX screams and "hitiing" noises. It does get annoying when you run and when you keep launching your attacks. "Bing" "Bing" "Stomp" "Stomp"

Music-1 Huh????

Gameplay-4 The main reason why I gave this game a low score. The gameplay frustrates you and is completely linear. The enemys you encounter are the same, there is no stradegy, the play goes a little like Run-Slice-Back Away-Run-Slice repeat process. And there isnt enough weapons or players. This is not good!!!

Lifespan-5 theres about 6 characters and once you win with all of them, your finished with this game.

Overall-4 Dont buy this game unless your a hardcore gamer for Beat 'em ups.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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