Where can i find the spike armor?

  1. Cant open the blue door that is surrounded by spikes.

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    702TURTLE79 - 7 years ago

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  1. If you don't mind spoilers, then read this:

    Get Echo of Bat, to get it defeat Olrox. To go to Olrox, go to the room with BIG CLOCK and jump to the auto-opening side (path to coliseum). Upon seeing the poltergeist sword, move to the right of it and keep moving to the right. Go past the giant brothers and you'll eventually see a doorway, enter if you want a teleporter but you should use bat to fly up to the way above. Upon landing on the room above (the room with bloody zombies), keep going left. At the dead end, fall to the gap. After falling, go to extreme left and DON'T FALL. If you did it correctly, you should see a golden door. Kill Olrox. Get the Echo. Go to Catacombs, go the "ground floor" of catacombs. Go to extreme right until you reach the slime room. Enter the only room at its right and turn to bat, use the echo to sense the room in form of "flashlight" and make your way through. Make sure you have enough MP to prevent dying in the middle of the spike room.

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  1. you need to go get the spike breaker armor and that is in the catacombs in a dark room full of spikes, but you need the echo of bat.

    If you cant find the echo, here is where you find it.
    -To find the echo of bat you need to beat orlox in orlox's chamber, and after the boss you will find the echo of bat

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  2. Oh I forgot to add that Orlox's chamber is behind the library, it is one of the ledges you cannot reach without soul of bat, or power of mist

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