How do I do the Sword Familiar Glitch??

  1. Hi,I heard of a possible glitch with the Sword Familiar,how do I do it?The reason is because I saw the full map thats here and a few spots are listed in the key as Sword Familiar Glitch.Please help

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    Apocolypse666 - 6 years ago

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  1. There are Two Glitchs with Sword familiar;

    Money Glitch:
    Cast "Sword Brothers" spell and talk to librarian.
    Then you can open the main menu while shopping. The glitch here is that you can Sell rings and equip the last one to make it cycles back (like selling 2 Diamonds, while you have them both equipped, will make it cycles back to 255);

    Chapel Exit:
    When your Sword Familiar get to around LV 90, go to the room Before the Confessionary in
    Chapel Royal. Cast "Sword Brothers" near the Left Exit (Normal Castle), then after the spell, transform into bat and just fly by the left exit, then up (you can just jump if you want). Now you should be out of the castle, just fly around to get some more %. BTW You can use this on Inverted Castle too on the same spot.

    If you Didn't understand, here's a video:
    Normal Castle:
    Inverted Castle:


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    Lord_Maninho (Expert) - 6 years ago 2 0

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