Exactly how many rooms are there in the first castle?

  1. Just what the question asks. Trying to find all the rooms in the first castle before moving onto the Inverted Castle, but I'm trying to do it without an FAQ. Thanks!

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    Rick_L - 6 years ago

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  1. DarkZartan is correct, the first castle has 942 rooms for a total of 100%. You can check the fact that the castles don't have the exact same number of rooms yourself if you want to, by going to the following site.


    First look at the normal castle, specifically the Underground Caverns area in the bottom left and the area opposite of it on the right side. Now look at the same spots in the inverted castle. There's six squares in the inverted castle that aren't there in the normal castle, which is where the extra 0.6% comes from.

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    Camden - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. total rooms: 1890
    942 in the regular castle
    948 in the inverted castle

    total percentage: 200.6%
    100.0% in the Regular castle
    100.6% in the Inverted castle

    User Info: DarkZartan

    DarkZartan - 6 years ago 2 4
  2. Um I don't know how many rooms there are but I can tell you that it's not 942. If his 1890 total rooms for 200.6% is correct then there are actually 945, because the inverted castle is the exact same castle with the exact same amount of rooms (so 1/2 the 1890 is 945 also it's the median of 942 and 948... so it's almost like he's right).

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  3. It's blatantly obvious, but I figured I'd have a captain obvious moment; once you reach 100.3% that's one full castle.

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  4. A lot.

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