Review by Stump

"A great game with groundbreaking new ideas"

Hey hey, what can I say? The game is, in my opinion, the playstations only big fighting game hit. Perhaps its a bit different then others, but its a refreshing and realistic one.

The graphics were fairly well done, in 3d. Most of the 7 playable characters were original enough, and they each had two well drawn uniforms. Because of the polygonal nature of the graphics, a few glitches are too be expected, but most of the games 20 or so models worked perfectly.

The story was actually existant. I won't go into spoiling it for anyone, but most of the characters individual storylines involve them trying to take down an evil group. For a fighting game, you actually get involved. The story was also conveyed well, through japanese voicing and subtitles.

The music was a slight downfall, not much of it was there. However, sound effects were well done, and suited the mood of the game. In fact, as I'm writing the review, I remember being so involved in the gameplay that the lack of music didn't really matter.

The gameplay of this game was great and original. Gone are the days of special fireballs and corny attacks that mutilated the person without actually doing any damage. Bushido Blade is based on reality - slashing someones head actually kills them. Different limbs can be disabled as well, adding to the fun. The story mode, as well as the fun versus mode have great replay. Also included is a first person mode, an ill-fated playstation link mode, and a great slash mode where the objective is to kill 100 people without being killed. This took me about 3 hours to complete once! The game has many options to be tweaked, like turning on and off continues and switching the game from day to night. Me and a friend of mine played the game straight for 5 hours in versus mode. This game has great gameplay and awesome replay value.

Graphics: 8
Music: 7
Story: 8
Gameplay: 10
Overall: 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/21/00, Updated 04/21/00

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