Additional VoicesJoel Monleon
Additional VoicesAnthony Vasquez
Animation / Additional Music / Visual EFX and LightingAlbert Co
Associate ProducerChad Okada
Conceptual Artist / Designer / Animator / Visual EFX and Lighting / Story BoardsTakashi Morishima
Executive ProducerConnie Booth
Executive Producer / Art Director / Modeling & Texture MappingAlbert Co
Executive Producer / Original Story & Character ConceptStan Liu
Graphic DesignerBill Langley
Lead ProgrammerMohammad Asad
Modeling & Texture Mapping / Animation / Motion Capture ActorSteve Knotts
Modeling / Animation / Additional VoicesLouis Flores
Modeling / Animation / Additional VoicesJoe Lampone
Modeling / Animation / Additional VoicesYenson Soetanto
Modeling / Animation / Additional VoicesKee Suong
Modeling / Animation / Additional VoicesMike Winterbauer
Motion Capture ActorScott McElroy
Motion Capture ActressChristi Miyahira
Motion Capture ManagerDwayne Mason
Motion Capture TechnicianBrian Johnson
Motion Capture TechnicianJason Parks
Motion Capture TechnicianDominic Perricone
Music Composition and SFXBrian Min
Preliminary Character DesignThomas Jung
Preliminary Character DesignPakin Liptawat
Preliminary Character Design / Story BoardsMike Michalopoulos
ProducerSandy Abe
Producer / Animation Technical DirectorAndy Koo
ProgrammerJason Agolia
ProgrammerSam Cai
ProgrammerKim Lien Hoang
ProgrammerFeng Hu
ProgrammerJoseph Lee
ProgrammerPaul Lowrance
ProgrammerMax Reason
ProgrammerKyle Riccio
ProgrammerPravin Wagh
Senior AnimatorFrancis Co
Senior AnimatorKevin Lee
Story / Biographies / Narration / Additional Voices / Cinematic EditingPatricia Winters
Technical DirectorMatt Arrington
Voice Talent: Hecklar / Modeling & Texture MappingStan Liu
Voice Talent: JuniDana Taing
Voice Talent: KhanAnthony Lagunzad
Voice Talent: McKreig / Vanguard / Redemptor / AnimatorChuck Suong
Voice Talent: Moloch / Modeling & Texture Mapping / AnimationDarrin Krumweide
Voice Talent: Mongwan / Modeling / AnimationMerrick Rustia
Voice Talent: NephraShelly Futch
Voice Talent: Orion / Modeling & Texture Mapping / AnimatorJoan Igawa
Voice Talent: Plague / Finkster / Mongoro / Motion Capture Actor / AnimatorTed Warnock
Voice Talent: SynMari Devon
Voice Talent: Vodu / Lead Conceptual Designer / Motion Capture Actor / Story BoardsJohn Paik


Data and credits for this game contributed by Ubersuntzu, Mookiethebold, Blueberry Buttface, Guard Master, odino, Doumah, and Hardkoroff.

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