Luck Mode?

  1. What Lvl DO You Have TO Be In Order To Do Actual Damage to Enemies?

    User Info: takhomsum

    takhomsum - 7 years ago

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  1. What can I say... If you're barely starting, it will be a while before you can damage an enemy as you would in a regular game.
    Say, at levels 20-30 you can stop worrying about stuff like OMG OMG where's the next save point T.T XD.
    By then you should have met the librarian. From then on DON'T BE CHEAP.
    Stack on potions.
    And you know what would help you... playing slower... you know?

    this game isn't difficult, it's really easy actually, because if you pay attention and play slow ... you can easily evade attacks and if you need help with the bosses... well there's the librarian to give you a hand. And there's also youtube to show you some freaks killing bosses in under 10 seconds XD

    User Info: bakarichard

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  1. The game can be easy immediately if you know how to pull off spells.
    Just get a safe distance away from enemies, murder them with magic and patiently wait / go to safe places while your magic bar regenerates. Soon you'll have game-destroying weapons anyway, there's so many.

    User Info: JINZONINGEN_73

    JINZONINGEN_73 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Well, a newbie eh? It's just easy. You actually don't have to damage actually enemies. Just use strategies and avoid their attacks. Here are some enemies and how to avoid their attacks:
    1. Warg- push traingle when it's about to attack.
    2. Zombie- jump above it and attack.
    3. Skeleton Knight-(First enemy after Death takes away your items.) attack while crouching. Just make you tap of the square button.
    4. Meraman-use shield when attacking fireballs, then attack.
    5. Sword Lord- attack with at least the very farthest you can get. Dodge if it'll attack.

    Hope this help! :)

    User Info: FaiD_Flowright

    FaiD_Flowright - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. There's always keeping your alucard sword by removing your armor, getting on the right side of the last warg before death, get it to charge at you, and jump striaght up right before it hits. This will launch of straight past death and you get to keep the sword. Just don't come back there until Gaibon and the other guy appear there (check a guide to figure out when that is)

    User Info: Tokoshoran

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  4. I don't actually know but.. I think it's about.. Around level 7-10. I think luck mode level 7-10 = normal mode level 1
    Not so sure.

    User Info: a_po_ca_lypse

    a_po_ca_lypse (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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