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    Finkster by Shinnokxz

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cardinal Syn Character Guide for Finkster for Sony Playstation
    Shinnokxz (Cory Hansen)
    Last Updated: 1-11-04
    Version: Final
    Table of Contents:
    I. Disclaimer
    II. Update History
    III. Introduction
    IV. Story
    V. Strategies
    VI. Moves
    VII. Combos
    VIII. Fatalities
    IX. Finkster's Ending
    I. Disclaimer:
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only. It is prohibited to use
    this FAQ on your commercial web page, magazine or game guide without advising
    me.  You are also not allowed to rip off any segment of my FAQ without advising
    me by e-mail. I worked hard for this and I don't want to see someone says that
    he has done the whole FAQ.  But, you can put this FAQ on your home page, the
    only condition for this is to e-mail me and TELL me that you are putting this
    FAQ on your home page and you need to GIVE me the URL. Thank you for you
    II. Update History:
    Last Updated: 1-11-04
    1-11-04 (Final): I revamped this guide, getting rid of all grammar, spelling,
    and formatting errors. I also removed the awful ASCII and the pointless review.
    Last update. Have fun!
    10-7-00 (v1.8): I went crazy today. I got the Intro, Moves, Combo's,
    Fatalities, and everything else done too. I just need to fix some format
    problems and I'll be done.
    10-6-00 (v1.0): The ASCII art is up, leaving the other sections to be finished.
    III. Introduction:
    Finkster is a well-rounded, quick, and agile character. His combos are very
    effective, and his moves and magic are intuitive and easy to learn. His
    battleground, a stage with pillars that shoot electricity, is annoying to
    fiddle around in. While his story is no award-winning tale of deceit and lies,
    he's a good character to start out and learn the Cardinal Syn engine with.
    IV. Story:
    Finkster is your average petty thief. By robbing people at knifepoint or simply
    just stealing out of their homes at night, he garners money from various
    dealers to fuel his own deadly habits (all right, I made that last part up).
    However, once he hears rumors regarding the whereabouts of 'The Book of
    Knowledge', a supposed legend of a book that grants its possessor magical
    powers. Though Finkster does not want to use this evil book directly, he will
    nab it, and sell it to the highest bidder... even if it means his death.
    V. Strategies:
    -Finkster is the most agile and quickest character that Cardinal Syn has to
    ever. Use these very useful stats to your advantage.
    -His two most useful moves in his arsenal are the Rolling Stab and the Slice
    and Kick. These, when linked with equally damaging combos, can actually stun
    your opponent and juggle them into the air, letting you continue the onslaught
    of hits.
    -The finishing moves in Cardinal Syn, or Fatalities, work as a huge combo (a
    lot like the Brutalities in the Mortal Kombat series). In order to perform
    these, you must know the combo link of your character's fatality AND perform it
    after you've won a round. Finkster's Fatalities are the easiest to perform in
    the game, and they are also the most entertaining to watch.
    -It is key to remember to always successfully evade when you are playing with
    Finkster, especially if you feel the opponent is about to go into huge-combo
    mode. His agility is key here, and he evades quite quickly.
    -Take the above rule and always keep it in mind, because Finkster is a very
    weak character defensively. Generally, anything about 4-hit combo will be
    devastation to him and can cancel any attack he is in the middle of.
    -Perform moves and combos after the opponent blocks you; show no mercy in your
    attacks and some are bound to hit.
    -Evade and attack!
    VI. Moves:
    ROLL'N'STAB =            Forward + X
    SLICE'N'KICK =           Forward + Square, Square
    SPINNING SLICE 2 =       Back + Square, Triangle
    PROJECTILE =             Up, Up + Triangle
    MAGIC SPELL ATTACK =     Up, Up + Square
    VII. Combos:
        -=Juggle Starts=-
    KICKING UPPER SLICE =    X, Square (2 hits)
    DOWN, DOWN BELOW =       Triangle, Triangle (2 hits)
    OWW! =                   Square, Square, Square, Square, Forward + Square,
                             Forward + Square (6 hits)
    UPPER CUT =              Forward + Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Forward +
                             Square, Forward + Square (6 hits)
    GUT =                    Back + X, Square, Square, Square, Forward + Square,
                             Forward + Square (6 hits)
       -=Normal Combos=-
    PIT VIPER =              Forward + Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Back + X
                             (5 hits)
    ROLL'N'GUT =             Square, Square, Square, Square, Forward + Square,
                             Forward + X (6 hits)
    DOWN TURNING =           Forward + Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle,
                             Triangle, Forward + X (6 hits)
    NICE =                   Forward + Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Forward
                             + Triangle, Forward + Triangle (6 hits)
    GAZE INTO THE BLADE =    Forward + Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Forward
                             + Triangle, Forward + X (6 hits)
    VIII. Fatalities:
    Perform these AFTER Finkster has won one round, doesn't matter if it's in the
    second or third round. If you try them without winning a round, then will still
    take a lot of damage off. His ARE the most bloody and gruesome in the game.
    FATALITY =      Square, Square, Square, Square, Back + Square, Back + Square,
                    Forward + Square
    Additionally, you can add some other combos to the link and you will still
    perform the fatality (and it will look cooler).
    IX. Finkster's Ending:
    After have defeated Kron, Finkster proceeds to the altar and takes The Book of
    Knowledge, leaving with the precious item. He returns into his home, dwelled
    deep into the sewers of the city. He slides the book into his own library,
    looks at the camera and gives a little smirk.
    This document is (c) 2000-2004. Shinnokxz.

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