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"What a great game!"

I have never been a huge fan of puzzle games. Sure, I have enjoyed my fair share of them (Mr Domino is fun as heck), but it has never been one of my favorite genres. So when I play a really good puzzle game, I dont really play it as much as if i was a huge puzzle game fan. But Bust A Move 99 was different. After a few minutes of playing the game, I was hooked. The game is so fun and addicting to play. It really is one of my favorite puzzle games of all time, and it continues the great legacy of the Bust A Move series. Everything about this game is fun, from the kiddy graphics and music to the challenging, yet easy to get into, gameplay. I really had a fun time playing thid addicitve puzzle game, and you will probably get addicted as well. The game definetly is my favorite game in the whole Bust A Move series, and if it wasn't for Bubble Bobble 2, it would probably be my favorite puzzle game ever. Well worth a purchase if you can find it.

Graphics (9.2/10)
This game seems to suffer from Nintendo syndrome (kiddy graphics) at first, but soon the kiddy and very childish graphics soon grow on you. I mean, the Bust A Move series has never claimed to be a serious-style series, so why should the graphics not be childish? The graphics in the game are very good, the backgrounds are very varied, colorful, and detailed. The two dinosaurs from the Bubble Bobble series (Bub and Bob) are in the game, and in all their glory. The menu screens look good as well. Overall, Bust A Move '99 has great, yet somewhat childish graphics, but the childish graphics really fit the style of the gameplay very well overall.

Music/Sound (9.1/10)
Again, the music and sound effects are very childish, but why shouldn't they be? The sound effects are very well done, despite the fact that you can't understand what the dinosaurs are saying (of course, you're not supposed to, right?) Music wise, Bust A Move 99 features a variety of well orchestrated and very well done tracks. The composer really took the time to make good music. Overall, the music and sound effects in Bust A Move 99 are very well done.

Gameplay/Control (9.7/10)
Well, Bust A Move '99 isn't as innovative as Bust A Move 4. The gameplay is very well done, and very addictive. Basically, you have to shoot bubbles and have them match other bubbles. So, lets say you have a blue bubble. The object is to aim the bubble so it hits some more blue bubbles. If you get 3 bubbles connected to one another, the chain breaks. This can leasd to mass chain combos later on down the game. Also, Bust A Move 99 has lots of modes to choose from, ranging from arcade to challenge mode. It also features lots of multiplayer mayhem. Overall, the gameplay in Bust A Move '99 is fun, fast, addictive, and overall very good.

Replay Value:High
Challenge: Medium

Overall (9.7/10)
Bust A Move '99 is my favorite game in the Bust A Move series, and is well worth a purchase in my opinion

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/16/00, Updated 07/16/01

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