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    Script by X-Deth

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BUSHIDO BLADE 2 SCRIPT V. 1.1  1-24-99
    By X-DETH (zeromus220@hotmail.com)
    If you want to put this on a website, go ahead, but only in
    its original state.  If you make any changes, please e-mail
    me first.  That's really all I ask.
    (At Shainto HQ before fighting ninjas)
    LEADER: Now, the moment has finally arrived, to end this 
    long, ongoing battle, that has lasted, since the des-
    truction of the Sue family! Can you endure the mission 
    to avenge our wrath? Show me what you can do!
    GENGORO: I understand.  You can count on me to fulfill
    the mission.
    KAUN: Why test me now?
    JO: Count on it!
    CHIHIRO: (Haven't gotten him yet)
    ISOHACHI: Leave it to me!
    UTAMARU: OK. I'll show ya!
    HONGOU: (Haven't gottten him yet)
    TONY: I'm the man!
    (After facing the ninjas)
    LEADER: You have proven yourself worthy!  Go to the Meikyokan,
    and reclaim our sacred sword, Yugiri!  Now that the Meikyokan
    is short-handed, they are nothing!
    GENGORO: I'm off!
    KAUN: I have no choice.  I guess I have to go.
    JO: Let's do it!
    CHIHIRO: (Haven't gotten him yet)
    ISOHACHI: There is no need to worry. Leave everything to me!
    HONGOU: (Haven't gottten him yet)
    TONY: I'm on it!
    BATTLE SCRIPT (Shainto)
    -Next battle: Suminagashi-
    KAUN: You're not a Narukagami.  
    SUMINAGASHI: I am Narukagami. Mikado san has named me.  I am
    (After the Battle)
    KAUN: A pity.
    KAUN: A newcomer.  State your purpose.
    HIGHWAYMAN:  Kaun, are you alright? There're many enemies 
    up ahead.  I'll help!
    KAUN: Ahhhh.... Highwayman.
    HIGHWAYMAN:  I may be a newcomer, but I'm very skilled.
    KAUN: You help me? Hah... You'll just get in the way.
    HIGHWAYMAN:  Ya doubt me so much, then let me show ya!
    -Next battle: Tatsumi-
    If Highwayman is killed
    KAUN: I will be your challenger.
    (I don't remember what Kaun says before fighting Tatsumi)
    TATSUMI: I'm not letting get any further.
    (After the battle)
    KAUN:  Highwayman... I'll remember the name.
    If you survive the ninjas and Tatsumi with Highwayman
    HIGHWAYMAN: Come!!
    TATSUME:  I'm not letting you get any further.  No.... It
    can't be!
    (After the battle)
    HIGHWAYMAN:  I leave the rest to you!
    -Next battle: Hokyo-
    KAUN: If you wish to live, go.
    HOKYO:  Hokyo Kuusu Bame.  Have you heard of the name?
    You're looking at her!
    (After the battle)
    HOKYO:  Are you... trying to unleash the Shainto's grudge
    with the Yugiri?... Ugh...
    KAUN:  Grudge?  Come now.  Is that how wrongly the Narukagami
    have distorted the Shainto's sentiments?
    -Next Battle: Kannuki-
    KAUN: Die.
    KANNUKI: Can you really handle a sword?  You look so pale and
    (After the battle)
    KAUN:  Yugiri... a sword made for the sole purpose of revenge.
    Ninja quotes (Narukagami ninjas)
    Narukagami no tame!
    Aside from grunts, I think that's all they say
    That's all for now!  If you have any I don't (Chihiro and
    Hongou in particular) please let me know.  If you see blank
    spots next to a character's name, it means I don't remember.
    I'll have some of the Narukagami scripts and finish Kaun's 
    script in the next update.

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