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"No health bar; this is a real man’s game."


One in a while comes an innovative game that presents you with this unique and totally awesome game play that surprises, making you wonder if there is any other extraordinary idea game developers might conjure up.

The above paragraph is describing this game, Bushido Blade as one of the coolest game, the unique game for the PS1. This game has no life bar, no super chain combos or any other fantasy fight game out there. It is totally unique; special. Want to learn more? Read on.

Game Play

You can choose story mode in this game which your character undercover his past and his future. You beat other selectable characters in this game and then you proceed to fight the boss of the game, if you succeed, you’re able to find out more about your character.

The actually fight part of this game: You get to select a range of swords, such as board swords, rapiers, sword short, kantanas and much more.

You have three stance that you make during the course of the battle. The slow stance which enables you to make powerful attacks in your opponent; however, the slashes and chops are slow. Then there is the middle stance, which is fast and quick. This is your original stance which there is an equilibrium in the attack. Its not so fast, not so fast. And its not powerful and not so weak. Then you got the upper stance, which positions your weapon above your head and is extremely fast, but leaves you vulnerable to attacks.

You have slashes, diagonal attacks, swings and much more. You cannot punch or kick; the only weapon in your arsenal is your weapon. You can play dirty by throwing diggers at your opponents when you’re in the ground. You can block the attack by pressing square, which deflects your attack.

Why is this game realistic? Because there is no health bar. You chop someone’s head off, they die. You poke their stomachs and they die. You slash their legs and they cannot stand. They have to fight with one leg on the ground, dragging themselves.

That is the aspect of the game that makes this one unique; special. You never know which move will lead to your demise - or your opponent.

Sound Music

The music in this game is instrumental. There is no music when you’re actually fighting - I guess the developers want to add realism in the game.
The sound in this game is good. You get to hear the rushing of the water falls and the chirps of the birds who are perched on the trees while you fiercely battle your opponent to death.

During the extreme battle when you face your opponents, you hear the loud clashes and the steel on steel on the swords. Clank, Cling, Ding is the cacophony you often hear in this game. You also hear the grunts and the deflects of the steel when you’re fighting your opponents.


The graphic for this game is alright. The characters in this game isn’t smooth and all. Its blocky characters, but it isn’t all that bad. They’re part blocky and part smooth.

The setting of the game is set mostly outside in the world. You fight in a century, a water fall, in a rice pad, and in other parts of the field which is mostly covered in snow.

The character design in the game is ok. You get different costumes in the game for each characters. The costumes are tradition clothing, in the shogun era. One of the guy character have this flap in front of his pants - like those Japanese era anime.


This game is unique and cool. Fighting with your weapons and in a realistic type of way. In fact, I couldn’t think of any game that offers this type of realism.

Get it. Now. Have fun

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/27/03, Updated 07/27/03

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